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Ron Patton | January 5, 2024

We are living in times where microwave frequencies are bombarding us and there has been a substantial increase of individuals with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Our cell phones expose us as do our smart appliances — the Internet of Things may not be something that all people can adjust to and the added electromagnetic fog can do damage to our cell structures and our brains. Furthermore, our intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and military have developed and used directed energy weapons to target people. The human mind is the battlefield and cognitive liberty is at stake. How can we repel this electronic onslaught?  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with radio host, Tim Ray about CYBER PSYCHOSIS – CONTROLLING THE MEAT PUPPETS.



During the New Year’s holiday, I was able to spend some time with my stepson Liam. He has been very busy with other things and I just don’t see him as much as I used to. However, he wanted to enjoy the ringing of the New Year with me.

We had a few laughs and some snacks — and I said to him, why don’t we watch a new movie or TV show together? He suggested we watch a very cool anime TV show called, Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

After one episode, we decided to binge the whole series which would keep us up well into the morning. It was worth it though, the animation was amazing, there was a lot of action and both Liam and I teared up a bit during the ending.

The Cyberpunk series takes place in the year 2077.

Of course, at this time humanity is well into the transhuman lifestyle–especially the cyberpunks, who are into body augmentation, which is common and as easy as getting a tattoo or a piercing.

Many of cyberpunks can handle all of the hardware they put into their bodies. There are some however that are affected by what is called cyber psychosis.

Cyber psychosis is a disorder that in part depends upon the person’s overall susceptibility. Just like every person who drinks alcohol at parties doesn’t end up an alcoholic in the gutter not everyone who gets loaded up with cyberware is going to go cyberpsycho.

It takes the time to point out that not everyone is suited to convert to transhumanism.

Just like any organ that is transplanted into a human — there is that possibility that certain individuals will reject it, and the same goes for the interfacing of the human minds with machines.

It is not a one size fits all proposition, we have to understand that some people react badly to exposure to these new inventions.

People react badly to 5G or 6G — which may result in psychosis, Cancer, and even burns.

In the Cyberpunk series those who get too invested in cybernetic enhancements usually don’t live long to tell the tale, as all that extra chrome genuinely messes with their mental health.

The first noticeable symptoms include uncontrollable shaking accompanied by a bloody nose or three before their brain suddenly switches tracks and they inevitably go on a chromed-up killing spree. Already in possession of lethal weaponry, the cyberpsycho is incapable of discerning reality from hallucinations, causing the inflected to go on a blood-soaked frenzy and mow down everyone in their path.

Unfortunately, it seems to mirror what we hear about on the nightly news — people who go on shooting sprees often leave behind notes saying that they have felt that they were being controlled or that they are being followed, that they hear voices.

The pattern seems to be pervasive in many of these cases and while it is written off as psychosis — the question is what is creating these monsters? Is it the environment? Is it Nature or Nurture?

Well, we are living in times where we are being bombarded every day by microwave frequencies. Our cell phones expose us as do our smart appliances — the Internet of Things may not be something that all people can adjust to and the added electromagnetic fog, can do damage to our cell structures and to our brains.

Recently a man who claimed to be suffering from headaches due to his Smart meter has won a court battle to have it removed.

Joseph Cascina reported hearing a “constant whistling” in his head after its installation.

Mr. Cascina, who had reported no symptoms before the Linky meter’s installation, asked Enedis the manufacturer to remove it. When the company refused, he took them to court in January 2023.

The court in Saint-Etienne France noted that Mr. Cascina was suffering, and ruled that the meter should be removed.

The ruling was based on the court’s interpretation of the European Court of Justice’s ‘Principle of precaution’.

This states that “in case of doubt as to the cause or extent of harm to individuals, institutions can require protective measures without waiting for the reality of the risks to be fully established.”

Enedis replaced Mr Cascina’s Linky meter with an older model, but appealed, aware that many opponents to Linky meters could act upon the decision.

