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Ron Patton | January 12, 2023

On January 11, thousands of flights across the U.S. were canceled or delayed after a system that offers safety information to pilots failed and the government launched an investigation into the breakdown, which grounded some planes for hours. The FAA claimed that preliminary indications “traced the outage to a damaged database file.” Canada’s air traffic system suffered a similar outage to the one that occurred in the US for a brief period on Wednesday. Could this have been a cover story for an actual security breach involving the detection of radioactive elements? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with aviation expert, Raven Harrison about  AIRPLANE MODE.






I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but as soon as post-Covid flights were allowed, the media was reporting an inordinate amount of stories about unruly passengers on aircraft. When airlines allowed flying with masks only the media would focus on stories about security risks, unruly passengers and those who refuse to wear masks on a flight.

I believe that these stories were being reported because there was at the time an underlying agenda to discourage air travel. I am sure that health officials saw it as a big risk as the paranoia over COVID-19 still existed.

I have to admit that I needed to travel to California and I was a bit rattled by all of the security and checks that were being carried out because of possible health risks.

When I was on my flight to California, we were told by the crew that mask-wearing was a federal law. The irony of the whole ordeal was that there I was heading to a conference where I was about to speak about freedom and agency and my own freedom on a plane was being taken from me.

On a recent flight to Roswell last July, our flight left early afternoon and with delays we were on the ground in New Mexico until 11:00 PM.

At the time, the World Economic Forum was discussing how airlines were a legacy system that needed an overhaul because of how they contribute to climate change and Co2 emissions.

The Great Reset includes the idea that people should use cleaner transportation wherever possible because according to reports planes belch out more CO2 during short flights than on transcontinental flights. The World Economic Forum are encouraging electric car, hybrid bus and train travel when you go from city to city and state to state.

Other agendas include requiring the use of public transportation and the use of motor fleets for travel.

Since 2021 we have been seeing the airlines getting loads of bad press –and during the Holidays when planes were grounded because of the treacherous weather — the airlines again got a black eye.

A total of 5,100 flights within, into, or out of the country were canceled and 8,400 others were delayed during the country-wide bomb cyclone that stranded holiday travelers.

Freezing rain led to the closure of all runways at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The expected surge in travel for the holiday season contributed to the stress, with travelers complaining on social media about long lines at airport check-in counters and delays on the tarmac.

It was a nightmare– and people are still trying to get over the holiday trauma.

But it didn’t take long before something else created a problem for the airline industry. It was the temporary grounding of aircraft across the country on January 11th.

Thousands of flights across the U.S. were canceled or delayed after a system that offers safety information to pilots failed, and the government launched an investigation into the breakdown, which grounded some planes for hours.

The Federal Aviation Administration claimed that preliminary indications “traced the outage to a damaged database file.” The system for the failure was a computer that issues what are called NOTAM’s or Notice To Airmen or Notice to Air Missions.

Before a plane takes off, pilots and airline dispatchers must review the notices, which include details about bad weather, runway closures or other temporary factors that could affect the flight. The system was once telephone-based but moved online years ago.

NOTAM’s are also issued to pilots to let them know of potential dangers, military tests and areas like no-fly zones to avoid.

Back in 2010, there was an incident where a Helicopter pilot caught on Video what appeared to be an errant missile that was fired over the pacific.

While the media cut away from their regular programming to keep tabs on the flight path of the missile– there were rumors that it may have been fired by China or was a Broken arrow incident meaning that perhaps the missile was fired accidentally and that it was armed with a warhead.

36 Hours later, the FAA stated that the so-called missile was a commercial jet flying from Hawaii.

Later it was revealed that a Notice to Airman was issued and that it reported that there would be test firing of missiles in the area.

Apparently, the pilot did not read the NOTAM and the media ignored it.

It left conspiracy theorists wondering if it seriously was a missile or a Broken arrow incident that the media and the Department of Defense wanted to cover up.

The question is always the motive and context for the cover-up. Some were claiming that the missile was intercepting a Chinese missilebut the NOTAM issued for the Eastern Pacific near California that a missile test would be carried out in the Naval Warfare Center range.

The NOTAM also stated that ships in the area should alter their course as the test would include electromagnetic weapons.

It should also be noted that a NOTAM or a “Notice to Airmen” was posted by the FAA just hours before the missile was filmed by the Helicopter pilot in Los Angeles.

The NOTAM clearly stated to keep away from the area because of Military activities. It stated that “Due to an activation of W537 by the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, the following restrictions are necessary. For the security of all non-participating pilots are instructed to stay away W537. IFR traffic by ATC provisions should wait until the W537 is released”

W537 is a wide strip of the Pacific Ocean, which extends southwest from Los Angeles to Santa Catalina, and the Channel Islands. The FAA notice was posted at12:52 Pacific time.

There have been other Broken Arrow incidents that have happened where the government went out of its way to cover them up with a cover story — to eliminate questions.

This incident is also similar to an event that happened in the Bay area in the 1950s.

