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Ron Patton | December 1, 2022

Yesterday, a meteorite exploded into the sea by the Canary Islands. The loud noise generated by the trajectory of the luminous object alarmed residents in the area. There were also fires that were triggered by debris that fell from the sky. These space rocks are getting much closer to the earth and with a greater frequency which may mean that something out there—something huge is pushing debris our way.  This has always been a problem for scientists and astronomers whereby a massive asteroid could be hiding behind the Sun and appear suddenly, clipping us or directly hitting us. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Dr. Sky about YULE TIDE PERIL.





Ever feel like you can’t keep up with all the doom and gloom echoing around the internet? I can’t keep up with it either but as I say it is business as usual in the apocalypse and business is good.

There is just no way we mere mortals are going to figure any of this out. We are not flies on the wall of the seriously important backroom meetings of the Gods at Davos who are planning their Fourth Reich over Prime Rib and buttered scones.

I know there’s the threat of WW3 and pipelines and famines and uprisings and greater depressions and human rights abuses. But you know… some of us focus on what we know and we know that if they can starve us enough–we will have to admit that the grasshopper and cockroach cocktail can taste like a steak dinner with a little Worcestershire sauce.

It is a definite sign of the times when we see people who are deathly afraid of covid but nonchalant about nuclear war. They are the same people that don’t look up and notice the huge asteroid coming in to seal the seal.

No time for goodbyes and no time to yell out your favorite curse word — you barely utter the F — before you are bombed with a calling card from God.

Yes, it is one of those years and we are seeing too many cosmic close shaves to be comfortable in our beds — no visions of sugar plums but Armageddon and devastation.

On November 11, we reported that a huge fireball was seen exploding over eastern California. The flash was seen as far away as Oregon. The bolide came down over Nevada county. There were witnesses in a car that believed that the rock had fallen near them and gave chase. When they came over the hill they saw a house that was on fire.

On November 5, the Penn Valley Fire Department was called to tackle a fire at a house in California’s Nevada County near Englebright Lake. The firefighters eventually extinguished the blaze, but not before the house, a nearby travel trailer, and a parked pickup truck were destroyed. There was also a fatality reported, the owner’s dog was killed in the blaze.

The owner said that he heard a big bang and then started to smell smoke. He then went out to his porch which was completely engulfed in flames.

Dashcam footage, captured and posted on Twitter by KCRA journalist Derek Schnell, showed the bright flash of the meteor burning up in the distance from his viewpoint in El Dorado County. After seeing the footage of the fireball and talking to locals, the owner of the destroyed home believed that his house was ground zero for the meteor fall.

So far, the Penn Valley Fire Department has not ruled out that the blaze was caused by a meteorite. There are some astronomers that believe that the meteorite may have fallen closer to Weed California– some say 170 miles south of there near Etna.

Perhaps a fragment fell on its way and hit the home it is certainly a coincidence. His odds are better with the lottery than having his house hit by a meteor.

I guess November is the month for some odd things happening in the sky as cosmic close shaves may cause meteors to create some Yuletide Peril.

For example, it was 68 years ago yesterday that an Alabama woman Ann Hodges experienced a rude awakening. As she lay napping all cozy under quilts on the sofa in her home, she awoke with a jolt as she became the only human being known to have suffered an injury after being struck by a meteorite.

The approximately 8.5-pound, 4.5-billion-year-old interplanetary bruiser shot like a bullet through her house’s roof at 2:46 p.m. It banged into her large radio console and bounced onto her body, causing a large bruise on her left side.

Apparently, a larger meteorite split in two as it fell toward the ground.

One piece hit Hodges and the other landed a few miles away. The second meteorite can be found in the collections of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

Moving at approximately 200 miles per hour, the meteor lit up the sky in parts of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Hodges’ neighbors reported seeing “a bright reddish light” crossing the sky “like a roman candle trailing smoke.” Others said they saw “a fireball, like a gigantic welding arc.” The entire meteorite is officially known as Sylacauga for the place where it landed but is popularly known as the Hodges Meteorite.

Most meteorites found by humans on Earth are in the range between the sizes of a golf ball and a fist. They lose about half of their volume when passing through the planet’s atmosphere. A great deal of the extraterrestrial material landing on Earth falls into the ocean, and much of it is extremely small. We are getting hot by small grains of space dust all the time but it is the big ones that worry those who watch the skies ..especially the ones that are detected just before they hit the planet.

Well, yesterday weeks after the California incident, 68 years after the Alabama incident — there was a terrifying meteor that exploded over a populated area in Spain and then plunged into the ocean.

The coincidences seem uncanny — but it certainly has us wondering if the bog one will hit us without warning just like what happened yesterday.

The Canary Islands Seismic Network, which operates INVOLCAN, announced that at 4:35 p.m. (Canary Islands time), on Wednesday, November 30th that a seismic wave was detected in Gran Canaria.

