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Ron Patton | November 9, 2023

The globalist cabal behind the Smart City agenda intends to create a permanent peasant class that has no rights, no freedoms, and no way out. This worldwide system of control will require biometric identification, a subdermal chip in the body, retinal scans, and even DNA identification from a health security database. The United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and partners of the Rockefeller Foundation are launching their “50-in-5” campaign to accelerate digital ID, digital payments, and data-sharing rollouts in 50 countries under the umbrella of digital public infrastructure by 2028. Will you adhere to these Orwellian mandates or will you choose to live outside of the system? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about EIN VOLK EIN REICH EIN FURY!





I don’t know if I ever shared with you that I suspect that the area I live in is being prepped to be a SMART city. At first, I noticed that a main thoroughfare had been changed to provide more bicycle access and that it had to be widened to accommodate what are called Articulated Busses.

These busses are a bit overkill because they are built for a lot of passengers and so it is a bit suspicious that these bus lines are being extended as if they are expecting more people to take public transit.

Lately where I live a new management has taken over the rental property and has paid a roofing company to come in and do maintenance — the reason?

It is because the Apartment complex that I Live in has to meet new energy standards for the future—again stoking my suspicions that I will be stuck in a SMART city by 2025.

SMART cities are like gulags or like the Nazi ghettos in Poland.

Everything you need will be made available within a short distance, so no one ever needs to go beyond that perimeter. For longer distances, a permit will be required. On top of this, 30% of all wilderness areas will be closed off as an encouragement for people to seek their happiness inside the Smart Cities instead of venturing into the majestic outdoors. Virtual realities are being created as an alternative to spending time in nature.

SMART cities will be surveillance cities,

A Smart City is an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance and data harvesting technologies that will monitor and record even the most intimate, personal details of everyone.

The goal is to know everything about everybody: what you eat and drink, where you go, what you buy, who you meet, what you think, how you feel, your opinions, your habits, your health and vaccination status, and so on.

Every. Little. Detail. The justification for this all-encompassing surveillance is that it is supposedly essential to “save the planet” from climate change. They also guarantee it will make your life more connected, safer and healthier.

Every aspect of life in a Smart City will be monitored by a wide variety of data harvesting technologies: SMART Lights, SMART Poles, SMART Cars, SMART Neighborhoods, SMART Homes, SMART Appliances, SMART Energy, SMART Transportation and many other SMART technologies. Together they will form an omnipresent surveillance grid, continually collecting information about every little detail of the life of the people.

Examples are the Metaverse and all its alternatives. Again, a “wonderful idea to save the planet”: lock the world population up inside Smart Cities, where they “enjoy life” in a virtual realm.

SMART cities will be required to be energy efficient — they will have to meet standards that will reduce carbon emissions by 55% — this this part of the U.N’s sustainability goals.

I know that when the idea of sustainability goals comes up — I am sure there are a lot of people who wonder how a world plan can be utilized to take away all that you have worked for — and then tell you that you will be a lot happier when you own nothing.

Europe, the EU especially, is now beginning the plan that I am sure will make its way to the United States and I believe that I should warn you about what is being discussed and how the project of redistributing wealth will affect everyone on the road to 2030.

Many Americans are unaware of the “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive” that is being proposed in the EU and how it is going to be used to seize homes, and other things that you will have to eventually rent from the world government.

The European Union’s “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive” will be the legislative instrument that dictates the energy performance standards for buildings within the EU — it will be used to achieve a massive wealth transfer scheme.

I was reading the other day about how by 2030, the EU must meet a minimum 55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, they want every building — commercial, public and residential — in the EU to meet zero-emission standards. They will impose a slew of new renewal energy requirements on homeowners to achieve that.

For example, heating systems that use fossil fuels are to be completely phased out of existence by 2035. Homeowners will be required to install new “green,” presumably electric, heating systems — and pay for it out of pocket. The cost for these new energy requirements is estimated to be around 100,000 euros for a residential house

The goal is to force people out of their homes. If you cannot afford the required upgrades, you’ll be forced to sell your home. Asset management companies will then buy them and turn them into rentals.

In March 2023, the EU Parliament voted to revise this directive as part of a “Fit for 55” package, which aims to meet a minimum 55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

By 2050, the EU intends to achieve a “zero-emission and fully decarbonized building stock.” In short, by 2050, they want every building — commercial, public and residential — in the EU to meet zero-emission standards. To achieve that, they will impose a slew of new requirements on homeowners.

Last September, the U.N. General Assembly president approved a declaration on pandemic prevention, which assigns pandemic authority to the WHO, without a full assembly vote and over the objections of 11 member states.

The objections should have prevented a consensus adoption of the declaration, but the U.N. is skirting the rules by having the General Assembly president, rather than the General Assembly, approve the declaration.

