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Ron Patton | May 9, 2023

The World Health Organization recently declared COVID-19 to no longer be a health emergency. Was the pandemic handled correctly or was it a crime story where certain people should stand trial for crimes against humanity?  The pandemic was used as an excuse to push through reforms of food, identity and monetary systems, as well as advance “green” agendas that centralize both global and national power. Our world has not returned to “normal” and while the transformation remains in place, the Great Reset’s war for control of the world is becoming more evident.  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Dr. Rena Salyer about HARD BOILED – CORONA: A CRIME STORY.


A long time ago in a city far away called New York, there was a story that might have happened for all you know it can be fiction — but here we have the freedom to tell stories because of a little something called freedom of speech.

Now, if you have ever been to the Big Apple you will realize that everything happens so fast — that is why you hear of something called a New York Minute.

The first time I was in New York I experienced that minute firsthand when I walked into a diner that looked like something out of the cheeseburger sketch from Saturday Night Live.

I Ordered two eggs over easy bacon and toast — by the time I said I wanted coffee my food was ready and delivered to my table.

Very fast.

Another thing you notice in New York is that there are people who are in such a hurry that they don’t wait on the sidewalk,

Even if a thousand cars are racing by, practically every single person on the street insists on stepping a few steps out into the street while waiting for the light to change. They’ll even go as far as pushing themselves past other impatient street-crossers just to get to the front of the pack.

People do that when they are driving too– they want to cut in front of you just so they can be 20 seconds ahead of you to hit that red light.

We are so hyped up, so overstressed, and so programmed to do everything quickly that we can’t even endure waiting 30 seconds for a traffic light.

We start walking off the curb even before the walk sign blinks on.

So I want you to think about this in your mind. You are on that street in Manhattan, You are moving quickly through the street and then some jerk pushes past you — too distracted by his cell phone to realize that he is stepping directly into the path of an oncoming cab.

You reach out to grab him by his jacket pulling him back to safety and you look at the guy about to chew him out and the you recognize him — It is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Yes Dr. Fauci the one and only NIAID director.

You realize that what you have just done has repercussions in the space time continuum. He was supposed to get hit by a cab –and you saved his life.

First, you thought how gratifying it was and that you were a hero — but it was Dr, Fauci.

My God, what have you done?

You are looking directly in the face of a man that is responsible, in part, for an incalculable number of deaths during the pandemic.

What if I would’ve known in advance it was Fauci whose life was in danger?

Would I have acted to save him?

Be honest with yourself — and do not virtue signal — you have changed the world.

We can all brag and laugh about how we would never help such an evil person who would probably find a way to push him in front of another cab — ask yourself honestly what would you do– and I am sure the devil will be laughing out loud about how you had the future in the palm of your hand and that the fate of the world was in your hands.

Things are not that black and white now or are they?

I mean who am I kidding Dr. Fauci, has been a terrible, destructive force for decades — part of the much larger culture of relentless destruction. Saving his life or the life of Bill Gates or the President of Pfizer or some other major political/corporate player is, by definition, dooming countless others to more misery and death.

Meanwhile, if you didn’t react swiftly to pull Fauci to safety, surely his passing would cause sadness. Friends and family would mourn. People close to him would understandably be devastated and heartbroken.

There would be week-long tributes on CNN and Sanjay Gupta would cry into the camera and Dr. Leana Wen would finally take a breath smile awkwardly and then shut up.

But still Fauci’s efforts have spread global sorrow and mourning on a far greater scale. Has he considered the myriad of family and friends whose lives have been shattered thanks to his handiwork?

So again I ask If you knew in advance it was Dr. Anthony Fauci whose life was in danger on that NYC street corner, would you reach out— on purely instinctual, human-to-human terms — to save him?

Unfortunately, he is replaceable and I am sure Bill Gates or Joe Biden would authorize the cloning of Joseph Mengele if they needed to replace good old Dr. Fauci.

