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Clyde Lewis | August 31, 2021


For many years I have talked about Tulpas and how thought forms can become sentient. Tulpamancy itself was confined to small groups of people and others who know of the laws of attraction with regard to minds manifesting into reality things that they lose control of.

With the cross pollination of the internet, Tulpas or thoughtforms in Tulpamancy can manifest in many forms and when they are fueled by mental energies can become monsters that possess those who create them and spread like a plague all over the world.

Tulpas are understood as mental constructs that have achieved sentience.

Tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting independently of, and parallel to your own consciousness. They are able to think, and have their own free will, emotions, and memories. In short, a Tulpa is like a sentient person living in your head, separate from you. It’s currently unproven whether or not Tulpas are truly sentient, but they truly have power.

In some cases, they have the power to manifest alternative multiple personalities in people — pushing people to extremes and having them behave irrationally.

Tulpas can possess people.

I most recently watched a film called, The Empty Man. It was recommended by a listener who said I would love it because it is about Tuplas.The Empty Man (@EmptyManMovie) | Twitter

The Empty Man is a Tulpa himself and comes to those most vulnerable to fear and darkness, those who seemingly have nothing left to live for. In a sense, his victims are ones who are already living a life of emptiness and unfulfillment.

There is also a new movie that has been promoted called Malignant that also uses a Tulpa as an imaginary friend. Of course, we see that this once playful imaginary friend becomes a dangerous bogeyman as the trailer shows us.

This subject was also demonstrated in the ill-fated TV show, The Whispers.

A series of accidents occur around children, who all communicate with the same invisible and seemingly imaginary friend — it is eventually revealed that the imaginary friend is a Dybbuk.

Many Ground Zero listeners know that Dybbuk is a demon of Jewish mythology that possesses people.How to deal with a dybbuk - The Jewish Chronicle

But many people do not know that the semantic spelling of Dybbuk is DIVOC.

he word is transcribed into English as dybbuk, b and v being represented through the same Hebrew character, Bet . So the literal spelling of the Jewish Tulpa is D-I-V-O-C.

Dybbuk comes from the Hebrew verb dāḇaq which translates as “to adhere” or “to cling”.

We all know that according to the Jewish Rabbis the Dybbuk or Divoc is a spirit that possesses people –a spirit that is conjured like a tupla and clings to its creator.

DIVOC in obverse is COVID — a sinister coincidence that has not been lost on some people who are aware of how this is a paranormal coincidences.

According to Newsweek:

“COVID becomes DIVOC backwards and transcribed into Hebrew,

It has been suggested that “divoc” is a Hebrew word that means “possession by an evil spirit.”

This is because Hebrew script is somewhat ambiguous with respect to the pronunciation of b the same consonant, ב, can be pronounced as b or as v depending on the word.

There is no letter C in Hebrew, but the sound is represented by K and Q

So it can be Divic or DIVOC but is still is an interesting footnote is describing COVID as a tulpa.

All news outlets, all over the world, have been relentlessly repeating the term, in a kind of ritual invocation: COVID, COVID, COVID.

But like a Dybbuk the very thought of COVID is becoming terrifying and it has been a tool of possession — COVID becomes a magic invocation that brings fear into the hearts of people.

I knew that eventually the subject of COVID-19 would take a paranormal turn as it has been frustrating for people like me to get through the headlines without being subjected to terror headlines about it.

The subject certainly is within the realms of conspiracy theory, or within the boundaries of suspicion ever since we were subjected to videos out of China showing people dropping dead in the streets, throwing up blood on the subways and being picked up hogties and hooded and put into a van by men wearing hazmat suits.

That kind of propaganda in and of itself should be investigated as intentional psychological warfare against the United States and the world as it was the spark that lit the fire of the death watches that were prevalent during the first cases of Covid-19.

We were always told of the danger and never told about the ways we can somehow avert disaster.

We in the United States saw all of the horrifying videos coming out of China. None of them were fact checked and most of them were all misleading. People were not dying in the streets — and no one was throwing up blood on the subways, but these videos went viral and while it was enough to alert people of what was coming – the government was not at all phased– but people were horrified.

Drone footage showed people in hazmat suits digging trenches and burying coffins on New York’s Hart Island. At the start of April 2020, Hart Island saw burials increase from about 25 a week to 25 a day.

The media wanted you to believe that this was something that was out of an apocalyptic horror film — but Hart Island has always been a burial spot for unclaimed dead.

