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Ron Patton | September 8, 2022

It has been reported that a rare but severe blood clotting disorder can occur after people received the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. The government, pharmaceutical companies, and media have been complicit in covering up and censoring clinical studies showing a relationship between the vaccines and immune disorders. organ damage and blood clots. Furthermore, physicians and embalmers have noticed strange, rubbery and abnormally long clots in bodies since the vaccines have been given. Sadly, most people have succumbed to the official narrative while the body count of unexplained deaths continues to grow. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Dr. Lee Merritt about THE CLOTTING DEATH.





The other day, Liam came downstairs wanting to watch one of his favorite anime shows and noticed I was watching Match Game 1977 on the Game Show Channel.

He asked me why I was watching an old rerun of a game show and I told him it was because watching CNN makes me upset.

After watching it with me and then having to endure some of the commercials, he said “Ever get the feeling that this channel is for old people?” I said — are you hinting at something.  He said well every other commercial is about life insurance, refinancing your home, or a new drug they are pushing that has nasty side effects.

So I said — I see what you mean.

The truth is I try not to notice these new drug commercials because most of them aren’t covered by insurance anyway and with the list of the side effects you often wonder if it would be better to countdown the days till you die.

I know a lot of people that put their guard up when it comes to direct-to-consumer drug advertising. We know the butterflies, sunsets, family barbecues, and puppies we see in the TV ads are designed to distract us from severe side effects like Dehydration Serious urinary tract infections Low blood sugar Necrotizing fasciitis. A rare but serious bacterial infection that causes damage to the perineum can kill you.

I actually looked up what the perineum was just to make sure and realized that it was exactly what we used to call the taint.  The tissue under the skin in the area between and around your anus and genitals.

Okay, well as soon as they announce that you cut to the dog catching the frisbee, and the woman giving flowers to her granddaughter, and then a few more side effects words like “blood clot”, “heart attack”, “stroke”, “seizure”, “life-threatening allergic reaction” and “death.” And then the announcer happily suggests that we ask our doctor about the new wonder drug they are trying to sell.

Unbranded advertising, however, is much more insidious. Instead of selling a drug, it sells the disease driving the drug sales and sometimes doesn’t mention the drug at all.

Like many people have heard the ads saying — I thought I had Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel — turned out to be pancreatic insufficiency or EPI.

There are also the ads that sell you on the idea that the shortness of breath you are having could be atrial fibrillation

Unbranded advertising sells you on the idea that you may have a disease and that it is time to see your doctor and ask for whatever drug is sponsoring the scary ads.

There were many of those ads that sold you on buying a mask a home test or even a thermometer to show where you stand in the war against Covid-19.

Unbranded advertising often appears to be from the CDC and can even run free as a public service announcement thanks to its apparently altruistic message. The hallmark of unbranded advertising is it calls the disease it is hawking (whether depression, bipolar disorder, or restless legs) “underdiagnosed,” and “underreported” and cites “barriers” and “stigmas to treatment” which of course means sales. Sometimes it calls the disease a “silent killer” to scare people who think they’re fine.

Many prediabetes commercials use this tactic as commercials that sell Shingles vaccines because “Shingles doesn’t care.”

Does anyone remember the high saturation radio campaign that launched of Non-24?

Non-24 was a 24-Hour Sleep Wake Disorder that was said to affect blind people.

Did you know how rare Non-24 was?

There are only 146 citations for the disorder in the entire US National Library of Medicine. By comparison, there are 8,463 citations for the plague.

Turned out the campaign was from a drug company called Vanda that had a breakthrough drug called Hetlioz.

Hetlioz is said to be chemically related to the sleeping pill marketed as Rozerem. The truth is that while it was marketed to the blind — the pill was used to treat typical individuals with typical sleeping disorders.

The truth is you did not have to be blind to have Non 24 because Non 24 was a marketing trick to get the attention of people with sleeping disorders.

You don’t have to be a cynic to wonder if a new disease you have never heard of –and the drug that will treat it if approved– is actually a placeholder for something else– or that it can be what is called an Orphan drug.

An Orphan drug is simply a medication that remains commercially undeveloped because it lacks marketing potential because it has some of the same characteristics as another drug with worse side effects.

An orphan disease is a rare disease or condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people in the United States. Sometimes orphan drugs are overproduced and so they sell the disease as a motivator to get a drug that is for a rare disease but can be used for other diseases.

The same tactic was used to sell the people on the COVID-19 vaccines.

While death and mortality rates were higher in patients with comorbidities and the elderly — the disease was the selling point long before the cure –and when it was sped through without proper approval people were more than willing to get the vaccines without even consulting their own doctors. They didn’t even bother to check what side effects could happen after they used the vaccine and it was no accident that this information was kept from the public.