And so those most victimized by these soulless clowns would theoretically not even notice the change.

The reason I believe this is that with all of the distractions going on — has anybody felt any different now that COVID-19 is no longer an emergency?

During the distraction of the coronation, there was an announcement that was made by the World Health Organization that went underappreciated.

The W.H.O. freed us all by declaring COVID-19 a non-emergency.

WHO’s International Health Regulations Emergency Committee discussed the pandemic on Thursday at its 15th meeting on Covid-19, and WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus concurred that the public health emergency of international concern, or PHEIC, declaration should end.

A PHEIC creates an agreement between countries to abide by WHO’s recommendations for managing the emergency. Each country, in turn, declares its own public health emergency – declarations that carry legal weight. Countries use them to marshal resources and waive rules in order to ease a crisis.

The United States is set to let its Covid-19 public health emergency end on May 11.

They have indicated that while Covid-19 continues to spread and that the virus is evolving and remains a global health threat, it is now a lower level of concern, according to WHO officials.

I guess it may be time to therapeutically ask ourselves if the world handled it correctly — or if it is certainly a crime story where certain people should stand trial for crimes against humanity.

In the afterglow of the Corona glare–Now that the overlapping crises are upon us and the banquet of consequences is being served, we’ll see just who our elites and leadership really are.

The erosion of trust doesn’t require intent, it only requires the blind pursuit of self-interest above all else. Trust is fundamentally reciprocity and honesty: to build trust, we must each perform our agreed-upon responsibilities and be truthful about our performance and actions.

But what I can’t understand is how the politicians and the experts should not have our trust but somehow we gave it to them at our darkest time.

Lies, obfuscation, misdirection and the sins of omission play a part in eroding trust.

Those who put the pursuit of self-interest above all else like to think they can finesse their greed by omitting the truth rather than presenting a fabrication/lie. But being social animals whose survival ultimately rests on trust, humans are keenly sensitive to the difference between the truth/honesty and self-serving prevarications such as the sins of omission.

America’s elites and those living large in protected fiefdoms have persuaded themselves that their relentless pursuit of self-interest has no cost or consequence.

This is why trust has been lost in America. Everyone with any hold on power uses that power solely to benefit themselves and their cronies, under the tissue-thin guise of “serving the public” or even more egregiously, “doing that which they believe is for the greater good.

And don’t forget the coercion and peer pressure that makes you feel guilty because you don’t want to attend their circus of fear.

When everyone with any shred of power is scrambling to free-ride the system to serve their private interests above all else, the system itself can no longer be trusted.

We all know that the Billionaires all benefitted by agreeing that COVID was a dangerous illness and the media was bought off by sponsors like Pfizer

If you view this whole ‘pandemic’ situation through the lens of health, safety, science and saving lives, then most of it makes little sense. If you view it through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer, then all of it makes perfect sense.

Covid is not an epidemiological story. Covid is a crime story. Covid-19 is the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of the world.

Not only did the “pandemic” narrative serve to cover up the fact that it was mass murder directly attributable to policies mandated by identifiable individuals but it serves as a smokescreen for the entire Covid Operation that is steamrolling over people’s lives.

The “lab leak/targeted spraying/Gain of Function theories have to also include straightforward mass murder in hospitals and nursing homes.

Not to mention the effective psychological operation that created

1) the mass hysteria and compliance

2) the REAL epidemic of Stupidity

3) the willingness to go along with the inhumanity and evil of the measures

4) the continued stupidity and worship of the Legacy media

5) the criminality and malfeasance of doctors, nurses and the medical establishment.

This type of deep psychological trauma made it easy to have lost most of our friends and our family as opinions of what t do was heavily divided,

All of these actions done by the majority of our society make for a damning indictment of the preponderance of shallowness, fear and ignorance.

This should be a learning moment — but I don’t think so, because people who were fooled will have a hard time admitting it — not to mention being responsible for their temper tantrums and neglect of those they thought were murderers for not taking the jab.

