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Ron Patton | March 5, 2024

We live in a time where writers, editors, reporters, and columnists are targeted for their thoughts and speech. In Washington State, Senate Bill 5427 would allow private individuals to report “bias incidents” to the State Attorney General’s Office. In reality, this would create a “tattletale hotline” which would undermine legitimate criminal investigations and curtail free speech. The Progressives and Marxists who sponsored this bill say it is intended to help victims of “hate crimes” before a crime ever happens. As George Orwell predicted, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act. If the government can control speech. it can control the minds of its citizens. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks about BIG BROTHER’S KEEPER – BIAS INCIDENTS, THOUGHT CRIME, AND THE 1984 OF EVERYTHING.



While we are witnessing the overall attacks of independent journalists — I have not gone into detail about a Journalist who worked for Glenn Beck’s network who is facing jail time because he supported 100% of the riots of January 6th.

Steve Baker entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, licensed his footage to media outlets has been arrested on misdemeanor Capitol attack charges after turning himself in to federal authorities in Texas.

Baker is a musician and libertarian writer who was a frequent presence at the federal courthouse in Washington during the Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial and other Jan. 6 cases, faces the same four standard misdemeanors as many lower-level Capitol riot defendants.

A copy of an FBI affidavit, provided to NBC News by defense attorney William Shipley, indicates that federal prosecutors will focus on comments from Baker that show he was sympathetic to those who participated in the Capitol incident and referred to Nancy Pelosi as a “bitch” after talking about those raiding the former House speaker’s office, and a comment in which he said he regretted that he didn’t steal government property during the attack.

Look out your windows bitches, look what’s coming,” Baker allegedly said as he recorded himself approaching the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“They got Pelosi’s office and, you know, it couldn’t happen to a better deserving b—-,” Baker said in a video after the attack, according to the FBI affidavit.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t, like, steal their computers because God knows what I could’ve found on their computers if I’d done that,” Baker said, according to the affidavit.

Do I approve of what happened today?” Baker said in another interview on Jan. 6, according to the FBI filing. “I approve 100%.”

Video footage previously posted by Baker shows him approaching two officers inside the Capitol and asking them if they were going to use their weapons on protesters. “You gonna use that thing on us?” Baker asked one officer. “Are you going to use that on us?” Baker asked another. He later asked the same question of two other officers in the aftermath of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, video showed.

After witnessing first responders trying to save the life of Babbitt, a Jan. 6 rioter shot as she jumped through a broken window leading into the Speaker’s Lobby, Baker said he “may have just seen the true first shot in this war,” the FBI affidavit said.

Two days before Jan. 6, Baker wrote he was headed to Washington not because he thought “a crowd of any size is going to force the government into a real investigation of the election results, but because the ‘powers that be’ on all sides of the political equation need to see WE THE PEOPLE in force, letting them know that WE ARE WATCHING.”

“WE are not going to lay down to any level of tyranny — whether it comes from the right or the left, the Democrats or the GOP,” Baker wrote, adding that he was “hoping to document on video anything ‘special’ that might happen, and perhaps get a few interviews from a variety of voices.”

I guess you need to determine for yourself if a reporter like Baker deserves his arrest, for his thoughts and documentation of what has now become a highly charged event that seems to be a sacred moment for the left –because they see it as proof that there are 50 percent of Americans who are hostile belligerent combatants.

Persecution for thought crime and speech always seems to follow journalists and talk show hosts who can be considered belligerent combatants by the government.

I started Ground Zero in Salt Lake City Utah in 1995. It was a weekend show on a radio station that experimented with a format called “Hot Talk.” The format lasted for a few years until it was evident that the King of Talk radio Rush Limbaugh set the precedent for provocative conservative talk radio.

Either way my show, entered into the fray of the paranormal and conspiracy theory. It was a topic that was neutral and if at any time politics came up — they would certainly be objective albeit leaning towards libertarian views.