Not all local people who die from COVID-19 are automatically buried at this site. For more than 150 years Hart Island has been used as a burial site for deceased people with no next of kin to claim them.

The story was misleading, but it was effective horror porn to catapult the deadly stories which also included refrigerator trucks being ordered in order to help refrigerate the dead.

The other day as I was perusing my news feed, I stumbled upon a headline that seriously gave me the creeps. It was an article in the SUN tabloid that said:

“HEARTBREAKING REALITY Medics reveal horror of ‘talking dead’ Covid patients who are awake but can’t survive without machines due to damage.”Medics reveal horror of 'talking dead' Covid patients who are awake but  can't survive without machines due to damage

The headline alone was enough to make me cringe but reading on terrified me even more.

To quote the SUN:

Medics have revealed the horror of “talking dead” Covid patients who are awake but can’t survive without machines. The situation has become so dire in one Florida hospital that staff are now referring to Covid patients who are hooked up to breathing machines as the “talking dead”.

“Those are patients who are still awake right now, who are still conscious, so they are having these very difficult conversations with their doctors and their nurses, and facing that very tough reality that if that life-sustaining equipment that’s breathing for them is removed, as this hospital official described it for me, they could be dead in a matter of minutes.”

This affected me because this is how my father died — he was suffering from Pneumonia, and he was offered a breathing tube in order to survive and my father declined. Within 20 minutes he was dead. He just was not comfortable having a machine doing the breathing for him.

The report continues saying portable morgues have also been sent to 14 hospital systems in Central Florida as they and crematoriums hit capacity.

The truth is horrifying – that is if it is the truth.

A story has been floating around the internet that allegedly was published by CNN a vaccinated COVID-19 victim who blamed unvaccinated people.

“Healthy 40-year Old COVID Victim’s Last Words: ‘I blame the unvaccinated for this,'” reads the headline.Celebs memes. Best Collection of funny Celebs pictures on iFunny

The post accumulated more than 2,200 likes in two days, and similar versions have been circulating on Facebook and Twitter. Some social media users questioned whether the story was real, though.

It turns out to be satire — or was it?

The fear porn, both in the internet and television, is becoming terrorvision.

Over the past year and a half, hysterical media reporting on matters COVID-19 has reduced some people to a fearful state of unquestioning compliance – including a great number of otherwise critically-thinking journalists.

With screaming headlines in bold and large font such as, ”Will this nightmare ever end?” and “Mutant virus skyrockets…” and ”Fear grows across the country: VIRUS PANIC,” and ”Coronavirus horror: Social media footage shows infected Wuhan residents ‘act like zombies’,” it is no wonder many people are in a state of panic.

In times when many are suffering mentally and physically under unnecessary and prolonged lockdowns, the incessant fear porn is causing excessive anxiety, which in turn will affect the health & mental well-being of some, if not many.

COVID-19 reporting has increasingly been utterly absurd, with stories of people dropping dead in the streets, ice rink morgues to cope with the mountains of bodies, footage of an overcrowded New York hospital (that just happened to be of an Italian hospital), claims of animals testing positive for SARS-CoV-2, and more recently reports of people dying post-jab but we are told ”it could have been worse!”

This campaign of fear caused the public to massively overestimate the lethality of COVID-19, which as un-alarmist voices note has a survival rate of nearly 99 percent.

If there is any attempt to quell the fear mongering the result is always ad hominem attacks on journalists and doctors who are trying to bring calm and discernment to patients who fear they are going to die from the disease.

If anyone wishes to offer perspectives which contradict the standard narratives around COVID-19, they are deemed conspiracy theorists, pandemic-deniers, right-wingers, selfish… Nazis.

It never ends.

When it comes to matters COVID-19, it is suddenly unacceptable to question “The Science.”

When it is scientism that we are now being told to accept without even doubting.

The media are drivers of COVID hysteria, and it is the daily bombardment of fear porn that confuses average people and enables tyrannical powers to be brought in, largely unchallenged.

However, what is most annoying and insidious is that the Tulpa of COVID has been released.

It is uncontrolled and therefore you must abide by certain rules to avoid it.

Like wearing a mask is similar to wearing a cross or garlic to ward off vampires, Social distancing has often been used as a form of no touch torture when it comes to warding off the “devil’s playground” where carnal knowledge can be avoided if you keep the opposite sex at arms length.

The vaccine can be seen as a sort of communion, that protects you. Something that you must partake of more than once to insure that you will not be possessed by this evil and terrifying Tulpa.