There were even prominent people that urged emergency rooms to not treat people who were not vaccinated as a form of punishment — which exposed how ugly people got and how their humanity had been squeezed out of them.

No church meetings, no singing, no concerts, standing 6 feet apart — participating in synchronized shopping.

And the real winner — bars in order to avoid being shut down because being inside with a crowd would spread the disease would build outdoor enclosures where crowds would gather and somehow that kept the disease from spreading?

The riots during the George Floyd murder were allowed and no one was even said to have contracted covid while burning down a police precinct or breaking windows of a Starbucks,

Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Gap, Banana Republic and H&M — all of whom endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement amid widespread rioting and looting during the Summer of Floyd — have closed or are closing their stores in San Francisco due to rampant crime and theft brought on by the liberal policies they supported in the name of “fighting racism” and “white supremacy.”

Target, who also endorsed BLM amid widespread rioting and looting, hasn’t left yet but was forced to put huge sections of its store behind security glass.

COVID made people stupid — and riots were tolerated without a peep about a massive spread from the gatherings.

That should have been a clue at how political Covid-19 was. This is where we are – trust has been lost and there’s no going back.

Covid-19 exposed how uninformed people are about how to take care of their health.

Everything’s gone so well that those with wealth and power have been able to pretend that they saved the day — that more would have died, that with the vaccine their symptoms of COVID-19 would be tolerable.

Even though they sold it as a cure — people died and people are still dying and are being affected by Covid Vaccines,

The new horror being reported is that thousands of vaccinated patients around the world are reporting serious skin conditions following the jab, with some reporting that their skin is literally melting off their bodies.

New research conducted by scientists at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran has found that mRNA jabs are triggering serious skin conditions in a large number of patients.

This along with suspected blood clotting and other side effects where we see a number of people who are dying suddenly at young ages.

A recent study published on the website Nature reporting a major scientific journal had just published research linking ‘the vax’ to untreatable eyeball blood clots, finding that those who’d been ‘vaxxed’ were at significantly greater risk of developing blood clots than ‘the unvaxxed

Fertility levels are also dropping and Mortality rates post Covid are now soaring. It appears that the depopulation agenda is in full swing.

The COVID vaccines have an estimated death rate of more than 1,000 higher than the acceptable safe limit, but nobody at the FDA or the CDC, or within the United States government, cares about that. The real story is that an estimated 80% or more of the vaccines examined in this study are too deadly to be used.

People including children are getting jabbed for dozens of them to go to school.

They are now encouraging the Elderly to get annual jabs thinking it will help them stay well.

People do all manner of harmful things, both coerced and voluntary, based on belief and trust in so-called experts.

Even as now, Bill Gates and Fauci are admitting failure. But it doesn’t matter — they made money no matter what happened.

Vast amounts of resources are misdirected based on this belief system. A huge portion of the medical complex is based on it.

Two weeks to flatten the curve became a 3 year IQ Test.

It became an exercise in fear of the unknown.

Fear is the belief that the pain you contemplate feeling in your physical and/or emotional body is overwhelming. That’s about it. You may say, “No, I fear for my children’s safety, I fear job security, I fear a lot more than that.” Ok, sure, but when you reduce it, no matter how sophisticated you get, the fear always boils down to believing you will be overcome with pain.

This is what makes us human — so much so the experts used fear to dehumanize us. Humans are built this way, but external sources are constantly telling us we need to fear disease and death—who do you think the pharmaceutical companies stay in business? These external forces weaken this natural belief that we are essential “ok” to live a full and complete life.

The dehumanization process that was used during Covid-19 kept us from our religious gatherings, and fellowship — and created what can be called a lack of social cohesion.

People lost the ability to connect and some lost their connection with God.

We as a culture have steadily been losing religion for the past 20 years. I think as a result, we have lost much of our ability to face challenges without debilitating fear.

People who believe in God for the most part believe they are somewhat protected from an arbitrary and pointless death or arbitrary and pointless suffering.






