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Ron Patton | May 12, 2023

Recent events over the past week have indeed demonstrated a marked apocalyptic fulfillment which includes the releasing of an Antichrist consciousness, callous and brutal murders, an uprising of immigrants and illegals, and the crowning of a King who most certainly embodies a Luciferian tyrant whose positions have exposed him as another corrupt leader, hell-bent on destroying all that he touches. We live in an environment where the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse grow stronger each day.  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with pastor and prophecy teacher, Paul Begley about CLARION – ALL THE KINGS HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE. 





We Americans come from all walks of life representing the full political spectrum. Some align fully within their designated party, while others identify based on values and topics.

Within party affiliation, many participants self-identify along the spectrum of conservative, moderate, liberal, or progressive.

Yet others self-identify along the spectrum of making decisions dependent on the topic, for example, fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

But this extended middle is falling away from what can be called liberal extremism — they also have their aversion to radical extreme right-wing actions.

If you believe the media you will surmise that there are only two sides — and there is no equilibrium, This makes us vulnerable to a virtual takeover by yet another extreme political view.

It is a view where the elite looks at humanity as bottom feeders in need of a good thinning.

The World Economic Forum and the intention of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are the drivers of controlling people, controlling communities, and controlling narratives. We need to stop these tyrants from pushing more and more people away from face-to-face interaction. We need to end the dehumanization process or we will all be seeing ourselves being caught up in a near-term extinction.

I am finding myself becoming intolerant of extremism, and one size fits all solutions that step all over my rights and freedoms as an American.

I don’t want to believe that Americans are becoming so dumbed down that they accept all of this incompetence as being part of the everyday when it should be looked upon as being unacceptable.

With the constant bombardment of cult-like political programming, we have lost nuance. It is a tragedy that the media does not want to challenge thinking or even create moments of deep thinking, considering multiple ideas, counter-intuitive thinking, and conceptualizing contradictory debates.

Everything is one-sided and dull with no real perspective — just hate disguised as activism.

When we eliminate debate and meaningful discussion we also destroy the art of critical thinking,

The result is not only dumb-downing and infantilization but of self-delusion, amnesia and ignorance.

The lies being told are a dime a dozen– I can’t imagine more and more assaults on truth, more contrived and planned and organized hate for political gain.

The big lie gets bigger, and out in the open, and so is the conspiracy of the parasite class wanting full obedience to what they say — pushing tyranny wherever they can and the sad sad state of mankind following blindly out of fear.

Fear of death — fear of pain and loss, is a great tool that is powerful enough to lead the sheep to their own slaughter.

Philip K. Dick once said “The basic thing is, how frightened are you of chaos? And how happy are you with order?”

This is the pill we have to swallow — for everyone looking out for us there are many that wish to see us fail — and we in a lot of ways have given in to our basic fears and will do anything to avoid being a statistic in the elite’s depopulation agenda.

This is s exactly what the overlords want– to groom us and our children to think and react, with fight or flight fear.

It is hard to comprehend that most of it is all theater choreographed and directed by many evil and monstrous individuals.

Carl Jung has said that we all respond to metaphors — and in these times of dark archetypes, it may be wise to recognize them as they continue to waltz on to our mental stage telling us that we need to appreciate and respect the signs and wonders indicating that things are about to change drastically.

I wanted to comment on how the events of this week have certainly demonstrated a marked apocalyptic fulfillment which includes the releasing of an antichrist consciousness, callous and brutal murders, an uprising of immigrants and illegals and the crowning of a King who most certainly embodies a Luciferian tyrant whose positions have exposed him as another corrupt leader hell bent on destroying all that he touches,

King Charles is truly a king for our times, in the worst possible way imaginable. He is a perfect representation of the ruling class and its pernicious agenda.

Charles, to put it bluntly, is an anti-human reprobate, who has lived a life of disgrace, hypocrisy, and corruption. But his lifestyle is the least of the issues at hand. Charles is a king who has embraced and promoted the most destructive causes of our times.

Most notably, Charles is both a climate catastrophist and an advocate for the depopulation agenda. Last year, he demanded a “war-like footing,” in calling for the sabotage of reliable energy resources to tackle the so-called climate crisis.

