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Ron Patton | March 21, 2024

Since the rise of mankind, there have been stories of the spirits of the dead returning to haunt the living. They borrow from us our life energy to appear. Some societies revere the spirits of their ancestors, but even these myths include angry ghosts who prey upon the hapless mortals. Could it be that ghosts use quantum entanglement to appear? The recording of events within the subatomic weave gives rise to an afterimage and depending on the intensity of the emotion and the permeability of the quantum state, different “types” of ghosts can be created. The “Ghostbuster Theory” of ions and proton packs to explore the supernatural and subdue ghosts might be closer to scientific reality than we think. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with paranormal investigators, Ryan Mick, Russell Marquez, and Aaron Collins about GHOSTING THE GHOSTS.



Some things remind us of how old we are getting. For example, I was in the theater to see the second Dune movie, and all of a sudden without warning there was a preview for Ghostbusters II the Frozen Empire.

I was surprised because it seemed not too long ago there was a woke Ghostbusters with women as the protagonists –and then there was a moving tribute Ghostbusters called Afterlife which breathed new life into the franchise.

I guess that it has been that long ago that amateur ghost hunters picked up their EMF meters, tape recorders, and cameras and realized that from time to time strange apparitions often appear in those deep dark haunted places.

Ghostbusting or ghost hunting was always a rumor when I was a kid. There were stories that if you left a tape recorder in a graveyard you would be able to hear the dead whisper. After the movies Poltergeist and then Ghostbusters were in theaters, suddenly there were mediums all over the place and psychics that somehow were able to draw the ghosts to them.

I have been on many ghost hunts and I was even attacked by a ghost that was believed to be Zodiac Killer in Martinez California.

After that, I limited my ghost-hunting trips and of course, I was getting a bit too old to be running and climbing into cramped spaces to find orbs and wispy entities.

That does not mean that my studies about paranormal phenomena especially ghosts have waned. I have taken on a new perspective on what ghosts might be — and I can say that it is the science behind what the Ghostbusters do in the sci-fi movies.

Described in the first movie as a “positron collider”, it functions by colliding high-energy positrons to generate its proton beam. The beam allows a Ghostbuster to contain and hold “negatively charged ectoplasmic entities”. This containment ability allows the wielder to position a ghost above a trap for capture.

Their proton packs are the key to all of this and even though what you see in the movies is fiction there are proton cannons that do exist– you know one of the most famous ones and that is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland.

In the film, we are told that Ghosts are made up of psychokinetic energy (which is comprised of three parts: electrons, neutrons, and ectoplasm). Both the electron and ectoplasm have a negative charge, thus making the ghost negatively charged. The proton pack, then, emits a particle stream consisting of protons and raw nuclear energy – the electric charges attract, trapping the ghost in the stream (it functions as a kind of lasso for ghosts). The traps work similarly – inside, there is a positively charged laser grid that keeps the ghost trapped. The ecozone uses the same principle – it’s just bigger, and it has more lasers.

The proton pack in the original incorporated a cyclotron, which used two electrodes. The particle starts in the middle and spirals outwards, gaining speed as it does so.

But in the real world, something similar albeit primitive can be accomplished using a synchrotron, which can vary the magnetic field into a ring instead of a spiral – it is a circular particle accelerator, rather like the Large Hadron Collider.

However, using a synchrotron implies that it must be superconducting, as you would need incredibly high magnetic fields in a very compact form. A superconducting magnet needs to be cooled to cryogenic temperatures during operation, and so this would require some form of coolant, which would likely be liquid helium. The pack would also need a cyro-cooler to help actively cool the magnet too.

The impressive part is that none of this technology is science fiction. Particle accelerators and superconducting magnets are real (as indeed is the use of proton beams for dealing with unwanted issues, although the real world focuses more on diseased tissue than ghosts). The only particular leap of faith is fitting the technology in the space required, ensuring that the proton packs are compact enough to wear, and not too heavy to be impractical.

But as science tries to grapple with the compact nature of a proton pack and even though the invention is still on the drawing board this raises the question of whether or not ghosts are paranormal or subatomic phenomena.

Since the rise of mankind, there have been stories of the spirits of the dead returning to haunt the living. The very word, haunt, comes from the concept of an animal feeding place, and ghosts are seen as feeding upon the living. They borrow from us our life energy to appear. Some societies revere the spirits of their ancestors, but even these myths include angry ghosts who prey upon the hapless mortals. However, ghosts may use quantum entanglement to appear.

But what are ghosts? The rise of scientific interests tells us that the idea of ghosts as spirits of the dead is absurd. They exist in the supernatural, in a realm where science cannot tread, and as such they are dismissed as little more than the imagination of frightened, backward-thinking people. However, with the advent of quantum mechanics, new explanations shed light on why the myth of ghosts remains prevalent in cultures around the world.

Mythology would tell us that ghosts are the lingering spirits of the dead. But for a moment let us presume that a ghost is, put simply, an impression upon the subatomic weave of the universe, created via the strong emotion of a sentient observer.

