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Ron Patton | November 6, 2023

Maine mass shooting suspect Robert Card opened fire at two locations in Lewiston, killing 18 people and injuring 13 others. Like other cases of a “lone nut gunman,” authorities were keeping an eye on him before the tragic event. Card, an Army Reservist spent two weeks in a psychiatric facility this past summer after reporting “hearing voices.” His sister said he started using high-powered hearing aids and was hearing people say bad things about him. Interestingly, a New York Times article was about soldiers seeing ghosts and hearing voices after the near-constant bombardment of war-torn countries they were stationed. Furthermore, we do know that DARPA has developed neuro technologies whereby they can electronically transmit audio and visual data directly into the brain. Could this have been another case? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with mind control researcher and author, Dr. John Hall about BRAIN WAR DEAD – MILITARY MIND CONTROL COMPLEX.






I learned over the weekend, that sometimes when you search a source — and you keep it in your bookmarks, it does not necessarily mean it will remain online.

This is what happened when I was doing a follow-up read on the tragic Lewiston Maine Shooting. Maine shooting suspect Robert Card allegedly heard voices before he opened fire at the Just-in-Time Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar and Grille.

At first, it was suspected that perhaps there were two gunmen, but like any other shooting, it was a case of another lone nut gunman whom authorities were keeping an eye on.

Card – an Army Reservist who spent two weeks in a psychiatric facility this summer after reporting “hearing voices.”

Card’s sister-in-law told the media that the family suspected that he was struggling with his mental health as he claimed he could hear people saying bad and embarrassing things about him at the bowling alley.

Katie O’Neill said that in the lead-up to the shooting, Card started using high-powered hearing aids.

Retired NYPD Chief Robert Louden said that Card was described by former Army buddies as a trained marksman and skilled outdoorsman.

I bookmarked an article from the New York Times that was published with the headline “The Gunners Who Came Home Damaged Their Own Weapons Rattled Their Brains, but the Pentagon Was Silent.”

When I went back to it — it had been pulled. The subject matter was about soldiers seeing ghosts and hearing voices After the near-constant bombardment of the Islamic State.

When Javier Ortiz came home from a secret mission in Syria, the ghost of a dead girl appeared to him in his kitchen. She was pale and covered in chalky dust as if hit by an explosion, and her eyes stared at him with a glare as dark and heavy as oil.

The 21-year-old Marine was part of an artillery gun crew that fought against the Islamic State, and he knew that his unit’s huge cannons had killed hundreds of enemy fighters. The ghost, he was sure, was their revenge– something intentionally planted in his brain as a form of revenge.

A shiver went through him. He backed into another room in his apartment near Camp Pendleton in California and flicked on the lights, certain that he was imagining things. She was still there.

A few days later, in the barracks not far away, a 22-year-old Marine named Austin Powell pounded on his neighbor’s door in tears and stammered: “There’s something in my room! I’m hearing something in my room!”

His neighbor, Brady Zipoy, searched the room but found nothing. He had been having problems, too, The day before, he bent down to tie his boots and was floored by a sudden avalanche of emotion so overwhelming and bizarre that he had no words for it.

All through their unit — Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 11th Marines — troops came home feeling cursed.

The New York Times article reported that hat many of the troops sent to bombard the Islamic State in 2016 and 2017 returned to the United States plagued by nightmares, panic attacks, depression and, in a few cases, hallucinations. Once-reliable Marines turned unpredictable and strange. Some are now homeless. A striking number eventually died by suicide or tried to.

Interviews with more than 40 gun-crew veterans and their families in 16 states found that the military repeatedly struggled to determine what was wrong after the troops returned from Syria and Iraq.

\All the gun crews filled out questionnaires to screen for post-traumatic stress disorder and took tests to detect signs of traumatic brain injuries from enemy explosions. But the crews had been miles away from the front lines when they fired their long-range cannons, and most never saw direct fighting or suffered the kinds of combat injuries that the tests were designed to look for.