Monitors detected an N Wave which is produced by a shockwave created by the direct impact of the earth’s surface by a natural or artificial object moving at supersonic speed.

According to official sources, it crossed La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera, the south of Tenerife and passed through Gran Canaria, to end up plunging into the sea, on the north coast, between the municipalities of Arucas and Guía.

The loud noise generated by the trajectory of the meteorite– alarmed residents in the area.

In the Santa Brígida area, the meteors explosion triggered a landslide.

There were also fires that were triggered by debris that fell from the sky.

When it entered the Canarian sky, a luminous object had an intense red color and then a trail of smoke.

It crossed the western islands in the direction of Gran Canaria.

Dozens of people called emergency numbers reporting “tremors” all over the area not knowing what was happening — the intense fireball was seen and exploded showering pieces of rock into the sea.

Whatever they may be, fireballs, rogue asteroids, or UFOs there seem to be a lot of them coming down from the sky – and this has signaled everyone from apocalyptic doomsayers to Planet X watchers to say that time is just about up for earth.

These rocks are getting much closer to the earth and it appears that Big Rock contact is happening in greater frequency which may mean that something out there—something huge is pushing debris our way.

While there are many armchair theorists that claim it may cause problems for the earth—the whole prediction process is a crap shoot and while we have seen falling space rocks affect the earth in the past, like what happened in Russia in 2013 and what happened in Tunguska in June of 1908—Near Earth Objects have been seen as apocalyptic omens – while others have been seen as either harmless – or even hoaxes.

I know that sounds amazingly backward – but there was a time when science believed that there were no such things as rocks falling from the sky.

In the year 1772, a huge fireball was seen shooting across the sky over Luce, France. The fiery rock hit the ground and caused considerable damage. An investigation ensued by the Academie Francaise. The respected chemist Antoine Lavoisier said there are no such things as rocks falling from the sky because there are no rocks in the sky.

The result of his statements was that museums in 18th-century Europe threw out all of their meteorite specimens because they were humiliating reminders of superstition and mythology.

The strength of Lavoisier’s conviction was such that it helped to stop the study of meteorites for over a quarter of a century.

It seems that humanity remains the same.

In the 18th century, one scientist was able to stop the investigation of meteorites because he had enough power and influence to change the way the critical mass thinks.

Of course, there are many that will say that people in 18th-century France weren’t as educated and therefore could easily be misled. But of course, in times of uncertainty we are learning that “the science” has a hold on people — to the extent that they do not question or even analyze just what is truly happening above them or what is just in front of their own two feet.

In the ridiculous world of the New Abnormal where we apparently find ourselves it is critically important to add your opinion to the cacophony of why we are who we are, where we are, and what the cosmic fate will allow.

I mean have you ever realized that with all of the reports of meteors and lights in the sky? the plagues and the wars it sounds as if we are in the Dark Ages during the plague years of 1346 or so.

The Black Death was spreading everywhere just around the same time a fragment of a comet hit the planet.

Nearly 700 years ago, it is believed to have hit the Earth, setting off a decade-long chain of events that coincides with the plague.

But the question is how did it happen?

The presence of extraterrestrial dust in Greenland ice cores, and analysis at the polls indicated that much of what is deposited from space contain diseases and viruses that are trapped in the permafrost.

If there is ever a major thaw brought on by a warm trend or due to some sort of extraterrestrial event — you can bet that there will be a release of unexplained pathogens on the planet.

This fragment was big enough to create an abrupt change in the climate. It caused drought and cold, and Europe’s agriculture collapsed, leaving the populace weakened.

Combine a weak populace with needed imports of grain supplies tainted by none other than the Black Death, and you’ve got a recipe for widespread collapse. Thankfully, the plague killed so quickly that many people were spared, but losing half of Europe is no joke.

The major activity from the Sun and the active rocking and rolling from heaven is affecting the Ice caps again. Now scientists in Europe are pointing to a different concern – ancient “zombie viruses” frozen in time are being released into the air as ice melts.

Ancient microbes found in the permafrost of the Northern Hemisphere are at risk of being released as Some scientists are looking into further dangers from Global warming.

To understand the microbes better, a team of scientists led by microbiologist Jean-Marie Alempic from the French National Centre for Scientific Research, have reanimated several viruses.

Taking seven different samples from the Siberian permafrost, scientists found 13 frozen viruses, one of which they estimate was from nearly 50,000 years ago.

That was around the time that the Barringer Meteorite Crater formed when an asteroid plunged through the Earth’s atmosphere and crashed into what would become central Arizona. Because of the crater’s young age and the dry climate. The Barringer Meteor Crater is the best-preserved impact crater on Earth.

