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Ron Patton | January 27, 2023

Recently, there was a ceremony to unveil an 8-foot gold statue called, “NOW” outside a New York City courthouse. The artist claims it is a tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her stand on abortion. The figure looks demonic — like a combination of Baphomet, Medusa or Minerva with a baby. This dark symbology represents the embodiment of fear, disorder, and abnormality. Could this be a rendition of the new world religion? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with esoteric researcher and author, Ryan Gable about GRAVEN IMAGE –THE GODS OF DEATH AND JUDGEMENT.



Everything around us is changing at such a rapid speed that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and it’s easy to stick to what you know but sometimes it can be more of a matter of being stuck with what you know.

I have often been told that I talk about things that most people haven’t even heard of before. Needless to say, this is something that I am very proud of. I am also the type of person who believes that a lot of people have never really taken the time to realize the world is bigger than what a compartmentalized media can report about.

There was a time and it wasn’t very long ago that we lived in a linear world; everything happened in pretty much a straight line one change at a time.

Back then, it seemed easy to keep up with all of the changes that happen every day.

The option of burying your head in the sand is not going to be an option anymore, millions of people are going to have to retool, re-educate and even think heavy about their future and what threats that are looming in the shadows.

The world is changing faster than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t being acclimated to it. It’s truly a testament to the ability of humans to adapt to just about any circumstance. We have more food, wealth, and life-saving technologies than anyone in our history. We have a nearly unlimited stream of entertainment and information. Yet, we take it all for granted.

Because we’re so acclimated to this world, we often forget how strange it is compared to previous eras.

The paradigm is shifting, the veil is lifting, and events are baffling. We all seem to concede that all of the massive change can be attributed to God, angels, demons or aliens. However, all of these conclusions are the accepted insanity for the moment and as any Fortean will tell you, this is purely business as usual in the apocalypse and business will continue as long as there are people pushing for an eschaton or second coming of Jesus, or the coming of a Mahdi, or some magical deliverer that has the magic touch.

Admittedly events that are showing up in the news appear to be similar to what we have seen in the movies. The dreams and nightmares are manifesting in unbelievable events. These events for the most part sound eerily biblical. Stories that include earthquakes, eclipses, planet collisions, visits from “angels”, “demons” “space elders” and of course the return of a messianic God.

All of these events are part of a universal core belief that exists in the three major monotheistic religions. This leaves the people of the world in very vulnerable position.

People in power are very capable of using the various prophecies from Nostradamus, the Koran, the Talmud, and the Bible as blueprints for control. They can be used to socially engineer true believers into a virtual Armageddon that would not be questioned now that we have been subjected to religious extremism and have been told that natural catastrophes are signs of the times.

The signs of the times is an over used axiom in the apocalypse — but that doesn’t stop us from using it when bad things happen to enmasse– the bigger the calamity the more we move closer to Armageddon.

When bad seeds are planted the devil’s harvest is at hand and there will be those weak-minded individuals that will call for the purge of people who have beliefs that are different from theirs.

Jews, Muslims  and Christians awaiting the flashpoint of paradise do not know what turmoil this will cause. And yet people all over the world are saying that it is coming and many are looking forward to the carnage of Armageddon.

This to me is a dangerous turn and is a sick celebration or welcoming of death.

That is because those who are in charge are very much part of a death cult mentality that is the rock of their State Sponsored Religion.

The elites barely hide their intentions — and now it appears that they honor another depopulation and abortion.

Recently there was a ceremony to unveil an n 8 foot gold statue outside a New York City courthouse. The artist claims it is a tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her stand on Abortion.

The statue even displays the late Supreme Court Justice’s signature lace collar.

The golden statue, done by Pakistani American artist Shahzia Sikander, has, per Fox News, “curling braids and tentacle-like arms rises from a lotus flower.”

She said the work was called “NOW” because it was needed “now,” at a time where she said that women’s reproductive rights are under siege after the U.S. Supreme Court in June overturned the right to abortion.

The statue looks demonic — like Baphomet had a baby. The statue itself looks a lot like Medusa or Minerva.

According to Roman myth, Minerva exemplified wisdom, justice, law, victory but only in the sense of strategic war.

The artist says that the statue represents victory over those who have overturned abortion laws. But it literally represents a cult that wishes to obliterate innocence.

Horned gods and even horned Statues are actually symbolic of sex — and so it also appears that this statue is representation of the sacrament of human sacrifice.

I wonder if Ginsburg would be flattered or appalled.

