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Ron Patton | November 22, 2023

It has been 60 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When an anniversary of one of the greatest conspiracies of all time gets a new breath of life,  it is a great opportunity to dig up a little history and feature an overlooked theory that seems to be making a comeback now that a new documentary on Paramount + called, JFK: What the Doctors Saw.” It brings to light stunning revelations from doctors who were in the E.R. on the day of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The documentary avoided the coincidence of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit and JFK being shot and killed within 45 minutes and how they looked very much alike. There is strong speculation that their bodies were switched before the autopsy. Based on the discrepancies between photos and x-rays, common sense dictates a probable connection and an amazing synchronicity. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with JFK assassination researcher, Chuck Ochelli about DEAD KENNEDY’S DEAD RINGER.




For those who are wondering why there have been so many Kennedy retrospectives on CNN, the History Channel, and streaming services it is because it has been 60 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

1963 is such a long time ago that we sometimes forget how significant the assassination of John F. Kennedy was to the world back then. Unfortunately, we have been scarred and are now numb from the 9/11 attacks, Covid 19, and now a two-front war that seems to be open-ended and fruitless.

We are so used to hearing about Kennedy — that some have tuned out, but it seems there is a sustaining vigilance that has lasted 6 decades.

I am 59 years old and was not born when Kennedy was killed by “supposed” lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The 1970s and into the 1980s began a huge push on the “conspiracy” train with documentaries and books written on the subject — but 60 years later there is another documentary that grabbed my attention and shook me up a little.

When an anniversary of one of the greatest conspiracies of all time gets a new breath of life, especially after 60 years it is not only a great opportunity to dig up a little history. but feature an overlooked theory that seems to be making a comeback now that a new documentary has been showing on Paramount +

The documentary is called JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” which brings to light stunning revelations from doctors who were in the E.R. on the day of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Their recollections were precise and clear as if the intervening decades had melted away. Each of them reacted strongly when the autopsy pictures were projected on a screen. They didn’t agree on everything, but it became obvious that the way the president looked at Parkland did not match the autopsy photos taken at Bethesda even before the official autopsy began.

The government did everything it could do to negate, intimidate and threaten the Parkland doctors because their observations contradicted the single “magic bullet” theory of the Warren Commission. Based on this, we have to conclude that there had been a cover-up and the public had not been told the truth.

On November 22nd, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in a Texas theater for the murder of Police Officer J.D. Tippit who was shot on a Dallas Street some 45 minutes away from where Kennedy was assassinated.

Officer Tippit was a dead ringer for President Kennedy. The resemblance was uncanny.

The doctors in the Paramount Documentary were confused about the pictures they were seeing of the alleged autopsy and claimed that they did not look anything like what they saw in Parkland.

They said that the President did not look like himself.

Based on the discrepancies between photos and x-rays, common sense dictates a probable connection and an amazing synchronicity.

It is well known that the President’s body was transported in two different caskets. So now the question is why the doctors question the Bethesda autopsy document –and was one casket carrying the President, while the other was transported to Bethesda to be altered in order to give credence to the Lone Gunman theory — and the ludicrous Magic bullet case?

Tippit’s killing has always been pictured as a chance encounter in the Oak Dale District between an alert, cruising policeman and a “suspect” in the shooting of JFK based on the APB put out minutes before by the Dallas Police Department.

His assassination has always been pictured as a random killing forced by circumstances on the fleeing Oswald.

Conveniently Tippit, Kennedy’s look alike he had been buried the following day in a sealed casket because his wound had purportedly disfigured his face. Tippit’s body disappeared from 10th and Patton that afternoon at 1:15 p.m. November 22nd was processed through two hospitals within 2 hours and was never seen again by anyone. he had a light bronze coffin and was laid to rest surrounded by many mourners, Mrs. Tippit, their 3 children and weeping police officers.

After watching the documentary on Paramount, I learned that the doctor’s discrepancies were curious, but it was only addressed in order to reinforce the absurdity of the magic bullet theory, the cover-up — and the possibility of the grassy knoll shooter.

I was wondering why the documentary avoided the coincidence of the man (OSWALD) accused of killing both Tippit and JFK could shoot 2 people within 45 minutes of each other, within 4 miles of each other, one with a rifle from a high building, and one with a handgun at short range on the run, and inflict exactly the same type wound.

