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Ron Patton | April 5, 2022

In December of 1986, the United States government created a fake newscast of a nuclear bomb exploding in Indianapolis, Indiana, as part of an exercise on what federal agencies should do in the event of a nuclear attack.  The Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Department of Energy and numerous other federal agencies gathered in Indianapolis for a training exercise dubbed, Mighty Derringer. The video remained secret for decades, until last week. We are now in the greatest danger of nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. But rather than waiting with bated breath on our radios and televisions wondering if it will happen, Russia goes on nuclear alert on an almost daily basis and threatens to cleanse Ukraine. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about FALSE CONFLAGRATION – THE NUCLEAR OPTION IN A COGNITIVE WAR.





I want to speak to the older demographic of my show to those who can say that they are the survivors of the Cold War and cannot believe we are back at square one — this time though wouldn’t you agree that this Cold War is different?

Is it at all peculiar that it took less than a month for the young and those who are forgetting history to become war hawks and cheerleaders for what could lead to a nuclear showdown?

Can we recall — ever in our lives a time in history where we have been literally suffocated by a pervasive onslaught of propaganda than what has been pushed at us since the original Cold War?

I really can’t — and when we look back at movies like The Atomic Cafe and the old clickity clacking civil defense films we laugh at the idea that by just listening to Burt the Turtle and diving under our desks  at school we would be protected by a nuclear explosion.

The media propaganda against Russia and Putin is the most extreme and extensive propaganda in my lifetime.  So much so that if you even point it out, people question your loyalty to the United States and the war effort that we are watching happen in the periphery.

This is cognitive warfare– cold war2.0 is in the brain and not on the battlefield — we leave that up to the people of Ukraine and the foot soldiers of Russia –we just watch at a safe distance and wear our blue and yellow so that no one suspects that we are afraid of what this might lead to.

Cognitive infiltration as become an art form turning news into Hollywood drama and putting it on the screen so that we can live it vicariously through CNN. FOX or MSNBC.

It seems that even though we have shaken the COVID-19 fear mongering we have moved on to the next big thing — something that the majority can approve of , something that majority seems to be unstirred by.

After we have been forced to dehumanize ourselves — Now with more social engineering we are told that we must dehumanize others and pick a side as to who is doing the best at slaughtering   to our new parameters of morality.

Perhaps people are too ignorant to see through the propaganda. To have some group to hate is always “uplifting.” But we are all responsible for the consequences of our actions, even when those actions are just buying the propaganda and hating those one is told to hate. It is very hard to accept that the leaders of your own country commit and contemplate unspeakable evil deeds and that they wish to control your mind. To contemplate that they might once again use nuclear weapons is unspeakable but necessary if we are to prevent it.

Yes, you heard me – nuclear weapons and they could easily convince you to swallow that bitter pill with the advent of false flag attacks to complete their experiment of Cognitive warfare.

When we began to pivot from one crisis to another– moving into the war footing with Ukraine there was an upsurge in social media with regards to False Flag events and “wag the dog” scenarios.  Not that the war was a hoax — but the idea that the players involved are not all that they are cracked up to be and that the casualty in this wannabe war would be truth.

It is this way in every war and the minute that you admit that what you are hearing is well crafted theater — to expose what is chosen as a opposed to all of the gory details from both of those in the midst of the fighting.

It is not Un-American to challenge the official narrative in fact I would conclude that it Un-American not to.

Armies , intelligence ops and governments have always used any number of devices to deceive their victims, and anyone who’s ever watched a Hollywood war movie is probably aware of it; for how many of these movies have included a scene where either the good guys or the bad guys dress up in the uniforms of their enemy in order to carry out some raid or another?

Is that not a completely routine story-line? Although many of these movies are obviously fictitious, these deceptions, which might also be called “false flag” adventures, are based on normal military tactics which have been used by almost every army, probably since the beginning of civilization.