Libertarian ideas were considered to be controversial in a super-conservative state like Utah. It was this fanaticism that eventually turned me off and I thought that perhaps a more laid-back state would certainly be receptive.

It was and somewhat is to an extent — but at times it becomes obvious that the left-leaning government where I broadcast in the Pacific Northwest is becoming more of a Marxist nightmare.

Oregon of course has been in the news many times because of it being riot-prone, and of course, there are a lot of people, me included that have avoided going downtown since the riots.

It is just sad to see how things have transpired.

But we are not the only state in the Northwest that is going full clown world — Washington State now takes the award for becoming an oppressed state where freedom of speech and thought is under the microscope with laws being passed that severely curtail the practice of speaking one’s mind and sharing one’s thoughts.

A bill has moved through the Washington State Senate and House and is headed to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk. Since he is an extreme Leftist with no respect for others, Inslee is expected to sign this bill, thus creating a statute that violates at least the following constitutional rights: 1) The right to confront your accuser; 2) Freedom of Speech; 3) Freedom of Thought, which is implied in the First Amendment; 4) Freedom of Religion; 5) Freedom of the Press, to name a few that quickly come to mind.

Senate Bill 5427, after it is signed into law, would allow private individuals to report “bias incidents*” to the State Attorney General’s Office, with the possibility of receiving up to $2,000 of taxpayers money for this noncriminal incident. The bill was very clear: this is a non-crime which they will then forward to local law enforcement to investigate. What’s to investigate? No crime, no investigation right?

The Progressives & Marxists who sponsored this bill say it is intended to help “victims of hate crimes” before a crime even happens.

In reality, SB 5427 would create a “tattletale hotline,” undermine legitimate criminal investigations, and freeze, not just chill, speech & the press in Washington State. People will stop talking to others and writing to others except very close friends & relatives, for fear a greedy “Karen” will report them to Washington’s version of the Gestapo or Stasi.

Writers, editors, columnists, and reporters I am sure will be targeted for their thoughts and speech.

Conservative Ladies of Washington Founder and President Julie Barrett told the Senate Ways and Means Committee at a Feb. 20 public hearing that all you have to do is “Spend five minutes on Twitter on any given day and I assure you someone would say something offensive under this law that we could call a ‘hate crime’ and collect $2,000 from the attorney general.”

Snitch and get paid, fein being offended get paid.

This is crazy.

It potentially targets people for actions they don’t like, but are not hate crimes– this would create sort of a ‘tattletale hotline’ to report people one doesn’t agree with or doesn’t like.

One anti-First Amendment proponent said that the $2,000 “is not a reward to people who report to the hotline” and is meant to cover damages incurred. Damages? What damages? How can words or “an expression of animus” send someone to the hospital?

Picture this: The local sheriff’s deputy^ shows up at your home to question you about a “bias incident” you allegedly committed. The statute prohibits him from telling you who reported you. You stand there with a dumb look on your face because you don’t have a clue what he is talking about. He is not allowed to answer any question that may give away who the accuser is.

Since the “Karen” did not scream at you “BIAS INCIDENT! BIAS INCIDENT!” at the time you “wrongspoke,” you have no idea when, where, who, what, why or how.

This bill directs the state Attorney General’s Office to create a hotline serving at least three Washington counties by 2025 and all counties by 2027.

Washington State has virtually no hate crimes among a population of 7.7 million: police reported 590 hate crimes to the FBI for 2022. In 2021 it was 651 and in 2020, when BLM riots destroyed downtown Seattle, there were only 462. In the most recent year, 63% of the state’s hate crimes were related to race, ethnicity, or ancestry, while 18% were related to sexual orientation and 10% were related to religion.

The bill requires the AG office to maintain a database that will include the names of persons who allegedly “had an expression of animus” and those so-called concerned citizens who reported him/her or them .