Let’s assume ghosts are not an act of supernatural forces but rather an act of valid scientific theory for why they appear among us.

Let us assume that ghosts are and will be proven to exist through particle physics experiments proving that the spirit world is a whole universe of quantum entanglements.

It was Einstein who quipped that Quantum Entanglements are spooky actions at a distance — as these particles would take on more ghostly characteristics.

Einstein proved that all the energy of the universe is constant and that it can neither be created nor destroyed… So, what happens to that energy when we die? If it cannot be destroyed, it must then be transformed into another form of energy. What is that new energy?… Could we call that new creation a ghost?”

It’s theorized that all the electricity that keeps our bodies moving is the same that manifests spirits. That’s why ghost hunters rely so heavily on devices to measure that energy.

Einstein’s theory is still valid, and we do have science to explain what happens to all that energy when we die. However, the answer is not “turns us into ghosts.” After a person dies, the energy in the body goes into the environment—that’s where all organisms’ energy goes after death. When we die, our energy is released in the form of heat.

If we are eaten by animals or insects or taken in by plants via the nutrients left behind in the soil by a decomposing body, this energy is then transferred to these animals, insects, or plants. When cremated, our body’s energy leaves us as heat and light. You see we are all light and electricity beyond the carbon matter that holds that subatomic energy –and the remaining soul or spirit leaps outward and becomes entangled on a subatomic level.

One of the strangest aspects of quantum physics is entanglement: If you observe a particle in one place, another particle—even one light-years away—will instantly change its properties, as if the two are connected by a mysterious communication channel. Scientists have observed this phenomenon in tiny objects such as atoms and electrons. But in two new studies, researchers report seeing entanglement in devices nearly visible to the naked eye. Imagine if an orb is just one particle that can be charged into more particles that come together to create a full apparition or ghostly image.

To understand this phenomenon, one must first grasp one of the most fundamental principles of quantum mechanics: observation changes the subject being observed. The simple act of observing or measuring a particle forces it into an energy state. Unobserved, a particle may take any energy state available to it, but when a sentient observer is introduced, the particle becomes locked.

Let’s then assume that Ghosts are created when the observer’s emotions create a semi-permanent “indentation” into the quantum tapestry of the universe. Like the scent of burned toast that remains long after the bread is discarded, ghosts are impressions of emotions that remain long after the cause has been resolved. Ghosts, therefore, are formed not from the dead, but from the living and their interactions with the world around them. The recording of events within the subatomic weave gives rise to an afterimage and depending on the intensity of the emotion and the permeability of the quantum state, different “types” of ghosts can be created.

Negative emotions are many times more likely to cause these effects. The reason for this is currently unknown, though it may have to do with the quantum spin of the universe; in an anti-matter universe, positive emotions might create ghosts more effectively. Regardless of the reason, negative emotions, particularly hate, guilt, and grief, are the most common causes of ghost formation. This also explains why ghosts have traditionally been thought of as the spirits of the dead; the death of a loved one can cause profound negative emotions from multiple sources, all centered around the memories of the deceased, which can then amalgamate into a ghost that appears to be the deceased.

But many people are unaware that the living can also haunt the living. “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” a film about the idea that there are multiple universes, each containing a different version of you, It was a film that swept the Oscars and struck a chord. Many of us have this sense that, we may be living multiple lives and by some quantum superposition, we slip in and out of dimensions.

This answers the question as to whether or not you can be in two places at once – theoretically, the answer is yes.

Then there is quantum immortality which is one of my favorite theories about what happens when we die – it is all a quantum question where we exist in quantum consciousness that experiences rebirth in different dimensions and possibly different universes.

If we remove all the paranormal and supernatural aspects of ghostly encounters, we can surmise that a packet of quantum data. Quantum data is never destroyed but can be brought into existence through thought and ritual. If you seek ghosts, you will find them because they are all around us in the quantum universe. We can only determine that we draw these anomalies to us because of emotion and ritualism. Something that shakes the quantum particles. It is like a basic form of alchemy where we change our universe on a micro level.

The formation of ghosts, however, is somewhat rare. It requires more than an excess of negative emotions. The quantum state around the individual or individuals who form the ghost must be favorable for the formation. Certain areas are more susceptible to this than others, especially those where negative emotions are most common, such as cemeteries or hospitals. Other areas may be conducive to ghost formation due to other environmental factors.

The intensity of the impression upon the quantum weave determines the “type” of ghost spawned. .

Ghosts with fully independent awareness often believe they are the spirits of the dead because we tell them they are and act accordingly. But we must be aware that perhaps these so-called ghosts could be quantum data from another reality or another dimension – not some lost soul in need of Jesus – or some fearful spirit that is afraid to go to the light.

Destructive ghosts are generally bound to the event that created them and may be incorporated if the event is resolved. This explains why ghosts might vanish after a murder is solved, for example. Additionally, certain items may cause ghosts to be forced away, not due to any “magical” properties, but simple because the quantum state of the item in anathema to the ghost’s quantum signature.

