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Ron Patton | January 2, 2024

The dragon metaphor as a powerful figure will be evident in 2024 as it is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. The dragon is a highly complex symbol, combining images of the serpent and the bird, two loaded images in isolation. Together, they form one of the most powerful monsters dating back to antiquity. The dragon is a symbol of evil, in both the chivalric and Christian traditions. As we enter the new year with trepidation, this mighty green creature rears its head as it prepares to reign down fire from its lungs to annihilate the innocent. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about 2024 – OUT LIKE A RABBIT IN LIKE A DRAGON.




Ever since I was a young boy, I have been a fan of Godzilla. A Japanese Dragon that has played both the bad guy and the good guy in many Japanese and now American films for 75 years. It is amazing how a Japanese Dragon, stands as a metaphor for the nuclear disaster that Japan endured at the end of World War II. There seems to be a lot of reminders in films about war and nuclear power.

It seems to be endemic – from Oppenheimer to Godzilla the metaphors exist, and we respond to them.

Dragons or Nuclear Dragons like Godzilla touch us in an unconscious way.

The lore of Godzilla has been fortified by a loose mythological backstory. Disturbed by nuclear testing, this prehistoric dinosaur-like terror is awakened and unleashes havoc on nearby cities as a quasi-punishment for a myriad of reasons.

Historically, Godzilla has been described as an allegory for the threat of US militarism and impending nuclear warfare in a tense postwar political environment, with recent editions using the Godzilla framework to comment on mistrust of government, especially with the blatant mishandling of nuclear disasters.

But Godzilla is also a powerful metaphor for national guilt, and how division leads to small disasters that lead to bigger ones and that all these feelings of anger and shame can fortify the Dragon more so than any nuclear reactor.

But Dragons and their power are not limited to a movie Lizard or a Zodiac symbol.

The Bible it can be said begins and ends with the story of a Serpent. In the book of Genesis, a serpent, more subtle than any beast of the field, tempted the woman in Paradise; in the Book of Revelation, a dragon stood before the woman to devour her child.

There is also the story of the multi-headed dragon with a ferocious appetite and a tail powerful enough to dislodge stars in the sky.

Obviously, a dragon that could shake heaven and the earth and dislodge souls from the earth is a major catastrophe that not only displaces thousands but can later darken the sun as the year progresses.

Many say that all all symbols in the apocalypse should be treated as metaphors– therefore we draw from ancient symbolism and the warnings of looking into heaven to understand the signs of the future as it apply to the final dispensation.

As we now arrive in 2024 — we understand that according to the ancient Chinese Zodiac we are slowly approaching the year of the Dragon.

The dragon is a highly complex symbol, combining images of the serpent and the bird, two loaded images in isolation. Together, they form one of the most powerful monsters dating back to antiquity. The dragon is a symbol of evil, in both the chivalric and Christian traditions.

In the Orient, it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. In most traditions, it is the embodiment of chaos and untamed nature. It is associated with the depths of the unknown sea, mountaintops, and clouds. Heroes typically fight (“slay”) dragons to gain control over territory; dragons are also usually guardians of a treasure, whether it be material as in GOLD or symbolic as in knowledge.

Killing the dragon is the conflict between light and darkness, slaying the forces of evil.

What is the significance that the powers of the dragon grow in this new year? The Dragon’s influence is a powerful one and in the Chinese philosophy it will be a time of success for Asia.

However the metaphor of the dragon must be respected for what it represents in prophecy.

For almost 2,000 years many have pondered how end-time prophecies in Daniel and Revelation would be fulfilled. Yet with remarkable suddenness as the 21st century began, it has been nearly a quarter of a century and major nations on the Eurasian continent are moving into alignments outlined millennia ago in Scripture.

The Bible also reveals that a 10-nation power block in Central Europe Western Eurasia will arise just before the end of the age.

Apocalyptic prophecy indicates that the European Beast power, in response to the troubling news from the north and east—perhaps the formation of an anti-western alliance—will launch an attack in that direction— we shall see the rise of the dragon.

The dragon lifts its head and is seen rising from the waters of Neptune’s fury.

When this happens there will be floods and earthquakes that will signal the rise of the sleeping giant –and from there, countries gather for war.

American analysts assert that “the democratic countries are about to be unpleasantly surprised by the emergence of a hostile, expansionist, nondemocratic superpower armed with the most modern weapons… America and its allies will soon suffer the devastating consequences of having ignored the dragon rising from its slumber.

