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Ron Patton | August 29, 2022

The recent film, Jurassic World: Dominion, attempts to expose mad science and how people in places of power have hijacked agriculture, food supply, gene editing, and DNA databases. While dinosaurs are the main attraction of the film, the intent is to show how corporate interests wish to control genetically modified foods and organisms, which is occurring in our reality today. There is the hope that once reintroduced, these creatures will help reestablish an equilibrium missing from their ecosystems since they went extinct but how would that affect the human race? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about JURASSIC PARTS – BOUNDS OF DOMINION.






I can’t believe that it is almost September. Soon, we won’t have to hear about how hot it is and how it all is attributed to Climate Change.

They always say that time flies when you’re having fun, and as you grow older such an expression seems to have an increased impact and meaning as each new cycle spins. But I’m not sure that any point in human history has seen as much flux as this still-young decade of the 2020s has already been through.

We can say that most everything has been brought to slow burn because of this new scientific method of predicting the end of the world or saying that it is inevitable unless you follow to the letter everything you are told.

The so-called science is solely responsible for creating an age of terror. Never before in the history of mankind have we been forced to face our mortality as mad science has unleashed various plagues and have geoengineered the planet.

The whole idea of science by consensus has brought us face to face with the next stage of Orwell’s fevered dream that has manifested in the form of draconian lockdowns, suppression of effective medical treatments, massive censorship, propaganda campaigns, forced inoculations in many parts of the world, and the rise of globalist-inspired technocratic tyranny.

We have been told that today science has all of the answers. The only frustrating thing is that they  control the questions as well.

For some odd reason we now live in times where it is anathema to question the so called lords of science. From various plagues to Climate Change the science should not be questioned.  It is also heresy to question the motives of science and to declare something “mad science.”

We certainly have come to think that only the priests of science can understand science. It used to be that common sense ruled, and what it didn’t rule, religion and a belief in God filled in. Now neither common sense nor God exists in the popular mind. The phrases uttered by those who still listen to their common sense, such as, “do your own research” has, to the science worshipper, become the mantra of the imbecile, the moron who doesn’t trust the “Science God” to tell them what is real and what is not real.

Common sense cannot, for the most part, assume a thorough understanding of science, but as mom used to say, “if everyone is jumping off the cliff, would you go with them?”

It seems that in today’s climate, most people are jumping. That is a lack of common sense. If science says it is safe to jump, then we jump.

I am sure many of us have had to endure the snarky remark made by people who woke up one day and became supporters of “The Science.”

Of course, I am referring to “Science Denier” a phrase that should warrant a punch in the mouth. Using deductive reasoning It wouldn’t hurt as much if they are following the science and wearing a mask.

Luckily we see that the mask wearing ritual is slowly going away save for a few doctor’s offices and hospital waiting rooms. Now that we have moved on from COVID-19 into Monkey Pox. Tomato Pox and possibly polio –we may see those who do not use discernment fall for the vaccine snake oil yet again.

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize new COVID-19 booster shots this week without a staple of its normal decision-making process: data from a study showing whether the shots were safe and worked in humans.

The shots, modified to target the latest versions of the omicron variant, won’t have finished testing in humans when the FDA makes its decisions.

Instead, the agency plans to assess the shots using data from other sources such as research in mice, the profiles of the original vaccines and the performance of earlier iterations of boosters targeting older forms of omicron.

Put simply they haven’ tested the boosters — so if you get another Jab you are going to really have to trust the science.

Or should I say blindly trust the Science.

But I don’t want you to get the impression that I want to talk about Covid.. no not at all .

I am just wondering when people are going to stop following blindly the so called science that has been bought and paid for by eugenicists and Mathusian billionaires.

it is not so difficult to see clearly that there is a deeper, more robust, science that is contradicting the mainstream.

But still we hear the mantra “follow the science!” “you are a moronic denier of science!” and as Fauci so famously put it, “if you are against me, you are against science!”

So what, then, is science? The first thing I would say in defining science is to state what it isn’t…it isn’t typically consensual.

I suppose there are some things we can call “settled science” but even much of that is often questioned, certainly over the years as new discoveries are made “old science” steps aside for “new science.”

Science has truly become more of a religion than a systematic (and by its nature controversial) effort to discover the mysteries of the natural world. Religions are typically dogmatic, meaning they have rules that are not to be questioned.

An unseen authority such as God, or a group of Gods, has historically set the rules of religions. Today, the self-appointed “ruling class” — the government, the Faucis, the Big Pharma corporations, or someone or something even beyond that, sets the rules of the religion “scientism”.

The powers that be are desperate to harness the power of science to do their evil bidding. They wish it to become the superstitious demon they can release onto anyone who questions their power and authority. Again, as Anthony Fauci so brazenly stated, “if you are against me, you are against science.” And a sane person, or so they want you to think, cannot be against science.

How is this “take over” of science possible? “Science” is now sacred in our modern world, and has been for quite some time. Technology, medicine, engineering, has become so sophisticated and complex few people know the inner sanctum of the science behind all of this that seems to be, to the layman, magic.

