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Clyde Lewis | September 23, 2021


I was doing some late studying last night and I came across an article that came right out and said that the civil war in America has already begun and many of us have not been affected by it because we have been locked down in our homes. I have heard this before and I have even speculated about when it would happen but what intrigued me was the comparisons the author made with Operation Phoenix in Vietnam and Operation Condor that happened in Chile on in 1973.

Many call these events in history, “government experiments” in the transition of power.

The power that was exchanged was economic power, political power, and power over the people where lives were controlled with the aid of a secret national security apparatus. The enforcers of the new experiment were clandestine intelligence operators that were later revealed to be CIA operatives. Their objective was to create a common enemy or ideology, then round up dissidents, and then place them in internment camps where they were either tortured or killed.

The interesting thing about this government experiment is that prominent figures in both the George W. Bush administration and the Obama Administration were involved with this experiment and there is a compelling argument that these men are still calling the shots and pulling the strings in a similar experiment being carried out in the United States today and that our September 11th, attack was a similar catalyzing event that hardened the resolve of the security state and that the end result will be similar to what happened in Chile and later in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Global Research reports: “Henry Kissinger is implicated in Condor and remains a prominent figure in the affairs of the United States ruling establishment and is protected by the government. In 2002, the Bush administration attempted unsuccessfully to name him as the head of the ‘independent’ panel investigating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Henry Kissinger was President Richard Nixon’s National Security Advisor at the time of Condor and today is considered a war criminal in many countries.The Impeachment Inquiry Must Be Broad, and the Reason Why Is Henry Kissinger  - The American Prospect

George Bush, senior was also part of the “power exchange.” He has also been called a “war criminal” for the role the CIA played under his direction in fostering and covering up for the assassination squads that roamed Latin America and, ultimately, the streets of Washington. Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld are likewise implicated. Cheney was the White House Chief of staff during the Condor Operation, while Rumsfeld was Defense Secretary, supervising US ties to the Latin American military.How George H.W. Bush Rescued the CIA and Earned Its Respect


Obituary: Donald Rumsfeld - BBC News

But all was forgiven when he died –and to point out his war crimes were anathema as the Bush’s have become darlings of the media because of their hatred towards Donald Trump.

Operation Condor consisted of intelligence agencies creating a manufactured terrorism scare and then using that as a reason to fight it with terrorism.Operation Condor: Former Argentine junta leader jailed - BBC News

Under Operation Condor, the intelligence agencies used unlawful spying and wiretapping along with citizen informants to round up thousands of people who were suspected of involvement with insurgent or extremist groups.

Using the threat of a Communist takeover, The military and police agencies with the support of United States interests in South America rounded up and arrested those whom they considered extremists. The military would imprison them in camps or secret detention centers. Those that were captured were tortured, interrogated, then executed and secretly buried.

What is most disconcerting is that many tactics that were used in the CONDOR experiment were used during the transition process between President Trump and Joe Biden.

Threats have been conjured out of thin air and eventually the same tactics of assassination squads or paramilitary units, domestic terror witch hunts and other police state tactics will be implemented with the threats of domestic terrorism that we are told loom over this country.

It is a vicious circle of fear that works and has worked as a strategy for control.

Countless states and governments have used the concept of terrorism to delegitimize their enemies (and the cause they claim to fight for) and thus justify the use of often profoundly immoral methods against them and in many cases innocent citizens wind up under suspicion and some end up being jailed or killed.

After Operation Condor was first carried out, there were many other governments in South America that operated under a “system of shadows” where agents hid in plain sight and were often elevated to places of authority.

This was later called “The Dirty War” where authorities and police agencies would carry out illegal activities that were fully visible to the public but denied or covered up by the media because of statements of disinformation given by authorities.

People were facing brutality on a day-to-day basis. Many faced the constant danger of out of control attacks from ‘”death squads” or “gangs” that were used for strategic targeting of whistleblowers and political opponents.

Places of education were also targets, where children were killed and teachers were also kidnapped and disappeared.

These events were used as political fodder as those in power were enabled them to deliver an extremely clear message to their political opponents about policies that needed to be overturned, many of them were policies that secured civil rights and privileges provided by their constitution.

Everywhere you turn, those on both the left and right-wing are fomenting distrust and division. You can’t escape it.

We’re being fed a constant diet of fear: fear of a virus, fear of the unmasked, fear of terrorists, fear of illegal immigrants, fear of people who are too religious, fear of people who are not religious enough, fear of extremists, fear of the government, fear of those who fear the government. The list goes on and on.

The strategy is simple yet effective: the best way to control a populace is through fear and discord.

Fear makes people stupid.

Confound them, distract them with mindless news chatter and entertainment, pit them against one another by turning minor disagreements into major skirmishes, and tie them up in knots over matters lacking in national significance.