Charles’s initiatives, and his promotion of the destructive Paris Climate Accords and the U.N.’s Climate Change Conference objectives, have helped position the U.K. on the precipice of energy disaster.

The newly minted king is also an avowed proponent of depopulation, having on multiple occasions called for population control of broader civilization.

Charles is a king worthy of our disdain. He has embraced the evil ideologies of our times. He represents a series of radical movements that seek to impose ruin upon the masses, to the benefit of the ruling class. Charles is no king of the people.

In fact – as we align Charles in his place of prophecy — we can also determine that he could very well be the fabled horseman who rides the white horse of the Apocalypse.

In John’s Revelation, the first horseman rides a white horse, carries a bow, and is given a crown as a figure of conquest– he invokes pestilence which begins the domino effect brought on by the following horsemen of the apocalypse in the human timeline in prophecy.

The human timeline brings us to the inflection point where our current circumstances are brought into a bit more focus as the timeline based on past geological and biological evidence is realizable if still a seeming infinity away for a species averaging at best around 80 years per individual.

The concept of individual life and death, of a few remembered generations past, of a few unconceived generations of the future, and the present reality is very focused on day-to-day existence. So focused perhaps, that most cannot see, or do not want to see, the reality of our own creations may be the very things terminating our existence well before its natural due date.

We are at an inflection point, nearing a point of no return, wherein our self-created societies could terminate our existence at any given moment. We live in an environment in which the horsemen of the apocalypse lurk, restless, waiting, and growing stronger with each passing day.

These are not solitary riders, searching for their own particular onslaught, but work in cohort with one another, united in their threat, and their growing efforts to erase humanity – and much more. We are creating possible scenarios that sooner or later one or another rider will find the breakout point.

The riders of the modern apocalypse simply wait their turn, strengthening on the ever-increasing folly of current human endeavor, trained by the past, ready to be present when an opportunity appears, as it already is presenting itself, manifesting itself in activities of global current events, the current human condition.

This why I believe that it is important to see this metaphor as it is

manifesting — a great tulpa growing and revealing itself those who see it — those that can hear the galloping of the horses hooves.

The Book of Revelations in the New Testament lists the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as conquest, war, famine and death, while in the Old Testament’s Book of Ezekiel, they are sword, famine, wild beasts and pestilence or plague.

In John’s Revelation, the first horseman rides a white horse, carries a bow, and is given a crown as a figure of conquest, perhaps invoking pestilence, Christ, or the Antichrist.

The second carries a sword and rides a red horse as the creator of civil war, conflict, and strife. The third, a food merchant, rides a black horse symbolizing famine and carries the scales

The fourth and final horse is pale, upon it rides Death, accompanied by hell.

“They were given authority over a quarter of the Earth, to kill with sword, famine and plague, and by means of the beasts of the Earth

But whatever we call them, they are remarkably close to what we might call the four horsemen that signal depopulation and the demise of a large portion of the inhabitants.

If you have ever contemplated the metaphor of the horsemen you can see that they are riding now and they are the representation of the depopulation of the planet.

Conquest, war, and hunger bring death in the past were all connected to predators, pathogens, parasites and the food supply.

When we think of predators we often think of Apex predators that stalk their prey and attack viciously for survival. The spoils of the attack are certainly part of the conquest.

The most important large animal that kills humans is us, largely through homicide and war. The World Health Organization estimated in 2014 that almost half a million people died from homicide in 2012 and another 200,000 or so directly from the war in 2014, with much more dying because of the hunger and diseases that result from war.

Our government has intentionally created an atmosphere of complete chaos at the border, with tens of thousands of military of people pouring over the border into the U.S. This is a national security crisis that we feel helpless to combat. We leave it up to our leaders to save us — but as we are learning form day to day, the leaders of the world have decided to push policies that leads to eschaton and depopulation — rather than sustainability.

They always claim that this is their cause, but everything they have told us that is for our own good certainly hasn’t been.

One of the biggest supporters of these border wars are those apex predators who extol the virtues of the beast system. A system that was founded by a recently crowned King and a Man who comes from a Nazi family.