It really is cult-like at this point. Where the vaccine has become some religious rite. Dying while vaccinated is better than dying unvaccinated, like dying having confessed and been absolved of your sins, or being buried on consecrated ground.

We are told that all of this keeps the vampires away, it is for your own good.

It is as if governments and big companies were strict but caring parents, and we were just unruly or disobedient children who don’t really know what they need.

We are told that we need to be cautious and proactive about our health and that governments care about our health and wellbeing.

But do they really?

Like monomaniacs, they seem to be worried exclusively about COVID.

Not about the incredible amount of mental health issues because of the fear porn they push and the Tulpa they have created.

Do they care about what it is doing to the mental health of their nation. and the increased suicides that have happened because people are feeling hopeless and traumatized?COVID-19 Is Hurting Our Mental Health. But What Can We Do About It? |  Medicine at Michigan


Do they care about people who were so afraid of contracting COVID, that didn’t go to the hospital to treat other conditions and died?

They certainly don’t care for the people who died or got sick because of side effects of the vaccines. Or those that continue to get sick even after they get the shot.

They still want you to gamble with your health and take that chance.

Its for your own good.

We are now battling not just a manifested Tulpa, but one that is thriving on invocation and fear.

It is a Tulpa that is being used to create an excuse for vaccine passports” and their “tracking apps” and their “cashless society.”

It has become quite useful. Have you noticed that the thought of getting COVID is far more terrifying than actually catching it. Once you have it you have to suffer through the aches and pains and fever — and trying to put out of your mind that active Tulpa of death in your head,

The thought is insidious and needless, but certainly has a place in your head that is not paying rent.

The propagation of a global vaccination program, vaccine passports digital tagging, ceaseless tracking, monitoring, and controlling, are signs of the endgame. Our moves are becoming more and more limited. Our sovereign being is about to be toppled.

We don’t yet know whether the current mRNA injections have the capacity to disrupt catastrophically. But the momentum is set. The variants, real or imaginary, will keep coming, providing a never-ending reason for more and different ‘vaccines.’

The question is do we really need to feed this tulpa of death.

Are we going to continue to view terror vision news programs that want is to tune in turn on and drop dead?

Naively we may urge caution, seek debate, even call for some backtracking. Yet, who is listening?

A fateful divide is growing every day. There seems no middle ground. The extended middle suffers — the Tulpa grows in strength and the terror continues unabated.

The government’s scripted response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been predictably consistent: once again, in order to fight this so-called Tulpa, the government insists it needs even greater surveillance powers.

As we’ve seen since 9/11 and more recently with the COVID lockdowns, those in power have always had a penchant for enacting extreme measures to combat perceived threats. However, unlike the modern America police state, the American government circa the 1950s did not have at its disposal the arsenal of invasive technologies that are such an intrinsic part of our modern surveillance state.

Today, we are watched and tracked 24/7; data is collected on us at an alarming rate by governmental and corporate entities; and with the help of powerful computer programs, American domestic intelligence agencies sweep our websites, listen in on our telephone calls and read our text messages at will.

Now with the COVID pandemic and its offshoots such as contact tracing and immunity passports, the governmental landscape is even more invasive.

Yet no matter the threat, the underlying principle remains the same: can we hold onto our basic freedoms and avoid succumbing to the soul-sucking dredge of conformity that threatens our very humanity?

The system that’s brought in behind the vaccine, tests and mask mandates creates almost no opportunity for personal freedom, individual businesses, fiscal independence or personal property.

The system is the backbone of Agenda 21 it is the foundation for the fourth industrial revolution. Part of which includes the seizing of land and other property and businesses from the people to the state.

It’s just a question of when. Under the new slave system, everything will be rationed, and all behaviors and movements will be controlled and monitored. The slave system censors speech and independent thought through social credit. It prohibits knowledge and learning other than what the state decrees acceptable.

We are living in this now because the Tulpa of COVID is just as possessive as the DIVOC or Dybbuk.

We are in a living hell, and it will continue for those who survive the injections and the demonic variant Tulpas.

But since the future provided by the World Economic Forum hinges on depopulation, sterilization and euthanasia, its essential that people understand where this is really headed.Schwab Family Values -

The mob hysteria, sense of paranoia, and the witch hunt atmosphere feel familiar as we have been conditioned to see these paranormal behaviors as natural but they are preternatural— supernatural and are actively trying to enslave the mind all the while telling you that it is for your own good.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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