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4/20/23: Чикен Літтл – CHICKEN LITTLE

Ron Patton | April 20, 2023

Yesterday, a large explosion in Kyiv prompted various theories on social media that it may have been a fireball, nuclear bomb, or fallen satellite. Amid the speculation and confusion, we are seeing more incidents where NASA has to step in and sanitize the narrative to keep chicken littles from panicking. Something certainly isn’t right with this story and how it was so rapidly contained. Can you imagine the bad press and scandal that would plague the Biden administration if it were found that one of NASA’s satellites triggered an alert and fell into the heated war zone?  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about Чикен Літтл – CHICKEN LITTLE.



4/20/23 – Чикен Літтл – CHICKEN LITTLE


Before the end of last night’s show, I received an alert from Twitter that something strange was happening in Kyiv. There was footage that was spreading of video from a dash cam in Ukraine that showed what appeared to be the sun – with a white mushroom cloud to the right of it in the sky.

But what I didn’t realize was that the sun I was seeing was a huge fireball that eventually revealed a huge mushroom cloud and a pillar of fire coming up from the ground. After the initial flash and the plume of fire and smoke dissipated, the sky immediately went back to being nighttime.

The headline read “Did they just use a Nuke in Kyiv?”

This morning I woke up to go back to a Twitter account that had the footage and it was suspended.

This had me wondering what could have generated such a fireball and how is it that it looked like a classic nuclear explosion. I thought it was a deep fake or since the account was later suspended I thought — maybe there is some sort of cover up and someone was ordered to remove the video.

Then I remembered a story from yesterday where a warning went out from NASA — that a 600-pound dead satellite would be crashing back into Earth’s atmosphere but stated that the chances of it exploding or hitting a populated area were low.

The satellite, known as Rhessi, has been in orbit for 20 years. NASA says the odds of it hitting a person are 1 in 2,467.

The minimum odds of winning a Jackpot on a lottery video game is 1 in 5000 but depending on how much you pay you could be seeing a one-in-about-34-million chance of winning the top prize,

I was a little confused about the odds — because I would say the odds of 1 in 2,467 would mean that there is a bigger chance of having it come down somewhere and damaging property or hurting someone would be bigger with those odds.

And then I thought what are the odds that the dead Satellite would come down over the war zone in Kyiv?

I guess very high according to reports out of Europe. Agence France Presse issued a report that said there definitely was a huge fireball over Kyiv that it lit up the sky like the sun — but apparently it was reported that it was the dead satellite.

NASA denies the story.

A “bright glow” was observed over Kyiv around 10:00 pm local time, the head of Kyiv’s military administration reported.

An air raid alert was activated, but “air defense was not in operation” at the time.

According to Sergiy Popko’s preliminary information, said that this phenomenon was the result of a NASA space satellite falling to Earth.

NASA claims that it could not be the satellite because they claim it is still in orbit.

NASA claims the reentry has not yet occurred -– RHESSI is still in orbit. NASA and the Department of Defense continue to track RHESSI. No other NASA satellite reentered the atmosphere a NASA spokesman told AFP.

But the Ukrainian Air Force kept claiming that the flash was “related to the fall of a satellite/meteorite.”

Speculation and memes abounded on Ukrainian social media after videos posted to several channels showed a powerful flash lighting up the sky over Kyiv.

This of course appeared to be a low-yield nuke — being set off in the war zone. There were outrageous reports that what was brought down was a flying saucer. The internet tried to scrub memes that were being sent out showing the bright glowing object using official Ukrainian military symbols.

Again, officials in Kyiv said it was a satellite.

Then after some time all of the headlines changed to indicate that it was a meteor.

According to Radio Free Europe:

“Ukraine’s space agency says a flash of light that appeared on April 19 over the capital was not due to a falling NASA satellite, as earlier reported by the military.

The agency said instead that the event was “probably related to the entry of a cosmic body into the dense layers of the atmosphere.” NASA has also rejected claims it was its satellite. The light triggered an air alert and prompted the military administration to post messages telling people that air defenses were ready and advising them to stay inside.”

I guess it is confusing to say the least — and we are seeing more incidents like this that NASA has to step in and sanitize the narrative in order to keep various chicken littles from panicking.

Can you imagine the bad press and scandal that would plague the Biden administration if it were found that one of NASA’s satellites triggered an alert and fell into the heated war zone? Even worse a low yield Nuke

Equally, could you imagine if it were a downed UAP?

Something certainly isn’t right with this story and how it was so rapidly contained.

This event happened coincidentally after the hearing yesterday about UFOs and UAPs in Washington DC.

The rare hearing, the first since last year’s pathbreaking public event and the first since the Chinese spy balloon that crossed the country early this year, included an accounting of the cases the new office is analyzing.

Contrary to the media narrative, the office is still baffled about the strange objects that were shot down over Alaska, the Yukon, and Lake Huron.

The Whitehouse issued a statement that all three were commercial balloons — and yet no group or company has come forward to identify them.