The goal is to force people out of their homes. If you cannot afford the required upgrades, you’ll be forced to sell your home, and asset management companies like BlackRock and Vanguard will stand ready to snatch these properties up.

And that’s if you’ll be allowed to sell a house that isn’t up to standards; the government might just deem it unsellable and seize it, or you may have to pay a fine of some sort.

In the U.S., BlackRock and Vanguard started bulk-buying residential homes in earnest in early 2021, which they then rent out rather than resell, thereby eroding middle-class homeownership. They also artificially drove up home prices by paying above-asking prices, thereby pushing homeownership further out of reach.

Of course, the price of rent has also skyrocketed, and renters will have to pay even more after these energy upgrades. So, not only is homeownership something many young people can no longer achieve, many can’t even afford to rent, and are forced to live with their parents or multiple roommates. We can eventually expect the number of homeless to skyrocket as well.

the elimination of personal property ownership is all part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda, Agenda 2030 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are just different names for the same overarching plan.

Gone will be the days when you buy something once and can use it indefinitely because you own it. Instead, the new system they’re pushing us into will require you to rent everything — your home, transportation, furniture, pots and pans and all the rest. You’ve probably noticed this creep already.

Homeownership defines the middle class. More importantly, it’s been a way to build and secure generational wealth for ages. Remove the ability for people to buy their own homes, and you effectively eliminate the middle class, leaving just the very rich, and the very poor.

It doesn’t matter if you believe this will be good for the environment or not this is about controlling you. This is about owning you … This is a wealth transfer that we’re looking at, and we can’t accept that. Ownership is important. It’s a very, very essential concept.

If you take ownership away, what you’re left with is feudalism. Someone’s going to own the stuff that you need, and they will be the ‘elites.’

The coming peasant system is not merely about removing human rights and eliminating the freedoms we’ve enjoyed our whole lives — even simple things, such as having the freedom to travel wherever you choose, whenever you want — it’s also about stripping us of our wealth and eliminating the possibility of building wealth in the future.

They’re not just trying to take away your ability to own a home and build generational wealth that way. With a central bank digital currency, you won’t make interest on your money, and they’ll take taxes out automatically. They’ll also have the ability to dictate where and what you can spend your money, and put expiration dates on your funds so that you can never save up for a rainy day.

The globalist cabal behind this entire agenda intends to create a permanent peasant class that has no rights, no freedoms, and no way out.

If you go along with these sustainability proposals — which is what they’re using to justify this particular wealth transfer scheme — then you are actively choosing poverty and slavery for yourself, your children and all descendants thereafter, because dismantling this global system of control will be unimaginably difficult once it’s in place.

This system will also require biometric identification, which will be and is not limited to a subdermal chip in the hand — retinal scans, and even DNA identification from a health security database,

The United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and partners of the Rockefeller Foundation are launching their “50-in-5” campaign to accelerate digital ID, digital payments, and data-sharing rollouts in 50 countries under the umbrella of digital public infrastructure by 2028.

Yesterday a virtual launch event, the 50-in-5 agenda bills itself as “a country-led advocacy campaign. By 2028, the 50-in-5 campaign will have helped 50 countries design, launch, and scale components of their digital public infrastructure,” according to the official announcement.

Sold as a mechanism for financial inclusion, convenience, improved healthcare, and green progress, DPI is an all-inclusive phrase applied to a looming technocratic governance system powered by three foundational components: digital ID, digital payments like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and massive data sharing.

Advocates are adamant that DPI is essential for participation in markets and society — just like we saw with vaccine passports — only on a much broader scope.

If successful, DPI will give governments and corporations the power to implement systems of social credit that can determine where and how you can travel, what you are allowed to consume, and how you will be able to transact with your programmable money.

Think individual carbon footprint trackers, Ultra Low Emission Zones, SMART cities and CBDC programmed to restrict “less desirable” purchases — all of which are being pushed by proponents of the great reset.

The stated goal of the 50-in-5 campaign is that in five years:

50 countries will have designed, launched, and scaled at least one component of their digital public infrastructure stack in a safe, inclusive, and interoperable manner.

While the 50-in-5 campaign has not yet disclosed which countries will be participating, the website reveals that they will be “both advanced and emerging digital leaders,

The United Nations playbook on Digital Public Infrastructure says that digital ID is foundational to DPI, stating, “Broadly, there are three major types of protocols that facilitate digital public infrastructure: digital identity, digital payments, and data exchange.

These three protocols are typically required for most digital service transactions such as permitting, issuing licenses, or providing records that often require validating a user’s identity, enabling exchange of data across agencies and users, and finally authorizing payments online.”

By prioritizing these three protocols,” the UN says “local governments can set the stage for the successful development of an entire ecosystem of digital services in alignment with their community’s unique needs.”

The World Economic Forum (WEF) envisions digital identity being linked to everything from financial services and healthcare records to travel, mobility, and digital governance — all of which are components of DPI.