Evidence has been discovered and verified that at least eleven federal agencies and the White House itself, coordinated with Big Media to illegally censor the speech of Americans over COVID-related issues.

The New Civil Liberties Alliance, the Attorney General of Missouri, and the Attorney General of Louisiana have filed a lawsuit that blows the lid off a sprawling federal censorship regime that will shock the conscience of Americans.

The joint statement on discovery disputes in the lawsuit, State of Missouri ex rel. Schmitt, et al. v. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., et al., reveals scores of federal officials across at least eleven federal agencies have secretly communicated with social-media platforms to censor and suppress private speech federal officials disfavor. This unlawful enterprise has been wildly successful.

Under the First Amendment, the federal government may not police private speech nor pick winners and losers in the marketplace of ideas. But that is precisely what the government has done—and is still doing—on a massive scale not previously divulged. Multiple agencies’ communications demonstrate that the federal government has exerted tremendous pressure on social media companies—pressure to which companies have repeatedly bowed.

Discovery has unveiled an army of federal censorship bureaucrats, including officials arrayed at the White House, HHS, DHS, CISA, the CDC, NIAID, the Office of the Surgeon General, the Census Bureau, the FDA, the FBI, the State Department, the Treasury Department, and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Communications show these federal officials are fully aware that the pressure they exert is an effective and necessary way to induce social media platforms to increase censorship. The head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency even griped about the need to overcome social-media companies’ “hesitation” to work with the government.

These actions have precipitated an unprecedented rise in censorship and suppression of free speech—including core political speech—on social media platforms. Many viewpoints and speakers have been unlawfully and unconstitutionally silenced or suppressed in the modern public square. This unlawful government interference violates the fundamental right of free speech for all Americans, whether or not they are on social media. More discovery is needed to uncover the full extent of this regime—i.e., the identities of other White House and agency officials involved and the nature and content of their communications with social-media companies.

The government has been uncooperative and has resisted complying with the discovery order every step of the way—especially with regard to Anthony Fauci’s communications regarding a vaccine paused when it was discovered that the vaccines can create dangerous blood clots and heart problems.

It was reported that a  rare but severe clotting disorder can occur after people received the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Evidence from animal studies supported the idea that antibodies targeting the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein—the same protein that many vaccines use to trigger a protective immune response—can cause collateral damage.

Most of the damage that was reported was heart and liver failure.

However, this type of reporting and exposure was called conspiracy theory and was certainly attacked in the media,

When reasonably healthy athletes and others were suddenly dropping dead — the media went into action to try and explain why.

It was first reported that Climate change was to blame for creating a new health crisis where people were suffering from dehydration a cause of blood clots.

Naturally, any reported spike in blood clots before the summer was nothing to do with the hot weather.…that was the cold weather. Health services were warning that when the air is colder people can get blood clots and women can get winter vagina.

Then when that didn’t make sense the Health authorities said that the clots were the result of long term Covid side effects,

Then they eliminated all discussion of blood clots and brought up one of those Orphan diseases called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Doctors and health officials were urging people under 40 to have their hearts checked because they may potentially be at risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

We were warned that the syndrome, known as SADS, has been fatal for all kinds of people regardless of whether they maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

It was just an umbrella term that tried to explain the deaths of young people — many of them received the Covid Vaccine and the boosters.

Then it was announced that there were 300,000 symptomless cases of aortic stenosis wandering around.

The other heart failure was attributed to post-traumatic stress disorder and nothing else.

But of course, all of this can be seen as hideously macabre in the post mortem

Reports are now coming in that Morticians are seeing strange activity happening in some of the corpses they have examined.

Several embalmers across the country have been observing many large, and sometimes very long, “fibrous” and rubbery clots inside the corpses they treat, and are speaking out about their findings.

Numerous embalmers from different states confirmed that they have been seeing these strange clots, starting from either 2020 or 2021. It’s not yet known if the cause of the new clot phenomenon is COVID-19, vaccines, both, or something different.

Many reports have all of a sudden appeared in international newspapers — and the Epoch Times reported this weeks ago.

The Epoch Times received additional videos and photos of the anomalous clots, but could not upload them due to the level of gore.

Mike Adams, who runs an ISO-17025 accredited lab in Texas, analyzed clots in August and found them to be lacking iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Adams’s lab uses inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, usually testing food for metals, pesticides, and glyphosate.

He found that the clots are lacking key elements present in healthy human blood, such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, suggesting that they are formed from something other than blood.

Adams is joining analytic forces with more doctors and plan to invest out of their own pocket in equipment in order to further determine their composition and probable causation.