The doctors were making the case for a dead ringer for the dead Kennedy.

I was curious why they did not consider or at least report the possibility that we might be seeing rear-view photos and X-rays of Tippit substituted for those of JFK, based on the amazing similarity of the temporal head wound in both victims.

Tippit bore such a remarkable resemblance to President Kennedy, so much so that his friends in the Dallas police department used to rib him and call him ‘Jack’ and JFK junior.

In 1992 there was a report offered by FBI Special Agent Arthur Carter on the autopsy of Officer J. D. Tippit, conducted by the Texas Coroner, Dr. Earl Rose.

Dr. Rose’s description of the path taken by the bullet through Tippit’s brain approximates the trajectory described by the Warren Commission and House Select Committee on Assassination reports of the bullet’s path through President Kennedy’s brain.

In 1993, Dr. Jerry Rose of the State University of New York at Fredonia claimed that the Dallas Police Department lost track of Tippit’s body for over an hour because he was removed from the murder scene by an ambulance before police arrived.

Another strange and suspect fact is that Officer Tippit seems to have had bullets removed at two different locations. First on the way to Methodist General Hospital, where some bullets were purportedly removed in the ambulance. Then at Parkland Hospital Dr. Earl Rose, describes removing the same bullets supposedly removed at Methodist General, where he had been pronounced DOA.

Why was he moved, then, to Parkland Hospital?

The Texas Coroner, Dr. Earl Rose, argued with the Secret Service over custody of President Kennedy’s body until 2:08 PM, when the Presidential party departed Parkland, leaving secretly with the body. Despite this, Dr. Rose reported completing Tippit’s autopsy at 3:15 PM.

Was there a body switch?

In a moment when his brother Robert Kennedy looked in the open casket for the last time, he said:

“It doesn’t look like him at all”.

What if it wasn’t him? But someone who resembles him. Someone who had the wounds that would be produced by a lone gunman, Oswald. While a triangulated execution killed President Kenned in an open car in Dealey Plaza.

Although President Kennedy and Tippit bore a great likeness to each other in the bone structure of the jaw, brow, nose, and cheeks, there were distinct differences above the brow line. Tippit’s cranium was rounder and smaller.

The President had full, red-brown hair, Tippit had black hair and a pronounced receding hairline. In order to create the appearance of the same hairline in an area that had no hair, it became necessary to fake one of the same contours by surgically rearranging a section of the scalp.

The altered scalp and the underlying surface area were thus made to appear to be both the hairline and the consequence of an actual wound.

The doctors in the new Documentary even mentioned that the photos that they saw looked as if the head had been re-done or sewn together in some hack job alteration.

It was mentioned that there was a flap that was the exit wound from a bullet that entered from the front.. other researchers who have also commented on the alterations have called the anomaly The Devil’s ear.

“The Devil’s Ear is an unusual flap seen in the right temporal area of the victim’s head.

This coincides with the Warren Commission’s description of President Kennedy’s head wound more closely than the doctor’s eyewitness reports of JFK’s wound at Parkland Hospital, all of which describe a large temporal entry wound and a large exit wound in the right rear occipital area.

The “High Head Wound” photographs are most likely those of J. D. Tippit. One of the objections of experts to the High Head Wound Photos is the presence of clearly visible hair inside the entry wound. This would be impossible in a rear-entry puncture wound.

Since the bullet struck the inner surface of Tippit’s occipitoparietal bone “but did not exit,” it is logical to assume then that the point of impact would demonstrate signs of depression on the external surface of the skull, with the scalp sinking into the area of the cavity and beveling on the inner surface. Thus, not having been punctured or perforated, hair would naturally appear intact within the depressed area.

Official photos are the fakes– someone was able to use Tippit’s body as a decoy.

The true nature and purpose of the Devil’s Ear now clearly reveals itself. While the head wound of J. D. Tippit may be described as a simple, circular, puncture type of entry wound, the President’s entry and exit wound was of a different nature. The President’s head wound was clearly an explosive one, more characteristic of a fragmenting or exploding bullet. In order to pass off Tippit’s wound for JFK’s, it was made to appear similar to an area of the scalp that was surgically altered to create a flayed, bloodied head.

