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Ron Patton | July 18, 2022

“Decapitation” is a military strategy aimed at removing the leadership or command and control of a hostile government or group. This tactic has often been evident where fiction tends to illustrate scenarios that become actualities and is referred to as “Predictive Programming.” They uncannily paint a picture of what is about to happen or what is happening behind the scenes only to be revealed later in the zeitgeist. The Batman movie series is a prime example of using a cast of familiar characters that have eerily predicted the future or as somehow coincidentally unveiled several wild synchronicities. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about DECAPITATION – IT CAN HAPPEN HERE.






There have been many times when fiction tends to illustrate scenarios that become actualities. Many times we have called these scenarios, “Predictive Programming.”  They uncannily paint a picture of either what is about to happen or what is happening behind the scenes only to be revealed later in the zeitgeist.

There is one particular film using a cast of familiar characters that have eerily predicted the future or as somehow coincidentally unveiled some wild synchronicities.

I am talking about the Batman films and the other films in the franchise that have included some of their spin off characters, particularly the Joker and how he has inspired criminal minds outside of the fictional Gotham City.

Many remember several coincidences that really were creepy that were seen in Batman movies over the years. In the film Dark Knight Rises there was a scene about 50 minutes into the film where the police draw a circle on a map where the words “Sandy Hook” were seen.

‘Sandy Hook’ was written in pencil on an area of the map. One of the actors even puts his fingers over the words.

The words ‘Sandy Hook’ has no relevance to that scene or any other part of the movie, so it is rather strange that those words would appear at all. The words are pointed to by the actor as the ‘target’, but even then from a plot point of view, it’s difficult to justify having any words written on the map, a simple gesture to a point on the map itself would have sufficed.

However, to add to the creepiness of the film while the movie played in movie theaters across the US, there was an incident in one of those theaters, James Holmes walked into the theater and opened fire on the audience killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. In the movie in question, there is an, as yet, inexplicable reference to the name of the school that would, six months later, be the target where 28 people were shot dead, 20 of them children.

Dark Knight Rises also predicted the attack on Wall Street.

I actually wrote an article about the synchronicity that was published called “There is a Storm Coming” based on a quote by Celina Kyle in the film.

Kyle who is dancing at a soiree with Bruce Wayne gives him a warning that there was a war brewing in Gotham between the haves and the have nots.

“There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches ‘cause when it hits, you’re all goanna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

The antagonist Bane and his League of Shadows rise up against the bankers and elite billionaires like Bruce Wayne and attack Wall Street, savagely beating the rich while promising the good people of Gotham that “tomorrow, you claim what is rightfully yours.”

But Bane is no Robin Hood.

He is plotting a massive transfer of wealth through the stock exchange after inciting civil unrest.

The Great Reset is beginning to show that it is serious about controlling the wealth of the world. Big money is turning its back on companies that are not conforming to one simple idea. Sustainability. And it’s fueling one of the biggest transfers of capital the world has ever seen.

Bane’s  evil genius uses an algorithm that undermines the “one percent” and send them into the streets where the disgruntled will eat them. Fraudulent practices are exposed—identity theft, credit card fraud, securities fraud, and a number of other practices that the elite do in order to bilk the poor out of their money.

This actually happened with what was called the “Gamestop Rebellion.”  This is where amateur investors shorted the market.

In January 2021, a short squeeze of the stock of the American video game retailer GameStop (NYSE: GME) and other securities took place, causing major financial consequences for certain hedge funds and large losses for short sellers.

Approximately 140 percent of GameStop’s public float had been sold short, and the rush to buy shares to cover those positions as the price rose caused it to rise even further. The short squeeze was initially and primarily triggered by users of the subreddit/wallstreetbets, an Internet forum on the social news website Reddit, although a number of hedge funds also participated.

At its height, on January 28, the short squeeze caused the retailer’s stock price to reach a pre-market value of over US$500 per share, nearly 30 times the $17.25 valuation at the beginning of the month. The price of many other heavily shorted securities and cryptocurrencies also increased.

This is again another one of those uncanny coincidences from a  Batman film that cannot be ignored.