A few gun crew members were eventually given the diagnosis of PTSD, but to the crews that didn’t make much sense. They hadn’t, in most cases, even seen the enemy.

More than a year after Marines started hearing voices and seeing ghosts, the Marine Corps leadership tried to piece together what was happening by ordering a study of one of the hardest-hit units, Fox Battery, 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines.

They determined that these anomalies were caused by the firing of their weapons.

More than half the Marines in the battery had eventually received diagnoses of traumatic brain injuries, according to a briefing prepared for Marine Corps headquarters. The report warned that the experience in Syria showed that firing a high number of rounds, day after day, could incapacitate crews “faster than combat replacements can be trained to replace them.”

The military did not seem to be taking the threat seriously, the briefing cautioned: Safety training — both for gun crews and medical personnel — was so deficient, it said, that the risks of repeated blast exposure “are seemingly ignored.”

Despite the concerns raised in the report, no one appears to have warned the commanders responsible for the gun crews. And no one told the hundreds of troops who had fired the rounds.

Instead, in case after case, the military treated the crews’ combat injuries as routine psychiatric disorders, if they treated them at all. Troops were told they had attention deficit disorder or depression. Many were given potent psychotropic drugs that made it hard to function and failed to provide much relief.

Others who started acting strangely after the deployments were simply dismissed as problems, punished for misconduct and forced out of the military in punitive ways that cut them off from the veterans’ health care benefits that they now desperately need.

The Marine Corps has never commented publicly on the findings of the study. It declined to say who ordered it or why, and would not make the staff members who conducted it available for interviews. Officers who were in charge of the artillery batteries declined to comment for this article or did not respond to interview requests.

The silence has left the affected veterans to try to figure out for themselves what is happening,

Some suspect that they have been unknowingly subjected to an experiment. Perhaps even mind control techniques that have had a lasting impact on them.

This scenario sounds very similar to the plots of two well-known movies, Jacobs Ladder starring Tim Robbins and The Manchurian Candidate starring Denzel Washington. While these films are a work of fiction they are loosely based on programs like MK Ultra and Operation Midnight Climax.

Back in the 1960’s the U.S. Army Chemical Corp was used as Guinea pigs when they were dosed with LSD. 1500 enlisted men were filmed tripping out — doing things worthy of the three stooges.

From 1955 to 1975, military researchers at Edgewood were using not only animals but human subjects to test a witch’s brew of drugs and chemicals. They ranged from potentially lethal nerve gases like VX and sarin to incapacitating agents like BZ.

The military also tested tear gas, barbiturates, tranquilizers, narcotics and hallucinogens on soldiers.

This top-secret Cold War research program initially looked for ways to defend against a chemical or biological attack by the Soviet Union, thought to be far ahead of the United States in “psycho-chemical” warfare. But the research expanded into offensive chemical weapons, including one that could deliver a “veritable chemical ambush” against an enemy.

Meanwhile recently– Lance Corporal Powell, who was hearing things in his room, left the Marines and became a tow-truck driver in Kentucky, but he kept having paralyzing panic attacks on the road. In 2018, a year and a half after returning from Syria, he shot himself.

His neighbor in the barracks, Lance Corporal Zipoy, moved back to his parent’s house in Minnesota and started college. In 2020 he began hearing voices and seeing hidden messages in street signs. A few days later, in the grips of a psychotic delusion, he entered a house he had never been in before and killed a man he had never met.

When the police arrived, they found him wandering barefoot in the driveway. As they handcuffed him, he asked, “Are you going to take me to the moon?”

He was found not guilty of murder because of mental illness in 2021 and was committed to a locked ward of the Minnesota Security Hospital. He is still there today.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA has been very busy lately. They recently announced that they have advanced in creating interface solutions between man and machine and mind control tools that are beyond that of the Manchurian Candidate variety.