The string-like structures differ in size, but the longest can be as long as a human leg and the thickest can be as thick as a pinky finger.

This report comes on the heels of another report that was released about a young athlete from Ohio whose football career was cut short because doctors found six feet of blood clots in his legs,

Wauseon High School junior Kaden Clymer, a junior lineman, had six feet of blood clots removed from his legs just days before the season kicked off.

It started on Aug. 1,” Kaden’s mother Maurine Clymer said. “His dad took him to the emergency room after he was having severe pain in his back and legs.”

Teammate Tyson Rodriguez added “I was a bit confused because I didn’t really know what was happening. He just told me that he wasn’t feeling good.”

The night before the Wauseon Indians took to the field for their first Fall team practice, Clymer unexpectedly had to be taken to Toledo Children’s Hospital.

Full of pain and uncertainty, Clymer received word that he had blood clots in his legs.

Six feet of blood clots were removed and because of the blood thinners he now has to take, Clymer’s football career is over.

Doctors diagnosed Clymer with a condition called IVC Atresia but are still undergoing tests to determine the cause and treatment moving forward. His path to recovery is far from over, re-gaining strength in his legs each day comes at a price.

Clymer was lucky but for the others, in the mortuaries with strange clots, things are becoming eerie like the plot of a horror film.

Richard Hirschman, a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Alabama, recalled that he has been in the trade since the tragedy of 9/11.

“Prior to 2020, 2021, we probably would see somewhere between 5 to 10 percent of the bodies that we would embalm [having] blood clots,” Hirschman told The Epoch Times.

“We are familiar with what blood clots are, and we’ve had to deal with them over time,” he said.

He says that now, 50 percent to 70 percent of the bodies he sees have clots.

Many of them can get as big as a pinky finger.

They are not normal post-mortem clots but rather the long tiny strings may have been etiologic in the deaths, preventing circulation to those regions.

Others have shown that the spike protein can and does unfold and form a different configuration, contributing to tight string-like bonded structures with longitudinal twisting as well as cross binding, visible by microscopy, each one measuring angstroms in diameter—it takes 254,000,000 angstroms to make an inch—a typical capillary is around 5 microns, so many strings are needed to occlude a vessel.

It is quite hard to know the vaccination status of the deceased unless it is included in a report.  Sometimes it may also be that the person got vaccinated and did not tell the family.

Wallace Hooker is an expert embalmer who lectures on a national level as well as internationally. He has a significant presence on social media, especially on some private embalming websites.

Hooker sees about 300 bodies a year and has seen numerous clots of the same kind.

He stated that he suspected the vaccines could have something to do with the clots, but he was dismissed by some people who said he wasn’t a qualified doctor who could comment on the cause.

Larry Mills, a licensed embalmer and funeral director in the state of Alabama, has been in the funeral business since 1968 and has been involved with the embalming procedure since the beginning of his career.

“We as embalmers are seeing some strange clots since the COVID outbreak. These clots are very rubbery feeling and very long as they exit the veins that we use during the embalming procedure. They really appear to be like earthworms. I have never seen this in my career until now,” Mills told The Epoch Times.

Other funeral directors or embalmers wanted to maintain anonymity because they don’t know how the funeral houses would react.

There comes a point in the narrative when people no longer remember how it started. Or, rather, they remember how it started, but not the propaganda that started it. Or, rather, they remember all that (or are able to, if you press them on it), but it doesn’t make any difference anymore because the official narrative has supplanted reality.

Sometimes the consequences of not believing it are even more frightening than the cognitive dissonance of believing a narrative they know is fiction.

Disbelieving the official narrative means ex-communication from “normality,” the loss of friends, income, status, and in many cases far worse punishments. Herd animals, in a state of panic, instinctively run towards the center of the herd. Separation from the herd makes them easy prey for pursuing predators. It is the same primal instinct operating here.

It is the goal of every official narrative to generate this type of herd mentality, not in order to deceive or dupe the public, but, rather, to confuse and terrorize them to the point where they revert to their primal instincts, and are being driven purely by existential fear, and facts and truth no longer matter. Once an official narrative reaches this point, it is unassailable by facts and reason. It no longer needs facts to justify it. It justifies itself with its own existence. Reason cannot penetrate it. Arguing with its adherents is pointless. They know it is irrational. They simply do not care.

The COVID-19 narrative was simply an unsolicited unbranded form of advertising –where an unknown virus was sold first in order to motivate people to get a vaccination, regardless of its side effects–which very much included blood clots — that is a matter of record and not a conspiracy theory.

