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Ron Patton | April 1, 2024

It’s evident that we are turning away from our traditions and abruptly destroying social cohesion. The leaders of this world have decided to ignore the tradition of Easter and replace it with immoral rituals. We have arrived at the tailor-made nightmare – a nightmare conjured out of the ether by clandestine sorcerers who are not working their causal engineering for the path that leads to the light. The Gates of Hell have been opened and while there are no real material gates to unlock and push through, the mental and spiritual realms have malevolent agents on Earth, capable of rejecting the Stairway to Heaven, only to tread on the dark cobblestones of the fiery abyss. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with esoteric author and host of The Secret Teachings, Ryan Gable about 4/1/24: AXIOM OF FATE – PAGAN BUNNIES, EASTER EGGS, AND PROTON GUNS. 



The occult testing of the Western intellect covers all aspects of the mental ability to analyze and find the hidden truth. The truth is a tricky thing, and in most cases tramples upon cognitive bias. The esoteric matrix has within it a so-called satanic intellect that uses half-truths to conceal that which the spiritual world reveals and wishes man to take to heart.

It is as if some curse or possible organized psychological Coup has somehow exploited the unconscious blind spots of the human psyche. This has rendered most people with the inability to recognize that they are participating in madness and psychopathic attitudes with regard to their fellow man. The operational standard for this curse or this mass priestcraft has rendered most people to act against their own best interests.

There is an evil that the powers of the new order that is so well organized that the eschaton is now a part of their agenda so that they can be seen as saviors after the dust settles and the smoke clears.

Evil is a topic that demands reflection and there should be an attempt to somehow find a scientific method to identify what is truly evil. Is it merely something we don’t understand? Does it allow us to confront our morality and how we see ourselves morally?

Is evil something that can be called upon as an active consuming danger, like fire or cancer? Does it have personality and intelligence, does it command attention and can it be nurtured and engineered through a series of rituals and conjuring?

Can evil rise up because of a broken promise or a broken covenant to a manifesting tulpa, god, or devil?

We face true evil now, and it seems to be an active entity that has been conjured and wants to have a host, preferably a human or animal host.

The idea of possession or possibly mass possession is not too far from being established in the world as the incarnation of the fallen will transpire in these times of chaos. The incarnation is simply the plague that was spoken of in the biblical texts as a curse when the people turned against their creator

We are turning on our traditions, we are abruptly destroying social cohesion– the leaders of this world have decided to ignore the tradition of easter and replace it with immoral ritual.

I am not talking about pagan bunnies or rites of passage for the fertility rite. I am talking about the secret plans that the powers that be have for those who seek out the signs of the times.

I know that among us there are literalists who believe that they have time all sewed up when it comes to apocalyptic synchronicities. But sometimes dates are vague and with an inaccuracy of the calendar, we may have to rethink where we are in the timeline.

I often do not correct history, but when you read revisionist history you tend to fall into a rabbit hole of inaccuracies and timeline mixing. And god forbid you don’t question the date of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Dates do not matter — it is the ritual that matters. Easter roams around the calendar based on Moon Phases as does the Pass over.

Popular history will say that Christ was crucified 33 A.D.

Some scholars will say that Jesus was crucified in 19 A.D.

Timelines differ when calculating the Death of Herod and the rule of Pilate.

For Christian apologists, this was a problem. On or about AD 180, the pagan philosopher Celsus had asked why “no calamity happened even to him who condemned him,” If Pilate killed the son of God, he chided, why had God not punished him? It was a question that puzzled the early church, especially during the first and second centuries AD, when the young sect already was viewed with suspicion by the Romans.

Needless to say we can spread a timeline so far — using a little synchronicity we can conclude that it has been 2000 years since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

That in 2033 the 2000th year will be officially recognized.

Friday, April 3, AD 33 at about 3 p.m.– a sequence of powerful threes and Vigintriplicity.

Jesus died a few hours before the beginning of Passover day and the Sabbath.

The equivalent Jewish date for the death of Jesus is Nisan 14, 3793 anno mundi (year of our world.)