Most importantly, divide the people into factions, persuade them to see each other as the enemy and keep them screaming at each other so that they drown out all other sounds. In this way, they will never reach consensus about anything and will be too distracted to notice the police state closing in on them until the final crushing curtain falls.

This is how free people enslave themselves and allow tyrants to prevail.

If you certainly are to stubborn to believe this – think how easy it was to have a government coup with the acts of Operation Condor or how paid informants killed 40.000 innocent people in Vietnam with Operation Phoenix.Video: The Vietnam War and the Phoenix Program: “A Computerized Genocide” -  Vietnam Full Disclosure

Few Americans even realize they are being manipulated into adopting an “us” against “them” mindset. Instead, fueled with fear and loathing for phantom opponents, they agree to pour millions of dollars and resources into political elections, militarized police, spy technology, endless wars, COVID-19 mandates, hoping for a guarantee of safety that never comes.

Hoping that their governments will grant them no risk lives if they just follow some nebulous pseudo-science.

All the while, those in power—bought and paid for by lobbyists and corporations—move their costly agendas forward, and “we the suckers” get saddled with the aftermath and subjected to pat downs, police raids and round-the-clock surveillance.

America has already entered a new phase, one in which communities are locked down, employees are forced to choose between keeping their jobs or exercising their freedoms, children are arrested in schools, military veterans are forcibly detained by government agents, and law-abiding Americans are finding their movements tracked, their financial transactions documented and their communications monitored.

These threats are not to be underestimated.

Yet even more dangerous than these violations of our basic rights is the language in which they are couched: the language of fear. It is a language spoken effectively by politicians on both sides of the aisle, shouted by media pundits from their cable TV pulpits, marketed by corporations, and codified into bureaucratic laws that do little to make our lives safer or more secure.

Fear, as history shows, is the method most often used by politicians to increase the power of government.

So far, these tactics are working.

An atmosphere of fear permeates modern America.

Western civilization, led by the US government and media, has embarked upon a campaign of mass psychological terrorism designed to cover for the collapsing economy, set up a new pretext for Wall Street’s ongoing plunder expedition, radically escalate the police state, deeply traumatize people into submission to total social conformity, and radically aggravate the anti-social, anti-human atomization of the people.

The pretext for this abomination has been the pandemic that by al reports was winding down last spring only to be continued because the goals of our controllers and their vaccines were not met. This is why we heard of the pandemic of the unvaxxed — another dividing tool to create a war footing in the nation making the battlefield in your own neighborhood.

Today, with the COVID-19 crisis still dragging on, we are similarly immersed in a situation where nuance and facts are being cast aside, militantly in some cases, in favor of the establishment narrative. Is everyone who chooses not to take this particular vaccine a “conspiracy theorist” and “anti-vaxxer”?Antivaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests - The New  York Times

Does it really make sense to so dramatically divide the public into groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated through a new ID system when the vaccine claims to reduce the severity of illness but not to stop disease transmission? Should those that question the motivation of politicians, powerful pharmaceutical corporations and mainstream media “experts” be censored from expressing those views online?

You do not need to agree with those who hold such views, but what is wrong with hearing what they have to say and debating their evidence with your own?

We are losing the ability to have rational public discourse about these issues — and losing it swiftly, at a speed comparable to what took place in the aftermath of 9/11, when questioning the motives of the Bush administration, US intelligence agencies and other groups, as well as their proposed responses and “solutions,” was deemed “unpatriotic” and even “treasonous” by some.

Calls were made to strip an entire class of Americans of their freedom for merely sharing the same ethno-religious identities as those we were told attacked us, and many went along with it. Freedom became treated as a privilege only for certain groups, not as a right, and this insidious fallacy has reared its head yet again in recent months in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine debate and also the war on domestic terror.

It is evident that most Americans have no direction and are apt pupils for pied pipers that are leading us to our own premature deaths.

It seems clear at this point that one of the key reasons the US continues to hemorrhage its remaining civil liberties, either as a result of the new “War on Domestic Terrorism” or as a response to COVID-19, is that it is undergoing a crisis of conscience and courage in grappling with the fact that for years we have had some sort of traumatic event that has pitted people against one another — it is a continued effort for war — it appears to be a scorched earth policy of sorts.

Literally destroying everything in order to rebuild it in a different image.

As Karl Marx would put it, such a rising is a festival of the masses. The incidental harm is far outweighed by the fact that it raises the level of the struggle to a higher plateau. The wounds inflicted by the gendarmerie will be healed. The lessons will be learned: that a spontaneous uprising has to be supported with whatever means are available; that a great divide exists between the leaders and the masses.

There must be a reason why mankind would give some sort of silent consent to put itself in the harm’s way. The universal principle of freewill indicates that no entity can impose on will of any other without its consent. However there seems to be an agreement among many students of the paranormal that our free will can be breached through trauma based ritualism.