Linky Meters, a brand name for Smart meters have been fitted in more than 90% of households. People who do not want one in their home must pay a surcharge, however, the ruling on health grounds makes Mr Cascina exempt from this.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) was recognized as a handicap in France 2015.

\“The symptoms are varied: headaches, chronic fatigue, rashes, concentration problems, and more,” Professor Luc Fontana of the University Hospital of Saint-Étienne told France 3.

The challenge is in ascribing these symptoms to the syndrome, since initially, one must be careful to check they are not due to another health problem.”

In a 2005 report, the World Health Organization said that the symptoms are “certainly real”, but added that “there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to electromagnetic field exposure.”

An estimated 5% of the population, or 3.5 million people in France could be affected by the syndrome, according to a 2018 report by France’s National Social Security Administration.

In addition to health risks from radiation exposure, experts continue to prove that “smart” meters aren’t accurate, essential for “energy efficiency”, or safe.

I have done many shows in the past about mind control and I am sure many people when they hear them think “Thank God I am not one of those unfortunate souls that is being targeted or triggered.”

I breathe a sigh of relief as well, but soon we are all going to have to realize that the abuse of microwave energies, and silent weapons is always putting the general population at risk. being targeted only makes it more apparent that these weapons are being used — and we have heard from many individuals who have said that the voices in their heads and ringing in their ears force them into doing heinous acts.

We all have the capability of having a psychotic break but can we attribute some of the latter-day breaks with reality to the toxic environment of frequencies that are now being used to get our machines to work? -Frequencies that the intelligence agencies once used for torture?

When in 1951 American secret intelligence agencies started working on Project Artichoke, they had set their goals as follows: “Evolution and development of any method by which we can get information from a person against his will and without his knowledge… Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature such as self-preservation?”.

This classified research has been going on until the present time. The only difference is that when some 200 American diplomats and CIA employees were exposed to attacks by pulsed microwaves the American press started writing on the subject without disclosing the whole range of effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human nervous system.

It was called Havannah syndrome, Whatever the weapon was it caused brain damage in the victims. The government pretended to investigate — and then suddenly stopped and claimed that it could find nothing that would be able to cause that much brain trauma.

Because of researchers and studies in Mind control techniques and microwave sensitivity, we know that the human nervous system is filled with an electrolyte solution of water and salt, full of ions, which functions as an antenna, that can transform the electromagnetic signals coming from the outside into electrical currents which will propagate in nervous tissue and produce the firing of neurons.

In this way, the activity of the human nervous system can be controlled by electromagnetic waves or microwaves if they are pulsed in the frequencies corresponding to the frequencies of the activity of the human nervous system.

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is actual science.

Billions of dollars that were invested into brain research in the past years, made it possible to map the frequencies of the brain activity and in this way open the road to the manipulation of human perceptions, emotions, and even thoughts and memories by electromagnetic radiation.

Scientists in California developed a device that can interpret the vowels and consonants in our brain for effective writing, or in other words, write down people’s thoughts.

According to the researchers, this device is at least 90% accurate. Scientists believe that this machine could be linked to smartphones within the next few years. A device that translates your thoughts into words will be in Smartphones soon – Research Snipers, which means that it will connect the brains of people directly to cell phone systems and the internet.

If this sounds a bit familiar it is because this is the dream of Elon Musk. Neurolink their brain-computer interface is fully implantable, cosmetically invisible, and designed to let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go.

This is part of the transhuman trap and receives the hive mind they wish to create — and there is no telling what this might do to the brain activity long term.

Do some people now come down with Cyber Psychosis? is this an occurrence that should be addressed?

If world superpowers were interested in defending the freedom of the human mind and thinking, they would have to organize an international agreement banning the development and use of any systems enabling remote control of the human nervous system and human brain activity.

Even if it is a consequence of advancing machines in their transhuman dystopia.

Most humans are always talking about the lofty idea of a free society’ and’ freedom of the individual.’

Some people want to be seen as a victimized class of people — where their burden is always the fault of some imaginary oppressor.

