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Ron Patton | January 10, 2024

It was officially announced that the Artemis Moon missions have once again been postponed – now astronauts will have to wait until 2026. The last time we allegedly put a man on the Moon was 54 years ago. These sudden and unexpected delays have ignited a wave of conspiracy theory content on X (Twitter). While the Moon landings were an impressive technical achievement, the current enthusiasm for human space flight doesn’t seem to match the accomplishment and is becoming a money pit without as much as a feeling of embarrassment. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with NASA and space researcher and author, Mike Bara about PAPER MOON.




I have been pointing out that there have been a lot of clandestine mini-wars that have been created to fragment the population’s opinions on the subject matter we used to all agree on.

That is because psychological warfare is a direct war on reality.

Reality isn’t what it used to be. It never really was, but that’s another story.

The War on Reality is a civil war, but it is much more than just a civil war. It is an asymmetrical, polymorphous, and metastatic war. An ontological free-for-all. It has no conventions or rules of engagement. There are no battle lines. The battle is everywhere. Alliances shift from day to day. It is chaos, unrelenting, inescapable chaos.

An omnipresent, immaterial, omnipotent organism attacking itself.

It is continual and completely unwinnable. It is unwinnable because it has already been won. It ended in victory the moment it began, and now we’re doomed to go on fighting it forever, or until some less ethereal leviathan is born, or reborn, out of its ashes.

Unfortunately, that’s rather likely, the less ethereal leviathan scenario. It may not come about in my lifetime — and, selfishly, I’m hoping it doesn’t but this state of affairs cannot continue indefinitely.

When in doubt we are told to trust the science — the science is spoken of as if it is this unknowable God and that everything that is said is canon and it is anathema to question.

The question is always — is science the reality or can it be challenged? Can a unanimous group think be challenged and can we get into the tangible reality again without having to get into nasty wars of words and ideologies?

Historically, we humans have not done very well in such psychotic ontological environments. When “reality” is shattered into a thousand little shards, and things fall apart, and the center does not hold, we tend to get rather scared, and confused, and agitated. We start to panic. We try to put “reality” back together again. This does not work. This worsens our panic. We start looking around for a new “reality.”

Well, today a dose of reality hit me again and I have to address it because for me it is like a scab that I cannot resist picking at, and at times it has been to my detriment.

It is all about that pesky conspiracy about the moon landing in 1969 and whether or not it was only a paper moon as the old song suggests.

It was officially announced that the Artemis moon missions have once again been postponed– now astronauts will have to wait until 2026.

We may send man into Orbit next year — but as far as landing on it — that will be another two years. If you include the last time we allegedly put a man on the moon — that will be 54 years.

More than a generation ago.

The delayed missions have even led some skeptics to claim that ‘they can’t figure out how they did it the first time’.

NASA announced that Artemis II, which will complete a lunar fly-by, has been delayed until September next year.

Meanwhile, Artemis III, which will once again put astronauts on the moon, won’t now take place until September 2026.

These sudden and unexpected delays have ignited a wave of conspiracy theory content on X.

We have all heard about the conspiracy theories about a faked moon landing — I was even on a cable TV special with Mike Barra and shuttle Astronaut Leland Melvin. He decided at the end of our segment together to scold me about how I am “pissing on the graves of the astronauts” his words — by questioning NASA’s motive for possibly faking the moon landing in 1969.

I made it clear to him that I had decided that maybe they eventually did go but not in 1969.

But then again, scientists today, act as though this is their first time going to the moon.

The news came barely an hour after a Pittsburgh company abandoned its attempt to land its spacecraft on the moon because of a mission-ending fuel leak.

Regardless of how you feel about the moon landing in 1969, doesn’t this even register a bit of skepticism about the original moon program and whether or not it was faked or even partially faked?

Last Monday as part of NASA’s commercial lunar program, Astrobotic Technology’s Peregrine lander was supposed to serve as a scout for the astronauts. A Houston company will give it a shot with its lander next month.

NASA is relying heavily on private companies for its Artemis moon-landing program for astronauts.