Trauma based ritualism is a form of mind control and everyone from time to time have been beguiled by what can be called the destructive group dynamic –something that is used by most destructive cults to develop a following.

A perfect example of the extreme of this activity can be found in history when we look back at the Jonestown cult led by Jim Jones. Jones was a charismatic leader that gathered together his flock and he fed them the idea that they were being persecuted for their beliefs. This is why the decided to lock themselves down in seclusion in Guyana. He kept them starved and malnourished. he traumatized them into not leaving the compound saying that they would surely die.Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle review – the death cult survivors speak out  | Television & radio | The Guardian

In the end he convinced 900 people to drink poisoned Kool-Aid. Many did so without even thinking others were pressured by their peers while others forcibly made women and children drink it.

It is a valid analogy for what is happening now as we will never know the full effects of what happens to people after receiving the mRNA vaccine. We know that many are dying from complications –and others are still getting breakthrough infections — that the media and the government wish to sanitize and ignore.

Unless you wish to be like Faust, who marched into hell in order to know all of the secrets of the universe. The question should be asked Is mankind that desperate?

Fear of death is working –as we hear constantly that those who are not getting vaccines are dying –rather than hearing that those who drink the Kool-Aid run the risk of dying and have died as well.

The programmed spell has all of the trappings of occult witchcraft. Perhaps we could call it political priest craft, where highly skilled handlers create a demonic virus, introduce it through various triggers that are innocuous to the average person but create the sinister urge to target and kill for political gain and opportunity.

It is the burning that motivates men’s souls.

As a nation, the US populace has failed to grapple with these realities–they are criticized when they see comparisons in history –but coming under fire the truth should be a badge of courage.

People. mostly on the liberal left have overwhelmingly favored the ambitions of a powerful faction within the US national security state that had long sought to bring the dissident-elimination efforts it spent decades implementing abroad – from the Phoenix Program in Vietnam to Operation Condor in South America.

If you wish to know what the future holds perhaps you should study what these programs were about and how we as a people are enduring some of the same game plans that were devised by the same old players like Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and many others that know how destroy governments and replace them with puppets.

Ironically, Operation Condor began on September the 11th, 1973.

Twenty years after the 9/11 attacks the sophisticated “War on Terror” apparatus has been fully turned into a “War on Domestic Terror,” with many of those who once opposed the war on terrorism abroad now cheering on the ratcheting up of its domestic equivalent.

Yet, the domestic terror apparatus being swiftly created and implemented very clearly targets individuals and ideologies on both sides of the political divide.

It is also extremely vague, essentially leaving it up to those holding the reins of political power – whether Democrat, Republican or something else – to decide who is “terrorist” and who is not. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was Joe Biden back in the mid-1990s who introduced legislation that would have given the president sole and unappealable authority to define what constitutes “terrorism,” a fact that was omitted from media coverage of last year’s presidential campaign and the past several months of his presidency.Joe Biden Bragged About a 1992 Crime Bill's Harsh Penalties

Once a tyrant always a tyrant and yet the sugar is spread far and wide by a media that is afraid that it backed the wrong guy — and in the process they continue to blame Donald Trump for the mistakes that are happening now — they need to face the facts — but they can’t , they have bought in so far to the cult mentality they do not care who they hurt in the process.

Not only are we witnessing hubris, we are seeing cowardice and it is difficult to watch the media just make stuff up to demonize one side of the argument. The argument that does not favor their tyranny.

While the divide-and-conquer strategies have raged on from 9/11 to the present, the largest wealth transfers in history have occurred, creating an unaccountable and ultra-wealthy super-elite that dominates an ever-growing underclass.

The march towards this de facto neo-feudalism certainly didn’t begin on or after 9/11, but our collective failure to grapple with the narrative orthodoxies of that day have prevented us from fully understanding the big picture of that event as well as many subsequent and similarly consequential events.

For too long, the desire to preserve our self-image, our reputation, and the worldview we are taught in school has all too often made hard, difficult truths a casualty.

In order to truly understand the War on Terror, the domestic surveillance state and our current reality, we must accept that we have constantly been lied to about historical events like the Kennedy assassination, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Vietnam, Watergate, Oklahoma City, Waco, 911, Afghanistan, the Presidential election, George Floyd, COVID-19 and the list will continue as more traumatic events will erode away our basic freedoms — if there are any freedoms left to be excised.

The United States, and much of the world, is quickly becoming an unrecognizable and authoritarian dystopia. We cannot wait another two decades to grapple with the difficult questions and realities that are continually silenced for political control.

We will either be remembered as a country that took freedom and liberty for all seriously or we will be remembered as a nation of cowards who, driven by fear, were willing to deprive this group, then that group, of their freedom — before losing that freedom entirely.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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