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Ron Patton | September 29, 2023

The Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona is a strange place with incredible stories of paranormal activity, lost time, intense light beams, bizarre animal mutilation, Men In Black, UFOs, and alien creatures battling with the residents, who contracted unusual physical ailments. Although the area appears to possess an anomalous vortex or portal, similar to other well-known locations across the country, there has yet to be any real scientific investigation by credible UFO researchers. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Bruce MacDonald, co-author of the book, Stardust Ranch: The Incredible True Story, about YUP.







Off and on this past week or so we have been focusing on places where paranormal activities take place.  Mystical Toponymy has always been an interest of mine — because you can actually plan a trip to a place and do investigations there.

Places with weird pasts often carry with them a vibe that is not often explained in mere words. There is some sort of magic electricity that comes with places that have a rich paranormal history.

When Steve Stockton appeared on the show to talk about the Alaskan Triangle — we had many calls from Utah that wanted to talk to us about Skinwalker Ranch.  I didn’t mind because we were on the subject of magnetic vortices and of course, the whole Uinta Basin where the ranch is located has always had stories about it — and of course, many investigators have come back with the idea that there may be some sort of unique frequency signature that contributes to the paranormal activity.

I came home and decided, to watch the movie NOPE.  The movie centers on the Haywood ranch in California.  This fictional ranch has provided horses for Hollywood movies and commercials.

You can’t help but make comparisons to the Sherman Ranch, which is now called the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.  In fact the prevailing Theory is that director Jordan Peele did his homework and was inspired by the paranormal ranch and some of the horrific things that happened there.

The premise of Nope coincides with many incidents that have happened at the infamous Utah ranch, so it’s no wonder why countless people on Twitter and Reddit have made the connection. As of right now, there is no evidence that Nope is directly based on Skinwalker Ranch but after doing some research there may have been other so-called haunted ranch areas where Peele could have got inspiration.

While Skinwalker Ranch gets all the headlines because it is such a unique place, it is not the only place around the world that have had unexplainable events.

Another Ranch that could have inspired Peel is the Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona Arizona. Bob Bradshaw the owner was a rugged old-school cowboy who turned his ranch into a movie set.

Elvis Presley shot some of his movies there and a long list of westerns were also filmed at the ranch. At the same time, he and his family were experiencing all kinds of strangeness.

Not unlike the Skinwalker story– Bradshaw spoke of UFOs swooping down out of nowhere and flying over the ranch. There was also reported strange military activity that took place in the area.

A Military facility that examines plants and animals is near the ranch and it has been reported that there is some sort of portal there. The whole area seems to be a controlled research environment.  It is either that or another facility that is being used to monitor paranormal activity.

There is also the ECETI ranch in Washington, which may have inspired the Jupiter’s Claim Theme park where people gather in the hot sun to witness the landing of a strange UFO.

The ECETI ranch owned by James Gilliand is like a paranormal lab where UFOs are seen there nightly — but other beings appear in the fields.

It isn’t at all like the Knotts Berry Farm-themed UFO park — but it is just as interesting and fun to camp there.  There have been Bigfoot sightings there, UFOs, fairies in the fields, orbs, and other strange phenomena as well.

In  Arizona, there also lies another strange place, another ranch, with incredible stories of alien creatures, paranormal activity, UFOs and one man’s attempt to keep his family safe even it means shooting at ET with AK 47s and taking them on with swords.

This ranch is known as the Stardust Ranch.

Psychiatric therapist John Edmonds and his wife Joyce, a former FBI employee, saved enough money to buy their dream ranch where they hoped to rescue and raise horses and K9s and in 1996 they purchased the Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona.

The dream ranch would immediately start to prove problematic. The previous owners had left all their belongings inside the house. John reached out to the real estate agent who had sold the house and was advised that everything would be removed in a few hours. When John returned to the house later that day, all the belongings were at the bottom of the empty pool.

John became furious and rang the real estate agent. He was advised the previous owners arrived at the ranch only to find the stuff already inside the empty pool and refused to retrieve it. John would end up discarding everything himself but has always wondered who moved everything into the pool when the main gate was locked and secure.

The man indicated he lived on the ranch. John assumed the man was mentally ill, and in a calm but assertive voice asked the man to leave. The man, hearing that John was the new owner turned and walked away but then stopped and said, “You are going to wish I was here. There are monsters on this property, and I kill them”.

John watched the man leave the property and decided to keep an extra watch in case he returned. On several nights both John and Joyce started seeing lights. They believed it was a flashlight and went to investigate only to find these orb-like lights zoomed off out of sight, sometimes across the land, other times up into the atmosphere.

several years John and Joyce never mentioned the orbs or the other incidents that occurred at the ranch. They were both credible, intelligent, hard-working folks who operated a horse and K9 rescue ranch and did not want the stigma of being witnesses to paranormal or UFO encounters. They did not need that kind of attention.

After cleaning up the pool and the yard and moving into the ranch house, John found a stranger approaching, Machete in hand. John, unarmed at the time, and very apprehensive approached the man and asked him what he was doing and to leave the grounds.