Synchronistically in the Chinese Zodiac, we will be in the year of the Dragon. Just before the change of the New Year evidence of the rise of the Leviathan was evident.

From Christmas Eve to after Christmas Day,

The Israelis killed Iran’s top commander in Syria, Seyed Razi Mousavi. The lights went out in Israel. The Israelis say it was mechanical error but can’t explain what that error was. A Sudanese Islamic hacking group took credit for the cyber-attack.

Iran backed militants attack an American base near Erbil International Airport in Iraq.

Ukraine uses Storm Shadow missiles to strike a Russian ship Novocherkassk in port in Crimea.

There were a series of explosions as ordinance exploded everywhere. When the smoke cleared it turns out two ships were obliterated. About 87 sailors were killed.

The hospitals around Sevastopol were filled with burn victims.

Phone and internet services were shut off in Gaza.

Iranian-backed militants hit the American base in Al-Asad, Iraq, and Al-Shaddadi in Northern Syria.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations broke out in New York City, Detroit, Canada and Australia. In New York, they set fire to a subway car and wounded three police officers. I

In Canada and Australia, they blockaded the largest shopping malls in the country on the busiest shopping day of the year. In Australia, they protested at a charity event for blind children, Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight.

An explosion went off at the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi and the Houthis hit two more ships in Suez.

This is how the year of the rabbit ended — and now 2024 comes in like a Dragon.

A series of powerful earthquakes struck Japan’s main island of Honshu on New Year’s Day – the worst being a 7.6 magnitude, that buried numbers of people alive and triggered a 16-foot tsunami.

As daylight broke, the scale of the destruction emerged with dozens of houses flattened in Nanao.

The worst affected areas of Toyama, Ishikawa and Niigata are now at risk of landslides and collapsing houses as aftershocks are set to continue for the next few days.

As daylight broke, the scale of the destruction on the Noto Peninsula emerged with buildings still on fire, houses flattened, fishing boats sunk or washed ashore and motorways hit by landslides.

Very extensive damage has been confirmed, including numerous casualties, building collapses and fires.

Meanwhile, another earthquake happened in California — it wasn’t as intense but it did manage to send a wake-up call for the new year. An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.1 struck off the coast in Los Angeles County.

The quake was reported around 8:27 a.m. just 11 miles south of Rancho Palos Verdes at a depth of 7 miles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Over 2,000 people in the Los Angeles County area reported feeling the quake, according to the USGS website.

There were no reports of any damage or injuries were reported in the area, according to the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department. A watch commander at the Lomita Sheriff’s Station, which covers Rancho Palos Verdes, also said there have been no reports of damage.

There have also been earthquakes happening in New York, Maryland, and Washington DC.

There are some who claim that there was a huge flash of light in the sky and an explosion before the earthquake occurred. Residents in northeast Council Bluffs Iowa said they heard a large explosion and doorbell cameras detected a huge flash in the sky – quite possibly a large meteor exploding over the area.

It was as if a timeline was crossed and the earth opened up to all sorts of apocalyptic calamities.

This has created an uproar with the dispensationalists who are very sure that the second coming is at hand.

Yet the ultimate reasons and final impulses for events on earth can only be found if one knows the spiritual background and the metaphors that rule our unconscious minds.

Something else also relates to this, something which should not be overlooked today, but very often is. It is the belief that spiritual entities, egregores or darker archetypes and their activities have no part in human affairs. People do not like to speak of events in human affairs having spiritual causes.

Anyone who knows the real situation, however, is well aware that psychic or spiritual influences from the spiritual world on human beings here in the physical world are, in fact, particularly powerful at the present time.

It is not at all uncommon to find people today who will tell you that a dream, or something like a dream — has given them a clue as to what is going on, but these are always non-physical elements — that drove them to a particular course of events.

Psychic influences of this kind play a much greater role today than most people are prepared to believe.

Let us assume an event — for example, the battle between Michael and the dragon is underway — no one would even know that perhaps this is happening in 2024.

First many people do not know that the Archangel Micheal is the patron saint of Kiev in Ukraine.

A statue of Michael the Archangel can be seen in the center of Kyiv, depicted with a shield and a sword– he is ready to fight the dragon as it is depicted in the bible.

