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Ron Patton | November 2, 2023

The globalists who have infiltrated most governments of the world already control the world’s banking system. Of all things, this Great Reset they propose is all based on Mammon for the world leaders and a pittance for all the rest. But like any other imperial cult, they are endorsing the idea of paying indulgences – a monetary payment that absolves one of past sins against the plans of sustainability. It is called Inclusive Capitalism. Let no one fool you into thinking this is a progressive move for the world. While the Universal Basic Income (UBI) may appear to be a promising solution to inequality, we should be mindful that nothing comes for free. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with financial and economic analyst, Alan Johnson about MAMMON MADE MONSTER.






After last night’s show, I came home exhausted. The whole idea of doing a session with a group egregore is a huge responsibility and it also has to be used with great restraint.

I am sure that many out there do not trust the information — but it simply is a reflection of what’s happening now — all future revelations were given for a sinking ship and nine were used or given to help avoid catastrophe — it is like it was a given — if you want hope contact an astrologer who believes in unicorns and glitter,

The occult has always been used to try and conjure up various futures. Crystal Balls and Tarot Cards. Ouija Boards and saint’s prophecies have always been part of our lives.

However, we learn that the most influential prophecies come from religious texts which of course give us an occult clue of what can be seen as a retro causal event where something has already happened — or has been said to have happened and so for those who are faithful the secret is no longer so secretive.

A future where a retrocausal apocalypse has been placed in our religious texts. Arguably chapters in holy scriptures that paint a bleak picture are now being seen as counterintuitive as people are ever suffering and waiting for a cataclysmic apocalypse.

From the spiritual view of retrocausality, the dominionist’s view of the future has influenced a lot of our dreams meaning that three of the Abrahamic religions have been generating a bit of retrocausality in painting a picture of a dismal future and the fate of the world.

They are a controlling factor in our past, present and future — and for all of the peace they claim to enforce — their militant fanatics are the reason we are at war.

This is a talking point for Marxist resurrection — eliminating god from the marketplace and putting all of its faith in government and corporate fascism.

A kingdom that claims to be redistributors of wealth — when their passion is to take the wealth and then offer the peasants a pittance.

The future rarely speaks of the rich and elite — but we do know how Jesus felt about the money changers.

The Book of Revelation reveals a time when buying and selling will be controlled by a global monetary system. No one can buy or sell without a mark, name or number of a Beast. What is a Beast in Bible prophecy? In the Bible, a Beast represents a government according to three angels in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation,

The beast’s deep-state infiltrators demand strict compliance. Protest is not an option. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

The globalists who have infiltrated most governments of the world already control the world’s banking system.

Now there is a war that is beginning as world powers wish to compete with the West’s beast system known as the Great Reset.

This war is not just a war of governments, but it also is a war where monarchies and even the Vatican are hedging their bets by creating a new religious cult to cover their assets and to form a pseudo-religious endorsed fascism.

But like any other imperial cult, they are endorsing the idea of paying indulgences a monetary payment of penalty which, supposedly, absolves one of past sins against the plans of sustainability.

It is called Inclusive Capitalism.

The ruling class often laments the “wealth gap”, which is strange considering they have permitted themselves to steal from the slave class. Now, they are using it as an excuse to inflict permanent slavery on the masses through the creation of a central bank digital currency, or CBDC.

The United States, while ready to implement digital currency surveillance has its holdouts that are blocking the move.

We are still locked in debate — however, there are some who believe that if we were to allow for a Universal Basic Income it may be an incentive for CBDC use.

A report by Legacy Research claims that universal basic income (UBI) will pave the way for the rulers’ endgame: CBDC. By dolling out a UBI with the help of a digital ID and CBDC, the slave class will be able to be fully controlled by the rulers.

UBI offers a no-strings-attached monthly payment… for everyone, at every income level.

To pay for all this, governments will need digital money. It’s the most efficient way to manage and track such a massive transfer of wealth.

That digital money will come in the form of a central bank digital currency.

Currently, 114 countries – representing over 95% of global gross domestic product – are exploring a CBDC. And 11 have launched a CBDC, including China, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia.

So the way the Davos demons implement the world financial reset is to impoverish everyone by inflating the fiat currency, so they can swoop in with a UBI and “save” the poor suffering slaves.

Most likely. In order to fully control the human population, the rulers need to get a CBDC in place before too many realize that government is slavery and this is nothing more than invisible, but permanent chains of all of us.