But things seemed to escalate as several of their rescue horses were found dead, mutilated with their eyes and tongues removed. Researchers have claimed the deaths and mutilations were not consistent with animal or scavenger attacks.

And then things got even stranger. Both John and Joyce started seeing beings late at night following sightings of the light orbs. They claim that they see what we typically describe as grey aliens. Small 3 feet tall beings, with large heads, bulging eyes and skinny limbs.

They seem especially drawn to Joyce, who has been harassed on numerous occasions, during which she is unable to move or scream. They woke up to puncture-like wounds on their skin with blood as if syringes had been used on them during the night. Many times they have large bruises in their inner things, abdomen, and chest.

There are also occasions when they cannot account for lost time and fear they were abducted.

One time John and Joyce were awoken to find that three rescue Rottweilers were barking and then attacking one of the alien creatures. The creature retreated and the dogs were called back unharmed, however, just days later they simply dropped dead.

When the visits increased and the attacks were getting more invasive, John decided to arm up including purchasing knives, swords, handguns, shotguns and assault rifles.

On several occasions, he shot at the creatures and kept them at bay. In one hand-to-hand encounter, John took a Samurai Sword and pierced the creature but it seemingly vanished into thin air.

According to John, a chunk of flesh remained on the sword. John sent this piece of evidence to be tested by scientists. The samples were sent to Michigan to be analyzed by Biophysicist and crop circle researcher W.C. Levengood.  He had been collecting samples of the Stardust Ranch’s soil. When the research on the tissue and fluid sample was completed, he reached out to John Edmunds and claimed he had discovered the holy grail of alien evidence that linked cattle mutilations that occur across the country.

The tissue was pure hemoglobin which is not found on this planet, and is only seen at sites where cattle has been mutilated. The evidence also seemed to also contain what seemed like grass at first, but was actually a plant crossed with animal-based substance not seen on earth.

Biophysicist W.C. Levengood stopped writing to John Edmunds suddenly which appeared strange because he was very enthusiastic when corresponding with him earlier. Levengood left the research incomplete, as he died in 2013.

Then visits by the men in black started to occur. John and Joyce both witnessed men, dressed in black, with unmarked cars observing the ranch. When approached they advised John not to go public with any information he has. When Joyce, a former FBI employee tried to identify the vehicles, they had no markings, no plates, no way of identifying them. The men, also, refused to answer who exactly they were.

That’s when John decided to tell his story and go public with all his previous encounters and experiences.

Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventure crew visited the ranch as well.  They claimed that the alien beings were actually demons or a combination of extraterrestrials and demons. Their fans were not too convinced of their findings.

John decided in 2016 to put the ranch on the market seeking 2.5 million dollars, significantly more than what he had paid for it. There was very little interest, however, researcher and billionaire Robert Bigelow, who used to own Skinwalker Ranch had an interest in the ranch.

Later it was found that there was no deal or even interest from Bigelow.

Rumors again started that Bigelow was interested but this time the price had been raised to 5 Million dollars for the ranch.

Both John and Joyce started to experience bruising, and skin disfigurement similar to what one would experience if exposed to radiation followed by nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and chronic fatigue and muscle weakness.

It was reported that Joyce had been levitating on several occasions and John handcuffed her to the bed overnight in order to not allow for an abduction. Previously, when she was levitated into a beam of light to board a UFO, John opened fire with an AK 47 and she was promptly brought down.

These types of reports are so incredibly unbelievable, but John says that all are true.

There is a book written by John Edmonds and Bruce MacDonald called Stardust Ranch: The Incredible True Story. It goes into detail about all of the strangeness that seems unbelievable.

There has yet to be a real, truthful, scientific investigation by actual UFO researchers. Yes, para-celebrities and YouTubers have visited, but these have not produced any substantial evidence. They just seem to muddy the waters and cause even more skepticism.

As for Stardust Ranch and John’s story, it, for now, remains unsolved.



Bruce MacDonald was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He has a journalism degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. He has worked in Canada, the United States, and Europe as a technical writer, editor, and designer in the fields of software and telecommunications. In 2014 he moved to the Province of Limon, Costa Rica, where he lives on a small farm in the Talamanca Mountains with his wife, Rosemary. They farm abaca, a male banana plant that produces fiber used to make paper and other products.

Bruce co-authored the book, Stardust Ranch: The Incredible True Story.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. John Weiner

    October 3, 2023 at 12:29 pm

    Good show, Clyde, although I heard that close encounters of the first kind were from 700 feet, not 500 feet on one of those ufo documentary shows.
    Speaking of documentary shows, many of those concerning WORLD WAR II, have insinuated that the primary reason the Germans lost was because they waited so long into the season to invade Russia; that if they had invaded a month or two earlier, things may have, quite likely would have been different. They may even have won. It is a good thing for the world that they lost.
    These shows, regarding psychics have been interesting, fascinating, perhaps you could do a series on THE HISTORY OF PSYCHICS AND PSYCHISM IN RUSSIA, and amongst the topics you could cover would be whether Putin is a shortened version of Rasputin.

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