This statue joins other statues that are supposed to be ten honored lawmakers including the biblical Moses, French King Louis IX, Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great, and Iranian religious figure Zoraster.

Mohammad, sculpted by Mexican artist Charles Albert Lopez, came down in 1955 after Egyptian, Indonesian, and Pakistani ambassadors to the U.N. complained, citing Islamic prohibitions against representations of their prophet. The State Department acquiesced.

The hideous Statue NOW is effectively taking the place of Mohammad.

The artist claims that  that the seeming tentacles fusing the statue to its base are meant to “echo” the “invisible roots of the lotus that lie below the depth of the water.”

The statue’s “horns mimic the movement of the arms and are there as a symbol of the figure’s sovereignty, and its autonomy.”

Extra to horns, the monstrous figure is adorned with what is supposed to be the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lacy judicial collar.

While the statue allegedly pays homage to Ginsburg, The artist Sikander told the Art Newspaper that she did not want to base the figure on a real historic woman such as Betty Weinberg Ellerin, the first woman appointed presiding justice of the Appellate Division.

Justice Dianne T. Renwick, chair of a diversity committee at the court, said of the dehumanized figure’s installation, “For the first time since the Court’s historic opening well over 100 years ago, the figure of a woman finally and rightfully will stand on equal footing with the male philosophers and lawgivers who line the other pedestals.”

But it doesn’t look like it represents a female. It looks like the goddess of Death Hella — or Medusa or something from H.P. Lovecraft.

Medusa is a symbol used as a representation of Minerva.

The Minerval ‘stage” of initiation exists in the Illuminati. Minerva was connected to intelligence and warfare. She is revered by primary initiates of the Illuminati because of her connection to Prometheus who, with the Minerva’s assistance, stole fire from the gods of Olympus so that men on earth could rise above a primitive level and eventually match the gods in power and ability. This is similar to Eve eating the fruit of knowledge where Satan declared that if mankind eats it he will be as gods. Theories of a secretive power elite seeking global domination have long held a place in the modern imagination.

Another interesting coincidence is the statue of Prometheus can be seen outside the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. The Rockefellers could not be demonstrating the “Revelation of the Method” eloquently and their allegiance to the Illuminati more obvious.

This statue appears to be an attempt at psychological warfare that supports abortion. It’s intent that victory is abortion rights depicted in a demonic way and said to be an honor of a Supreme court justice.

This is questionable at best.  It reeks of sorcery and not justice.

Coincidentally there is a Medusa statue that is across the street from Manhattan’s criminal court. The sculpture, titled Medusa With the Head of Perseus, is by Argentine-Italian artist Luciano Garbati.

On Instagram, Garbati wrote, “The place chosen is not accidental, since there they judge cases for crimes related to violence against women. We are already in the final stage working on the last details of this sculpture that became a symbol of justice for many women.”

The work reimagines Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini’s 16th-century sculpture Perseus with the Head of Medusa, which is on display in the Piazza Della Signoria in Florence, Italy. According to ancient Greek mythology, Medusa was a maiden of the temple of Athena who was raped by Poseidon. Athena, incensed that her temple was defiled, transformed Medusa into a snake-haired gorgon whose gaze turned any onlooker to stone. With the assistance of the gods, the hero Perseus hunted and beheaded Medusa.

It literally is a reversal of the mythology that demonstrates violence against men.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Medusa has been reinterpreted as being symbolic of the victim-blaming suffered by rape survivors.

Minerva and Medusa imagery is now a representation of women in the new religion — which is creepy because I really don’t think women should be represented as a gorgon.

A Gorgon is a creature in Greek mythology. Gorgons occur in the earliest examples of Greek literature. While descriptions of Gorgons vary, the term most commonly refers to three sisters who are described as having hair made of living, venomous snakes and horrifying visages that turned those who beheld them to stone.

Quite awful to be represented as monsters with slithering serpents as hair and tat their  gaze could  turn a man to stone.

Is this part of the new narrative — is this statue worthy of sharing a position with Moses and the other law makers of history?

It literally is a demon — and it is unbelievable being allowed to stand side by side with these other notable and I might add real leaders.  Why didn’t they just put a statue of Ginsburg on the platform?

It has been reported that The pro-abortion idol will not remain on the rooftop indefinitely, however. Sikander’s statue will reportedly be removed in June.

There has always been am imperfect knowledge about secret societies, who or what they worship and what doctrines and pantheons they sneak under the radar proving once and for all that the religion of the state is akin to Luciferianism.

