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Ron Patton | November 13, 2023

Friday night, Iceland became reacquainted with how the earth tends to become violent and erratic. More than 4,000 earthquakes struck the region over the past two days, and since midnight on Sunday, 1,000 earthquakes were recorded within the magma tunnel or dike that formed over the weekend. Volcanic and seismic activity has an impact on our climate and contributes to a cooling effect that most certainly will affect the planet’s weather. Scientists report that we will soon see a bleak and harsh winter as force-multiplied systems could dump massive amounts of snow and temperatures could drop again in lower latitudes. In a world that is supposedly warming up because of cow farts and fossil-fuel cars, the one thing that should not be happening is rising snow coverage. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with founder of, Dane Wigington about THIS VIOLENT EARTH.





Yesterday, I spoke in Washington State at a place called “The Underbar.” Jefferson Davis and I were both guest speakers for Paranormal Night.

I enjoyed the warm reception we received. It was kind of like an old Ground Zero Lounge — and so it was nice to have a live conversation with people at a pub.

When I arrived with Ron Patton and his son. we parked in front a hair styling salon that was between a comic book store and a tattoo parlor.

The Salon had a “Black Lives Matter” sign in the window, which I am sure it was there as protection from rioters during the pandemic. For some businesses hanging a sign like that is the equivalent of hanging garlic on your door to keep the vampires away.

I mentioned to Ron that I saw a sign that said:






We all know what it means to make the statement “SCIENCE IS REAL” it means that they believe in getting poisons injected in their bodies without questioning it’s safety– and that Climate change is real and a threat to this earth — and that we have all the power in the world to change climate, if we just surrender our intelligence to the science and let them mess with the earth and hack the planet.

Words like “science” and “scientific” are used uncritically as honorific terms of praise or worship. When the media and the scientific expert thinkers pretend that any human activity that has to do with reasoning about facts is “science”—I argue that it all becomes irrelevant.

Those who claim that they follow the science have no idea what the science is about – nor do they know that in the past those who were allegedly woke to science usually participated or supported unsavory practices.

The science that they believe in is scientism.

Science has sought to shrink the realm of the inexplicable. We now understand – at least approximately – the laws of nature that govern the weather and catastrophic events like an earthquake or a Volcanic eruption.

Telescopes and rocket ships have also allowed us to probe deeper into the heavens to make a little more sense of the universe outside our tiny corner of it.

At the sub-atomic level, the normal laws of physics break down. Quantum mechanics is a best-guess attempt to explain the mysteries of movement of the tiniest particles we can observe, which appear to be operating, at least in part, in a dimension we cannot observe directly.

In The United States, a leading intelligence organization has warned that the world is entering an increasingly unstable and unpredictable period in which the advance of our lifestyle – or the lifestyle we are accustomed to cannot be guaranteed in the immediate future.

Back in 2020, the National Intelligence Council forewarned us that by the year 2025, no single outcome can be preordained because the Earth is a complex system. It is human behavior and reactions to loss are what will be the greatest concerns.

We had a five-year “heads up” as scientists were indicating a shift in the earth’s core. The warnings were buried in the noise of climate change as it has been a political football to push world socialism and global sustainability.

According to scientists, there is a strong link between the speed of the Earth’s rotation and seismic activity. You won’t have noticed, of course, but since 2012, the planet has been spinning ever-so-slightly slower than usual, it is a tiny fluctuation but it is enough that it could be triggering intense activity, deep underground.

The could very well be the basic answer as to why the apocalyptic activity is happening. The planet is entering a five-year period of slow-down where the movement of the molten iron core slows the Earth’s spin.

But the slowdown reduces the centrifugal force and shrinks and tightens the equator, crushing tectonic plates together with unimaginable force.

This could continue for 60 to 70 years by some estimates.

Friday night Iceland became reacquainted with how the earth tends to become violent and erratic.

More than 4,000 earthquakes struck the region over the past two days, and the Icelandic Met Office said that since midnight on Sunday, 1,000 earthquakes were recorded within the magma tunnel, or dike, that formed over the weekend.

Officials with Almannavarnir, the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, held a press conference in Reykjavik, Iceland to declare a state of emergency after a series of earthquakes around the Fagradalsfjall volcano in recent weeks.

The IMO said on Saturday that the magma was estimated to be about 2,625 feet, or less than a half-mile, beneath the surface and the exact location of a likely eruption wasn’t known. But the 9.3-mile-long length and orientation of the dike suggest magma could emerge from the southern location, which lies just outside Grindavík.

The deformation associated with the dike has slowed, however.

Meanwhile, a newly formed island off the coast of Iwo Jima in the Pacific Ocean was spotted in satellite images after it emerged during an underwater volcanic eruption at the end of October.