However, Hollywood movies seldom reveal the true evil and cynicism of war. Therefore, not many of the 99%, who obtain much of their understanding of the world in general and history in particular from the silver screen, know anything at all about the truly dark side of all armies, governments, the KGB the CIA in general, and their leaders in particular.

For how many Hollywood movies tell the stories of how armies routinely slaughter defenseless people? Although they will sometimes depict the enemy of the day carrying out these atrocities, they never show the so-called “good guys” doing it – which creates in the mind of the viewer the impression that our armies never behave in such a beastly fashion. But they most certainly do.

How can we forget that it was the good guys that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to this day it has been argued as to whether or not it was necessary.

In 1985, it was the good guys that bombed a residential district in Philadelphia.

On the evening of May 13, 1985, longstanding tensions between MOVE, a black liberation group, and the Philadelphia Police Department erupted horrifically. That night, the city of Philadelphia dropped a satchel bomb, a demolition device typically used in combat, laced with Tovex and C-4 explosives on the MOVE organization, who were living in a West Philadelphia rowhome known to be occupied by men, women, and children. It went up in unextinguished flames. Eleven people were killed, including five children and the founder of the organization. Sixty-one homes were destroyed, and more than 250 citizens were left homeless.

For the next several years, the confrontation with MOVE would be remembered as an ordeal that transformed the fabric of the city. The show of force, unjustified to many, solidified mistrust between Philadelphia’s residents and government. “The story is a parable of sorts; it’s a parable of how the unthinkable comes to happen–a bombing of a neighborhood in a US city — is unheard of and it is hoped that you forget that it ever happened.

In 1986, the United States government created a fake newscast of a nuclear bomb exploding in Indianapolis, Indiana, as part of an exercise on what federal agencies should do in the event of a nuclear attack. That video remained secret for decades until last week.

The video was obtained a Freedom of Information Act request showing  a fake newscaster named “Jeff Schwartz” reports on what he describes as “day four” of an emergency situation in the Midwest city.

The fake newscast was created in December 1986, when the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Department of Energy and numerous other federal agencies gathered in Indianapolis for a training exercise dubbed Mighty Derringer.

There were 60 declassified documents about Mighty Derringer that were realized in 2012.

Mighty Derringer, was an exercise that focused on Indianapolis in December 1986. The materials provide background on the creation, in 1974-1975, of the Nuclear Emergency Search Team , a group assigned to respond to plausible threats of nuclear terrorism or extortion. Today, the Nuclear Emergency Support Team conducts exercises to assess its capability to respond to the possible presence of a terrorist device and test their ability and critical cooperating organizations (including military units)to work together.

While the Mighty Derringer exercise and resulting documents are over two decades old, the institutions participating in the exercise retain their roles today, and the issues confronting them in 1986 are similar to the ones that they would face in responding to a nuclear threat that could happen anytime in the United States or abroad.

Of particular interest are references to the participation of the Joint Special Operations Command and Delta Force – mirroring the role they would have in a real-world incident. In addition, after-action reports reveal the assorted problems that can arise in coordinating the response to a nuclear terrorist threat among a large number of organizations.

As you can probably guess from the name, the NNSA’s work is serious business. When the U.S. started to see a sharp rise in terrorist threats in the early 1970s involving nuclear material (or at least claims of nuclear material), the NNSA formed the Nuclear Emergency Search Team, or NEST, in 1974. The team’s mandate was to stand at the ready to deploy a group of experts to anywhere in the country on a moment’s notice in response to threats that mentioned nuclear material. And when large public events happened and nuclear experts were needed just in case, NEST team members were the people who mobilized surveillance vehicles, helicopters, and other special equipment to sweep for anything radioactive.

This raises the awareness of just how easy it is to wake up to a world that could be changed at the detonation of a nuclear weapon — and with all of the war rhetoric we are hearing all kinds of nuclear saber rattling from Russia and fence Kicking from President Biden.