Historically, given evidence both within the Bible and from outside historical sources, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ certainly had to occur at least within the ten-year time frame of 26AD to 36AD, This time frame has been established by Roman and Jewish historians as the years of the governorship of Judea by Pontius Pilate, who oversaw the execution of Jesus. The Bible further states that Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great. Tradition said Herod died in 4BC, but more recent evidence strongly suggests he may have died in 1BC. It is stated in the Scripture that Jesus was around 30 years old when he began his ministry and that his ministry lasted for three years. These dates further narrow the field of possibilities. Jesus was killed on or very near the Passover, and this also affects calculations.

Regardless, for nearly 2,000 years, scholars have generally agreed that the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ must have occurred in Springtime of one of seven years, from 27 AD to 34 AD.

Can we conclude that we live in the advent of the expiration of the 2000 years since Christ’s death and that the heavens are speaking to us in the same manner as they did when Christ was lifted onto the cross where he atoned for the sins of the world?

You can be a literalist and say no — it is 33 A.D. and that is that — but I would conclude that we are in a window of time where the planets have aligned, a Dragon or Devil’s comet has appeared, a blood moon is known as the worm moon appeared in the sky and now we are awaiting a very significant eclipse that marks the United States with sacred Aleph and with the third eclipse within 7 years, we see a Hebrew Tav being formed over the United States.

These symbols mean Alpha and Omega.

It’s difficult to find any large nation in history so perfectly trisected by solar eclipses geographically as the USA is by eclipses on 8-21-2017, 10-14-2023, and 4-8-2024

NASA will be doing a project during the eclipse where they will fire rockets at the sun to measure the environment. They are calling it APEP — the name of a serpent solar deity.

APEP is known in Greek as APOPHIS the destroyer of worlds and the name of the Killer Asteroid that is supposed to hit the Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029. If it does not hit the earth it will come within satellite orbit of 19,794 miles– Clarke’s Orbit is 23,000 miles.

Again Apophis close approach to earth is within the 2000-year-old window of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Apophis, was the ancient Egyptian deity Apep who embodied chaos and was thus the opponent of light and truth. He appears in art as a giant serpent. Apep/ Apophis was first mentioned in the Eighth Dynasty, and he was honored in the names of the Fourteenth Dynasty king ‘Apepi and of the Greater Hyksos king Apophis.

The Names are a sign that truth and light are about to be removed from the earth.

Just after the appearance of the destroyer in 2029, there will again be moments when the moon shall turn to blood.

2033–April 14 and October 8

2034–April 3rd and September 28…you will notice that these dates are essentially the same as the Lunar tetrads of 2014 and 2015.

We saw tetrad moons in 2014 and 2015 — they were portents to plague sickness and death.

In 2017 came a direct omen of the solar eclipse that divided America before Covid-19. It was nicknamed the Eclipse of Judgement. At the time it was the most viewed American eclipse of all time.

First major city in totality was Salem, Oregon–the largest US city named after Jerusalem. The last city in the path is Charleston, South Carolina –the Center of the American slave trade. Before this, the last eclipse visible in the US was February 26, 1979, seen only in the Northwest.

On April 8th it will be official that the USA was trisected by 3 profound solar eclipses in 7 years. 2017 -2024.

The last of these eclipses occur three years before the 2000th Anniversary of the crucifixion Eclipses. it is on 4-8-2024, 3 years before the official timeline of the 2000th anniversary of the Crucifixion/Resurrection of Jesus.

This eclipse happens 8 days after Easter and 14 days before Passover. Thus the closest any solar eclipse can astronomically occur to Easter. Easter was March 31, the first Sunday after the full moon after Spring Equinox.

April 8 2024 eclipse is the first total solar eclipse to cross all three nations of Mexico, USA, and Canada overland since their founding. You have to go back to 666 AD for any path like the 2024 path. It will be the last total eclipse to touch all three nations until 2316. It is the only total solar eclipse to travel south to north overland border to border in US history.

The 2017 US eclipse touched 14 states, the most states of any total eclipse in US history. The 2024 eclipse outdoes it by one, touching 15 states.

There will be totality over New Madrid, Mo, the epicenter of some of the largest earthquakes in the USA. : The eclipse will cover far more metropolitan cities and go over more Americans in one path than any total eclipse in the nation’s history.