SpaceX’s Starship mega rocket will be needed to get the first Artemis moonwalkers from lunar orbit down to the surface and back up. But the nearly 400-foot (121-meter) rocket has launched from Texas only twice, exploding both times over the Gulf of Mexico. A third test flight is planned for February.

The longer it takes to get Starship into orbit around Earth, first with satellites and then crews, the longer NASA will have to wait to attempt its first moon landing with astronauts since 1972. During NASA’s Apollo era, 12 astronauts walked on the moon. The competition back then was the Soviet Union; now it’s China.

The Government Accountability Office warned in November that NASA was likely looking at 2027 for its first astronaut moon landing, citing Elon Musk’s Starship as one of the many technical challenges. Another potential hurdle is the development of moonwalking suits by Houston’s Axiom Space.

SA has only one Artemis moonshot under its belt so far. In a test flight of its new moon rocket in 2022, the space agency sent an empty Orion capsule into lunar orbit and returned it to Earth. To the engineers’ surprise, some charred material came off the capsule’s heat shield during reentry. Later, testing of another capsule uncovered a design flaw in the life-support electronics, and separate battery issues popped up.

It’s the same kind of capsule that will carry astronauts to and from the Moon, linking up with Starship in lunar orbit for the trip down to the surface and back up.

Starship will need to fill up its fuel tank in orbit around Earth, before heading to the moon; SpaceX estimates an estimated 10 fuel transfers will be needed. The company plans an orbiting fuel depot to handle the job, another key aspect of the program yet to be demonstrated.

NASA’s moon-landing effort has been delayed repeatedly over the past decade, adding billions of dollars to the cost. Government audits project the total program costs at $93 billion through 2025.

Last year if you recall, India landed a spacecraft on the Moon — but again, the event is being questioned for its authenticity.

Last August, it was reported that The India Space Research Organization reported that their Chandrayaan Mission-3 spacecraft landed on the moon. The ISRO provided footage of the said landing with the Prime Minister looking on with barely enough enthusiasm to be detected by today’s cameras.

A camera somehow was able to capture the moment that the spacecraft landed — but it looked like a cardboard cutout that was lowered onto a CGI moon setting –casting no shadow or even kicking up no regolith as its thrusters were pushing huge bursts of air and flame to bring it safely to its landing site.

The footage embarrassingly looked like computer video game animation from the 1980s!

These images were displayed to the ISRO employees at ground control as the spacecraft ‘descended’ toward the Moon’s surface. The video ISRO provides is CGI animation. These videos of ISRO’s yellow-colored spacecraft were not intended as actual footage of the spacecraft landing but as a simulation of what was supposed to be taking place.

Then, as the yellow-colored spacecraft touched down in the real-time simulation, the ISRO employees watching this simulation in the ISRO command center on Earth are seen to cheer and clap wildly in the belief that the actual ISRO space vehicle is touching down on the surface of the moon.

We were told and obviously they were told –that this was real footage. Even the release of the rover wasn’t all that convincing — but to those at the IRSO, this was a breathtaking experience.

In 2020, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) estimated the Chandrayaan-3 mission would cost about $75 million– it only took 15 million to make the recent Godzilla minus one movie and it had more convincing special effects.

Let us consider what ISRO had to achieve with just $75 million. It is claimed by space agencies and modern science that the moon is around 240,000 miles away from the Earth. So, the ISRO spacecraft had to travel 240,000 miles to the moon and then achieve lunar orbit.

The spacecraft then had to ‘descend’ from orbit onto the moon’s surface a distance of around 60 miles or more. Upon landing, we are told, the spacecraft opened up and a rover vehicle called ‘Pragyan’ rolled out onto the moon, in a purported vacuum at 1/6 Earth gravity. We are told the vehicle and rover stayed on the moon for two weeks to conduct various scientific experiments. All this sounds truly incredible or, perhaps… it is too incredible to be true.

Later it was reported that the group was watching a simulation. When pressed for proof of their landing the ISRO provided nothing – no visual evidence – no reference point in pictures or video that would justify in any shape or form their assertion that they landed a spacecraft on the moon.