It’s important to grasp this principle of war that not even Hollywood can glamorize: that our trusted leaders can and do routinely issue orders to slaughter innocent defenseless civilians, and that brainwashed young people then carry out those orders, and that society is then brainwashed into considering these young people to be heroes. Not even Hollywood can glamorize the deep cynicism of that fact.

Although the mass slaughter of defenseless civilians is a different aspect of the cynicism of war, and cannot be considered a false flag adventure, it’s important to cite it as evidence of the psychotic ruthlessness of our own trusted leaders and the brainwashed youngsters who are routinely conditioned to obey an order, any order..

It would be a tragedy of we were to fall prey to a false flag like a nuclear threat — but of we are to consider some false flag alien incursion –wouldn’t iy be more believable that something like a nuclear false flag be more effective?

Some would dismiss false flag adventures as conspiracy theory, which is, of course, a very convenient way to persuade the 99% that our trusted leaders couldn’t possibly stoop so low. But history is rich with proof that they most certainly do stoop so low, with amazing frequency.

Many people have heard the old saying “The People get the Government it deserves.” This is particularly true in our case.  I have always ruminated that we do not really vote for a president every four years but rather a messiah or a monarch who can deliver us  from the apocalyptic bogeymen  that is just another other deep state candidate.

it is so evident now, and there is no whitewashing or homogenizing it — the deep state is taking advantage of an old man that is being fed his lines, and the generals, and deep state mobsters do the rest of the dirty work. meanwhile we Americans have to pay the bill for the medieval melodramas they produce daily.

In the case of bread and circuses there seems to be very little bread but the bloody circus is being broadcast on a daily basis.

This morning I woke up to photo of a pale hand of a corpse sticking out of the ground. It looked like a promotional poster for the Tv show The Walking dead.

It was on the Drudge report with the headline:

“Images from hell.”

When I saw it I knew it was a dead Ukrainian, but it struck me as being more than a buried body underneath mud… I saw it as something darker.

I saw it as a hand that was reaching out from the radioactive rubble.  I have seen this in nightmares –I decided to do some photoshop artistry and changed the picture to look like the aftermath of a nuclear blast — the hand reaching from the the burning sulfur and radioactive rubble at Ground zero.

It was easy to change the image into something more macabre –and as I was doing it I realized how easy it would be to deep fake a story about a possible Nuclear holocaust to provoke and even greater war.

This is how social engineering works.. it is as easy as a pale hand reaching through the mud — or a pale hand reaching out in a last act of defiance under the radioactive fallout.

After a while, fake news, lurid allegations and gutter politics are autonomously perpetuated through a zombified sheeple. Thereafter, the deep state only has to provide directions to the slaughterhouse.

And now it is a terrifying thought that a few weeks ago i reported that a third of Americans in a recent poll believe that nuclear weapons should be used to end the conflict between Russia and the United States.

Are we that easily beguiled into thinking that mutually assured destruction is a thing of the past?  Maybe so — maybe we are all losing our collective minds because propaganda has been so effective.

People are so used to being lied to that it would be a simple task to create a nuclear scenario without even dropping a bomb– or maybe we could use depleted uranium with enough fire power to make things appear like nukes were used.

We all  want to believe that the alien invasion can be faked — but what about the deep state creating a story about the firing of nuclear weapons to push us into a world war?

It is not all that crazy — it can be done and none would be the wiser. We need to stop and think that nuclear weapons have been tested all the time on tis planet –and yet it is still here.  Nagasaki and Hiroshima are still here as well — which on a scale of sheer psychopathy it can be rationalized that a nuclear reality would push us into new territory — especially for the young who have never had to live in te shadow if the bomb.

It would be as simple as creating a weapons of Mass destruction ploy — like we did with various other dictators from Saddam Hussein to Syria this tactic has been an old favorite or the deep state, when they want to win the hearts and minds of people who are unable to use common sense and understand how these magic words always work when the wolves want the sheep for dinner.

Evidence and logic are virtually extinct in a country that loves to cancel those who wish to give an alternative opinion about matters of survival everyone is quick with the allegations of siding with the enemy or being a water carrier for Putin.