A Washingtonian may never know when, if, why his/her name is in the “bias incident” database, and there is no way to fight the charge & get off the list. The next time you have a speeding ticket, the officer will be able to pull up your name and learn that you are a “bias incident” reprobate.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who is running for governor, loves this bill! Indeed, he is bitterly disappointed that an even worse bill he drafted and found a sponsor for did not make it out of committee. That bill, if enacted into law, would have thrown “bias incidents” targets into jail, a psych ward, and/or deprogramming camps.

Of course, we have seen similar efforts in other states.

In New York, Governor Kathy Hochul intends to massively expand the hate crime laws in her state…

Governor Kathy Hochul today highlighted her groundbreaking State of the State proposal to expand the list of charges eligible to be prosecuted as hate crimes and announced grant funding to strengthen safety and security measures at nonprofit, community-based organizations at risk of hate crimes or attacks because of their ideology, beliefs, or mission.

The rising tide of hate is abhorrent and unacceptable – and I’m committed to doing everything in my power to keep New Yorkers safe,” Governor Hochul said. “Since the despicable Hamas attacks of October 7, there has been a disturbing rise in hate crimes against Jewish and Muslim New Yorkers. In recent years we’ve seen hate-fueled violence targeting Black residents of Buffalo and disturbing harassment of AAPI and LGBTQ+ individuals on the streets of New York City. We will never rest until all New Yorkers feel safe, regardless of who they are, who they love, or how they worship.”

And in Michigan, last year a bill was introduced that would have made it a felony if someone felt “terrorized, frightened, or threatened” by your words.

The Michigan House passed Bill 4474—legislation that would expand the state’s existing Ethnic Intimidation Act beyond current protections for religion, ethnicity and race, to categories including sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. HB 4474 would make it a felony hate crime offense to cause someone to “feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened” with words—deliberately misgendering someone, for example—subject to a potential penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The Left has been pushing its “words are violence” premise for some time. But Michigan’s willingness to go the extra mile and criminalize gender-related speech has summoned a ghoul from some dystopian fever dream.

For the record I can’t stand hate speech — people who are public figures get hate mail every day– I get trolled at least once a week on Facebook — it is part of the routine.

But I support their right to say those things because I don’t want my freedom of speech to be taken away.

I do however stress that you can say what you want but sometimes you have to face the legal consequences if they are libelous or slander.

In Canada it is even worse — you can get life in prison for anything the authorities label as hate.

It also amends the Criminal Code to create a new standalone hate crime offense that would allow penalties up to life imprisonment to deter hateful conduct, as well as raise the maximum punishments for hate propaganda offenses from five years to life imprisonment for advocating genocide.

So what constitutes a “hate crime” in Canada?

Well, over the years the rules have been written so vaguely that they could be used to go after just about anything.

As a result, many Canadians are now deeply afraid to say anything that is even remotely “offensive”.

Now this new law which is being pushed by Justin Trudeau will make things even worse. If you can believe it, this new law would allow authorities to take certain kinds of actions even before a hate crime has been committed.

Trudeau’s bill is called Bill C-63, and it’s a “hate crime bill” that primarily affects “social media” and essentially “criminalizes a human emotion.”

If you have quote ‘fear of hate’ … you can get a judge to issue a kind of restraining order against your enemy before he does anything before he says anything, and that restraining order can include house arrest, giving up any lawful firearms, limiting who he can talk to directly or indirectly, limiting the places he can go, and requiring him to to take urine and blood tests – just because you are quote ‘afraid’ he might in the future say some hate speech,” literally a pre-crime bill.

They intend to completely crush all dissent, and they will never stop until they have achieved their goal.

The government now has a say in what are dangerous ideas — and they want to jail anyone who speaks a word of dissent.

In reality, however, we are now only as free to speak as a government official—or corporate entities such as Facebook, Google or YouTube—may allow.

Case in point: internal documents released by the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government confirmed what we have long suspected: that the government has been working in tandem with social media companies to censor speech.