For this scheme to work, the rulers will need to convince the slaves it’s in their best interest to take the currency. Americans are easily persuaded. After all, a lot of them took the “vaccine” in exchange for a free donut from Krispy Kreme. Many will be willing to accept the CBDC in exchange for a small sum of fiat currency.

It all started in July with the launch of FedNow, which Legacy Research describes as the “Trojan Horse” of digital currencies and the completion of the slave system. Once you’re signed up with a federal bank account, you have officially “signed a contract” making yourself their slave, no illusion of freedom will be needed. You are handing over what’s left of your essential freedoms and privacy.

The rulers will take what they want, freeze your account, cut off your UBI, or simply “remove” you from access to their system if you do things they dislike.

For this scheme to work, the ruling class will need our “consent”. That means we are likely going to be forced to sign up on our own in order to get the free “donut”. Much like they did with the COVID injections, they need you to voluntarily ask them to be a peasant or good little bunny. Once you’re locked in, there will be no way out.

We all should be standing up to this egregious act of tyranny now. We should also be diversifying what little we have and hold on to things that could be of value when the financial legacy systems collapse.

The masters seek to erect a permanent digital cage around every single human on this planet. The rulers already have as much money and resources as they could ever want. But what they really desire is power.

The World Economic Forum says the public will ‘rent’ everything they require: stripping the right of ownership under the guise of a ‘green economy’ underpinned by the rhetoric of ‘sustainable consumption’ and ‘climate emergency’.

If we look back at history as a guide for what may come perhaps we can prepare and understand that all good things must end and even the great experiment known as the United States can reset and be different, or perhaps more or less like any other country that is under the control of an invisible empire and that its president are more than willing to surrender to treaties provided by a world order that is waiting in the wings.

Remember that our ancestors took a while to learn their lesson about how government operates. For centuries, our ancestors lived under the feudal system. After being tread on by kings, queens and other rulers they finally realized that it really did not matter if there was a patriarchy or a matriarchy in power—the system still benefited the few and the people realized that there needed to be a game change, that the system was ready to be reset.

We now have to conclude that we are now leaving our normality here in the United States and moving into the time of permanent revolution.

We can either philosophically think that as long as we breathe, we are okay, or we can feel the pinch of that frayed nerve and act upon what we think is the problem. We have not yet revived the revelation and yet there are so many who see nothing but revolution and will take action that may be counterintuitive to what everyone else has sacrificed for and fought for.

Being a student of esoteric knowledge, I have been able to read a mountain of literature from Marxist writings that speak of what is happening now as well as something that was published in the 1970s called the Illuminati Monograph – a treatise on the effects of political science theater and how it can spark revolutionary moves to upend the well-crafted governmental matrix.

The Illuminati Monograph, it reads that “Man is a creature of Nature, and he will ignore all of the danger signals to satisfy his infatuation and desire for the fire and light of human knowledge and curiosity.”

The Great Reset envisages a transformation of capitalism, resulting in permanent restrictions on fundamental liberties and mass surveillance as livelihoods and entire sectors are sacrificed to boost the monopoly and hegemony of pharmaceutical corporations, high-tech/big data giants, Amazon, Google, major global chains, the digital payments sector, biotech concerns, etc.

I do not know if the majority of Americans are aware of the plans for sustainability and how many people will eliminated and how many workers will be replaced by machines.

I know I have maintained a constant report on the progress of the Marxist new order that is by all means a Mammon-made monster.

I don’t know if the American people are even ready for the test that is about to be served to them. I know that it is all hypothetical, and every analyst will tell you that we are doomed, but imaginations run wild in the apocalypse and we already have a blueprint of prophecy that indicates that there will be a lot of darkness before the dawn.

It can be concluded that a Second Republic is in the works and the reset is a new order based on the old establishment. It is the pursuit of the powers that be to beholden to other powers that we cannot clearly define.

In the Second Republic, there is no right or left party – only one nation under the hallucination that they are free and are working to be free.

Several writers and commentators have spoken on the “shadow government” and their task of “controlled disintegration” to level the physical economy of the wider world economy.

Universal Basic Income plays a part in this — it is the peasant pay under the control of the government.

UBI’s daunting financing challenges raise fundamental questions about its political feasibility, both now and in the coming decades. Proponents often speak of an emerging left-right coalition to support it. But consider what UBI’s supporters on the right advocate. They generally propose UBI as a replacement for the current “welfare state.” That is, they would finance UBI by eliminating all or most programs for people with low or modest incomes.

