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Ron Patton | December 11, 2023

A disruptive presidential candidate has shown up on billboards all over Ghana – someone who hides his face behind a garish mask and espouses the simple message “leadership for the next generation #thenewforce.” The key issue is the country’s battered economy, which has driven inflation to levels that have left large parts of the populace struggling to make ends meet. What is happening in Ghana, seems to be happening in the United States, and the whole masked candidate agenda rings familiar to the movie V For Vendetta. The blueprints have all been drawn up for the final chapter in this comic book reality and no one is psychotic for seeing what is behind the masked agenda. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about THE NEW FORCE – TALES OF THE MASKED AGENDA.




I received an e-mail from an older listener who said the shows at the end of last week were becoming too weird. She was questioning of I was having a break with reality. I guess that would make me a schizophrenic — at least so I think. I assured her in a reply, that no I have not had a psychotic break–and that maybe the future shock has not caught up with her yet.

Maybe she just hasn’t bought that train ticket the uncanny valley. I know that many people are not aware of the circus that is happening, or how we are living in Clown world — but that is okay, I always wait for people who write me and tell me just how they used to think I was loony tunes — and then something happened that challenged their thinking –where the once science fiction world — became non-fiction overnight.

Reality –usually is well reality, until something happens where everything becomes crazy and you feel isolated from the rest of the group

Like maybe you go to bed one night and then awaken to everyone around you speaking Spanish or German. That would be traumatic.

Or how about you are out with some friends on game night — and you are forced into playing a game that everyone else is playing when you don’t know the rules, or the point of the game, and no one will tell you.

This shows you that reality is manufactured, it is pretty much like a style of clothing that people all wear and then one day, decide it was so last year. Reality is trendy, and if you don’t participate in the trends you are irrelevant and sometimes you are misunderstood or confused –and no matter how innocent you think you are — there is always someone out there willing to cancel. or dismiss you because you just don’t get it.

I am sure we have all felt like that — and I am sure your reality is different from someone else’s — and that would make us all wonder if we were all crazy.

It is just the way it is — or is it? What is “real” has changed throughout history.

The reality of people in Medieval Europe, or ancient Rome is a lot different than the reality we live in now.

Reality is the fiction we all choose to believe in — and when we look at something and call it fiction, and then it bleeds into what we call reality, it can become very daunting.

Dick Tracy once spoke into a two-way wrist radio. Captain Kirk had a communicator, all of these fictitious gadgets have now evolved into a cell phone or a fit bit of what we call reality.

Reality then, is a fiction that we all agree to believe in.

But that doesn’t make it any less real.

I have been obsessed with a story that is bleeding into my reality, that sounds like it comes straight from a science fiction movie script.

I talked about this with listeners who attended the aftermath chat last Saturday — it is a peculiar story that again makes me think of a comic book world that I once read about when I was younger — a dystopian movie that many people have seen.

Ghana, a country in West Africa is holding its presidential elections next year.

Ghana’s story sounds a lot like ours.

Power has alternated between the two main political parties — the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress — since the country’s switch to multi-party democracy in 1992.

However, critics of the main parties say their governance has been marred by nepotism, corruption, and financial mismanagement.

Sounds like a mirror world to ours right?

The five smaller parties are fragmented and their combined tally typically makes up less than 5% of the vote in elections.

Campaigning ahead of next year’s election is gathering pace at a time when Ghanaians are enduring the worst economic crisis in a generation — one that forced the New Patriotic Party government to turn to the IMF for a $3 billion loan.

Their elections however are facing disruption because of a candidate that some believe is a criminal, while others believe that he is a savior for the country.

Young voters in particular — who are being courted with the offer of “leadership for the next generation — are the section of the electorate most hungry for a change candidate.

There is also uncertainty around the main parties.

There is now a disruptive candidate who has shown up on Billboards all over Ghana. A Candidate who hides his face behind a garish mask.