With G20 nations committing to net-zero carbon emissions policies by around 2050, many DPI initiatives are geared towards reaching that goal, meaning restrictions will be placed on what we can consume, what we can purchase, and where we can go thanks to the widespread implementation of digital ID and CBDC to track, trace, and control our every move in our people-centered, 15-minute smart cities.

All of that, and much more, will be possible once the AI-run digital surveillance and control grid is fully implemented and linked to your digital identity, a programmable CBDC and the unified ledger system.

Making matters all the more dire for the people of the world is the fact that governments and global organizations involved in this power grab are increasingly flouting rules, guidelines, laws and treaties that previously have ensured at least some semblance of democracy and rule of law.

It’s a free-for-all all and world leaders are ready to go– after all they will benefit and the peasant class will not.

Even when countries disagree and push back, U.N. leadership simply skirts the rules and follows the Deep State plan anyway, and that’s precisely the kind of behavior we can expect from a “One World Government.” They’ll have rules for themselves, which they’ll conveniently ignore when it suits them, and fixed rules with harsh penalties for the rest of the surfs.

Many people feel powerless to fight against the system and chances are if we do become a country taken over by a Democratic socialist party by vote – no one will rise up against it.

There are countless examples of past and present monstrous regimes in the real world. And they all raise the question of why people didn’t just rise up against their rulers. Some of us are quick to judge those who conform to such regimes as evil psychopaths or at least morally inferior to ourselves.

But what are the chances that you would be a heroic rebel in such a scenario, refusing to be complicit in maintaining or even enforcing the system?

Not very high– sure there will be some upheaval and rebellion but that takes courage — and sacrifice, and not all people are capable of resisting.

if you can you would right?

it is not that easy.

History has pointed out that less than three percent of the colonists stood against the British in the Revolutionary War.

Somehow the rebels prevailed.

When we are up against a repressive regime an oppressive state’s main tools are carrots and sticks – rewarding conformity and punishing even a hint of rebellion. But personal gain (or survival) alone provides a fragile foundation for an oppressive state.

We act towards an air of cooperation, appropriateness, and conformity because we fear repercussions from powerful oppressors.

Regimes, therefore, supplement rewards and punishments with self-policed norms, rules, and conventions.

Are you following orders or ordering followers? That is the question and now there are plenty of people out there that are ordering followers to do all sorts of crazy things that challenge what can be called appropriateness.

Are you part of the party, comrade? Are you part of the cult? Always remember a good cult member or party member follows orders no matter how crazy they sound.

A good member of the cause obeys orders, roots out opposition and does not question authority – and enforces these norms on their fellow party or religious members.

The authoritarian state is therefore concerned above all with preserving ideology – defining the “right” way to think and behave – so that we can unquestioningly conform to it.

How can this evil be embraced by the mass majority without a fight? It is simple people do not want to lose their homes, their property, or their lives.

The atrocities of the Holocaust were made possible by normal people, manipulated into conforming to an abnormal set of behavioral norms.

We are seeing this happen with all of the bloodshed between Hamas and Israel– unpopular opinions expressed about the war can mean being fired or forced into a show trial.

If we wanted to we could put these globalists out of business… but it is their rules and their terms of service—you don’t have to obey – but you do. You don’t question it.

I know this is all simple but in the bigger picture people feel “morally bound” to protect the party, nation, or religion, they even defend unseen or anonymous organizations like Black Lives Matter, Qanon, or Anonymous.

Those we appointed to represent our interests have stopped following the Constitution and listening to the American people.

However, there is also the old axiom that says that when people lose hope they have nothing left to lose.

Acts of desperation and outright anarchy are what happens when a parasitical government muzzles the citizenry, fences them in, herds them, brands them, whips them into submission, forces them to ante up the sweat of their brows while giving them little in return, and then provides them with little to no outlet for voicing their discontent: people get desperate, citizens lose hope, and lawful, nonviolent resistance gives way to unlawful, violent resistance.

We reach a point of apocalyptic morality.

Anything goes — at this point.

For years now, we have suffered injustices, cruelties, corruption, and abuse of an entrenched government bureaucracy that has no regard for the Constitution or the rights of the citizenry.

Some people say they are waiting for the signal to rise up and rebel — but that signal should have been the pain and suffering that continues today

How we react to unfairness affects our propensity to rebel. One study found that people who are risk-averse and easily trust others are less likely to react strongly to unfairness. While not proven in the study, it may make such individuals more likely to conform.

Another factor is social circumstances. The upper and middle classes in Germany during the 1920s-1940s were almost twice as likely to join the Nazi party than those with lower social status. So it may be that those who have the most to lose and/or are keen to climb the social ladder are particularly likely to conform. And, of course, if other members of your social circle are conforming, you may think it’s the “appropriate” thing to do.