On February 13th, 1950 a Convair B36 bomber took off from Eielson AFB Alaska with a crew of 16 on board. For the so-called simulated attack, the plane was actually carrying a Mark IV nuclear bomb known as the “Fat Man” which was the advanced version of the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The flight plan was to journey down the coast of Alaska and British Columbia before turning inland. When it reached the mainland of the United States it was supposed to fly to Great Falls, Montana and then carry on to complete its mission by flying over San Francisco before flying on to Texas for landing and debriefing.

All of this was classified meaning the American people and the Media had no idea that a plane carrying a loaded nuclear bomb was flying over their cities and states.

Seven hours into the flight, three of the plane’s engines suffered from flame out. With only three engines left the plane did not have the power to stay in the air. The crew was ready to abandon the plane. Before abandoning the craft the United States Air Force claims that the crew detonated the nuclear weapon in mid-air over the Pacific Ocean with a non-nuclear core the captain allegedly brought the plane over Princess Royal Island so the crew abandon the plane over land and not into the cold Pacific Ocean. The captain was supposed to have turned on the autopilot after that.

The truth is that the military’s story was full of holes. Mainly because after they allegedly disembarked the captain was unaccounted for. The plane wreckage was found in an unpopulated area of British Columbia and the bomb was nowhere to be found. When the crash site was found it was completely cordoned off and secretly investigated by the military.

To this day it is believed that somewhere, either in the Pacific or the mountains of Canada there is an undetonated nuclear bomb. Since the 1950 incident, there have been at least 60 or more missing nuclear bombs and they are still unaccounted for.

Back in 2007, there was a story that hit the mainstream press about a B-52 bomber that was loaded at Minot air force base with 6 active nuclear warheads. The bomber flew across the United States and eventually landed safely in Louisiana. The Bomber flew for more than three hours over at least five states before landing. It was reported by the mainstream media that a plane with a nuclear payload was flying a “routine mission” from base to base. The missiles were carefully crated on board and at no time was the public in danger.

Later after an investigation, it was found that the public statement was absolutely false.

The cruise missiles were not being shipped inside the plane but dangling from the underside of the plane. They were in fact fully armed and ready for a fire. All the pilot had to do was notify a radar navigator to drop the warheads along the route. Each warhead carried a 150-kiloton payload. With 6 of them on board, the plane had the kill power of 60 times that of Hiroshima making all claims of a “routine” flight spurious.

If one of the warheads were to have been dropped or if the plane had crashed there would have been a “broken arrow” alert where a loose nuclear warhead could have killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Air Combat Command was on Stand down on September 14th, 2007 to review emergency procedures. During the review, there was a dispute over how many bombs were loaded and how many arrived. Some reports claimed that six bombs left Minot AFB, but only five arrived at Barksdale the munitions squadron commander was relieved of his duties, and crews involved with the mistaken load including all ground personnel were decertified for handling munitions

It was then reported that a group called Citizens for Legitimate Government said the six members of the US Air Force who were directly involved as loaders or as pilots, were killed within 7 days in mysterious “accidents”. This sent up a red flag that a deeper conspiracy was afoot and a broken arrow exists somewhere ready to be detonated.

Once the “all clear” was issued or the “Nothing to see here” was issued Americans went on their daily information diet of reality shows and sports events.

The incident that happened recently where a NOTAM glitch had grounded the airlines for 90 minutes may have been yet another case of a Nuclear incident that the media wished to cover up in order to not out the people into a panic.

When the incident happened immediately the media was focused on the possibility of a sophisticated Cyber attack. The President was notified and stated that the incident was not the result of a cyber attack.

It was then reported that the incident was traced to a corrupt file.

The FAA said it was continuing to investigate the outage and “take all needed steps to prevent this kind of disruption from happening again.”

The official cause of the incident is that Officials ultimately found a corrupt file in the main NOTAM system.

So this doesn’t explain why Canada had a similar incident.

Canada’s air traffic system suffered a similar outage to the one that occurred in the US for a brief period on Wednesday.

Nav Canada, the Canadian national air navigation service provider, released a statement just after 12.30pm as US airlines struggled to resume normal service.

At approximately 2:30 pm, Nav Canada released a further statement saying that the NOTAM system has been restored.

A tweet posted by the agency stated: “Nav Canada continues to investigate the cause of the outage; at this time, we do not believe it to be related to the FAA outage experienced earlier today.”

More than a quarter of Air Canada’s flights were listed as delayed 118 individual flights and two percent had been canceled, according to data from FlightAware.

So we have a glitch in the FAA’s NOTAM system easily explained and the unexplained similar incident in Canada.

It would be easy to say both incidents were coincidental glitches but that would be bizarre. So what happened?

Well here is speculation and again it all rings similar to previous Broken arrow incidents that involve NOTAM warnings.

A shipment of uranium that could be used to make a dirty bomb was discovered at Heathrow Airport Wednesday. Cargo contaminated by uranium and seized by counterterrorism police at London’s Heathrow Airport may have been a “dry run” prior to a bid to smuggle a so-called “dirty bomb” into the UK, or even the US or Canada.