Giant billboards featuring a man in a mask and the simple message “leadership for the next generation #thenewforce” have appeared in major cities across Ghana in recent weeks. Other billboards, featuring a masked man flanked by other people with covered faces, have been rolled out as part of the campaign.

The billboards have been placed beside busy streets in major cities.

The campaign issued a statement late last month in which it said the identity of the masked person will be revealed in “the shortest possible time,” along with “policy objectives and goals.”

It’s almost unthinkable for an insurgent party to sweep its candidate to the presidency. But it is not being taken lightly as many of the billboards have been ordered to be taken down and one of the spokespeople for #thenewforce propaganda ads has been arrested.

Shalimar Abbiusi has been denied access to legal representation, subjected to an unlawful search of her premises, and held beyond the legal 48-hour limit without formal charges.

Despite authorities’ claims of investigating The New Force’s origins, the movement emphasizes that having a political organization is not a criminal offense.

There are also claims that the presidential government is using the police forces as a weapon against the people who wish to topple their power/

Sounds like some bizarre reality — but it is just an African country, right?

The key issue is the country’s battered economy, which has driven inflation to levels that have left large parts of the populace struggling to make ends meet. A high-profile new party could offer a home for those angered by the failings of the current administration.

Again a reality that we are all familiar with — we even have what liberals would consider an insurgent force or MAGA republicans and what are now being called Christian Nationalists that are supporting Donald Trump.

Trump doesn’t wear a terrifying mask to make his point — but many liberal Americans fear his words, and have been indicating that on day one of his new term he would throw the United States into a radical dictatorship.

In Ghana, the team behind the masked man campaign has already shown a flair for marketing that has generated curiosity and media attention — all without having a presidential candidate, official name or any policies. If that marketing savvy can be maintained over the next year it could encourage Ghanaian voters to embrace new ideologies and policies in the future.

Many are speculating the man behind the mask is businessman Nana Kwame Bediako, known as Cheddar. Many others are speculating that it is someone else.

Another prominent name that is also being linked to the masked candidate is Dr. Samuel Ankrah.

Organizers of #thenewforce are telling Ankrah to disassociate himself from stating that he is the masked candidate.

This for me has been a fascinating jolt to my normalcy bias as what is happening in Ghana, seems to happening in the United States, and the whole masked candidate agenda, ring familiar to the movie V For Vendetta.

Again a little bit of fiction that nears an uncanny resemblance to reality.

V for Vendetta a movie based on a comic book provides an eerie glimpse into a parallel universe in which a government-engineered virus wreaks havoc on the world.

The film and story are arguably set in the early to mid-2020s. Some say the year 2024 or 2025.

A government-engineered virus wreaks havoc on the world,

Capitalizing on the people’s fear, a totalitarian government comes to power that knows all, sees all, controls everything, and promises safety and security above all.

Concentration camps, jails, private prisons, and detention facilities have been established to house political prisoners and others deemed to be enemies of the state. Executions of undesirables, extremists, troublemakers, and the like are common, while other enemies of the state are made to “disappear.”

Populist uprisings and protests are met with extreme force. The television networks are controlled by the government with the purpose of perpetuating the current regime.

And most of the population are hooked into an entertainment mode and are clueless.

The corporate state in V conducts mass surveillance on its citizens, helped along by closed-circuit televisions. Also, London is under yellow-coded curfew alerts, similar to the American government’s color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System.

The film shows what can happen when society is ruled by the government, rather than the government being run as a voice of the people.

They are hoping for an insurgent group to go in and fight for their rights — a champion or a hero. In this case, it is a masked vigilante named V.

V, is a bold, charismatic freedom fighter, urges the British people to rise up and resist the government. In Vendetta, V the film’s masked crusader blows up the seat of government on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day.

In V for Vendetta, the subtext is that authoritarian regimes—through a vicious cycle of manipulation, oppression, and fear-mongering—foment violence, manufacture crises, and breed terrorists, thereby giving rise to a recurring cycle of blowback and violence.

Only when the government itself becomes synonymous with terrorism wreaking havoc in their lives do the people to finally mobilize and stand up to the government’s tyranny.