The Eclipse exits North America at St. John’s, Newfoundland. It was founded by the British in 1497. named after John the Apostle, writer of the Book of Revelation.

It will also coincidentally cross the 33rd parallel where many historic deaths took place.

Eclipse passes over the site of the Mount Carmel Branch Davidian Massacre in Waco, Texas, where 76 people, including 25 children, were burned to death exactly 30 solar years plus one lunar year before this eclipse (30 Years 11 months and 20 days) on April 19 1993.

The eclipse passes directly over Dallas, their first total solar eclipse since 1878 and only their third total eclipse in nearly 500 years. There will be totality at Dealey Plaza. The most notorious murder in modern American history took place there, the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

It will be, 60 years and 137 days later at 1:40 pm Daylight Savings Time, very near the time of the shooting, which was at 12:30 pm Standard Time.

The eclipse passes over the site of the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster near Dallas on Februrary 1, 2003.

Columbia is the female national personification of the United States, a historical name also applied to the Americas and to the New World.

Sections of Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky will see their second total eclipse in 7 years. That area is known as “Little Egypt”. Center of the apex of the USA total eclipse cross is very near the township of Makanda, Illinois—once known as the “Star of Egypt”. The exact apex appears to be on the east side of Cedar Lake at Salem Road.

However this eclipse is also foreshadowing many rituals that certainly are worth noting.

As we pointed out earlier NASA is going to fire three rockets during the eclipse. They are calling their experiment Atmospheric Perturbations Around The Eclipse Path or APEP. Atum is the equivalent of Shiva — the destroyer of worlds”. Atum and Apep, share the same charachter asthe ancient Egyptian great serpent god of Chaos of the Underworld, as explained by scholars. Atum is also frequently represented as a snake and his real meaning is that he is a portion of Apep. Atum is a metaphor of every buckle of the coiled snake represented as a destroyer —

Shiva is a comparable Hindu destroyer represented with the Cobra king , Vasuki around His neck. Shiva wearing a Snake represents fearlessness and power. Snakes are always feared for their venom, and thus powerful.

Oppenheimer Quoted Lord Shiva after the modern atomic Bomb blast by Saying “I am become death – the Destroyer of Worlds.”

But the literal translation from the ancient Sanskrit 1 is:

“I am Time — I am your death, the great one who causes decay of the worlds working here for the destruction of the worlds.”

Shiva, APEP, Atum and Apophis are all destroyers that eventually manifest as a snake or a dragon — wrapping themselves in a circle representing a portal or a gateway in the heavens.

Again we know this representation as Ouroboros the symbol of judgement and God’s ring of fire or eye.

The Gate–or the portal to the next world.

The statue of SHIVA the destroyer is on the campus of CERN

By coincidence, CERN will be firing its Large Hadron Collider on April 8th, the day of the Solar eclipse.

Scientists there are searching for invisible particles secretly powering our universe.

Specifically dark matter.

Scientists began preliminary tests by sending billions of protons around the LHC’s ring of superconducting magnets to boost their energy and ensure the $4 billion machine was in working condition.

And next month, CERN will shoot them down a 17-mile-long tunnel at nearly the speed of light to recreate conditions a second after the Big Bang.

The LHC will continue the experiment until later this year when it will then be put under a long hibernation for CERN to transform it into the next version – the High Luminosity LHC.

It will be the ultimate power machine. Capable of bending physics and opening the gates to the other side.

The eclipse offers great power to their occult processes which will certainly trigger other anomalies in the Universe.

It is unfashionable to think that there are powers that are being unleashed by design that may be the result of ritual or prayer. They may even be tied to demons or curses. But of course, many people want to reject the coincidences and the synchro mysticism that has played out before. Numbers have meaning, words have meaning and covenants when broken can trigger a response from a higher source.

In Isaiah in the Bible it is written For the nation and kingdom that will not serve Israel shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.

This sends out a clear message that the wrath of God is kindled when Israel is attacked.

Anyone who takes prophecy literally understands that a time of distress and burden awaits the entire planet. In the times we may call the last, or the dispensational unraveling I have learned that perhaps prophecy is in a sense an engine for retrocausality and is filled with all sorts of esoteric and occult symbolism.