Despite the fact that we have learned that the virus was clearly deadly to the old and those with medical conditions, but is just as clearly not a deadly threat to the majority of the human species.

We may over time forget that there were people who were cowering inside their homes as if the Zombie Apocalypse had finally begun.

It was presented as some sort of Alien-Terrorist Death Flu (or weaponized Virus of Mass Destruction) that would kill you the second you breathe it in.

The official narrative built upon itself until it was if COVID-19 and its destructive powers are nearly unlimited.

The Internet became an Orwellian chorus of shrieking, sanctimonious voices bullying everyone into conformity with charts, graphs, and desperate guilt trips, few of which have now been revealed to have no connection to reality.

Corporations and governments are still censoring dissent.

The manufactured mass hysteria and herd mentality have died down but still, there are a few people that have been so traumatized they still wear their masks.

This can be a success that not even Goebbels and his propaganda machine could have imagined..

All that is left now is the clotting deaths and a new official narrative, the brave new, paranoid, pathologized “normal” narrative.

One that can be pulled out from time to time to put people in line.

Now the narrative has an epilogue of the clotting death –sn since we do not have the media backing the deadly results of the vaccines we will continue to hear about these horror stories of young people dying suddenly from a clot entering the brain or the heart.

Not only that but the other horror narratives that have been ignored or avoided such as the slow liquidation of all your other major organs,  intestinal damage, “sudden strokes in young adults,” and possibly spontaneous prostate cancer, and God knows what other medical horrors!

These are just the latest additions to a list of rather dystopian examples of the “brave new normal” — that obviously will not be part of the official narrative.


Dr. Lee Merritt began her medical career at the age of four, carrying her father’s “black bag” on house calls, along the back roads of Iowa. In 1980 she graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York, where she was elected to life membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Dr. Merritt completed an Orthopedic Surgery Residency in the United States Navy, served 9 years as a Navy physician and surgeon, and has been in the private practice of Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery since 1995. She has served on the Board of the Arizona Medical Association, is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and was a medical Consultant on the Navy Research Advisory Committee. During that time she studied defense and readiness against atomic chemical and biological warfare.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Rusty

    September 8, 2022 at 7:58 pm

    Mass formation psychoses Hey, maybe we might have pre-pre-diabetes, it leads to pre-diabetes! Our local station does the unbranded advertising all the time it’s making everyone just making us sick

  2. Rusty

    September 8, 2022 at 9:50 pm

    An absolutely great show Clyde and what a great guests too, the show we’ve all been waiting for it should be broadcast globally

  3. stephen

    September 8, 2022 at 11:01 pm



    September 9, 2022 at 4:06 am

    MARK PASSIO Great speaker she Mention.. my good friend an former High priest CHURCH OF SATAN, NOW WHISTLE BLOWER

  5. Greg

    September 9, 2022 at 4:46 am

    And now in new york state they are advertising a new updated covid booster is available for the season. this site has a story of embalmers speaking out about pulling blood clots mostly out of the long saphenous vein in the leg. They are a few inches to few feet long. They are fibrous and white. It is believed they are made up of the bodies protein that gets attached to the spike protein from the vax. Athletes drink a lot of whey protein shakes. Its logical to assume a connection. If your vaxxed be careful what you eat and drink.

  6. Greg

    September 9, 2022 at 2:48 pm

    I thought about this more during the day. One of the embalmers said the clots looked like worms. I thought of the bible verse in Isaiah that says those who transgress against god whose worm does not not die and fire is not quenched. Sometimes these verses are literal or metaphorical or both. Many body pains feel like fire. Another word used in revelation and other places is oil. People assume cooking oil or lamp oil but it could be fuel oil. One of the 4 horseman is told not to harm the oil. Revelation 6:6.