Death and destruction is the currency of the New World order and full spectrum control can be achieved by any means necessary including simulating the ultimate throwing down of the gauntlet.

They all seem to want a simulated eschaton – well maybe they want to unleash the pale horses allowing them to ride and spread terror from country to country terrifying and starving the masses– creating refugees and serfs they wish to exploit.

The United States is a schizophrenic asylum of extreme paradoxes: While its internal politics reverberates with fake news-mediated recriminations, and overt propaganda in order to socially engineer the populace, Americans yet find merit in the same disinformation machinery that facilitates false flags all over the world.

Perhaps, some genius in the White House had figured out that mentally-impaired citizens may be more receptive to fake news and will be more than happy to drink the Kool aid when faced with something as threatening as a nuclear war.

It is like a Hydra — you cut off one head of manipulated information and another one grows back and it is the most vocal in telling you to believe without question because whatever bogeyman exists, we have the bomb and the bomb will be your death or your salvation.

We are in the greatest danger of a nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. But rather than waiting with bated breath at our radios and televisions wondering if it will happen — Russia goes on Nuclear alert on an almost daily basis and threatens to cleanse Ukraine. At least this is what I am reading in the international papers — or media is completely void of any reporting of what is happening in Russia and how they are encouraging Russians to prepare for nuclear and biological attacks.

In order to grasp this cold possibility within the context of Ukraine, we need to put aside all talk of morality, rights, international law, and think in terms of great power politics and the deception that goes along with it.

If the hair trigger is squeezed we could see a bluff that could mean total destruction — or an attention getter that reminds us of how serious Putin is at going down in history as the mad man that threw nukes at a small country based on a a word or a taunt from President Biden or some other loud mouthed politician.

In the present crisis over Ukraine, Russia clearly feels existentially threatened by US/NATO military moves in Ukraine and in eastern Europe where they have positioned missiles that can be very quickly converted to nuclear and are within a few minutes’ range of Russia. And of course there are US/NATO nuclear missiles throughout western and southern Europe.

This is not something we should overlook especially with stakes this high —

Vladimir Putin has been talking about this for many years and is factually correct.  He has reiterated that this is unacceptable to Russia and must stop. He has pushed for negotiations to end this situation.

The United States, has blocked its ears and kept upping the ante, provoking Russian fears. This fact is not in dispute but is shrugged off by US/NATO as of little consequence.

Such an attitude is pure provocation as anyone with a modicum of historical awareness knows.

The world was very lucky sixty years ago this October when JFK and Nikita Khrushchev negotiated the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis before the world was incinerated.  Kennedy, of course, was intensely pressured by the military and CIA to bomb Cuba, but he resisted.

He also rejected the insane military desire to nuke the Soviet Union, calling such people crazy; at a National Security Council meeting on September 12, 1963, when the Joint Chiefs of Staff presented a report about a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union which they wanted for that fall, he said, “Preemption is not possible for us.”

After the terror of the Cuban Missile Crisis, many more people took the threat of nuclear war seriously.  Today, very few do.  But this revelation about Mighty Derringer has my shields up for some reason especially as we are seeing pictures of the dead in Ukraine.

They could easily evolve into people piled up with radiation burns buried to rubble of fall out whether it be real or promulgated for effect.

Recent statements by US generals and Zelensky about nuclear weapons and their use that have extremely inflamed Russia’s fears, which clearly is intentional. The game is to have some officials say it and then deny it while having a policy that contradicts your denial.

President Biden has done that with his playground taunts of calling Putin a butcher and saying publicly that he should be removed from office only later to deny that he has said these things.

It is obvious that this is exactly what the Biden administration wanted or it would have acted very differently in the leadup to this tragedy.

Being cavalier about nuclear taunts has raise my suspicions about whether of not this will be a surprise component to this war. I don’t want to make any serious and fatalistic predictions but at what point do we say that enough is enough — that peace needs to be brought to bare, otherwise, we are traveling done a deadly road — false flag or not this is some serious information to comprehend.