The Next-Generation Non-Surgical Neurotechnology, or N3, program is being said to be the next phase in mind control and what can be seen as a neurological handshake between man and machines.

The tools they use have grown more sophisticated over time but these still require some form of physical control interface touch, motion or voice.

Some of their silent weapons tech has been miniaturized and even can be used with something as simple as a cell phone or even hearing aids.

According to a new paper in the Journal of Neural Engineering, things like Prosthetic memory, synthetic telepathy, and silent spectrum tools are part of the advanced bio-hacking tech that DARPA admits to have upgraded for military use.

Much of what they have revealed has been part of conspiracy lore about mind control tech. What was once top secret is now common and proudly upgraded to control an individual or give them the ability to interact with machines and tools of active denial applications.

This is real James Bond tech; however, much more advanced and some say much more insidious.

The N3 program is divided into two tracks: non-invasive interfaces that sit completely outside the body, and minutely invasive interfaces that could require users to ingest different chemical compounds to help external sensors read their brain activity. In both tracks, technologies must be “bidirectional,” meaning they can read brain activity and even control brain activity which can either incapacitate the target or download brainwaves that could detect thoughts and secrets kept in the brain.

Sounds bizarre – it sounds outrageous but these capabilities are fueling conspiracy theories about government mind-reading and mind-control – it is also a coincidence that what DARPA is talking about—reminds us that mind control is a very effective way to keep people enslaved or even injured to get a desired effect or outcome.

Before N3 and the advanced techniques of synthetic telepathy.

Over the years, the military, and the private enterprises developing products for the military, have created some of the most important products we use today. Some of the inventions have been less groundbreaking than others, such as Silly Putty and Aviator sunglasses.

However, advancements in finding the fingerprint of the mind and how to control it have been at the forefront, as mentally debilitating weapons are preferable for clandestine projects, and mental enhancements can be used for things like controlling drones through synthetic telepathy or troops to control a remotely deployed robot by using their brain’s motor signals.

The military developed Long Range Acoustics or LRAD systems that they can use to emit sound that completely misses the ears and goes directly into your head. The LRAD beam was originally used to emit a loud sound to apprehend and disable someone. Now it is being used to send spoken messages up to 300 meters.

Oddly enough, the LRAD system has been nicknamed the ‘Voice of God’.

his technology has been pinned as the reason for the attacks on American Diplomats in Cuba and China.

It has been determined that many of the diplomats who were heavily exposed to this silent weapon have suffered what is called white matter brain damage. This disorder is similar to what football players can develop over time from concussive blows to the head.

Clinical symptoms related to white matter injury include cognitive dysfunction, vertigo, speech impairment, emotional disorders, sensorimotor impairments, as well as urinary incontinence and pain.

White matter injuries can also lead to ischemic stroke.

The insidious factor here is that any White matter injuries developing in a target are not seen. There are no wounds, and no real awareness of being targeted until one day you realize you can no longer talk, or you have trouble with balance or you become paralyzed from a massive stroke.

As for the soldiers — this type of injury can be chalked up to conventional weapons that put trauma on the brain itself. Those who may be conducting experiments now have plausible deniability,

There is currently no brain scan or blood test that can detect minute injuries from bomb blasts or firing weapons.

The damage can be seen only under microscopes once a service member has died. So there is no definitive way to tell whether a living person is injured. Even if there were, there is no therapy to fix it.

Whatever is happening there are microscopic signs of brain scarring — all found by scientists at the Defense Department tissue bank that preserves dead veterans’ brains for research.

Traumatic brain injuries can have profound effects on parts of the body that are nowhere near the skull because the damage can cause communication with other organs to malfunction.

The Defense Department has spent more than a billion dollars in the last decade to research traumatic brain injury, but it still knows very little about what might have happened to the artillery crews. Nearly all of the research has focused on big explosions from roadside bombs and other enemy attacks, not the blast waves from the routine firing of weapons.