Even though there is no point of reference in the picture or video, most people simply accept the narrative of the ISRO and the mainstream corporate-owned media. It is unfortunate that many people simply accept these images and videos without question.

It appears to take less to convince people these days of an event that appears to be staged.

Given that a 2019 poll, conducted by YouGov, found that over 40 percent of respondents 50 years old or younger expressed some belief that the U.S. government “faked the 1969 Apollo moon landing, this creates a lot of questions as to how everything dealing with the moon seems so complicated when back in the 1960’s the caliber of scientists were able to make it all look like a routine event.

It has always been a touchy subject — questioning mankind’s biggest achievement but you cannot ignore the amount of data indicating the NASA moon landings could have been faked. It is significant, yet, you are unlikely to find this data via mega-corporate-owned platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or X as all the major platforms utilize algorithms to decide what information will be presented to you, and what will not be presented.

But now, the ISRO’s ‘moon landing’ has resulted in a spate of videos being posted online ridiculing the project as “a silly charade” and as “another fake moon landing.

The ISRO moon landing is reminiscent of NASA’s moon landings, which are shrouded in controversy to this day.

The NASA missions to the moon reportedly cost the US government, and thus the American taxpayer, in the region of $2400 billion, yet all NASA has to show for it is some moon dust and a few small rocks that they claim came from the moon. That is a lot of money to obtain a few rocks! Sounds like quite a lucrative deal if you can get it. NASA must be very grateful that the American taxpayers have funded the organization for decades.

How was it so easy for NASA to send multiple successful Apollo missions to the moon and bring the astronauts home safely, but since then not a single person has ever left low-earth orbit? What to speak of going to the moon?

NASA has even stated “We lost the technology we used to get us to the Moon” and also told us that “All the moon rocks were stolen including the safe they were in” at NASA Headquarters. NASA also claims that all the important telemetry data from the moon missions was lost or destroyed. Really? Is it any wonder that over the past decades, there has been a growing consensus that NASA faked the Apollo moon missions in the 1960’s – that it was only a hyped-up TV show?

According to several commentators on the subject, NASA has lost all data, blueprints, and records from the Apollo missions. Following Freedom of Information requests in America NASA admitted it had lost original video footage, voice data, bio-medical monitoring data, and telemetry data to monitor the location and functioning of the spaceship, and original plans/blueprints for the lunar modules, space suits and lunar rovers, and for the entire multi-sectioned Saturn V rockets.

Many of us lose our house keys or misplace our cellphones but you don’t lose hundreds of boxes unless you lose them on purpose. Something is amiss. Even Wikipedia stated:

Over 700 boxes of magnetic data tapes recorded throughout the Apollo program that have not been found… On August 16, 2006, NASA announced its official search, saying, “… NASA engineers are hopeful that when the tapes are found they can use today’s digital technology to provide a version of the moonwalk that is much better quality than what we have today.

But miraculously In November 2015, a scrap dealer was invited to clean out the basement of the recently deceased IBM engineer, who did some work for NASA at the height of the Space Race, . The dealer found about 325 magnetic data tapes and the two giant computers, both of which were marked “NASA Property.”

And yes NASA went in and did some George Lucas technical tinkering to give us a better experience of the record– although most Americans would be hard-pressed to have seen anything.

Back in November Russia also was casting doubt on the original moon missions.

This was announced during the “World Tour of Artificial Intelligence” in Moscow. Namely, Russian President Vladimir Putin was shown an AI analysis that allegedly demonstrated that images of U.S. astronauts landing on the moon could be inauthentic.

Namely, this is about neural network analysis, demonstrated in a video with the participation of Putin and Nikolai Gerasimenko from Sberbank, which suggests the possibility of synthetic photographs having been used.

The video became widespread on the internet. It shows Putin’s reaction when he questions the authenticity of the Apollo 11 images displayed on the screen. Then, Gerasimenko says that the neural network allegedly considered almost everything in the photographs of the U.S. landing on the moon to be fake.