The submerged volcano began erupting on Oct. 21, with activity ramping up over the next 10 days. By Oct. 30, explosions were taking place every few minutes, according to a translated statement. The eruption threw large lumps of rock into the air and shot a jet of gas and ash over 160 feet almost vertically above the water’s surface.

The latest eruption is in almost the same spot as one that took place in July 2022, suggesting magma activity is resuming at Iwo Jima. The eruption has now subsided.

Closer to home, more than 400 earthquakes have been detected beneath Washington’s Mount St. Helens in recent months, the U.S. Ecological Survey says there is no danger of an eruption.

Most of the quakes over three months beginning in mid-July were less than magnitude 1.0 and too small to be felt at the surface, the agency reported last week. Small magnitude earthquakes detected with sensitive equipment signal a volcano is “recharging” as magma flows through chambers and cracks deep underground.

From late August to early September, scientists observed about 40 to 50 earthquakes a week, a number that has fallen to around 30 a week. Since 2008, the volcano has averaged about 11 earthquakes per month. While swarms of earthquakes occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s, none directly led to volcanic eruptions.

In 1980, 57 people died when Mount St. Helens erupted, an event that permanently altered the area’s ecosystems. Before that event, only one seismometer was stationed at the volcano, the agency said. Currently, there are at least 20 monitoring stations.

The most recent eruption took place from 2004 to 2008 and allowed scientists to learn more about how the volcano works and to develop new monitoring tools.

This volcanic, and seismic activity certainly affects the weather and climate activity and contributes to a cooling effect that most certainly will affect the planet’s weather.

A new weekly report from the Rutgers University Global Snow Lab reveals snow cover across the Northern Hemisphere is at the upper end of a 57-year maximum. It is also reported that we will soon see a very bleak and harsh winter as force-multiplied systems could dump massive amounts of snow and temperatures could drop again in lower latitudes.

This is astonishing in a world we are told is burning up.

Recall over the summer. Corporate media unleashed a barrage of climate doom headlines, including “Era of global boiling has arrived,” “Hottest month in the history of civilization,” and “Hottest day ever recorded.”

In a world that is supposedly burning because of cow farts and fossil-fuel cars, the one thing that should not be happening is rising snow coverage.

Just wait until corporate media cites some unknown think tank with shady climate math that pushes the narrative that ‘increasing snow coverage is because of climate change.’

I hate to break it to believers of scientists, but the climate has constantly changed for billions of years.

According to climate child warrior Greta Thunberg, we should all be dead right about now.

Geomagnetic effects from the sun and the magnetic field are responsible for the Earth’s ability to become a hostile place.

Go to any agency that is focused on weather or climate forecasting and you’ll hear scientists buzzing to one another about “ENSO.” However, you won’t hear about it from some Climate cultist.

I’ll bet if you ask a Climate Change nut case about ENSO — they would probably conclude that it is a Star Wars character or Elmo’s evil twin on Sesame Street.

ENSO is one of the most important climate phenomena on Earth due to its ability to change the global atmospheric circulation, which in turn, influences temperature and precipitation across the globe. We also focus on ENSO because we can often predict its arrival in many seasons in advance of its strongest impacts on weather and climate.

To be honest you may know ENSO by its other name El Nino Southern Oscillation.

ENSO oscillations are not driven by atmospheric conditions or human activities – they react to the beat of a geological drum. ENSO timing and strength is largely determined by volcanic activity and the movement of tectonic plates, particularly along the Pacific Ring of Fire and the mid-ocean ridges splitting both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

But largely hidden from view is another huge weather-maker – sub-sea volcanoes.

Right now, volcanic activity (mostly sub-oceanic) is melting parts of polar ice sheets as well as releasing volcanic dust and other natural gases into the oceans and atmosphere. The warmed sea water expands, raising sea levels and increasing evaporation which produces clouds and rain.

Remember that massive volcanic eruption near Tonga? — the explosion was so great that it affected the weather in Australia.

The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption in January 2022 was so intense that it partially depleted Earth’s ozone layer in the following weeks — marking the first time on record that scientists observed such a rapid and strong decrease of ozone miles above our heads resulting from volcanic activity.

The Hunga Tonga eruption threw water, rocks, and ash 38 miles into the atmosphere.

The ozone layer is located in Earth’s stratosphere. At these higher altitudes, ozone acts as a sun shield to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ozone near the planet’s surface can irritate our lungs.

On the evening of Jan. 15, the underwater volcano erupted in the southwest Pacific and sent atmospheric shock waves around the world multiple times. Residents on one of the islands of Tonga reported hearing blasts shortly before 5 p.m. local time from the volcano, which was located about 40 miles away. Within 30 minutes, volcano plumes rose into the atmosphere like a gargantuan umbrella. The eruption triggered large tsunami waves, including some that reached 45 feet, and caused four deaths.