By “censor,” we’re referring to concerted efforts by the government to muzzle, silence, and altogether eradicate any speech that runs afoul of the government’s own approved narrative.

This is political correctness taken to its most chilling and oppressive extreme.

The government is not protecting us from “dangerous” disinformation campaigns. It is laying the groundwork to insulate us from “dangerous” ideas that might cause us to think for ourselves and, in so doing, challenge the power elite’s stranglehold over our lives.

Yes, it is Big Brother — and Big Brother has the final word.

Orwell intended 1984 as a warning. Instead, it is being used as a dystopian instruction manual for socially engineering a populace that is compliant, conformist and obedient to Big Brother.

This is the slippery slope that leads to the end of free speech as we once knew it.

In a world increasingly automated and filtered through the lens of artificial intelligence, we are finding ourselves at the mercy of inflexible algorithms that dictate the boundaries of our liberties.

Yes, Technofascism exists as internet platforms also take part in censoring free thoughts and speech.

Once artificial intelligence becomes a fully integrated part of the government bureaucracy, there will be little recourse: we will all be subject to the intransigent judgments of techno-rulers.

This is how it starts.

First, the censors went after so-called extremists spouting so-called “hate speech.”

Then they went after so-called extremists spouting so-called “disinformation” about stolen elections, the Holocaust, and whatever left politicians in the spotlight for their criminal activity.

Eventually, depending on how the government and its corporate allies define what constitutes “extremism, “we the people” might all be considered guilty of some thought crime or other.

Whatever we tolerate now—whatever we turn a blind eye to—whatever we rationalize when it is inflicted on others, whether in the name of securing racial justice or defending democracy or combatting fascism, will eventually come back to imprison us, one and all.

We should all be alarmed when any individual or group—prominent or not—is censored, silenced, and made to disappear from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for voicing ideas that are deemed politically incorrect, hateful, dangerous or conspiratorial.

Given what we know about the government’s tendency to define its reality and attach its labels to behavior and speech that challenges its authority, this should be cause for alarm across the entire political spectrum.

Here’s the point: you don’t have to like or agree with anyone who has been muzzled or made to disappear online because of their views, but to ignore the long-term ramifications of such censorship is dangerously naïve, because whatever powers you allow the government and its corporate operatives to claim now will eventually be used against you by tyrants of your own making.

Eventually, as George Orwell predicted, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act.

If the government can control speech, it can control thought and, in turn, it can control the minds of the citizenry.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 5 comments.

  1. Matthew Fields

    March 5, 2024 at 4:10 pm

    They listen to your subvocals. As long as your within the fields, your subvocalizations are converted to an electrical signal which are then picked up by those luciferican crybabies and made to look like they’re “reading your mind”.

  2. SARGE

    March 6, 2024 at 11:14 am


  3. Jimbo

    March 6, 2024 at 8:33 pm

    Without Free Speech there can be no Freedom!

    Michigan’s democrat executive administration eschewed what Michigan Courts repeatedly ruled as being illegal to sanction illegality by passing itself off as a ‘legitimate’ constitutional amendment. What was the illegality? Changing the voting rules for vote allowing and of monitoring oversight, speciously altered (downgraded) by the Secretary of State who has no fiat legislative authority to so alter, and then used those altered rules to pass those altered rules!

    They’re also counting the illegal votes of those who have been legally tried, convicted and jail sentenced, which Michigan law does not permit.

  4. Pat

    March 10, 2024 at 2:53 pm

    Jimbo.. you’re 100% right about free speech. There could be no freedom without it.. Our forefathers knew that 200 years ago. That’s why they put it in writing. In the constitution.. the first and second amendments to the constitution is what our countries all about. They put the second amendment in there to make sure the first amendment is followed and protected. Enjoy our freedom. A lot of men lost it, so we have it take care every day above ground is a good day

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