  7. Angelita Chaco

    September 18, 2022 at 4:47 am

    Ask someone with Morgellons disease about those long fibrous “things”. Anyone with this condition has been pulling those things out of their tissues for more than 15 years, if they are still alive. The black fibers in the masks we were required to wear and the fibrous “things” that behave like a living organism, often times affected by unseen fields that seem to suddenly “activate” those things to produce crawling and maddening itching. This is most likely why the victims of Morgellons disease were/are denied treatment. Morgellons victims were the “test” canaries in the coal mines for whatever was being developed that eventually was labeled as CoVid and then put into the vaccine for it. Want to know what the longterm effects of whatever this “it” organism is? The organism seems to incorporate a hive mind and swarm mentality that eventually drives a sufferer to isolation, withdrawl from society ending in suicide. These “things” that the embalmers have been finding are the same thing Morgellons victims have been screaming about for years, only to be labeled “delusional” by doctors, family and anyone else they tried to point it out to. The same rifts that came about amongst families and friends during the Covid debacle that made people either Kool-Aid drinkers or not is the same divide that drives Morgellons victims to isolation. Screaming for everyone to pay attention to a nightmare of symptoms that even the best science fiction writer would have a hard time even imagining only to be labeled as delusional, EVERYWHERE the victim turns. Anyone with Morgellons who is in tune with their bodies and minds realized long ago that if the condition they were dealing with was not addressed, it had the potential to devastate the human race and every living thing on the planet. Well here we are and yet still no one makes the connection. Any Morgellons canaries that are still alive are the people that all these people who are just now paying attention should be asking about what the future holds. Morgellons victims have been living that future for years already. The mass of the population is just now catching up. Humanity is just now paying attention to a condition because it now affects the masses. Any Morgellons victim who has been trying to find their way out of this nightmare has had to become their own doctor and scientist by neccessity, just to stay alive. These victims do not need to “trust the science”, anyone still alive has had to become the “science” and by extention, the scientist. Okay, humanity now that this affects the rest of you, maybe you’ll be interested in what a Morgellons victims has been trying to point out for years. This is a threat to the existence of all of mankind and everything on the planet. Now, ask a Morgellons victim “scientist” what they have observed and studied coming from their bodies and in their environment. The fibers where just the beginning. Ask a Morgellons victim about the hybrid insects/worms that suddenly hatch out of their bodies. Insects that should not be inhabiting the human body suddenly coming out of their bodies that do not behave like natural insects and worm like entities that don’t seem to ever fully die. Ask a Morgellons victim about the strange hexagonal shapes that vibrate, emit light, change colors and seem to be some sort of highly advance chip that are coming out of their skin. Perhaps ask them about whatever technology seems to take over and have an affinity for the hair follicle that eventually produces something that looks like but no longer feels like human hair. All the hair especially on one’s head becomes some sort of factory for producing something that acts and looks like fiber optics. The hair moves on it’s own. can emit light and acts like an antenna. Morgellons becomes some sort of hybrid biotechnological process that is not quite biology, but is using the human body biologically and not quite technology, but is somehow creating technology in the human body. This process results in a nearly complete depletion in the energy of the human vicitim. If you survive, you will be bedridden with barely any energy to get out of bed for months and will be plagued with this lack of energy whenever the “it” that now inhabits a Morgellons victims body decides to reproduce/replicate/activate (much like the description of “Long Covid”). It is at this point that a Morgellons victims seeks help from the so called human “experts”, you know doctors scientists, etc. only to be told the victim is crazy and handed a prescription for some anti-psychotics. Gobsmacked and nowhere else to turn, a Morgellons victim realizes they are completely alone, by this point the rift from any family or friends begins to develop. The victim knows something is not right and won’t blindly take pyschological drugs for a physical ailment and realizes that they are on their own to find a way out. It is at this point that family and friends, “trust the science” and the person is completely isolated. This is when a Morgellons victim’s psychological torture begins. More physically sick than they ever imagined possible, they are left completely alone. It is at this point, they must make a decision, give up or fight. If they choose to give up, then their story ends (could this be why suicides are up?). If the victim chooses to fight, then he must learn about all disciplines, ie. science, medicine, technology, philosophy, history in an effort to save himself. It is at this point that the world looks like a foreign place. A morgellons victim becomes a keen observer at this point , out of necessity for his survival. In this hyper awareness, one becomes aware that everything we are told and have learned through education is not at all what has been presented and an awakening begins. One begins to question everything. At this point, of hyper awareness, many questions arise and with a wider view of the world, one realizes common sense seems to have completely left the world. Our so called leaders and every institution seem to be completely anti-human. It is at this point one realizes that maybe technology is a trojan horse. It is controlling every aspect of our life and has driven out almost all common sense and emotional connectivey of humans. Is this the AI takeover we read so much about? Who introduced this technology to mankind? Is this really progress or a secret trojan horse? Is this an complete takeover of mankind without his realization. One only has to look around to realize that our so called experts and leaders do not seem to be making policies or doing anything that benefits mankind. It is almost as if they are anti-human. So after this journey a Morgellon victim must put 2 and 2 and 5 and 25 and all other things together to realize the equation keeps adding up the same. The sum of all the different parts seems to be that mankind is not in control, someone or something else is running the show. While humans are busy fighting amongst themselves about race, politics or any other thing that can be used to divide us, it seems we are being taken over. While humans are fighting over guns and other weapons, it seems only one shot needed to be fired and it is game over. Could that shot have come in the form of a needle? Welcome to the journey of a Morgellons victim, catch up humanity. It may already be too late.

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