Still, as that research progressed and studies tried to define the threshold at which an explosion caused brain damage, a growing amount of data suggested that the level was much lower than expected — so low that it wasn’t much different from what troops experienced when they pulled the cord on an artillery cannon.

So again — research seems to be coming to many dead ends — and so it is either these micro scars or someone or some group is using chemical or biological weapons on our troops. Again we can’t rule out other mind control frequencies that can be used — Silent weapons with no wounds — only strange behaviors, and hallucinatory visions,

There was a Washington Post story that illustrates how subtle synthetic suggestions can manipulate someone in changing their whole attitude and belief system.

Al-Qaida operative Abu Zabaida was taken into custody and was waterboarded for information. No matter how much they tortured him he would not divulge information about terror activities. The next day he had a change of heart. Zubaida walked in and told his interrogator that Allah came to him in a dream and spoke to him directly, telling him to cooperate with officials. Was it really Allah? Or could it have been an LRAD-induced electronic hallucination?

I don’t think that Allah would tell him to cooperate — I am sure there are ways to induce visions or even ghostlike anomalies.

Jon Ronson is a powerful writer, investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker from the U.K. He has recently uncovered various experimental projects being carried out by the U.S. military. His book “The Men Who Stare at Goats” uncovered strange psychological operations being carried out by the U.S. government including the use of psychic warfare to assassinate an enemy.

In 2007, Ronson reported on real “non-lethal” technologies developed by the military that can alter personalities and beliefs as well as trigger bisexual tendencies.

He also discovered plans to use low-frequency infrasound weapons which easily penetrate most buildings and vehicles and create nausea, loss of bowel control, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage, and death.

On July 6, 2023, The Washington Times published the article “China crafts weapons to alter brain function; report says tech meant to influence government leaders“. The article says:

China‘s People’s Liberation Army is developing high-technology weapons designed to disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations,” according to a report by three open-source intelligence analysts. The weapons can be used to directly attack or control brains using microwave or other directed energy weapons in handheld guns or larger weapons firing electromagnetic beams, adding that the danger of China‘s brain warfare weapons before or during a conflict is no longer theoretical and should not be viewed as an unconventional weapon limited to use in extreme circumstances. According to the report, neurostrike capabilities are part of standard military capabilities…

To counter brain warfare capabilities, the report urges the U.S. military to first expose the threat of neuro-strike weapons and call for international talks and policy remedies, such as ethics reviews for neuroscience and cognitive science studies.

There can not be a doubt, that at least the US, Russia and China are working on systems that can be used to control the activity of minds of people around the world and in this way definitively gain control over the whole world.

The USA and Russia have already built systems that can, by pulsing microwaves into the ionosphere in brain frequencies, produce powerful electric currents in those frequencies and as a result make the ionosphere produce electromagnetic waves in the frequencies of the electrical activity of human brains and thus control the activity of human brains in large areas of our planet.

China has been building the most advanced system of this kind since 2018, after testing the Russian system Sura. According to the Washington Times article, claiming that China is capable of “influencing government leaders or entire populations” it seems that this construction work has been finished already.

If people wish that themselves and their children will live in a world, where freedom of thought and emotions is guaranteed, they should get engaged in convincing their governments and parliaments (by accusing them of inactivity on this issue in courts), to enact legislation protecting them from manipulations of activities of their minds and bodies. Also, they should fight to convince their governments to work toward the international treaty, banning the use of neurotechnologies against people — again these experiments and the use of these technologies violate your cognitive liberty — and mental sovereignty.

The power to control the observance of the ban on the use of mind-control weapons by governments should also be conveyed to the United Nations Organization. If not, the world may forget about freedom and democracy.


Dr. John Hall is a medical doctor in San Antonio, Texas and the author of A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America and Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control. He is a board-certified diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.

Dr. Hall is also an active member of the Mind Science Foundation dedicated to the study of human consciousness.  He’s been a tireless advocate against non-consensual experimentation on the public.

Written by Ron Patton


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