The film, Joker, was released in theaters, and many people were worried that the film would spark violent shooters in theaters. It didn’t, but the riot scenes in the film predated the riots that were seen in the streets in places like Washington and Oregon and eventually the riots of January 6th.

The 2022 Batman film entitled, The Batman, was literally a horrific take on the Dark Knight Starring Robert Pattinson in the title role. It was released in March of 2022 in hopes of getting people into theaters after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were being lifted.

When I first saw the film, I was certainly looking for Predictive programming since these films are notoriously accurate in art fore structuring reality.

I walked away saying that the film lays the groundwork for what can be called a decapitation operation where civilians begin attacking and murdering or attempt to murder politicians and judges.

The film begins of on Halloween, Gotham City mayor Don Mitchell Jr. is murdered by a psychopath who calls himself the Riddler. The Riddler seems to have this vendetta against politicians and judges that he says tell lies about rebuilding and making Gotham a better place.

The Riddler then abducts the district attorney, , straps a timed collar bomb to his neck, and sends him to interrupt Mitchell’s funeral.  After a number of terrorist threats he then decides to target the mayor elect for assassination.

This is a terrifying scenario because we are now witnessing similar activity as we are hearing about civilians who are now targeting supreme court justices and other politicians.

Last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned that threats of political violence, particularly against judges and state officials, will likely intensify in light of the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate abortion laws.

According to the report, extremists, “will likely exploit” the Supreme Court’s ruling to “intensify violence against a wide range of targets.” Federal and state officials, and their facilities, could be “most at risk” of being targets of political violence.

Since then, a federal grand jury charged a California man with attempted murder after he was arrested near the Maryland home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The man, who pleaded not guilty, allegedly told detectives he was “upset” by the leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s abortion decision, the Justice Department said.

A candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri has run a campaign video that shows him carrying a long gun and a sidearm, leading a mock commando raid, on the hunt for “RINOS”—Republicans in name only.

Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger reports mail threatening to execute him, his wife and newborn child. Mr. Kinzinger is an anti-Trump member of the Jan. 6 committee.

A rash of recent violent threats against U.S. lawmakers has raised new concerns about the safety of political figures, particularly after the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe illustrated in the starkest possible terms the stakes of a heightened threat environment.

Another  recent high-profile incident came earlier last  week when a man was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Rep. Pramila Jayapal who leads the Congressional Progressive Caucus. According to law enforcement, officers discovered the suspect in the street outside Jayapal’s Seattle home on the evening of July 9th standing with his hands in the air and a handgun holstered on his waist.

A neighbor told officers that they heard the man yell, “Go back to India, I’m going to kill you” and saw his vehicle drive by Jayapal’s residence about three times while he yelled profanities, according to legal records.

Mark Middleton was an Arkansas businessman and former presidential advisor to President Bill Clinton whose May 2022 death is under scrutiny. Middleton was a Little Rock businessman who was “linked to” sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein by introducing him to Clinton.

Middleton admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House multiple times during his presidency.

Middleton’s brother Larry Middleton wrote in an affidavit with the family’s lawsuit, “My brother died by suicide in Perry County, Arkansas on May 7, 2022, at the age of 59 years of age. Since his death, I, and other members of the family, have received intimidating, threatening, hurtful, and offensive inquiries from individuals regarding Mark and his death based on an unsupported, offensive, and unsubstantiated conspiracies.”

Radar Online reported that Middleton was discovered on May 7, 2022, “hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast through his chest and a cheap Dollar Tree-type extension cord around his neck.”

Investigators determined that his cause of death was suicide, the site reported. Daily Mail reported that Middleton died at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, “owned by an anti-poverty nonprofit called Heifer International, 30 miles away from his home.”

Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery gave Daily Mail details of the death before no longer talking. He told the site that Middleton had told his family he was “depressed.

Middleton’s family has filed a lawsuit to prevent local investigators from releasing details about Middleton’s death. Many people find this suspicious,

U.S. government agencies appear increasingly concerned about heightened risk of political hostility in America, as well as the international dimension of the problem.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has warned that violence in the U.S. is increasingly likely to be politically motivated, a trend that could collide with concerns over the threat from lone actors.