There are other Malthusian henchmen like Bill Gates and Yuval Noah Harari who constantly remind us that we would be better off with fewer people on the planet.

When Bill Gates appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show, he referred to his COVID vaccination program as “the Final Solution,” he did not misspeak, but indiscreetly made it clear

Where he was coming from, his zeal for “population control” recalling the Anglo-American eugenics movement that had a powerful impact on young Adolf Hitler as

It did on Bill Gates, Sr., who did not help oversee Planned Parenthood because he was an ardent feminist.

While some people find it an honor to be a father of a country or a religious movement Gates can be seen as the Father of Plague.

It may be useful to distinguish between what the Old and New Testaments call “plague,” by which I mean the infections we pass on to each other — but this modern plague that was most likely a trick –resulted in mass death, through neglect and the poisonous vaccines.

The Black Death killed about one-third of Europe’s population in the 14th century while smallpox and other diseases introduced by Europeans killed a huge proportion of the Indigenous population of the Americas – up to 90 percent in some communities. Plagues are still with us. The WHO reports that 1.5 million people died from TB and 770,000 people died from HIV-related causes in 2018. The annual influenza epidemics cause 294,000 to 518,000 respiratory deaths, while in 2018, there were more than 140,000 measles deaths globally.

COVID-19 is one of many apocalyptic plagues that are meant to wipe out a lot of the population.

On the other hand, we have become reasonably adept at controlling most plagues, especially through basic sanitation, hygiene and immunization. So it seems unlikely plagues will control our population unless we get a pandemic as lethal as the Black Death; imagine, for example, an airborne version of something like Ebola.

If you can imagine it– I am sure Dr, Fauci and Bill Gates can too and they will hold a tabletop exercise in order to announce what is going to kill us and our children next.

The third horseman rides a black horse symbolizing famine and carries the scales. Remember one of the four beasts says “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.”

Don’t harm the oil and the wine, is fulfilled as we see that the uber-rich will keep on prospering using the scarcity leading up to the Great Reset, as they always have at everyone else’s expense. a loss of food supply of a scale sufficient to create a global population decline or crash does not seem too likely, although local/regional famines may continue to occur. We will see various areas throughout the globe even here in the US suffer the consequences of scarcity.

We should recall that the WHO has called climate change “the greatest threat to health in the 21st century.” Increasingly, it seems that geoengineering could lead to a human population crash.

While anthropogenic global warming is a scare tactic and cover for environmental hacking — the results of microbial meteorology and the spraying of metals in the sky for sun dimming could create a mass species extinction and the other massive and rapid global ecological changes that can be triggered in a biological Butterfly Effect.

But it may be that our fragile economic situation will determine who will die of starvation and hopelessness.

The current economic system is built on debt, debt so large it cannot conceivably be paid off, a debt so encompassing that all people and states will suffer as it collapses to a value of zero. Based on debt, electronic credit transactions, and ongoing commodity and currency manipulations happening at lightning-fast speeds, it could all collapse over a weekend.

Hopefully, it will be a more controlled softer landing, with one or two state powers rising as the others descend, a transition over years, or if we are lucky, over decades but lucky only in the sense if current and new tragedies are taken care of.

A system of digital currency will also lead to chaos and certainly will reveal the control of increase. The powers that be will have ways of monitoring you — put expiration dates on your money and punish you for bad social credit.

Other factors threaten the environment and human health. The human body is resilient but signs are showing of chemically related concerns for all of our systems – immune, circulatory, reproductive, and endocrine– people are dying at younger ages. Many of them dying suddenly of undetected heart defects or clotting problems. Cancer is also increasing in people and it can be blamed on the toxicity of the planet which began during open air nuclear and biological tests.

The Book of the Apocalypse states:

“And the four angels were loosed, that had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, that they should kill the third part of men,”

Some equate the four angels to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

There are four constellations that are symbolic of the horsemen. Sagittarius is the rider of the white horse. The Black Horse is Libra, and the Red is Scorpio. Ophiuchus represents the pale horse of prophecy and with his arrival comes pestilence and death. Later he uses the snake to heal the sick and raise the dead.