Many want to distance the occult from their biblical blueprint; however, the reality is that the occult or hidden iconography and the way the words and metaphors are given are primarily for those initiates who see the movements of god as mysterious and compelling.

There have been many prophets that have not been confined to biblical pages and they have also been in the practice of causal engineering to prepare the world for the ruthlessness of mankind in the era that purports to be the time of the final countdown.

No longer are we capable of saying, “This is where it might lead” because we can see that “the tendency is similar.” the stars are aligning, and the symbolic nature of the attacks — is speaking to our subconscious minds.

We have arrived at the tailor-made nightmare, a nightmare that has been conjured out of the ether by clandestine sorcerers who are not working their causal engineering for the path that leads to the light.

They have now chosen to utilize what is found on the left-hand path, and the deepest and darkest of all we have now rejected and broken many covenants not only with the God who is supposed to protect us but with others who now have seen the dropping of the gauntlet and the revival of a theological showdown between gods, devils and monsters.

Our leaders are not satisfied with interfering with the internal politics of a country, but they have also tampered with the internal priestcraft that has been used to maintain an order free of chaos and chaos magic.

The gates of hell have been opened and while there are no real material gates to unlock and push through, the mental and spiritual realms have had agents on earth capable of rejecting the stairway to heaven, only to tread on the dark cobblestones of hell.


Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show, “The Secret Teachings.” His broadcast focuses on the Synchronicity and objective analysis of Alternative News, Health, History, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Philosophy, and more, in the most distinct ways by finding parallels and patterns often overlooked. Spending much of his life on air, and having written several books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of other radio shows and has had his broadcast aired on a variety of networks. He’s on Ground Zero Radio, Monday-Thursday at 10 pm, pacific time and on Fridays at 10:30 pm. His website is:

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Pat

    April 2, 2024 at 1:17 pm

    There are a lot of signs in the heavens and the Earth lately.
    There are a lot of signs in the heavens and the Earth lately. I kind of believe that we’re in the end time also. God gave a message to Joel about the last days.. Joel 2:30 -31. Blood and fire and pillars of smoke, and about the sun, turning to darkness and the moon to blood. I believe that’s what’s happening. Nothing gonna stop it. Prepare prepare things are probably going to get a lot worse. Every day above ground is a good day.

  2. Jimbo

    April 2, 2024 at 7:33 pm

    ..goes well beyond just being a “guiding star,” historically demonstrates Who the “star” of Bethlehem was with chronologically precise, scientific accuracy including Christ’s last day of Crucifixion. Must watch this video to appreciate what attorney Rick Larson has done here, assembling astronomical proofs of such chronologically certifiable events revealed by rewinding the heaven, and has NO connection or correlation whatsoever to the corruption called “astrology.”
    Here’ s a teaser I hope will cause to followup. The darkness that fell over Israel at the time of Christ’s crucifixion could NOT have been from any solar eclipse (hint: has to do with the moon’s position at Passover). Many other “amazing” synchronicities are revealed in Larson’s discoveries of truly heavenly evidence extant for 2 millennia.

    On a related note, the final Jubilee of the final 1,000 of 6,000 years of man, according to the Essenes (whose calendar hasn’t missed a beat in prophetic fulfillment), indicates we are in the year 5949 to a final 50 year jubilee, beginning 2025. Modified Jewish calendar indicates only at 5784. Christ rejecting Jews had subsequently played with the calendar to keep it from correlating to Christ being the Messiah.

    Some books to reference:

    “The Lost Prophecies of Qumran:2025 and the Final Age of Man” ;

    “The Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Calendar: AND THE PROPHECIES IT REVEALS” ;

    “Zeitgeist 2025: Countdown to the Secret Destiny of America… The Lost Prophecies of Qumran, and The Return of Old Saturn’s Reign ”

    I also recommend: “Accessing Ancient Portals: Unlocking the Hebraic Foundations of Faith to Experience the Supernatural” , Dr. Sharon R. Nesbitt

    v. { Ex. 22:17 ; Lev. 19: 26, 20: 27 ; Deut. 18: 10 }

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