Conservative Millennialist Protestants, mainly in the United States have been focusing their attention to prophecy, mainly how it is interpreted by John in the Book of the Apocalypse.  This revelation seems to mandate that the old Roman Empire will be revived with a new Roman Empire, led by a pontiff called the black pope or the antichrist.

A new Empire and a New leader.

However, if there is a new leader that is the counterfeit Christ — there must be an attempt to change the narrative about the Gods we worship and how they will be either changed or done away with entirely. Again they not only wish to reset government, but reset religion — they wish to create a State religion.

Klaus Schwab of the World economic forum has said that globalism needs a new narrative. The Pope and several other leaders of faith agree that there needs to be an ecumenical agreement that changes our perceptions about which God is the god of global affairs.

For over the last three centuries, Europeans and Americans have shaped anxiety and paranoia into the mythic symbols associated with dark magic or Satanism. This symbology represents the embodiment of fear, disorder, and abnormality.

Of course, humans have always been afraid. But while the fears of the demonic and the diabolical characterized medieval times, the changes wrought by the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution created a whole new set of fears tied to advancements in science and technology and an increasingly crowded and complex world.

There is no doubt that in this world there are darker powers at play and the thought of a demonic plague or tsunami of darkness is not out of the question as we see our way of life deteriorate.



Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show, “The Secret Teachings.” His broadcast focuses on the Synchronicity and objective analysis of Alternative News, Health, History, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Philosophy and more, in the most distinct ways by finding parallels and patterns often overlooked.
Spending much of his life on air, and having written several books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of other radio shows and has had his broadcast aired on a variety of networks.
Ryan is on, Monday through Friday at 10pm, pacific time.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 11 comments.

  1. James

    January 27, 2023 at 6:24 pm

    Ron, you don’t have to post this comment, but I wonder why my comment the other night was not approved and posted. You have my email if you would please respond, thank you.

  2. John Weiner

    January 27, 2023 at 8:30 pm

    Michael is the archangel whom ,,” THE BOOK OF REVELATION , in the Bible,” says will lead, or help lead the battle against Satan in the, ” BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON,” in the final days.
    Humanity has always been confounded and confused by the opposite gender. The difference between men and women, is probably that men, probably, for a long time have realized that if it weren’t for a woman, they,/ we wouldn’t be here, and perhaps the sooner women realize that if it weren’t for a man- if they haven’t already realized it- that they wouldn’t be here, the better off we will all be.

  3. Michael D Howard

    January 27, 2023 at 8:36 pm

    Matthew 24:24 word even elect would be deceived is incorrect . Should be mislead or beguiled. World is ruled by sorcery and pharmakiea. ? So why has the alleged God [I am not prone thec3xplanation Jesus is coming] not acted or is the movie ‘Childhoods Ends’ the way things really are

  4. Jimbo

    January 27, 2023 at 8:43 pm

    “Return of the Gods” -Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (A must read!). Good stuff also from Dr. Tom Horn and SkyWatch TV

  5. Greg

    January 28, 2023 at 1:21 pm

    I wonder about worshipping the image of the beast. There is a lot to the beast. A name, a number, an image of Him as well as his mark. I thought of the movie equilibrium. In this movie people stop at a certain time of day and look at and listen to the leader on a big screen, then they all inject themselves with a drug that suppresses emotion. At the end you find out the leader died a while ago and the ruling circle votes for new leaders and puts out a computer simulated image of the original over the current one during speeches. If a world leader dies now they could use the deep fake tech and act like nothing has changed. They could also kill a leader that is not going along with their agenda and pretend he is still alive and well and on their side.

  6. Jimbo

    January 30, 2023 at 9:55 am

    Original Star Trek series episode having a “benevolent” planetary leader implementing high efficiency hierarchical (Nazi) governance structures, only to be drugged and displaced by malevolent WEF puppetmasters..

  7. Jimbo

    January 30, 2023 at 10:22 am

    Syncretism being employed to debase “genuine” 1’st Century Christianity with a malevolent counterfeit, done by means that appear reasonable and beneficent to anyone sufficiently scripturally naive.
    The enemy loves to present himself as an Angel of (en)Light(enment) which at one time long ago, he actually was. { Ezek. 28:15 }

  8. Jimbo

    January 30, 2023 at 1:36 pm

    What politician comes to mind (not RB Ginsburg), when you think spawn of snake satan, Medusa?

    Another projected prescience book by Jonathan Cahn: “The Paradigm” – astounding Biblical synchronicities revealed (and forecast?)

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