The crossing star has also been called the burning star that reaches across heaven and poisons the earth’s oceans. The star or comet has been identified by several; titles. There is Abaddon, Apollyon, and Wormwood. Wormwood has been said to come from the constellation of Orion and eventually passes through Leo and Virgo.

Not to be changing horsemen in the midst of an apocalypse, but the meme of all these eschatological archetypes are somehow manifesting in our reality. Interpretations will vary, however, the synchronicities cannot be ignored.

In these times we see the need for humanity to try and figure out why they are sitting ducks in an uncaring and chaotic cosmos. We realize how adrift we are on a huge spaceship of water and mud and hope that it all has to be under the control of something intelligent out there.

We secretly hope that whatever or whoever is piloting this planet will save us from this cosmic tempest that we are moving through. If there is no one out there to save them, then there has to be a “scapegoat” for the tribulations facing the planet when everything cosmic seems out of control. The government will make it all one big political opportunity to tell you that they can save the planet, but it is the people that must face the brunt of the sacrifice.

Global events such as these are exciting to view from a distance; however, believing that you are not in any way going to experience any of the repercussions from these events is a premature and illogical notion.

Events such as these affect a planet in many ways; it affects humanity in various ways. We see psychological effects, physical effects, and financial losses happen within just moments of an initial catastrophe.

The America we loved is lost, perhaps forever. That is the meaning of this conflict. The Republic that bound its rulers with the chains of the Constitution and freed the rest of us to live in peace is no more.

The Constitution along with our Declaration of Independence was a guarantee etched in stone of the freedoms and sovereignty need to establish a strong Republic.

It still can be resurrected — but this now is unfashionable amidst those who come off as apologists for Marxism.

At some point, for whatever reason, you have to come to the realization that the consensus narratives in our society about what’s going on are false. The tools that people are taught to use to inform themselves about their government, their nation, and their world are not just full of inaccuracies, but deliberate distortions, ranging from the reasons that were given for why wars are started, to the way our political systems work, to where real power and authority actually lies, to the way nations and governments actually behave in the world.

This awareness has come with a degree of alienation. Not buying into the same consensus narratives about the world as your friends, loved ones and peers comes with an inability to relate to them on some levels, which can cause you to feel a lack of intimacy in those areas.

You may have also found yourself the odd one out in conversations about politics or other controversial issues, maybe even lost old friends over it.

Many of you who take the time to listen to alternative views are shunned. Many of us are told to pick a side and the sides we are told to choose are extremists. Centrism is now a major sin politically and when one states that this is their affiliation they are told that they have no place in this war of ideologies.

What is most disconcerting is that people don’t use the strength of their numbers to force an end to the oppressive, homicidal status quo, because they aren’t interested in doing so. Many have not felt enough pain to do something about it.

They see suffering as an inevitability or they see it as the new normal.

Maybe this pattern of thought will last for decades as we see ourselves being crippled in every way by tyrannical rulers.

Throughout history, we have seen this happen – political ideologies that seem keen to the intellect rise up. We are told that this new idea, this new way of running the government will be efficient and better for all.

Yes, and many monstrous regimes have used populism and eventually a rabid form of nationalism to make it all look good and feel good.

While there are many people who always tell me that they are waiting for that moment when they will fight against what is happening – I can also see that as with any other takeover of a rogue ideology people would resort to self-preservation rather than rolling up their sleeves and rising up against it.

The terrifying part is now the snitch society is being encouraged,

We disapprove of, ostracize or report people who lie or cheat. Research has shown that even in anonymous, experimental “games”, people will pay a monetary cost to punish other people for being uncooperative.

We all remember the mask enforcement for self-preservation.

Self-preservation is an easy choice as many realize that they are being set up for depopulation and being trampled upon by the hooves of the King’s horsemen.

They most certainly are riding now – and they represent all that can take down a strong and mighty civilization.

But personal gain (or survival) alone provides a fragile foundation for an oppressive state. It is easy to see how the logic of appropriateness fits in here, turning from being a force for cooperation to a mechanism for enforcing an oppressive status quo.

This logic asks that we follow the “rules” and make sure others do too – often without asking why the rules are the way they are.