Sean Kirkpatrick appeared at the hearing and revealed a new video identified by an MQ9 ‘Reaper’ drone in the Middle East.

It was of what looked like a metallic orb.

But he cautioned that ‘It is going to be virtually impossible to fully identify that just based off of that video,’ as his agency coordinates with other civilian agencies and academic resources.

The case remains unresolved.

The first slide, of the still unresolved ‘spherical UAP,‘ had ‘characteristics and behavior consistent with other “metallic orb” observations in the region’, and that the case is in AARO’s ‘active archive… pending discovery of additional data’.

The video, shot from an MQ-9 Reaper drone in the Middle East in 2022, pans across desert scrub, over buildings, vehicles and people, struggling to keep up with a spherical object zooming over their heads.

Kirkpatrick presented a map of ‘reported-UAP hotspots’ showing concentrations on the US East and West coasts, the Middle East around Iraq, and the Sea of Japan between Japan, South Korea and North Korea.

However, he cautioned that this could be a ‘collection bias’ – as these are locations where the US military has the most assets to catch UFOs on camera and radar.

This makes us wonder if our space programs are healthy — and are completely taken off guard by recent threats from China and Russia that can destroy our satellites–and the looming pressures of trying to cover up UFO reports and leaving them to the Pentagon to be debunked — or characterized as unknown — a tactic that is evolving into a clever and successful Psy Op. NASA has continually found itself out of favor. Gone are the halcyon days of Apollo.

And now, we are prepping astronauts to orbit the moon? We have been there; we have done that.

And we see that rockets from Space X do not always get off the ground they blow up and fall to Earth.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Starship exploded into a ball of fire during its second failed orbital launch in a week.

The world’s largest and most powerful rocket – which was unmanned – lifted off in South Texas and successfully cleared the launchpad, its first milestone.

But the craft was sent into a tailspin when the rocket failed to separate over the Gulf of Mexico. The mission ended at around four minutes when the failure sent the craft crashing toward Earth, imploding mid-descent.

All of these stories about failures in space and UAPs remind me of an old science fiction movie called Earth Versus the Flying Saucers. It featured the stop-motion animation of Ray Harryhausen.

Scientists were curious about asteroids and space dust that would trigger explosions in the sky and increased geomagnetic storms. Then there were attempts at firing rockets into space and having them sabotaged, or exploding on the launchpad — it was discovered that there was an alien intervention in all of those cases and that they were planning an invasion.

It is quite coincidental that we seem to be in this phase of our space program when in the glory days of Apollo none of this happened — and again we were in a cold war stance with Russia,

History rhymes with all of the focus on space world war and the possible incursion of possible alien vehicles.

The bafflement over these objects has added some zest to the already exaggerated China threat. It is a throwback to the Cold War, which was characterized by ill-educated second guesses about performance, capability, and awareness of an inscrutable enemy.

Enemies, drunk with threat inflation, are just shooting in the dark and are groping for answers, finding a mirage of reality.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 9 comments.

  1. John Weiner

    April 20, 2023 at 7:21 pm

    Maybe the air defenses were down for general repair, and or were damaged by shelling. As Rumsfeld once said-to generally describe this whole strange, bizarre situation, as you describe it-,” stuff happens.”

  2. John Weiner

    April 20, 2023 at 7:53 pm

    If it was the Russians bombing a, or an alleged bio-weapons lab, it would be very reckless and negligent of them, as well as hypocritical of them, in light of the fact they made such a fuss about invading Ukraine in order to supposedly, in part to shut down their Soviet Era bio-weapons labs; but, unfortunately it wouldn’t be out of character for them, afterall they did bomb,/she’ll that largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine, twice, at least, including when those inspectors were there when Putin invited them to be there.

  3. John Weiner

    April 20, 2023 at 9:56 pm

    Russia also has Khapustan Yhar.
    THE OUTER LIMITS, did an episode staring the late David Ogdaen Stiers as a mad doctor, who stated he had the DNA on Christ, that he was going to bring back to life, but was thwarted in the end.

  4. joe

    April 21, 2023 at 12:26 am

    THE Russian Fire bombs we have them too, no big deal made of phpsp-nitro -thermite a bigger version of NALPAM thats only the begining of PROJECT ELIJAH FIRE FROM HEAVEAN THE STARS WILL FALL >> WAIT TOO RUSSKIES USE THEIR ELECTRIC CANNON GUNS like in old Godzilla movies,….???///////

  5. Pat

    April 21, 2023 at 7:10 am

    Sooner or later will find out! Very interesting that got taken off internet! I wander if radioactive? Any. Debris? Any casualties?

  6. joe

    April 21, 2023 at 9:55 am

    BIG NEWS BIG THEY ARE READY TOO STEAL THE ELECTIONS BY LAWSUITS ETCETC very clever and evil fire talk host at FOX truth …. by Dominion type companies .. then cover up the James Biden pay-offs etc. so much bullshit …

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