Consider what that would mean. If you take the dollars targeted at people in the bottom fifth or two-fifths of the population and convert them to universal payments to people all the way up the income scale, you’re redistributing income upward. That would increase poverty and inequality rather than reduce them.

It entails abolishing programs from SNAP food stamp programs. It also removes the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Section 8 rental vouchers, Medicaid, Head Start, child care assistance, and many others. These programs lift tens of millions of people, including millions of children, out of poverty each year and make tens of millions more less poor.

But think of how it makes a great incentive for central bank-controlled currency.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is often touted as the panacea for freedom and happiness – more so in modern times since advancements in Artificial Intelligence demonstrate a credible threat to jobs.

The concept of a basic income is not new; for example, the Canadian province of Manitoba experimented with a basic guaranteed income pilot between 1974 and 1979. However, the convergence of modern cultural change, particularly from AI advancement, has made UBI seem increasingly necessary.

It’s worth pointing out that a mass basic income pilot effectively took place during the lockdowns, where eligible individuals received “covid payments.” This gave people the experience of “free money,” making UBI seem like a viable possibility.

However, significant worries remain about funding UBI and potential unintended consequences, such as undermining individual responsibility and self-reliance and, contrary to expectation, creating greater societal inequality.

Likewise, when considering the government’s response to the health crisis, another cause for concern is its possible misuse as an authoritarian tool – which, when combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency may comprise a system of dependency driven by pressure to conform for fear of being cut off.

Few could argue against the humanitarian aspect of guaranteeing a regular, minimum monthly payment for all. But in reality, such a system is cost-prohibitive – presenting doubts about UBI’s feasibility.

If the government hands you money it certainly expects something in return — like the investment in central bank digital currency.

The massive surveillance of your expenditures, what you buy, and what you cannot buy under the rules of exchange.

Like Firearms for example.

The Great Reset is akin to a thinly veiled form of Communism or stakeholder socialism,

Socialism cannot recognize individual rights. Socialism needs a central bank. A central bank is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto.

90% of the Communist power structure is in the banks, according to Lenin. Vladimir Lenin, 1917 pamphlet, Will the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?:

Without big banks, socialism would be impossible. The big banks are the state apparatus that we need to bring about socialism, and which we take ready-made from capitalism; our task here is merely to lop off what capitalistically mutilates this excellent apparatus, to make it even bigger, even more democratic, even more comprehensive. Quantity will be transformed into quality. A single State Bank, the biggest of the big, with branches in every rural district, and in every factory, will constitute as much as nine-tenths of the socialist apparatus.

This will be country-wide bookkeeping, country-wide accounting of the production and distribution of goods, this will be, so to speak, something like the skeleton of a socialist society. We can lay hold of and set in motion this state apparatus (which will be fully a state apparatus under socialism) at one stroke, by a single decree, because the actual work of bookkeeping, control, registering, accounting, and counting is performed by employees, the majority of whom themselves lead a proletarian or semi-proletarian existence. 

Of all things this reset they propose is all based on Mammon for the world leaders and a pittance for all the rest – and let no one fool you into thinking that this is a progressive move for the world.

We have seen what this is leading to and we have seen how civil upheaval has been a constant and how a wailing siren could be the world’s new anthem.

It has been repeatedly shown that government initiatives often fail to meet expectations. When combined with a willingness to trample civil liberties in the name of public health, it becomes imperative to approach CBDCs and UBI with caution rather than blind acceptance.

While UBI may appear to be a promising solution to inequality, we should be mindful that nothing comes for free.


Alan Johnson is an economic and financial analyst who appears regularly on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis along with other popular radio shows.  He is a serial entrepreneur and business owner providing financial and IRA services, specializing in Precious Metals IRA accounts with Freedom Gold USA. Their website is

Their phone number is (888) 411-1746.

Written by Ron Patton


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    • Alan Johnson

      November 2, 2023 at 8:15 pm

      Daniel this is Alan United Gold Group is going strong and in Operation , I was offered a handsome offer to sell my shares which I did , after that friends of mine who have been in the business for over 20 years asked if I would speak for them , so I decided I would because I enjoy being on Ground Zero

  1. Ajakey

    November 2, 2023 at 6:47 pm

    Wasn’t the Bretton Woods meetings a lead up to the Great War(s)? The WEF is a knock-off meeting of the mindless! FDR was smart and at least cared about the country. The current president is nothing like FDR. Just paraphrasing ‘the love of money is the root of all evil.’

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