So going back to that moment when Tippit was killed by Oswald, was this part of some CIA double cross, and intentional hot to create a doppelganger that would frame Oswald making him a patsy?

Oswald believed he was part of a large operation to take down the President with several moving parts. Perhaps even having knowledge that an assassination would take place but that he was just a small cog in a larger wheel.

Furthermore, Oswald’s involvement was important enough because of his ties to Russia and Cuba but he did not believe that he would have the President’s blood stains specifically on him.

The CIA made him comfortable enough in his role as a contributor to their cause only to blindside him by heaping the enormous blame squarely on his shoulders.

It was mighty convenient that a look-a-like was killed the same day, and was whisked away from unseeing eyes, and used a body double to push a magic bullet theory.

Three men acting as Agents for the Government; Oswald, Ruby and yes J.D. Tippit. Two with a grudge in Oswald who was anti-American and Tippit a Right Wing John Birch Society member and Ruby who owed the Mob to clean up any loose ends.

In the end, all three think that they were framing the other once they figured out they were duped. The CIA knew they could easily bestow the blame on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin to have killed Kennedy.

Oswald was chosen because he was the weakest link and easy to frame as well as very easy to dispose of. Who was going to question our Government about the assassination? Certainly not Oswald’s Russian bride Marina? Plus, the American Press was in bed with the White House in those days and the public believed the Presidency was holy.

Oswald’s yearning to be important or to have a voice and be noticed made him easy prey for the CIA.

His discomfort in his own skin and restlessness with being an American painted a wonderfully awful picture of Oswald to the young and naive country we lived in at the time. If you think about 1963, America could only handle the blame of the assassination on one person and certainly would not be able to fathom that our Government could ever be involved in killing one of their own.

Furthermore, our Government could conduct the cover-up in plain site with the power to manipulate the average American without any initial backlash.

There is strong evidence 60 years later that Oswald and Jack Ruby knew each other before Ruby killed Lee. Furthermore, J. D. Tippit was also known to be around Ruby and Oswald in Florida before November 22, 1963.

They were even known to have been friendly enough to have been seen having breakfast together on occasion. Three very different people with different backgrounds were all part of the same triangle.

Jack Ruby, J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald may have believed they were working on the same side along with the CIA before Tippit was silenced by either Oswald or CIA agents then Jack Ruby eventually silenced Lee.

Now, it is unclear whether Ruby was double-crossing Oswald and Tippit into believing they were on the same side or perhaps Ruby was double-crossed as well by thinking that they were a threesome only to be tricked and then forced to clean up the mess by killing Oswald.

A dancer in Ruby’s club Beverly Oliver-See places both Ruby and Oswald together at Ruby’s bar prior to the assassination. Even Ruby introduces Lee to Beverly as his “friend”. Again, in plain site with no fear of blowing a covert operation.

So what was seriously happening?

The Warren Report asserted there was “no evidence” that Oswald and Tippit “had ever seen each other before.”

It was like a squad was set up by the CIA — or some other deep-state operatives that were double-crossed.

Being at the Movie Theater was a place where the “squad” told Oswald to meet them after the killing of Kennedy was completed.

Oswald did not go directly to the Theater as he was instructed to do instead he walked to the boarding house where he was staying and then to the theater causing a delay in his arrival. This slight deviation from the plan by Oswald may have thrown the original plan off of Tippit killing Oswald immediately after Kennedy’s murder.

This, explains Tippit’s “frantic” nature by witnesses where he stopped to use a pay phone at a Record Store, not being able to reach his intended party, and sped off in a hurry but did not use his police lights. Also, the boarding house owner where Oswald was staying stated that a Dallas Police Car came by and honked his horn around the 1 pm hour, before driving off when Oswald did not come outside as most likely originally planned. Therefore, the killing of Tippit when it occurred was a plan devised to correct the screw-up by Tippit not killing Oswald when he was supposed to.

Subsequently, the “Squad” knew that setting up Oswald as the killer of a Dallas Police Officer would anger the police department enough to send them directly to their intended subject.

Having a revolver on Oswald only completed the secondary set-up to show that he had the means to kill Tippit.