It takes a real scientist to know science’s innermost secrets.

Over the weekend I got caught up on all of my movie watching and reading. The movie I chose to watch was recommended by many of my listeners. It was Jurassic World: Dominion.

This is the time where I tell you that you may hear a few spoilers — but the flim was not what I expected. In fact it is a film that again tries to expose mad science and how people in places of power have hijacked our agriculture, food supply, and DNA databases.

The premise of the movie is about controlling the food supply, food shortages, gene editing and human cloning. A whole lot of predictive programming from a script that was written in 2015 and was delayed until the spring of 2022 for release.

While dinosaurs are the main attraction of the film, and the idea that we now can live with them normally — the intent of this film is to show how corporate interests wish to control genetically modified foods and organisms.

The main company controlling both the food supply and the dinosaurs is Biosyn Genetics.

The intent of Jurassic World Dominion to connect the corrupt actions of Biosyn Genetics to Monsanto and, in many cases, now of Bayer–two companies infamous for both Agent Orange that killed and maimed Soldiers in Vietnam and Zyclob B, a chemical used to kill the Jews during World War II.

Now these companies are in charge of GMO foods, which of course Bill Gates has invested in tremendously.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that dinosaurs now live alongside humans, but Biosyn has been contracted to collect as many of the creatures as possible and relocate them to the company’s isolated scientific corner of the world. Biosyn is a genetics company, which dabbles primarily in pharmaceuticals and agriculture science.

We soon learn that hordes of giant locusts genetically engineered to be about the size of a house cat with signs of ancient DNA are gobbling up crops from Iowa to Texas, creating a food crisis across the U.S. They’re not only eating humans’ food, but also livestock food,

In one telling scene about the kind of threat the locusts (and, by extension, corporate influence) is alleged to usher in and which brings the Monsanto connection home: These giant locusts eat the field of an “independent” farmer but don’t touch the crops grown with Biosyn seed. In this case, Biosyn and its genetics program becomes both the aggressor and the savior.

And that right there plays into real-world claims that companies like Monsanto had tried to control the world’s food supply through genetic engineering.

The idea being that if everything we consume is Roundup Ready, then companies such as Monsanto would be at the top of the food chain, so to speak. Society would be unable to function without their genetic technology.

Reprogramming locusts to eat some crops and not others can be considered geoengineering as well.

Later we find that that Biosysn has a secret and that is an experiment dealing with human cloning that has a connection to the dinosaurs.

I won’t go into much detail — but again there is a great deal of predictive programming in this topic also.

Although science has made much progress in the last century, there are still numerous ethical issues that need to be addressed by the scientific community regarding the cloning of animals, fossils and humans.

There is also concerns about the creation of artificial life. For some, this is the logical progress of scientific knowledge; for others, this is a realm that should not be intruded by human beings. Concepts relating to the creation of artificial life such as genetic engineering and human cloning are relatively modern scientific ideas.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have created model embryos from mouse stem cells that form a brain, a beating heart, and the foundations of all the other organs of the body. It represents a new avenue for recreating the first stages of life.

The team of researchers, led by Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, developed the embryo model without eggs or sperm. Instead, they used stem cells – the body’s master cells, which can develop into almost any cell type in the body.

According SCI-TECH DAILY,  By guiding the three types of stem cells found in early mammalian development to the point where they start interacting, the researchers mimicked natural processes in the lab. The scientists were able to get the stem cells to ‘talk’ to each other by inducing the expression of a particular set of genes and establishing a unique environment for their interactions.

The stem cells self-organized into structures that progressed through the successive developmental stages until they had beating hearts and the foundations of the brain They also had the yolk sac where the embryo develops and gets nutrients from in its first weeks. Unlike other synthetic embryos, the Cambridge-developed models reached the point where the entire brain, including the anterior portion, began to develop. This is a further point in development than has been achieved in any other stem cell-derived model.

While the current research was carried out in mouse models, the researchers are developing similar human models with the potential to be directed towards the generation of specific organ types to understand mechanisms behind crucial processes that would be otherwise impossible to study in real embryos.

This sounds similar to what used to be called alchemy and how magicians and practitioners of the dark arts created the homunculus — or the little man in the vessel.

The homunculus is first referred to in alchemical writings of the 16th century. It is likely, however, that this concept is older than these writings. The idea that miniature fully-formed people can be created has been traced to the early Middle Ages (400 to 1000 AD), and is partly based on the Aristotelian belief that the sperm is greater than the ovum in its contribution to the production of offspring.

The first known account of the production of the homunculus is said to be found in an undated Arabic work called the Book of the Cow , purportedly written by the Greek philosopher Plato himself. The materials required for the creation of the homunculus include human semen, a cow or ewe and animal blood, whilst the process includes the artificial insemination of the cow / ewe, smearing the inseminated animal’s genitals with the blood of another animal, and feeding it exclusively on the blood of another animal .