But their true oppressors are the elite who exploit them and convince them to participate in dangerous games that create a mind-warping trance.

You never hear of people who believe that their cognitive liberty is being taken from them — and that all the jellyfish guts in the world are not going to clear the brain fog that is maintained by the use of silent weapons to disable them and leave them feeling incapable of caring for themselves or others.

People today don’t even realize that what we most need is freedom of the mind. We pay lip service to the rights to freedom of thought, expression, and conscience but lack the powerful mind necessary to meaningfully exercise these rights, often settling for superficial symbols of ‘freedom’ such as the right to choose the form of our employment, how we spend our spare time, the right to own a gun, the right to spew forth our hate and vitriol or the sporting team we support, and the style and color of our hair and clothing.

Cognitive liberty is a state of mind and so is your freedom. It will be easier to control and eventually kill millions of people who decide to fight back against the idea of using the human mind as a battlefield.

The reality is that we are terrorized throughout childhood into submissive obedience to authority leaving us highly vulnerable to the comprehensive range of psychological, political, medical, and technological weapons directed against our minds.

In this circumstance, identifying the truth about what is happening in the world is a challenge far too great for most people.

It will be even more difficult to define reality as we move towards a virtual hyperreal existence, which even gives more of a new slate that the elites can work with to control one’s thinking.

There has been in the past decade an obvious tendency in world politics to place the struggle for power above the struggle for democracy. The struggle also is the project to win over hearts and minds — to put a pretty bow on the idea of democide or genocide.

The issue of the classification of mind control technologies is part of this policy of favoring power to the detriment of democracy. There would be no reason to hide those technologies from people if we were living in a world where democracy would prevail.

The fact that mind control technologies are classified is the reason why mind control technologies can be used on innocent people.

Governments are perfectly aware of the fact that once the citizens know that their governments have the technology that can be used to control the citizens’ thinking and bodily functions, they will demand an immediate and verifiable ban on those technologies.

Knowing that governments have such technologies is tantamount to knowing that democracy no longer exists.

Knowing that many of these technologies produce toxic electromagnetic effects on the brain should be investigated. Especially now, since we are witnessing erratic behaviors that lead to ultra-violence.

The best the elites can do is talk about gun control — but perhaps they should look beyond the tools used to kill — and analyze the behaviors of a person that may have been exposed to human targeting and or human triggering.

The pattern we see in every incident is the suspects claiming in letters and in manifestos that they have been abused and manipulated. That they have been monitored and mentally tortured by some unknown force.

Like Cyberpshycosis it affects people in different ways — not all people who are targeted grab a gun and shoot up a school or a night club.

For the victims of experimentation with those technologies, the classification of those technologies is the major obstacle to regaining freedom and good health. Once the technology meant for the remote control of the human nervous system is declassified, the only possible thing to do next is the promulgate a law banning the use of those technologies and setting up some teams in a position to measure and detect harmful radiation and their sources.

Targeted victims will then be able to demand that the use of those technologies against them should be controlled and that their torture be put to an end. The major problem is that so far only very few people are affected by those radiations and they have no chance to prevail in democratic processes since they are few.

There are several ways of attracting loads of people’s attention to the issue of mind control technologies and making lawmakers and government officials work towards the ban of the use of radiation on the nervous system:

The first approach is to disseminate convincing evidence on the existence of mind control technology via the Internet. There is a certain amount of published scientific experiments proving that pulsed microwaves can produce effects on the nervous system including auditory hallucinations and microwave hearing.

To make the nervous system more likely to be controlled by pulsed frequencies of light, no microchips are needed. Scientists have developed viruses that can most likely make neurons react to pulsed frequencies of light viral loads found in snow and rainwater.

There is now a specific focus on microbiological meteorology.

It is the idea that microbial artifacts are being found in rainwater, that can create sickness, or even create a vector for the absorption and inhalation of nanoparticles that can be used for mind control.

These particles can be found in chemical trails that are now seen in the skies.