Researchers found the blast was bigger than any U.S. nuclear explosion. Ash flew up 38 miles into our atmosphere, higher than any other volcanic eruption on record. The underwater explosion also sent a record amount of water, enough to fill nearly 60,000 Olympic-size swimming pools, into the stratosphere — again, where the ozone layer is located.

The evaporating sea water from that explosion added to the record La Nina rains of Eastern Australia.

Scientists have seen ozone concentrations decrease after a volcanic eruption — but never at this scale. After the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption, researchers saw ozone concentrations decrease in the tropics at these altitudes, but that was also months after the eruption.

Pinatubo injected a lot aerosols — not water vapor — into the upper atmosphere, which induced chemical reactions that can deplete ozone.

Volcanic hot spots can also melt ice-bound methane from the sea floor thus releasing large unmeasured quantities of methane gas into the atmosphere.

Man’s coal, cars and cattle are puny compared to what nature can do.

Hysterical children and political agitators keep bleating about “man-made global warming”. But climate history shows that the real danger to life on Earth is “global cooling” – a return of the great continental ice sheets creating a frigid zone north of a line from London to Chicago. Russians and Alaskans know about frozen mammoth bodies in the ice, and understand this threat, but the Western world continues to use Climate Change as a cult political tool for carbon extortion.

We need to realize that this violent earth responds to Geostorms, where the sun and the magnetic field contribute to crust displacement. These tectonic fluctuations can and will affect many other elements in our fragile eco-system.

Scientists who once were absolute in their findings that a pole shift would not affect the planet are now changing their minds as new studies are showing that it affected many things including human behavior.

\This new information has led them to link the flipping of the poles to key moments in the prehistoric record, like the sudden appearance of cave art and the mysterious extinction of large mammals and the Neanderthals. They argue that the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field would have briefly transformed the world by altering its climate and allowing far more ultraviolet light to pour in.

We have super volcanoes that form islands in Japan, weaken the Ozone layer, and create thousands of earthquakes — this has nothing to do with Climate Change but certainly contributes to ecological collapse.

The Yellowstone supervolcano remains an endless source of apocalyptic fascination — and it’s not hard to see why. In September 2014, a team of scientists published a paper in Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems exploring what a Yellowstone super-eruption might look like.

Among other things, they found the volcano was capable of burying states like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado in three feet of harmful volcanic ash — a mix of splintered rock and glass — and blanket the Midwest. That much ash could kill plants and animals, crushing roofs, and short all sorts of electrical equipment:

The reason why Yellowstone gets so much attention is the remote possibility of catastrophic “super-eruptions.” A super-eruption is anything that measures magnitude 8 or more on the Volcano Explosivity Index, in which at least 1,000 cubic kilometers (or 240 cubic miles) of material gets ejected. That’s enough to bury Texas five feet deep.

These super-eruptions are thousands of times more powerful than even the biggest eruptions we’re used to.

There is also the danger of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma. It could experience a catastrophic break on its western flank, throwing between 150 and 500 cubic kilometers of rock into the sea.

According to the theory, if the island were to split in two, it would create a wall of water that would reach the coast of Portugal and southwestern Spain, which both lie to the northeast. The waves could be up to 25 meters high, and would even cause damage to the south of England further north and then to the west they would reach the North American coast, as well as “destroy the West African coast with waves of up to 100 meters,” according to the research.

La Palma has undergone a previous flank collapse event, and there have been similar collapses elsewhere in the Canary Islands. Interestingly, none of these appear to have generated widespread tsunami deposits around the Atlantic basin.

This should be a wake-up call — we have been hearing conflicting reports about the earth shift and many people will ignore most of the warnings because most hellfire preachers and scientists have been crying wolf for so long.

Every day, we take most disasters in stride because they are expected on a planet that is never quiet.

When it comes to natural disasters, we have a million and a half of them every year, when it comes to earthquakes we have about three every minute. We see magnitude 5 quakes every six hours, and a major quake every 3 weeks. They usually happen right on schedule and the reality is that while we see small earthquakes happen all the time, the event of high-magnitude quakes in populated areas are on the increase and their intensity has also increased.

Once again, headlines, news stories, videos, and even movies stir up those dispensational fears of an extinction-level event that will signal the end of our civilization.

Nothing’s older than a fear of the apocalypse.

What the apocalypse entails are several killing mechanisms that await us – some of them are of our design while others are natural and many of them are lurking out there somewhere in space like asteroids and comets.

In the glare of the sun, an unknown number of near-Earth asteroids move on unseen orbits. If they come too close to the planet they too can trigger a seismic temblor.

The Chelyabinsk meteor is thought to be the biggest natural space object to enter Earth’s atmosphere in more than 100 years. Yet no observatory on Earth saw it coming. Arriving from the direction of the sun, the rock remained hidden in our biggest blind spot, until it was too late.