Ukraine is currently fighting the Great Bear Russia who has aligned itself with the Great Dragon — China.

After nearly two centuries of humiliation and decline, the imperial Chinese Dragon is stirring again and moving purposefully toward the center of the world stage. China, once termed “a slumbering giant” and the “sick man of Asia,” is rapidly emerging as the new epicenter of Asian industry, trade, finance—and military power!

As the most populous nation on earth with the world’s largest army, newly assertive China is generating concern throughout East Asia and beyond.

This ancient and cunning “dragon” is determined to reclaim a position of dominance in the 21st century that she believes is rightfully hers. The appearance of an ambitious and militant superpower in the Far East is extremely significant and will have ominous consequences for America and the West.

Napoleon once predicted that “when China wakes, it will shake the world.” Those words are about to come true!

Yet China, the rising nation known as the “Red Dragon,” occupies only the eastern portion of Eurasia—the globe’s largest and most conflicted landmass.

This critical piece of geography is a “cauldron of civilizations” that is beginning to boil across its entire surface with the resurgence of intense and combative nationalism.

Bible prophecy indicates that just before the return of Jesus Christ, the entire Eurasian continent will explode with the most dramatic and devastating confrontation of nations the world has ever seen.

At present, we appear to be witnessing the opening rounds of that cataclysmic event! Secular commentators sense danger ahead, but they simply do not grasp the profound prophetic significance of the return of the Dragon. You need to understand what China is doing; because astonishing events just ahead are going to affect your life!

Chinese philosophy also influences China’s foreign policy. Mao Tse Tung’s famous comment “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” is still followed. The People’s Republic of China is now engaged in one of the most extensive and rapid military buildups in the world.

The rise of China will see the demise of America and a growing threat to Europe.

The return of the Dragon is profoundly significant in ways far beyond what secular commentators realize.

Global government is the end game from Britain to China the Dragon represents the power to conquer and establish a world order.

But the Dragon is only a symbol and those who do not see or value the symbolism will write everything off until the globalists take over and the Antichrist or one of the dragons declares from the temples and government buildings that he is here.

That is not how it works — no government or globalist beast system is going to tell you that they are that system that the bible warned you about.

Putting a name and a face on the globalist imperial cult only foments collective resistance to it.

When you sell someone on a bad idea you don’t lead with your chin.

You can be sure Klaus Schwab or King Charles the III isn’t ever going to appear simulcast on every television in the world announcing that we’re all citizens of the world now and that nation-states no longer exist.

They have already been successful in pumping the illusion, so why stop and say “Guess what we are the bad guys and what are you going to do now?”

I am sure that there are people who believe that the antichrist will just come on TV and say “Hey guys I am the devil — join me.”

You need to analyze the symbolism and the synchronicity of prophecy –especially in the year of the dragon.

We will not be told we are united under a new model, instead, the illusion of regionality & superficial variance will camouflage a lack of real choice across the political landscape. A thin polysystemic skin stretched tight over a monosystemic skeleton.

Capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy, tyranny, monarchy…these words will steadily dilute in meaning, even more than they have already, but they will never be abandoned.

We are dovetailing into communism at this moment — and there are people in power that are telling you it is stakeholder capitalism, or social democracy or some other euphemism to soften the blow of the slow coup de tat.

Climate Change has been at the forefront of the globalist agenda for years. It is the Trojan horse of the antihuman technocrat.

As long ago as 2010, noted Climate Change “experts” were suggesting that “humans are not evolved enough” to combat climate change and that “It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while.”

For years climate change has been sold as the reason we might be “forced” to abandon democracy or sovereignty.

Alongside this, there is a prolonged propaganda narrative dedicated to changing “climate change” from an environmental issue into an everything issue.

At this point, all national governments agree that “climate change” is an urgent problem requiring global cooperation to solve.

It has become pervasive –as if everyone believes it is a problem.

Well, they had a majority of people on the same page with Covid 19.

Everything was considered “the science” or science by consensus.

Covid marked an acceleration of the globalist agenda, a mad dash to the finish line that seems to have lost momentum short of victory, but the race is still going. The goal has not changed, even if the year since may have seen the agenda retreat slightly back into the shadows. That apparently was one glowing moment in 2023 – but the glow won’t last in the year of the Dragon.

We have seen since the latter part of 2023, the horrific repercussions of controlled and uncontrolled mass murder being perpetrated on men, women and children as war intensifies in Ukraine and in Israel.

