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Ron Patton | June 29, 2023

The internet, namely social media, has a magical quality to it that creates something called, “Presentiment.” Meta-analyses of experiments investigating human behavioral and physiological reactions to unpredictable future events suggest the existence of a poorly understood ability to “feel the future” or have presentiment based on what is being consumed on social media. The presentiment matrix is becoming a reality and can be a major tool to manipulate the populace for a major traumatic event. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about PRESENTIMENT – THE UNRAVELING OF THE BULLETS AND BACKHOE FUTURE.





After last night’s show and the different perspective we got from Steve Cambian on Intel operatives and the UFO monopoly trying to control the narrative — I had a lot to think about with regard to what we believe what we do and how we get to a point of emotionally charged opinion becoming truth.

Paranormal Stories are part of my diet, they are in my DNA. It all was barbershop talk that led to a library visit where I read every volume of the books called “Man Myth and Magic.”

Then came Bill Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse” and then “The Biggest Secret” given to me during a lunch I had with David Ike.

Art Bell’s terrific late-night radio show “Coast to Coast” created a whole subculture around these ideas. These paranormal stories fascinated me when I was young.

Were these stories verifiably true? Not really, but they weren’t completely false either. They were remotely possible on some level, and that in itself was enough to create some “wiggle room” in the authority of consensus reality. They were enough to pose, or at least to practice, “What if?”

But now it appears that even now, with my own syndicated show, I am realizing that with the interactives of the internet, there are some conspiracy theories, and outrageous stories that become meme viruses, which makes Steven Cambian and even Ryan Gable valuable in the new late-night lineup.

These memes take on a magical quality spreading through faxes, email, chat rooms, and eventually social media.

And what is terrifying is that they still release a specific power.

A power that distracts just as much as the mainstream media does. Meme viruses or meme magic is what gets people to eat Tide Pods, or choke down a spoon full of cinnamon. It gets you to light snowballs on fire or stick magnets to your arm.

Again there is some wiggle room here with credibility it can be fun and interesting — but what does it tell us about the future?

Memetics was understood as a way to force alternative worldviews into the popular imagination. They were an assertion that things are not quite as they seem. Meme viruses created cracks in the sanctity of everything from capitalism and the justice system to allopathic medicine.

From 9-11 to George Floyd the repetitive nature of access to these memes has created wars and riots. Transgender memes have destroyed a beer brand — and the public trust is going away — this is a clear sign of a civilization on the way to a bullets and backhoe future.

Memes are a way of conjuring, and the elite knows this — and this is why they are working so hard to control the internet and conjure their own memes and narratives.

The political class and the new technology elite routinely tell us that ‘the age of AI has arrived’. Simultaneously, modern humans have also become increasingly dependent on advanced technologies and the complex systems they enable.

These changes have presented new challenges to old questions, namely: what does it mean to be human? And what future do we want for ourselves?

From the hype of super-intelligence to self-assembling nanobiology, the world can seem increasingly science-fictional. Contemporary technological society is “harder and harder to grasp”, is full of “disruptions…that move ever faster”, and is confronting us with “situations that seem outrageously beyond the scope of our understanding.

In 2004, when Foreign Policy asked eminent scholar Francis Fukuyama to write an article answering the question, What is the world’s most dangerous idea?, he responded with a piece titled Transhumanism.

Fukuyama argued that the transhumanist project will use biotechnology to modify life until humans lose something of their ‘essence’, or fundamental nature. Doing so will disrupt the very basis of natural law upon which, he believes, our liberal democracies are founded. For Fukuyama, these losses lay unrecognized beneath a mountain of promise for a techno-scientific future of imaginative self-improvement.

Currently, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which transhumanism plays a central guiding role, is shaping the policies of global corporations and political governance.

The converging technologies of this revolution are nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, cognitive sciences, and artificial intelligence.

Just a few days ago we uncovered the agenda of the new digital ID. The United Nations Secretary-General published a policy document on aims for the future of the internet.