Acts of desperation and outright anarchy are what happens when a parasitical government muzzles the citizenry, fences them in, herds them, brands them, whips them into submission, forces them to ante up the sweat of their brows while giving them little in return, and then provides them with little to no outlet for voicing their discontent: people get desperate, citizens lose hope, and lawful, nonviolent resistance gives way to unlawful, violent resistance.

I know that it is hard to get people to pay attention to what is happening in a little country like Ghana, but it certainly is seeing itself in the same reality as V-For Vendetta, and perhaps we are heading in that direction as well.

Madness is unavoidable, and reality can really take a turn toward a comic book dystopia.

Back during the 2016 election a newspaper in Florida said that 1,261 voters wrote in their choice, with Batman being number one. Mickey Mouse came in a close second.

There have also been write-ins for Captain America and Iron Man as well.

Meanwhile, 1,695 write-in votes were cast in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Of them, both Batman and Bruce Wayne were voted for.

This is absolutely hilarious.

And Ghana wants to upset their election with a masked candidate.

Could this ever happen here? Don’t count it out.

We are overdue for a systemic check on the government’s overreaches and power grabs.

Our reality changes from day to day, as does who we thought were our allies and adversaries.

One day we’re all “free-speech” champions, and the next we’re screaming for censorship and wanting to curtail free speech rights.

One day you feel you are being demonized for your choices and the next day you start demonizing a certain group you hate for their beliefs and choices.

It is evident that everyone seems to be hiding behind a mask –and it isn’t just the masks that allegedly keep you from coughing up a lung.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided the government with the perfect excuse to lay claim to a long laundry list of terrifying lockdown powers at both the federal and state levels that override the Constitution: the ability to suspend the Constitution, indefinitely detain American citizens, bypass the courts, quarantine whole communities or segments of the population, override the First Amendment by outlawing religious gatherings and assemblies of more than a few people, shut down entire industries and manipulate the economy, muzzle dissidents, reshape financial markets, create a digital currency and thus further restrict the use of cash, determine who should live or die, and impose health mandates on large segments of the population.

Crises tend to bring out the authoritarian tendencies in government. That’s no surprise: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The CDC is at it again — this time sounding the alarm on yet another Covid Varant called “Pirola”– that is now part of the so-called Syndemic scare.

The CDC again is urging people to mask up — but so far there hasn’t been a mass mandate like the last time — but given enough pressure the government could again make life hell for everyone again — especially with an election coming.

Where we find ourselves now is in the unenviable position of needing to rein in all three branches of government—the Executive, the Judicial, and the Legislative—that have exceeded their authority and grown drunk on power.

This is exactly the kind of concentrated, absolute power the founders attempted to guard against by establishing a system of checks of balances that separate and share power between three co-equal branches: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.

The blueprints have all been drawn up for the final chapter in this comic book reality — no one is psychotic for seeing what is behind the masked agenda.

We may not be electing a masked candidate line In Ghana, but don’t our candidates hide behind masks to cover up their corruption?

The clean smiling benevolent face of the United States government is nothing more than a mask – yes, a mask – behind which is harsh dictatorial government that feels no need to answer to the needs of the people it purports to govern.

Few people now doubt that contemporary events worldwide point to a fast accelerating decline of North American and European countries as world leaders in practically any sphere of human activity.

Reality is not what we think it is all the time — your reality is about to change.

Comparing anything to Nazi Germany is anti-Semitism, until it isn’t, and wasn’t, until it was, and then wasn’t again. The media has said that Trump is Hitler. Putin is Hitler. Hamas is Hitler. Netanyahu is Hitler. Anyone who calls anyone Hitler is Hitler. Men are women. Women are men — some identify as Halter — or not.

Stand with Ukraine. Stand with Israel. Stand with Whatever.

If you don’t play in someone’s reality bubble then they will try to ram their “truth” down everyone else’s throat in an attempt to reestablish something, anything, resembling a functional reality a reality that isn’t up for grabs.

Written by Ron Patton


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