In a June terrorism advisory bulletin, the agency noted a wide range of divisive topics, from abortion to the border, could be motivators for those likely to use violence to express discontent. It’s something already being played upon by foreign actors.

Some even suggest that many of these assailants can be bad actors trained as Russian or Chunese agents.

The authors of a recent book “Radical American Partisanship: Mapping Violent Hostility, Its Causes, and the Consequences for Democracy” found that the share of partisans who say violence by their own party is at least a little justified to advance their party’s goals has risen steadily over recent years, up to around one in five.

Acts of Decapitation have been used on Foreign governments to topple what can be called evil regimes.

Decapitation is a military strategy aimed at removing the leadership or command and control of a hostile government or group.

The strategy of shattering or defeating an enemy by eliminating its military and political leadership has long been utilized in warfare.

A Decapitation exercise was also used in another work of fiction which has been mentioned recently and that is Handmaid’s tale. In the book written by Margaret Atwood , The President’s Day massacre took place in Washington, DC and targeted the highest echelons of the US government. Specifically, the attackers succeeded in bombing the White House and firing on the US Capitol building, resulting in the deaths of the (unnamed) US President and most of the US Congress. Plans for a similar attack on the US Supreme Court are mentioned also in the book.

Following the massacre, the story goes that the Sons of Jacob seized control of the US government and armed forces through unspecified means, declaring martial law, suspending the US Constitution and gradually reshaping American society into the “utopia” of Gilead. According to the original book, the Sons of Jacob were able to blame the attack on Islamic terrorists.

The question here is whether or not we are beginning to see a predictive pattern in our fiction — or if we are seeing a repeat of history.

Between 1932-1934 was a period of history that saw the world torn down into a deep depression which the people of Europe and America were told by their media, could only be solved by the “economic miracle solution” of a new system of governance known as “fascism”.

This “fascist economic solution” took hold in Europe with the quick rise of Nazism, Franco and Mussolini’s Corporatism as well what later became Vichy France.

In English Canada, the League for Social Reconstruction was ready to take power in 1932 and French-speaking Canada was quickly embracing the Nazi-inspired political party of Adrien Arcand.

The British governing class, led by the royal family were fully backing Nazism, and Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists was rising faster than ever.

All of these movements came in different flavors but were united under a cold utilitarian philosophy of government, a devout love for eugenics, the racist “science” of population control  and addiction to City of London/Wall Street money.

Even though the financial elite of Wall Street had pulled the plug on the system four years earlier, the population had still not been broken sufficiently to accept fascism as the solution which Time magazine told them it was.

Instead, the people voted for one of the few anti-fascist presidential candidates available in 1932 when Franklin Roosevelt was elected under the theme of taking the money lenders out of power and restoring the constitution.

During FDR’s famous 100 Days, an all-out war was declared on the “economic royalists” that had taken over the nation. Audits and investigations were conducted on the banks in the form of the Pecora Commission, and the biggest financial houses which had spent billions on fascist parties of Europe were broken up while speculation was reined in under Glass-Steagall.

Meanwhile a new form of banking was unveiled more in alignment with America’s constitutional traditions in the form of productive credit and long term public works which created real jobs and increased the national productive powers of labor.

Many people remain totally ignorant that even before his March 4, 1933 inauguration, Franklin Roosevelt narrowly avoided an assassination attempt in Florida which saw 5 people struck by bullets and the mayor of Chicago dying of his wounds 3 weeks later.

Within days of the mayor’s death, the assassin Giuseppe Zingara was speedily labelled a “lone gunman” and executed without any serious investigation into his freemasonic connections.

This however was just a pre-cursor for an even greater battle which Wall Street financiers would launch in order to overthrow the presidency later that year. This effort would only be stopped by the courageous intervention of a patriotic marine named Smedley Darlington Butler.

A group of wealthy industrialists had been plotting to overthrow the government of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a military coup. He was asked to head up an Army of 500,000 men to do the job. He refused. It was a Nazi Plot where Wall Street interest threatened to overthrow the government. They were a front called the American liberty League and those who supported it were several major companies including Heinz, Maxwell house Coffee, Colgate, U.S. Steel, and General Motors. The Chief Organizer was Prescott Bush.