Even though years later evidence proved that the bullets used to kill Tippit would not match the bullets in Oswald’s revolver. Especially because eyewitnesses never being called to testify for the Warren Commission stated that the gun used to kill Tippit was an automatic weapon and not a revolver.

Proponents of the Oswald-was-the-lone-assassin thesis believe proof that Oswald killed Tippit is essential for there to be “no doubt” that Oswald assassinated JFK indicates the flimsiness of their thesis. They are impliedly admitting that absent proof that Oswald killed Tippit, there can be a doubt that Oswald assassinated JFK. They forget that proof, if any, that Oswald assassinated JFK can be found only by examining the facts of that assassination; it cannot be found in the facts of a separate murder committed at a different time and place.

It is a matter of a flimsy Post hoc ergo propter hoc– Oswald allegedly killed Tippit so then he most certainly killed Kennedy.

At any rate, the evidence that Oswald murdered Tippit is unconvincing. But the idea that he was used as a body double to prove a magic bullet theory is very compelling.


Chuck Ochelli is a Polymath and Noted JFK Researcher who served as MC and part of the promotion team for the Most Successful Lancer conference in 2023. Known for decades as “The Blind JFK Researcher” and for over a decade. he has been a unique independent Broadcast and Podcast Voice in Unconventional Alternative Media.

In the late 1980s, Chuck Ochelli was a high school student and a musician, generally fascinated with American History, particularly educating himself on the circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In the 1990s, Chuck progressively engaged in JFK research and investigations revolving around many deep political figures and events.

His contributions and participation in support of various authors and producers of media projects as an interviewer, analyst, and research assistant, coupled with having a lifelong appreciation for the medium of talk radio, evolved into active correspondence with various alternative media figures. Fast forward to today, and Chuck has a podcast called The Ochelli Effect. He also independently produces himself and others through his website

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. joe

    November 22, 2023 at 8:05 pm

    communist did it satan creation communisim but USA didnot want WW 3 .plus Castro a Black Noblity rich playboy turn satanist part of colon collins family tree.. also Joe kenneddy mafia ties and beef with old scotish Clans old ties..this plus JFK RFK beef with hoffa marcelo .and J.egdar hovver n CIA mason skull bones nazi Bush- Hunt family+ french degulle french connection. o pipe lines. M I5 drug bizz .JFK mess with U.S steel..too many ..Joltin joe the yankee clippers ex wife monroe he mess up frank sinatra casino and mess with Isreals mossad n meyer lansky too many enemies ..

  2. stephen

    November 22, 2023 at 10:10 pm


  3. Pat

    November 23, 2023 at 6:24 am

    Interesting show Clyde! There’s so much disinformation fact from fiction? I doubt they will you ever know the real truth.? my father-in-law owned a 6.5 car Kano with a scope like the one that killed JFK. He used it for deer hunting Are used to zero the weapon every year for him deer hunting. It was very accurate. I could get 1 inch groups at 100 yards some say other car Kanas wasn’t that accurate But it was very slow, working the bolts not like Winchester’s Remington‘s? He killed a lot of deer with it. I don’t think one man was involved. Supposedly three shots were fired. The first one missed the second one hit him in the neck and the third hit him in the head and hit Conley also that’s what I heard.? at a distance of 88 yards in a moving vehicle? But there are other versions of it some say, just one bullet.? I watched one time they build a tower to try to reenact it They put a railroad car with dummies and moving at the same speed and had sharp shooters from the Marines to try to duplicate the shot. They all fail.? My father met John Kennedy and his brother Robert. My dad was a big Democrat guy. Are used to have a small donkey when I was a kid his name was slow poke. He you he was used in a parade in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania in which the president was in with the Democratic party celebration like? I don’t remember much. I just remember the balloons in the parade. My dad told me that Robert would like to take to. To the White House But it never happened. I personally think he was probably killed by the CIA. I know he wanted to pull out of Vietnam and he didn’t want involved. He didn’t want to conflict that was about to happen like the next president. Maybe that’s how it happened.? They wanted to war and he did not? Johnson wanted to war bad probably Laura other people maybe old Kissinger definitely involved.? Take care enjoy life. To the fullest. Life is way too short.

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