The big hole in the ground — 570 feet deep and 4,100 feet ) across — was blown into existence 50,000 years ago by an asteroid roughly 130 feet wide.

Previous calculations had the rock slamming into the ground at no less than 34,000 mph based in part on the expected speeds of large meteors in relation to Earth. Such an impact ought to have generated more melted rock in and around the crater than what’s been found.

A new computer model, reported in the March 10 issue of the journal Nature, shows the incoming object would have slowed considerably during its plunge through the atmosphere, part of it breaking into a pancake-shaped cloud of iron fragments prior to impact.

About half the original 300,000-ton bulk remained intact, smacking the planet at about 26,800 mph.

The modeling is based in part on investigations decades ago by Daniel Barringer, whose name is officially associated with the crater. Barringer and others found chunks of the iron space rock weighing from a pound up to 1,000 pounds in a 6-mile-diameter circle around the crater.

So it is possible that deep-impact Space rocks can hit the planet, disrupt the ecosystem and release dust that can contain space pathogens.

In 1908, a good-sized asteroid, more stony in nature, exploded above the surface of Siberia, The Tunguska event flattened hundreds of miles of the forest but left almost no extraterrestrial trace. During the satellite era, scientists have monitored car-sized space rocks routinely exploding in the air.

The event that happened in the Canary Islands was terrifying and the rocks that fell into the sea triggered a Tsunami alert — but there was no Tsunami. Just tremors and shaken-up residents terrified of the brightness of the explosion.

It appeared that no one saw the meteor coming — not even amateur astronomers.

This has always been a problem for scientists and there could be a massive asteroid hiding behind the sun that could just appear and clip us or give us a direct hit.

So the question that looms over us in this apocalyptic era is whether organized human life will indeed survive, and not in the distant future– but the immediate one.

We’re all staring down a bleak future with all that is going on in the world and sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll cry. And sometimes absurdity takes over.

Given the high theatre of our leaders and the ever-evolving script we’re living in, and the number of leaders with acting experience, what other thing can we possibly think other than this is entertainment? It can’t possibly be real. In one’s wildest imagination none of this is real.

I mean, if all this were real, surely somebody would tell us? Somebody important.

Nobody has really.

That is why anything huge that causes an even bigger collapse than COVID-19 will surprise everyone who is not prepared.

The best we are told about anything positive seems to be about owning nothing, some weird robot contraption by Elon Musk obviously meant to replace us and 15-minute smart cities.

And maybe we’ll save the planet somehow. Even if we know that the sky is falling.

We all spend more time speculating on what will happen after an event rather than knowing about the actual event itself these days. The actual “knowing” of anything is farmed off to investigative bodies that take a great deal of time so that when we finally know the results we don’t care because we’re into another speculative if not spectacular event. And we’re watching it all on a screen three stops away from reality.

That’s how it goes.

if it happens far away and it doesn’t affect you you can safely say that it is fake or CGI or grand deception blue beam construct created by the Illuminati to bring the world together– whatever is left of it.

If it weren’t for all the suffering and pain and fear, that might even be funny.



DrSky®” is the President/CEO of DrSky Inc.; a multimedia company, with expertise in the realms of Astronomy, Space, Aviation, and Weather. DrSky is a locally and nationally known broadcaster, with his own branded shows. The DrSky Show cleared on the big KTAR/NEWS, 92.3 FM.

He appears with regular commentary on FOX 10 in Phoenix and AZ TV, with legendary broadcaster, Pat McMahon.

His college mentor was Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of the then-known “planet” Pluto.

Steve Kates, “DrSky R®”, continues to educate and entertain the public, on the science of Astronomy, Space, Aviation, and Weather, as a true; EDUTAINER!


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. SARGE

    December 1, 2022 at 5:42 pm


  2. John Weiner

    December 1, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    Just after 12:00 a.m., your time, Thursday, morning, December 1, 2022, while laying in bed, after having gone to the bathroom, I saw a bolide, looking object flash across the sky. It didn’t appear to be one single object, but numerous small ones, like spherical pixels, heading in a west northwest direction, then blink out, like flipping a light switch.
    Earlier this evening, around, 7:46 P.M., your time, I looked out my window, to the east looking for the moon and Mars,or Jupiter, and saw this strange, pale blue, almost star-colored object, that alternated in shape between a semi-crescent, to a semi-spherical, similar to one of those Christmas-tree ball ornaments, to tear- dropped in shape. It must be over my place now.

  3. Deborah Weaver

    December 3, 2022 at 8:08 am

    Just a few things to think about…
    First, supposedly a large asteroid is about to hit Earth in a few years:
    Second, rumor has it the US military has been planning for this even for many years”
    We are overdue for the Magnetic North and South Poles Reversing! This normally ends a HUGE percentage of all life forms on Earth when it happens:
    So, perhaps, an extinction event is imminent!

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