Given the security breach and the event of a Broken arrow event in the UK this could explain why the planes were told to stand down — probably the biggest grounding of aircraft since the 911 attacks.

The mere presence of traces of the radioactive element indicated something “nefarious” was happening. This probably was issued by NOTAM and for national security reasons, a cover story was sent out about a glitch.

the radioactive metal was destined for Iranian nationals in the UK, originated from Pakistan and arrived on a flight from Oman.

The package suspected of being smuggled to UK-based Iranians arrived in the hold of a passenger jet.

Specialist scanners detected the potentially-lethal uranium as it was ferried to a freight shed, triggering alarms.

Border Force agents swooped and isolated the unregistered shipment in a dedicated radioactive room.

Counter-terror police were alerted and a security probe was launched into who sent the cargo.

Cops were understood to be targeting an Iran-based firm with UK premises where the material was due to go to mystery recipients. No arrests have been made.

Noticing the pattern of Broken Arrow events and NOTAM alerts concerning potential threats shows a pattern –and the grounding of the planes was a national security measure.

Again I have to repeat that this is speculation because a lot of what has happened does not add up.

In fact, you can also take into consideration that after the storms that moved through the country Southwest airlines issued a statement saying that they were going to suspend cargo operations.

They claimed it was because of luggage problems after the storms. Or they may have been warned to be on the lookout for a possible radioactive package that would be sent to an unnamed airport and that either they were conducting a safety drill or that the shipment and delivery were very real and posed a danger to National Security.

Again another possible Broken Arrow incident that needed to be handled without anyone panicking.

The truth is we are more vulnerable today for a massive nuclear tragedy than we were some 30 years ago.

It is also a bit chilling to realize that some sort of nuclear disaster or possible nuclear threat will probably be ignored by the mainstream media and therefore whatever happened the United States will become ill-prepared.

Matters of war and peace rarely merit attention amidst the sound and fury of manufactured news, moral posturing, personal scandals, and tweeting exchanges.

All of the political divide and extremist posturing is good for TV ratings and maybe partisan advantage, but it is decidedly less so for addressing issues of world relevance.

There’s only one problem with the idea of engaging in a limited nuclear war. It simply can’t be done. Any limited nuclear war would eventually lead to a full-scale nuclear war.

The lynchpin of a limited nuclear war is the tactical nuke.

These are nuclear weapons that have a much smaller yield than a strategic nuke.

And as we can now see the fission material can be sent on a commercial jet or even a boat or train.

It can be smuggled over a less secure border as well. This is a danger that will become part of the New Normal.

Whereas a strategic nuke might have a yield of half a megaton or more, a tactical nuke is usually somewhere in the ballpark with the atomic weapons that we used on Japan, but usually smaller than that.

Just because they make a smaller crater, doesn’t mean they make a smaller impact.

When you use a tactical nuke, you’re still using a nuke. It doesn’t matter that it’s not large enough to destroy an entire city though some of them can.

By using them, you’re telling the enemy that you’re willing to use nukes. You’re saying that you’re willing to rain radioactive fallout on their territory. You’re willing to engage in total war.

The only appropriate response to that is an escalation.

The enemy has to show you that they can do the same thing. In war, both parties aren’t thinking “gee, how do we stop this?” They’re thinking, “how do we win” and “how do I get back at the other guy” and “how do I teach my enemy a lesson he won’t forget.”

The limited nuclear war doctrine doesn’t burn the bridge between conventional war and full-on nuclear holocaust. It builds that bridge.

This should be common sense.



Raven Harrison graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science and raced full speed into a successful corporate marketing career. She was behind some of the most successful marketing campaigns in history as an industry pioneer and executive. Raven managed budgets in the tens of millions for companies like IBM and Shell Oil. Raven is now a fulltime political activist; fighting CRT, political corruption and on the front lines fighting to protect her family, country and freedoms. She is the daughter of not one, but 2 highly decorated United States Air Force Lt. Colonels combat veterans. Raven was raised in service to this country and has lived in some of the most dangerous places all over the world. She is married to Paul, a retired United States Air Force C 17 and commercial airline pilot. Her website is:

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Greg

    January 13, 2023 at 4:39 am

    I just read on forbes that a little while back the FAA had deleted cross border information from its sectional charts. This is more indepth information that has been available in the past. They get this info from Canada, Russia and Mexico. These countries have airspace that borders ours. They claim the other countries have been late or not compliant in sharing the information. It seems possible they are withholding this normally available info so they can move airplanes with less people knowing.

  2. Greg

    January 13, 2023 at 4:49 am

    Furthermore the lack of this cross border information includes navigational charts of non major US areas. It is said this will increase the cost of flying and make it more difficult for pilots. The pilots now have to purchase specific maps for certain areas. It has also been the warmest winter i have ever experienced in the northeast. And i have seen 2 shooting star recently while randomly looking at the sky. Which is rare for me. I haven’t seen one in years. Something strange is going on.

  3. Jimbo

    January 13, 2023 at 11:10 pm

    What about a cyber attack from R-or-C against our commercial airline system, for a demonstration of power/intimidation purposes?

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