Gerasimenko also explained neural network evaluation by citing factors such as light-dark contrast. However, he said, the AI analysis did not raise any concerns about the images taken by the Chinese lunar rover during its mission to Chang’e.

All Putin could say after viewing the Google analysis was “Very Interesting.”

Science websites and magazines will report that less than 5 percent of Americans polled believe the Moon landing was faked, while websites outside of the propaganda umbrella put the figure at around 47 percent.

While the various claims of the Moon landing deniers have evolved — some have made peace with the idea that the government faked the landing,

Well, the truth is we are allegedly trying to go back but it seems that NASA and others are making excuses as to why we won’t be able to go back in the next two years.

Other delays included a study of Moon dust and how it affects the lungs and breathing of astronauts. We have been told that Astronauts have endured breathing in moon dust before — they have even allegedly tasted it.

Now, logic and experience would indicate that scientists would have already known the effects of Regolith with the health study of living astronauts, a lunar rover that was exposed to regolith, and a Lunar module that landed on it from 1969 to 1972.

But the idea does not work for NASA – they didn’t have the data and so in 2005 it was proposed that they needed to study the effects of regolith on astronauts and lunar machines. However, they didn’t have enough to use for the test so they made fake moon dust to carry out experiments.

They didn’t request a few bags either they needed tons of it so that they could create a fake Moon site to test the equipment on, mainly technologies for diggers and wheels and machinery on the surface.

So again NASA was able to create a simulated or fake moon landscape made with simulated Regolith to test machinery for use on the Moon.

So it wouldn’t be out of the question that they could create a simulated landscape back in 1969 and put two astronauts or actors on the set to high-five each other and take the rover for a spin – a rover that they neglected to study to see how regolith affected it in the first place.

The study was conducted for a 2020 launch — it is 2024 — still no launch and no astronauts on the moon.

It leaves us wondering what is going on.

Well on a basic level, we can conclude that much of the scientific narrative we have been taught from our school days onwards, is based on falsehood and that the institution of ‘science’ itself has in many ways been hijacked by financial interests seeking to advance their narrative and agenda.

This includes many sectors such as climate science; the Covid-19 pandemic; the biopharmaceutical sector; and many missteps at calculating our evolution.

Modern science, like economics, banking, and corporate-owned mass media, has become part of a paradigm born by deceit, and corporate greed.

While landing people on the Moon would be an impressive technical achievement, there are still those awkward problematic issues – especially of human space-flight – always being side-lined because of some convenient excuse.

I wish that discussing the moon landing and how it could have been faked wouldn’t upset a hornet’s nest — but let us at least have a goo dose of realism while discussing it — and that people who are armchair scientists admit that they know nothing really about the so-called magic that NASA had accomplished.

While the Moon landings were an impressive technical achievement, the current enthusiasm for human space flight doesn’t seem to match the accomplishment and is becoming a money pit without as much as a feeling of embarrassment.



Mike Bara is a New York Times Bestselling author, lecturer, and TV personality whose books have sold over 70,000 copies worldwide.  He began his writing career after spending more than 25 years as an engineering designer/consultant for major aerospace companies, where he was a card-carrying member of the Military/Industrial complex. A self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist,” Mike’s first book “Dark Mission: Secret History of NASA” was a New York Times bestseller from Feral House in 2007.

Mike has made numerous public appearances lecturing on the subjects of space science, NASA, physics, UFOs, and the link between science and spirit.
He was a regular contributor to the television programs Ancient Aliens, America’s Book of Secrets and Hangar-1 along with several other shows.

His website is MIKE

Written by Ron Patton


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    January 10, 2024 at 3:00 pm


  2. Pat

    January 10, 2024 at 4:00 pm

    We probably never put a man on the moon? Over half of century and all our technology, how come we can’t put back on. When I was a kid I figured we’d be on Mars by now……

    • Jimbo

      January 10, 2024 at 8:29 pm

      If we didn’t go to the Moon, then “Grissom, White, and Chaffee” (Apollo 1’s astronauts) burned at 1967’s pre-launch pad, for nothing.

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