The pregnant animal would eventually give birth to an unformed substance, which would then be places in a powder made of ground sunstone a mystical phosphorescent elixir, sulfur, magnet, green tutia (a sulphate of iron) and the sap of a white willow.

When the blob starts growing human skin, it would be required to be placed in a large glass or lead container for three days. After that, it has to be fed with the blood of its decapitated mother for seven days before becoming a fully-formed homunculus.

Which brings us back to the original Jurassic Park movie where Dr, Malcom played by Jeff Goldblum says “Life finds a way” discussing how life does not necessarily need the womb in order for it to survive.

However Dr. Malcom also said “Genetic power’s the most awesome force the planet’s ever seen, but you wield it like a kid who’s found his dad’s gun” he then also says your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Never before have those quotes meant so much as genetics is being used to resurrect extinct species.

A group of scientists last week announced a plan to resurrect the Tasmanian tiger, a coyote-like marsupial that has been extinct for nearly a century, using state-of-the-art gene editing technology.

The goal, researchers say, is to eventually reintroduce the creature back into the Australian wilderness, where it roamed as an apex predator before being hunted into extinction in the early 20th century. To achieve this, scientists plan to splice genetic material from old Tasmanian tigers with the DNA of its closest living relative — a mouse-sized marsupial called a dunnat — to create a new animal nearly identical to its long-dead ancestor.

The project is a collaboration between Australian researchers and a U.S.-based company called Colossal Biosciences. Last year, Colossal unveiled a bold plan to bring back the woolly mammoth. As difficult as reviving the Tasmanian tiger might be, the mammoth presents even larger challenges. Mammoths have been extinct for 4,000 years, meaning there is even less genetic material available to work with. The people behind the project concede that — if their work is successful — it will result in a creature that isn’t exactly a mammoth as it once existed, but really a “cold-resistant elephant with all of the core biological traits of the Woolly Mammoth.”

These efforts are part of an emerging scientific movement called “de-extinction.” Separate projects have been launched in hopes of bringing back extinct species like the Christmas Island rat, the passenger pigeon and even possibly the dodo. Similar work is being done to help animals currently at risk of extinction. In 2020, scientists successfully cloned a black-footed ferret, a severely threatened species that would likely disappear without new members being added to wild populations.

As significant as the question of whether these animals can be brought back — and a lot of experts have their doubts — there is a lot of debate over whether they should be.

Supporters of de-extinction say, beyond the sheer wonder it creates, the science gives us a chance to right some of the wrongs committed in the past by reviving species eradicated by humans. There is also hope that, once reintroduced, these creatures will help reestablish an equilibrium missing from their ecosystems since they went extinct.

Advocates say there are other potential outcomes that could benefit humans as well. The scientists trying to bring back mammoths, for example, say wild herds of these enormous animals may help combat climate change by slowing the erosion of permafrost in the snowy regions they may one day roam. Others say ambitious projects like de-extinction are likely to unlock breakthroughs in genetic science that can be used to protect endangered species.

Of course all of these arguments were made by scientists when they chose to clone dinosaurs in the film Jurassic Park.

The “priests of the new science” are now here to redefine science– with Jurassic parts sewn together to break the bounds of dominion.

The masses are not sophisticated enough to tell the difference between “jump off the cliff” science, and real science.

Science, real science, is dead.

Mad science is here — and all of the wannabe Joseph Mengeles’ are ready to do their experiments that could bring us ever closer to extinction.



Written by Ron Patton


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  1. stephen

    August 29, 2022 at 10:20 pm


  2. joe

    August 30, 2022 at 3:40 am

    Really Come on..Lame yo.. REAL NEWS INVEST in GOLD by 2030 $$$ 4.474 Dollars an OZ. The Dollar . Rockerfeller said it.. CASH IS KING !!!! Dump your PHONY PONZI Bitcoins & cryptos or you will be Wipe-out like 2008 housing & Dot-com HAHAHAHA The JOKER CHAOS PROTOCOLS fools

  3. Greg

    August 30, 2022 at 4:59 am

    There was that story a little while back where Russia accused the US of sending genetically modified soldiers to Syria. Soldiers are like guinea pigs, they are given numerous vaccines. It seems like everything is genetically modified today. Even people trying to be healthy have most likely consumed genetically modified food and you are what you eat. Outside of the medical experimentation there is the natural way the body adapts and evolves to the environment. Exercising the mind and body and eating good food will alter you to become more powerful. Martial arts especially older traditional ones like karate that include meditation are like a transcendant experience. A person can gain knowledge and experience and with a strong will and power of belief modify themselves.

  4. Jimbo

    August 30, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Democracy debased into Scientocracy, chiefly by democrats. I remember the old TV show “Dinosaurs” (not the mama..) and its ubiquitous “WeSaySo” Corporation.

    Several interesting books by PhD. Gerald Schroeder, MIT: “The Science of God” ; “Genesis and the Big Bang” ,

    Two compound words from NWO lexicon: euthagenics and euthanicide. Don’t know the difference there.

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