It was preceded by a 7.5 earthquake in the Ural Mountains.

A massive ‘devil’ comet more than three times the size of Mount Everest has exploded again as it races towards Earth.

The space rock, called 12P/Pons-Brooks, is about 18 miles in diameter and described as a ‘cold volcano’ because it violently ejects ice and gas.

These explosions create a trail of material as it hurtles through space at thousands of miles an hour and looks much like its own pair of devil horns.

Arizona-based amateur astronomer Eliot Herman, who has been monitoring the comet, said it abruptly brightened almost 100-fold on October 31 and continued to get brighter in the following days. This is an indication of a new outburst of cryovolcanic activity and the sprouting of horns.

This sounds so apocalyptic it is amazing — a devil comet and massive volcanic eruptions in space and on Earth.

It appears as though we have been forced to acknowledge the boundaries of knowledge. So the best we can do is blame everything on Climate change — but as you can see it is all one big political cop-out.

Our ancestors feared the unknowable and therefore preferred to show caution and humility in the face of what could not be understood. They treated the ineffable with respect and reverence.

Our culture encourages precisely the opposite approach. We show only conceit and arrogance. We seek to defeat, ignore, or trivialize that which we cannot explain or understand.

Until relatively recently, science, philosophy and theology sought to investigate the same mysteries and answer the same existential questions. Throughout much of history, they were seen as complementary, not in competition.

But now politics have stepped in and gullible followers of scientism pretend that the world leaders know what is best for us.

For much of human history, our chief concern was the fight for survival – against animals and other humans, against the elements, and natural disasters.

Technological developments proved invaluable in making our lives safer and easier, whether it was flint axes and domesticated animals, wheels and combustion engines, medicines and mass communications. Our brains now seem hardwired to look to technological innovation to address even the smallest inconvenience, to allay even our wildest fears.

So, of course, we have invested our hopes, and sacrificed our economies, in finding a technological fix to an earth that appears to be out of control.

Global warming? We can create an even whiter paint to reflect the sun’s heat. Plastics in every corner of our oceans? We can build giant vacuum cleaners that will suck it all out. Vanishing bee populations? We can invent pollinator drones to take their place.

However, we are not able to cap a volcano, or stop an earthquake or an incoming asteroid– nor can we hold back the effects of a major Geostorm.



Dane Wigington is the lead researcher and administrator for the website and is the executive producer for the groundbreaking climate engineering documentary, “The Dimming”. He has a background in solar energy, was a former employee of Bechtel Power Corporation, and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. Dane has devoted the last 20 years of his life to constant research on the issue of covert global climate engineering operations and the effort to expose and halt them. He has appeared in numerous films and interviews in his effort to educate the public on the extremely dire environmental and health dangers we face from the ongoing global climate intervention operations.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 11 comments.

  1. Jimbo

    November 13, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    Wouldn’t put it past global psycho-fascists to deliberately increase force multipliers in the wrong direction to enhance their pulverized Guidestone’s goal of 90+% world population reduction. While simultaneously socially/medically assaulting generational reproductivity.

    “Dr. Kevorkians” all, on steroids!

  2. Ajakey

    November 13, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    A broken hand clock is correct 2 times a day. 12,800 years always pass before the watchers’ return. Or is it watchers”?

  3. Joe w

    November 13, 2023 at 8:48 pm

    Well I remember hearing and reading something talking about the doorway to heaven is through the sun ?? Something to do with the Egyptian boat and going through the underworld and the different gates through to the sun and into the doorway in the sun , when it has a certain sunspot ? Can’t completely remember exactly what it said ?

  4. Joe w

    November 13, 2023 at 8:52 pm

    Something to that effect and the sun cycles have something to do with the cycles of the people on earth ! Good show !

  5. Joe w

    November 13, 2023 at 9:09 pm

    Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” ( the Sun ) or Son ???? (John 14:6

  6. joe

    November 13, 2023 at 9:13 pm

    sorry miss spell crazy computer has a mind of its own . but cold weather is due. this planet earth been around 6 billion or more years survive dinosaurs .comets novas wars of gods demons etc etc alien wars and still here atfer we gone so specks we are .

  7. Rusty

    November 13, 2023 at 9:17 pm

    Clyde, our ancestors may have had humility, but they did commit human sacrifice to ward off the unknown . Of course, we do too, we’re even better at That.

  8. Pat

    November 14, 2023 at 7:40 am

    Since the dawn of time the Earth weather has been changing! He’s been cold some time and it’s been hot. Some time we have winter we have summer.! People need to wake up and smell the coffee. The UN wants to reduce carbon emissions. I guess they’re going to take my chainsaw for me so I can’t cut no wood and heat my house and I freeze to death.! I can’t see that happening not why I’m still living! Take care enjoy life it’s way too short

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