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 5 comments.

  1. LC

    April 6, 2022 at 7:30 pm

    Fine then, lets just give the bastards what they want. Why not? After all, Putin is still acting like a KGB devotee i.e. “the whole frickin world is out to get us” since the end of WWII and probably before that but they made us believe otherwise so their butts wouldn’t be smeared into mass graves by the Nazis like the Jews and now Ukrainians. I mean after all they starved to death millions of Ukrainians in order to set up their sooooo rightous empire. Luckily, my great grandparents escaped that hell hole and came to America. Yeah, the big bad bogeyman of the West. And, no, the atom bombs dropped on Japan weren’t necessary. Why? Because if frickin China hadn’t dropped the ball like they did (accidentally or deliberately-you decide) it wouldn’t have happened. I hate Russia-yes! So, what? Do I want to see nuclear weapons used? No, but I want that little prick who’s the so-called leader of Russia to disappear and I have felt that way since when he first came into power. And, I suspect alot of Russians feel the same way as well as Ukrainians. Negotiate peace? How can it be “negotiating” when the only way it will happen is when Ukrainians are reduced to the filthy poverty stricken minions that Russia has always wanted them to be and they grovel back to the way it was before the collapse of the USSR. And, then itvwill all just continue as before-Russia stirring up trouble here, there, and everywhere. I’m damn SICK AND TIRED OF RUSSIA and their BS and their snake in the garden actions! And, so have the Ukrainians still living on that land. And, what was Biden or anyone else supposed to have done to prevent what has happened? Go stand in front of the Russian tanks like the protestors did in Tiananmen square? Yeah, right-just like in WWII let’s trust China and Russia to do what’s right.

  2. LC

    April 6, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    And, as for the bomb dropoed on the MOVE house, well, May 13th was my birthday plus I was busy going through summer nursing courses and working part time instead of living on wekfare being a single mother of a 4-year old son. I really don’t remember it. I didn’t have time to pay attention to the news. Oh, what a horrible white privledged bitch I must be! I went through nursing school on the G.I. Bill because I served my entire enlistment instead of acting like I was being treated horribly and then becoming addicted to drugs and/or faking mental illness to get out. Why, don’t you and others do stories about those low lifes?

  3. Jimbo

    April 6, 2022 at 8:25 pm

    Putin is not receptive to globalist stratagem to tame/reset the nationalistic Russian Bear. Expect the same intransigence from China. Neither sees the NWO as being in their hegemonic interest. As long as they remain allies, neither will be subsumed by it. If the Globalist dominated/lead west succeeds in taking out Russria, they will not be left in a residually strong enough position to prevail against their big brother China.

  4. Jaime Dartanion

    April 10, 2022 at 2:17 pm

    Nearly sixty years ago Vance Packard produced a breakthrough book “The Hidden Persuaders” about subliminal messages presented in frames of video taptaped television programming. The psychological warfare Clyde has been subjected to through two years of street warfare in Portland is the nuclear equivalent of those hidden persuaders. As for the rest of us little people we only have to deal with fuel prices brought on by the same Russian fueled climate hysteria that Europe bought. Trump freed our natural gas by opening pipelines from states where it was bottled up. A pragmatic response. We need pragmatism. If the climate activists were on the level, this Congress could ha implemented a one cent per month increase in the federal gas tax that could be absorbed by the economy without the catastrophic consequences of Russia’s oil and gas adventurism. The tax would have provided money for subsidizing residential and commercial conversions to solar. The mistake Europe made was in not keeping their coal plants functional as a backup. Pragmatists would keep redundancy in the systems of infrastructure, like coal plants for emergency circumstances, like for instance, an asteroid strike, which we have been playing Russian roulette with, given the near misses. Clyde should move. Portland is not a safe place or good for his health. What about Pendleton or Coeur de Laine? Keep the faith.

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