We can continue to believe that ghosts are all remnants of the long-dead. Some may be — but science is now weighing in on particle aspects of the apparition and how it performs. They are not imaginary — and they certainly take on the characteristics that we force on them. They can be quantified and measured. We may even find them in a particle accelerator.

This again brings into perspective Ghostbusters theory because in the films they use ions and proton packs to subdue the ghosts, but it’s based on some real science to explore the supernatural. By nature, a negative ion is an atom that carries an extra electron in its shell, and vice versa for a positive ion.

Some paranormal researchers claim that spirits can hinder normal ion balance in the atmosphere. In contrast, others say ghosts use the ions’ energy to manifest or interact with the physical world.

You see, ions are caused by all kinds of natural phenomena like weather, solar radiation, and radon gas. It all comes down to how one interprets the evidence. Ghosts are known for feeding on these energies – it makes it all clear.

However, positive and negative ions can affect the moods of the living. Negative ions can make us feel calm and relaxed, while positive ions can give us headaches and nausea. This might explain why people who live in “haunted” houses describe fatigue, headaches, and illness. When they feel an ion imbalance, they may think paranormal, not normal.

If you’re a frequent watcher of televised ghost-hunting shows, you may know about EMF readers. Supposedly, a ghost can manifest itself using the electromagnetic fields in the room. If that frequency is high enough, theoretically, ghosts could just appear and move objects all by themselves. The thing about EMF readers is that they’re incredibly unreliable.

Things like cell phones and camera batteries can set off the meters. However, it turns out there is some science behind EMF and ghostly behavior.

The explanation is something known as the “fear frequency.” Human ears (especially adults) have trouble hearing low-frequencies below ~20 Hertz (or infrasound). However, the body can still sense them, often causing feelings of uneasiness, chills, or “nervous feelings of revulsion and fear.”

I don’t think that most ghost hunters break down the scientific causes of the haunting process. They just know that something out of the ordinary is setting off their meters and walking by their infrared cameras. Studying and observing ghosts is like observing and studying animals in their habitat. There are reasons they act the way they do.

But beyond the scientific attempts at confirming the simulation of death outside of the simulation of life, we still must contend with the loss of a loved one and whether we can preserve their consciousness or find answers as to where they have gone when they die.

Everyone has a hidden desire to know what comes next –even if you are a person who believes death is just lights out and that is the final word. But we all must realize that experiencing ghostlike encounters should never be a replacement for true spirituality. This type of thinking will lead to disappointment. It can also lead to mental entrapment. Physical death happens – the death of consciousness is a different story.

The body is going to eventually die, and the terrifying thing is that yes, when the body dies that is the end of the body. It is lights out for that host. However, it is lights on for your quantum soul. Just like what we have been taught in the bible – but in a different more scientific way.

The proof and the truth are a whole new form of disclosure.


Ryan Mick formed the Northern California Paranormal Society (Nor-C.A.P.S.) in 2008. It was with Nor-C.A.P.S. that Ryan first visited Preston Castle in Ione CA, where he would later volunteer as a historical docent and later a paranormal docent. Ryan was part of the first episode of the Lowe Files (2017) that was filmed at the Castle. He has also spoken at other paranormal conferences and even gave a presentation to a forensic history class at Sacramento State University. As a Paranormal Investigator, Ryan believes that it is best to be an open skeptic and analyze all data and personal experiences before giving his opinion about the claims of a haunting.

Russell Marquez started his journey in the Paranormal in 2013 when Ryan Mick who was a coworker at the time asked him to join his group Nor-C.A.P.S. Being the skeptic, he investigated many historical locations with Nor-C.A.P.S. Realizing how much he enjoyed investigating and the many unexplained experiences, he joined Ryan as a historical docent and eventually a Paranormal Docent at Preston Castle for 3 years. Russell helps clients investigate and assists them by providing technical and personal experience. Marquez assisted with running 3 Preston Castle Paracons and providing support to the guest speakers for the Paracon. He joined Ryan and the Nor-C.A.P.S. team and gave a presentation to a forensic history class at Sacramento State University about paranormal investigations and findings review.

Aaron Collins was 17 years old when he encountered his first “paranormal experience”. It was so terrifying that it not only shook him but left him with questions that began his curiosity and fascination with the paranormal. In 1993, he co-founded the NW Paranormal Investigative Team. Aaron has been investigating and researching the paranormal for over 20 years. In early January 2014, he co-created, co-hosted, and produced Blog Talk Radio’s Paranormal Crossings which is a talk show focusing on interviewing professionals in the paranormal field as well as owners, curators, and victims of haunted locations. Aaron has interviewed people such as Psychic Mediums, Paranormal Investigators, Authors, Actors, and more. He and his team’s objective is to help others that may be experiencing paranormal activity by using investigative skills, and technical and spiritual methods to determine the cause of the activity.

Written by Ron Patton

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