When the time was right, Butler blew the whistle by approaching the Special Committee on Un-American Activities (the McCormack-Dickstein Committee) which began an investigation on November 20, 1934.

Unlike the Committee on Un-American Activities which made its reputation destroying patriotic lives under the communist witch hunt of McCarthyism, this earlier version was aligned to FDR and dedicated solely to identifying Nazi activity in America.

At first skeptical of the general’s claims, the committee soon substantiated everything over the course of a month-long investigation and made their findings public to FDR and congress on December 29, 1934.

This exposure, alongside the Pecora Commission findings, and earlier failed assassination attempt gave FDR the ammunition he needed to force America’s deep state into submission.

The danger of World War and a military coup arose again during the short lived administration of John F. Kennedy who found himself locked in a life or death struggle not with Russia, but with the Military Industrial Complex that had become dominated by the many Dr. Strangeloves of the Joint Chief of Staff and CIA who fanatically believed that America could win a nuclear war with Russia.

Kennedy’s valiant efforts to achieve dialogue with his Soviet counterparts, move towards peace in Vietnam, support of colonial liberation, promotion of space exploration and advocacy of a Nuclear Test Ban treaty made him a target of the Deep State of his time. During this period, this effort was led from the top by JFK’s two most powerful American opponents: Allan Dulles (director of the CIA) and General Lyman Lemnitzer (head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), both of whom were proponents of pre-emptive nuclear war, architects of the Bay of Pigs regime change trap and advocates of Operation Northwoods an ultimate “inside job” precursor to 9/11 which JFK subverted.

This plot was detailed in a quasi-fictional book written by investigative journalists Fletcher Knebel and Charles Bailey published in 1962 entitled Seven Days in May and swiftly made into a famous film with unprecedented support by JFK himself who gave the film crew and director John Frankenheimer full access to the White House, advisors and materials for the film which he believed every American should see.

Tragically, where the lieutenant is able to expose the plot and save the nation in the story, by the time of the film’s 1964 release, JFK had been deposed by other means.

Now 58 years later, history has begun to repeat itself with distinctly 21st century characteristics.

This time the viral twist is in comic book fiction and again, can be found in the predictive programming of a Batman film.


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 8 comments.

  1. Rusty

    July 18, 2022 at 8:08 pm

    There’s no question that the Batman movies, probably all the recent ones, are either providing a mirror of our society or actually helping shape our modern society. Of course, it could just be a considence, but I don’t think either of us believe in coincidences. The main question -to what extent is this purposeful intention? Prepackaged movie blockbusters from the Hollywood/ globalist elites….

  2. Greg

    July 19, 2022 at 5:40 am

    The current administration is doing such a horrible job. Its like it was setup to be taken out. A lot of people expect Biden will not finish his term. He has major health problems and is extremely unpopular. He will probably step down and Kamalah Harris will be like a fish out of water. What happens after that? Every day I wake up I wonder if some earth shaking event will happen. Like a nuclear bomb going off or the collapse of our government. I get the feeling its just a matter of time.

  3. John Weiner

    July 21, 2022 at 6:52 pm

    Surely you have seen the 1966, Batman series growing up, Clyde, as have I, in fact I recently watched it again on DVD and enjoyed it just as much, so you should know that Batman was a duly deputies officer of the law, not a vigilante, afterall in that series he had a direct connection to Commissioner Gordon’s office through the Batphone, and in that as well as the movies they had the Batsignal. I would have bought the 80th Anniversary box set of Batman had it included the 1940s serials, the 1966 movie, 2033s, BACK TO THE BATCAVE, those tv specials from the late 1970s, hosted by Ed McMahon, the comic books on DVD, with and without narration, and the cartoons, plus any commentary from the producers and brought in at a reasonable price. Hopefully the producers ,/ distributors of Superman will do,/include the same being that 2023 is the 90th anniversary of Superman. To refer to anyone on the January 6th Commitee as anti-Trump is redundant since Speaker Pelosi wouldn’t let anyone else on that committee.

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