Regimes, therefore, supplement rewards and punishments with self-policed norms, rules, and conventions.

The authoritarian state is therefore concerned above all with preserving ideology – defining the “right” way to think and behave – so that we can unquestioningly conform to it.

George Orwell once made the statement that “Circus dogs jump and do somersaults when the trainer cracks his whip. But the really well-trained dog is the one that jumps and does somersaults when there is no whip.”

We have arrived at this point in time.

A time of conquest, war, famine and death– the names given to the king’s horseman of the Apocalypse.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Karen Ann Foster

    May 12, 2023 at 2:49 pm

    I am thrilled that you will have Pastor Paul on this evening! I recently became a member of his online church and so much of what he tells us turns our to happen — turns out to be the truth. Just like what you do Clyde. God has placed you both in a position to help His people and I’m glad that He put you both in my life!

  2. joe

    May 12, 2023 at 6:00 pm

    OPENING SCENE John WICK 4 3 horsemen follow by Baba yaga john wick DEATH . Illumanti high table

    • joe

      May 13, 2023 at 7:14 am

      John WICKS been running streaming for 12 weeks now watch allready cause next movie coming out soon

  3. joe

    May 12, 2023 at 6:07 pm

    THE MARK OF THE Beast systems N.I.H. Intra-body nano communications system & RAND CORP. The Internet of bodies tech & transhumanism.

    • joe

      May 13, 2023 at 7:11 am

      THE National institute of Health Intra- bodies Bio-V Chip systems 666 & RAND com. INTERNET OF Bodies RFID.. I.D tracking

  4. joe

    May 12, 2023 at 6:08 pm

    Black Noise weapons invented 1957 Vald Lagure Infra sound machines CAUSES Earthquakes

  5. LastOne207 🌲

    May 12, 2023 at 6:11 pm


  6. John Weiner

    May 12, 2023 at 8:40 pm

    From a legal standpoint, the chaos at the border does constitute incompetence, in addition to bad faith, negligence, derriliction of duty, breach of fiduciary responsibility, and lack of due diligence, if only Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the house Republicans were smart and shrewd enough to realize it and impeach Joe Biden and Commie Harris.
    We have always had war, famine, pestilence, and death as long as man has walked the earth

    • Frogman74

      May 15, 2023 at 7:12 am

      I don’t always agree with your comments but on these posted today I completely agree.

  7. joe

    May 12, 2023 at 8:40 pm

    THIS is what happens when America didn;t paid their debts too CHINA ,,china stop the Heroin & switch Too Fentanyl & illegals & china shipping containers full of weapons


    May 12, 2023 at 10:01 pm


  9. joe

    May 12, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    WAIT TILL JOHN WICK 5 & 6 / the Spin-offs Armageddon , Sodom& gommorrah & as in the days of Noah VIOLENCE Roaring 1920s & wild west

  10. joe

    May 12, 2023 at 11:55 pm


  11. Pat

    May 13, 2023 at 9:47 am

    Goop show Clyde! Hope people. Wake up ! There is no stoping the. 4 horses of the apocalypse! It is foretold in the Bible in Revelation! Fate and destiny is intervenor! No stoping it! Most people are sheep in the world! Then there are some. Wolves in the world that take advantage and devoure. There are also. Some. Sheep dogs! That take care and watch over the. Sheep! I consider my self a sheep dog. I will help and protect the weaker, Like fireman police nurse. Ect…. Life is to short! Enjoy every. Precious day.,,, Tack care of your health Clyde. I pray you are around a. Long. Long time. I am a long time listener…..

  12. Le Angelique of the Trumpvilles

    May 13, 2023 at 6:30 pm

    John Weiner is a Female, however, for once, a good commentary. Yes, history states there was always famine, war death, and suffering on Earth.

  13. Jimbo

    May 13, 2023 at 8:49 pm

    Jimmy Evans new book, “Look Up” discusses the eschaton and a coming imminent rapture

  14. Christian68

    May 13, 2023 at 11:39 pm

    Be aware of the next cup of plague will be poured onto the earth I’m watching the news of Marburg virus ebola it’s more fatal than COVID hopefully they contain it.

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