You ask yourself how are so many people able to believe in radical ideas—and this is how it starts – this is how it has always been.

We live in times where we have to ask if nationalism and patriotism are interchangeable.

In 1945, George Orwell said Nationalism should not be confused with patriotism and yet today we are seeing this challenged in many ways. It is almost as if we have blurred them together to divide the Capitalists from the Socialists but as much as the left hates to hear it – they are populists that border on nationalists with the same zeal as those who have been recruited into a cult.

And many people are lost on the idea of what a nationalist socialist is because image and action parameters have hidden the meaning and no one wishes to think that they are leaning towards Nazism, Mussolini’s Fascism, or even Revolutionary Maoism.

With the breaking of the patriotic will of the people, there can be an excuse that the rebellion is against nationalism by using another form of nationalism to destroy it.

Its devotion is not for sovereignty or independence – it is for the conjoining of a once-free Republic with the chains and shackles of the globalist plantation.

The rise of “neo-imperial” governing institutions such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court threatens to usurp Americans’ right to self-determination.

Conflict and repression predate the emergence of the modern nation-state.

Nationalism goes wrong when it is tainted with maligning influences and so does socialism.

What I am telling you is something that you need to talk about with your children –something that you should discuss with your families as the country is about to go through a lot of changes.

Nobody has taught you in school that throughout your entire life behind the scenes, an organized plutocracy will be working to control the thoughts in your head using a highly sophisticated arsenal of psychological operations funneled into your mind via their near-total control of the media. Nobody warned you as a kid that if you ever really want to grow up, you’ll first have to disengage the vast network of lies that have been deliberately sewn into your consciousness since birth.

Do you value your freedoms so much that you would fight for them?

That is a big decision you have to make in the future.

The younger people have to value freedoms they have never experienced.

Younger generations have now been manipulated on a mass scale by the same people who have been granted immense power and wealth by the existence of that status quo.

The responsibility of the older generations has not been greater.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 10 comments.

  1. Merlyn

    November 9, 2023 at 2:41 pm

    It has already began. 2028 poppycock, they have started it already right here in several cities and communities in Oregon. Can’t happen to you? LMAO, no worries cause unless you’re in the top .005% of annual income earners worldwide rest assured, ……YOU’RE NEXT

  2. Ajakey

    November 9, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    If American leadership gets their technology game up and stops letting big corporations (fascism) and bureaucracy (CDC) run the socials, we could slow the ‘Patriot Act’ overreach. Elections are looking like bullshit Covid-19 rules every presidential election.

  3. Jimbo

    November 9, 2023 at 7:05 pm

    First Obama libeled all Caucasians racist just by being Caucasian. Now the WEF, wants to label everyone but their Aryan-Malthusian selves, Semites. Progressive liberals fascism not Christian patriot nationalism, is the clear and imminent threat to Constitutional America’s Republic, by which we stand.

  4. Rusty

    November 10, 2023 at 10:19 pm

    So when Iceland sinks downard due to plate and volcanic , are thevgreene freaks goin to blame this on global warming, or finally wake up & realize that thevearth is a dynamic force, constantly changing, and owes us nothing?

  5. Jimbo

    November 11, 2023 at 11:20 am

    Michigan’s lib-dominated legislature (and all three branches for that matter) is right now trying to pass a “Death with Dignity” act, on heels of a small hand full of states allowing PAS, physician assisted suicide. Canada has astounding 4% PAS annual mortality among all decedents and openlyencourages their citizens to opt-in to opt-out of life. PAS financially costs less than hospice /palliative care.
    As you’ll remember, Michigan in the late ’90’s sentenced Dr.Jack Kevorkian to prison for 10-25 years for doing precisely this with patients. He was convicted on 2’nd degree murder-homicide charges, rather than first degree, because he had not ‘premeditated’ killing patients who came to him. The problem in advancing a “right” to die is that inevitably it will administer as your duty to (the Fatherland, social credit score a determinant?). Also it will give implicit cover to any malpracticing physician controlling patient medical chart can modify it behind HIPAA confidentiality walls. There is NO federal statute that covers this area (HIPAA does not). It is all administered by and at the state level.
    Such medical “caring” is in stark contrast to our Declaration of Independence: codifying Life, Liberty/freedom, and Pursuit of happiness to US. All retain co-dependence to each other.

  6. Pat

    November 14, 2023 at 7:29 am

    You painted a pretty bleak picture of the future! I hope you’re wrong but I can definitely see this happening. I hope people wake up and see what’s going on, and there’s not just sheep being led to the slaughter.? I know I couldn’t live in no smart city Our politicians order be paying more attention to our constitution, not to other countries and telling us what to do There’s definitely gonna be a tipping point sometime in the future Take care enjoy the freedoms we have and enjoy every day to the fullest cause you never know it might be at the last

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