Dr. Rena Salyer is a practicing emergency medicine physician in Texas. She received a Doctorate of Osteopathy from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and is an Army veteran.

With the obvious shortcomings of the approved CDC treatment regimens during the pandemic, she aligned with America’s Frontline Doctors and joined the Frontline CoVid Critical Care Alliance in providing early outpatient CoVid treatment. Having treated over 2000 CoVid patients at her emergency centers, Dr. Salyer has seen the many waves of the weaponized virus and the damage it has caused.

She has been involved in the fight to bring forth the obvious corruption of the system by aiding Mark Kulacz of Housatonic ITS and joining with Dr. Kevin McCairn of Japan to examine the contents of the vaccines as well as preparing to show the dangers of these gene transfections in vitro utilizing a rat model in their upcoming research study.

Dr. Salyer continues to care for patients daily regardless of vaccine status and fights to uphold the foundational tenants of medicine like informed consent and scientific honesty that have been tossed aside by so many.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 10 comments.

  1. John Weiner

    May 9, 2023 at 2:59 pm

    Of course people need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, starting with the mad(d) doctor Anthony Fauci, himself, and his whole organization from the NIH to the Wuhan Lab, for starters, following the whole germtrail, wherever it takes us.

  2. Chad

    May 9, 2023 at 4:37 pm

    Thank you for having such ireverent subject matter for your shows. It saves me a lot of time that I could spend better with my wife and children. I pray that everyone would focus on their real lives instead of what they hear on the radio or Internet. God bless you and everyone!

  3. Jim Pancaro

    May 9, 2023 at 5:37 pm

    Oh hell yeah I can think of two people right off the top of my head. Dr Fauci and Bill Gates for an excellent start. I’ll be listening.

  4. John Weiner

    May 9, 2023 at 7:56 pm

    I guess Vladimir Putin was just doing his job, fulfilling his role when he started that war against Ukraine and the Ukrainians.
    The comorbidities contributed greatly to all the deaths from the Wuhan Flu as well.

  5. Rusty

    May 9, 2023 at 9:46 pm

    }creating a unique scenario so Big Pharma can make billions. And medicare paid hospitals 30,000$ each time a person was placed on a ventilator, and 8,000$ foevery death certificate listing COVID as cause. Your guest is spot on, it was rampant

  6. Rusty

    May 9, 2023 at 9:55 pm

    Right, something new in South Africa, conveniently announced on the day after Thanksgiving, but, that Omicron variant was less virulent , and also more infectious, so it acted as a global vaccine, more effective than the man made vaccines

  7. joe

    May 9, 2023 at 10:36 pm

    DISTRACTIONS DISTRACTION X shootings, illegals, race riots police,…Corruption… TRUMP..Biden HUNTER,, RFK, king charlie ALL CLOWNS Distractions from CBDC FEDNOW UNI COIN ,,,, DISTRACTIONS from the real problem THE CRASH OF BITCOINS & CRYPTOS BANKS & RENTALS COMMERCIAL & HOUSING ++___++++)))))++–===== depression stock market crash

  8. Pat

    May 10, 2023 at 8:17 am

    Thank God for. Dr. Salute! We need a lot more people like. Her! Good show you nailed it. I hope people wake up and saw how we we lied to… forced to. Shut. Down Churches. School down for 2 yrs for nothing. Had. Friends. Die. No funeral device! Had people. Die in hospital all alone. Won’t let you see them died without a love one near them . How low is that! China ! Set biological war fare. We did nothing! Walmart k Mart home depo. Lowe’s tools hardware. Clothes. Every. 90 percent. China made. Imported stuff I USA. They buy our land factories. They don’t need to invade us! They control our government! No one is going to be held accountable! I pray , most people learned a lesson the last 2 years! Wake up America! Take care stop govt overeach. Guard. Our first and second admendments! If. We lose them. All is lost for sure. Enjoy life and freedom!

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