This a follow-up to the 2021 report “Our Common Agenda”, the new report that they are ready to employ, “A Global Digital Compact”. That’s the goal, of international legislation that would seek to control and enforce the use of digital technology.

I reported that the sole purpose of this new agenda was to enforce Digital identities linked with financial access.

The Digital Global Compact is a piece of globalist legislation serving the final aim of globalist policy: Control of all aspects of life, achieved by inserting a digital filter between people and reality.

There’s also more sneaky, insidious language regarding “equity” and “access”. The report is concerned that there are many people in the world mostly the developing world who don’t have regular access to the Internet.

This concern would be more honestly expressed in the language of control – people who don’t consume digital media can’t be hypnotized, they can’t be fooled by clever propaganda. People who don’t communicate online can’t be censored, and people who don’t rely on digital banking can’t be controlled.

Banking, communication, media consumption, shopping. Every interaction you have will be through a digital membrane which can both monitor your exchanges with the world and – if deemed necessary – deny you access to that world.

But of course, there is more here than meets the eye and the more you dig– the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper — almost to that of something that seems very paranormal and occult.

The internet, namely social media has a magical quality to it that creates something called Presentiment. Meta-analyses of experiments investigating human behavioral and physiological reactions to unpredictable future events suggest the existence of a poorly understood ability to “feel the future” or have presentiment based on what is being consumed on social media.

Analysis of 13years of daily Twitter sentiment data in 10 languages was examined two weeks prior to events assessed as significantly negative and unpredictable, including acts of terrorism, mass shootings, and unexpected deaths of celebrities.

The presentiment metric was based on an automated analysis of the emotional quality of words used in tweets in 10 languages, and posted from January 2009 through January 2023.

We know that algorithms tinker with our ability to choose and manipulate us into making bad choices.

Facebook routinely adjusts its users’ news feeds — testing out the number of ads they see or the size of photos that appear — often without their knowledge. It is all for the purpose, the company says, of creating a more alluring and useful product.

But they also pushed a presentiment matrix test on their users back in 2014.

Facebook revealed that it had manipulated the news feeds of over half a million randomly selected users to change the number of positive and negative posts they saw. It was part of a psychological study to examine how emotions can be spread on social media.

The company says users consent to this kind of manipulation when they agree to its terms of service. But in the quick judgment of the Internet, that argument was not universally accepted.

Can you imagine if the negative presentiment created by Facebook forced someone over the edge and they took their life over it?

We would never know if a person did this feeling a sense of impending doom — a presentiment of a bleak future.

Psychologists are now learning of sentiment metrics based on social media posts and how people sense a tragic future event before it happens– it is again another form of predictive programming.

Predictive Programming is theorized as a way that the government or other higher-ups are using movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events.

The presentiment matrix is becoming a reality and can be a major tool to manipulate the populace for a major traumatic event.

Alan Watt defines Predictive Programming as “ a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.”

The most notable cases of predictive programming are the examples found in The Simpsons, The Dark Night Rises, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, and many other TV shows that are preparing us for an inevitable future event.

The idea of predictive programming has once again been discussed because of a new Marvel Cable show on Disney Called “The Secret Invasion.” Much like “V”, “Alien Nation,” “The Hidden” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” we are again shown the story of a hidden alien force that is taking over the world.

Taking a page from David Icke’s Book “The Biggest Secret” and Bill Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse” we see in The Marvel universe that a globalist cabal within NATO, The U.N. and other syndicate groups are infiltrated with shapeshifting reptilian aliens.

There is already a built-in audience for the series of those who have a presentiment that shapeshifting aliens are ruling n secret on this planet.

Experiments with presentiment metrics have also been used to analyze audience satisfaction with programming to see what people are most likely interested in watching or posting online.

Daily Twitter sentiment data were retrieved from a website hosted by the University of Vermont’s Complex Systems Center as part of a project in its Computational Story Lab.

That project calculates sentiment on a daily basis by automatically retrieving Twitter posts, calculating a “happiness score” for each word, and then taking the average.