This appears to be intensifying into 2024 as the dragon rears its head and reigns down fire form its lungs to annihilate the innocent.

We have witnessed, in US and European cities, the escalation of deranged individuals shooting dead whoever happens to get in their line of fire.

We see – and increasingly directly experience – a breakdown in civilized patterns of law and order.

We have Hollywood reminding us just how fragile our republic is by forestructuring civil war. We have to decide if it is a deterrent or is it predictive programming.

We increasingly recognize that a whole generation, growing up in a soulless era of materialistically driven, selfish and often aggressive behavior patterns are withdrawing into the metaverse, losing interest in the world around them because they have been constantly told by those they trust that there is no future left for them.

Many see all this and much more – and yet feel paralyzed from changing direction within their own lives. Feel spellbound by the top-down centralized program that stands behind the relentless degradation of human rights, basic freedoms, privacy and justice.

In spite of much valuable information being available to those who care to search for it, there remains a lack of awareness that we are living in ‘a program’. Within an agenda whose ends are 100% antithetical to sentient, caring human beings. 

Continuing to participate in this programming and grooming while dismissing as ‘conspiracy theories’ information that reveals its origins to be a small cabal of ruthless exponents of a ‘New World Order’ and a ‘Great Reset’, is to be in denial of the gift of basic human intelligence.

For such people, only the arrival on one’s doorstep of a life-altering shock will induce an awakening.

We can only hope – but one can wonder if it will be too late.

So many times, we have taken tomorrow for granted – but everyday reminds us that we need to prepare and be aware of the big green dragon that sits on our doorstep.


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 8 comments.

  1. joe

    January 2, 2024 at 8:35 pm

    good the world needs cleanse. they forgot earth in upheavels cycles. plus solar n universe cycles. also the. FORCES of evil men n governments greed n Archons these extra deminsional kutulu kabblah will be at play.24 # =6 or 9 + 2=11 911 2&6 =8..the serpent returns the 4 tigers japan koreas taiwan n vietnam etc BOW too the dragon China…get ready yellow man Mussolini prophechies coming..

  2. joe

    January 2, 2024 at 8:47 pm

    Trump n Helly coming the hell n trumpets alpha n omega female males will be the ticket along with V n RFK the two wittness who along with Tucker.Assange.Tates.Brand. Rogan Haggman.Alex jones Kanye west.Kat w. cavill. norris woody.etc etc the exposers of hollywood woke babylon ..fallen is babylon wall st disney lucifer what a year 2024 better then 2023 skiddoo ..the dragon fire mouths n purefiy earth..with fire..Fire from skies Astroids stars UFOs n Trumps sound EARTHQUAKES as arch angels n Zemjeza Azxeal abbaddon apollo belial released

  3. Jimbo

    January 3, 2024 at 8:52 pm

    Michael is the chief angelic prince, protector of Israel. The dragon’s tail event occurred when satan was forced from 3’rd Heaven, now the “prince of the power of the air,” which is dimensionally just beyond our physical realm existence, with an ability to impose into ours.
    Because his time is short he is provoking events on earth, centered around the destruction of Israel over yet to be fulfilled scripture promises from the Godhead. If Israel were destroyed, God’s promises are thwarted, so satan strategizes for the win. Sheep are now being separated from goats both in pre-tribulation as well as the actual “7 years of hell on earth” when it’s not just the devil’s wrath, but God’s! The “Wrath of the Lamb” then directed against those remaining unrepentant and unwilling to accept Christ as their necessary personal savior AND Lord: preferring instead in vain self-apotheosis -the very act which caused the (archangel) Lucifer’s fall to become satan “the adversary.”

    Satan permanently lost the War,at the Cross. Christ’s resurrection puts His Victory into “whosoever believes.” That act receives Him as abba-Father. Don’t trip over the simplicity of salvation! Anyone who confesses with their lips that Christ is Lord and “believes in their heart” God raised him from the dead, shall be saved the Bible promises.

  4. Pat

    January 9, 2024 at 2:46 pm

    Prepare, prepare prepare……. Stock up on food and have a way to purify water. Keep a bug out bag handy for each member of the family. I can see civil unrest, and the storm is definitely coming.. freedom is finally slipping away when we lose the Republic of the United States. We lose the first and second amendments to the constitution is lost. Take care enjoy life life it’s way too short.

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