In the book Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology Elana Freeland notes that ‘Millions of “neurograins” collecting and communicating data to remote hubs are now in all human brains…. “Absolute limits” are now about tininess, the micro, nano, pico, and femto of particles whose extraordinary power is disguised as insignificant but hands over the keys to the kingdom of remote control over bodies and brains to those who control technology proximate to the subatomic quantum threshold.’

This scientific evidence can be supported by information from the Defense Ministries’ websites of the NATO states which are involved in the development of non-lethal weapons. This weaponry includes nanotech and radiofrequency weapons acting on the nervous system as is stated in the European Parliament’s “Crowd Control Technologies” report

Moreover, in the situation we now face, even among those who have been able to perceive the most obvious delusions being presented to them, the bulk of these individuals have proven incapable of doing little more than complaining powerlessly, begging an Elite agent to ‘go easy’ on them (by lobbying or petitioning a government or international organization such as the World Health Organization), cross-posting the latest irrelevant post from one social media platform to another, possibly advocating unspecified ‘resistance’ (or strategically irrelevant action), or attending a protest demonstration.

Seeking out and applying strategic means of resistance to the overall Elite program – the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ with its fourth industrial revolution (technocratic), eugenicist, and transhumanist components – or recognizing it when offered, has remained beyond them.

With the incredible advances science and technology are making, the ban on accessing the human brain with various radiations from the part of governments and malicious organizations or individuals should be written or at least amended in the constitutions of all the countries worldwide. Otherwise, the concepts of the independence of a human being, Cognitive liberty, and democracy would be destroyed.

At present the major obstacle to reaching this goal is the struggle of the USA and its financial and corporate elites to achieve global power — both China and Russia have already created advanced mind control weapons as well.

President Xi’s military is also said to be looking into “genetic drugs” that are capable of changing genetic and physiological traits of people.

Earlier this month, the “Warfare in the Cognitive Age: NeuroStrike and the PLA’s Advanced Psychological Weapons and Tactics” report was published.

Researchers concluded: “The PLA is at the forefront of incorporating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces and novel biological weapons into its military strategies.”

Devices that are being developed include anti-sleep glasses and “soft-kill radio waves” weapons.

The report said: “In summary, the PLA’s integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, [brain-computer interfaces].

“And biological weapons into its military arsenal brings significant psychological dimensions to warfare, extending beyond their physical effects.”

A report published in 2022, found “five battles of cognition” to develop for future conflicts.

The report added: “The objective is to create a powerful deterrent and asymmetric advantage.”

The mind is the battlefield — Cognitive liberty is at stake.

Hence, any candid assessment of the evidence presented leads to one conclusion: The Elite war on human minds is now so advanced and effective that death or transhuman slavery for everyone on Planet Earth is virtually inevitable.


Tim Ray is a international speaker and truth-seeker. He was tired of “toxic media” bombarding the world with deceptive lies so we create what they want. In 2009, he founded the United Intentions Foundation & the UI Media Network – a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist others in raising frequency with the power of our intentions do we can to take inspired actions. He is the host of Frequency Wars and Freeing Hearts and Minds. Additionally, Tim has set up a relief fund for survivors of MKUltra, SRA and targeted individuals. You can view all the shows free at

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Rusty

    January 5, 2024 at 9:16 pm

    Any scientist who wants to get funded, always says that their “research has very significant medical implications”, or words to that effect. It may or may not, but one thing is certain, They want to get funded.

  2. Pat

    January 8, 2024 at 4:43 am

    Good show Clyde people need to know what’s going on. They are oblivious to their surroundings. I’ve had a smart meter for electricity for about 10 years in western PA.. I wrote letters and had a lot of phone calls. I did not want one put in 10 years ago. There was nothing wrong with my mechanical meter but pen power said I had to have a smart meter. They didn’t put a smart meter in they was going to stop my electricity from my house . The wife didn’t wanna live without electric so I guess they one the battle,..,,, Take care and enjoy life. It’s very short.

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