Negative sentiments are typically associated with unanticipated events, while positive sentiments are associated with planned events, such as holidays.

Morning Tweets are most often positive, while midday tweets seem negative — and neutral posts happen in the evening.

But before a national traumatic event Tweets and social media posts tend to reflect a sense of doom and mistrust of everything from the government to the media.

This means we collectively anticipate a coming tragedy before it happens or react to an event that is going to happen in the future.

A full spectrum control of all social media would again be able to manipulate a narrative of calm and peace — however, there is no telling what this would do to the zeitgeist.

After watching what is going on with the current administration and the meeting of the minds at DAVOS, it was no surprise to see Headlines like “US ‘National Divorce’ Appears To Already Be Happening”, and after watching the barbed wire go up in Washington it is also not surprising to see headlines like “Gun Store Running Out Of Almost Everything As Assault Weapon Ban Looms”—but to fully understand the present mindset of the American people, these recently posted headlines on social media give clear guidance: “Trust In The Federal Government Falls Below A Majority For The First Time”, “Trust In U.S. Institutions Hits Record Low” and “Trust In Media Is So Low That Half Of Americans Now Believe That News Organizations Deliberately Mislead Them”.

It looks as if social media posts give an early warning of our bullets and backhoe futures.

Sometimes you wake up from a dream to realize it is telling you to pay close attention to the depth of its message, especially when it is linked to what you have been thinking about for days.

People often tell me that they have conversations with friends about a topic and then they turn on their radios and I am talking about that very topic — is it a coincidence or are we all feeling a sense of presentiment?

Carl Jung called it “the shadow.” Such shadows, when unacknowledged and repressed, have a tendency to autonomously surface and erupt, not only leading to personal self-destruction but that of whole societies. History is replete with examples.

Some have called these foreboding presentiments cellar dreams.

Now with the advent of doom scrolling on your I-phone perhaps they would be better named Cellular dreams.

Nietzsche once intimated that once we kill or ignore God and our own intuition– machines are a handy replacement in societies that worship the illusion of technique and are scared to death of death and the machines that they invented to administer it.

The latter is not a matter fit to print since it must remain in the dark basement of the public’s consciousness. If it were publicized, the game of nihilistic death-dealing would be exposed. Because power, money, and technology are the ruling deities today, the mass media revolve around publicizing their marvels in spectacular fashion, and when “accidents” occur, they never point out the coincidences the warnings and the presentiment.

It is like when the Titan imploded in the water near the Titanic — The young boy expressed his fears of going down with his father in the deep– he should have listened, but he did not want to offend his father.

This is the kind of relationship we have with our government at this moment — this is what we are being led into. We are being lured into a technological trap — and in order to survive, we acquiesce — just like what we did with Covid-19.

People already had a presentiment that it would happen, all you have to do is read the pre- covid social media postings of headlines pointing to a planned biological attack on the United States.

Or how about the movies released pre covid like “Contagion.”

Tragedies occur, they tell us, but are they pre-felt now because of the marvels of technology?

Most Americans seem relatively untroubled by this state of mind — probably because they are so hypnotized and triggered that there is too much for them to digest.

We are angry and exhausted, divided, and unhealthy. So easy to suggest in a massive Twitter feed that we should all do ourselves a favor and die.


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 3 comments.

  1. Pat

    June 29, 2023 at 3:53 pm

    Can a matrix be changed by the Internet? Or split? Can the past be rewrote? Can peoples mind be changed? The past never happened? Or future events? ….. take care, Clyde I’ll be listening.

  2. Laura

    June 29, 2023 at 8:51 pm

    Dear Bubba,
    For those of us raised in a multi-abusive family, know what an abused child does when someone starts screaming at them? We tune you out and look up. Trying not to let ourselves cry.
    You were so lucky to have been raised in a family like you were.
    Please do not scream. Your voice is loud. Be Considerate of us abused children.
    I am that abused child. :Take care, Baby Dumplinn’

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