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Clyde Lewis | March 2, 2022

Last night’s State of the Union address appeared to be an act of desperation by President Biden with his pseudo-patriotic rhetoric to fight inflation and how to deal with the Russian-Ukraine situation. Many people are falling for all of the propaganda that is approved and fomented by the mainstream media and political machine, which is propelling us towards oblivion and global suicide.  We need to stop pushing the click-baiting, hash-tagging, marketing, vodka-pouring campaigns, and, quit being manipulated by war puppets. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about BAD M.A.D.VERTISING.





I know that for many weeks prior to the new year of 2022 I have talked about Year Zero.  The year that would show us that the government of the beast would make its move. While the marketing campaign will say that it is Russia — those who know understand that it is an indication or pretext for the plan of the Great reset.

In light of the grotesquely one-sided Ukrainian war rhetoric, it can be well and truly said that on February 22, 2022, any semblance of American History has ceased to exist and has been replaced with a creepy marketing campaign from the Twilight Zone.

From the sophomoric coverage of CNN and NBC, for instance, you would think that Ukraine’s borders have been universally agreed upon by one and all for eons; that the government in Kyiv has done absolutely nothing to provoke Russian suspicion and anger; and that the United States, NATO, and the European Union have flitted around the neighborhoods on Russia’s borders merely cheer-leading for democracy and selflessly passing out economic aid and cookies to the long-suffering Ukrainian peoples.

Today’s hot war eruption in Ukraine would absolutely not be happening save for the violent coup of February 2014 that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected pro-Russian President; and which coup was funded, organized and choreographed by Washington-based neocons, busy-bodies and arms merchants who otherwise had no reason for even existing in the post-Soviet world.

But that is past history that has clearly been erased with a very smart marketing campaign where Ukraine is almost being touted as a vacation option like going to Universal Studios or Disneyland.

Contrary to the bombast, jingoism, and shrill moralizing flowing from Washington and the mainstream media, America had absolutely no national security interest in Ukraine until 2014.

So the resounding bombast for action against Russia emanating from Washington and its mouthpiece media is not even a semi-rational response to the facts at hand; its just another destructive spasm of the nation’s Warfare State and it is distracting us form an even more deadlier outcome that was all but avoided during the State of the Union speech.

I know that most of what I talked about on the show last night probably didn’t have much of an Impact because many people were glued to the State of the Union address. It was Biden’s first state of the union and with the backdrop of war and concerns about World war III the Old man took center stage — but alas from the various clips I saw , I noticed how stoic Kamala Harris was and how drunk Nancy Pelosi appeared to be.

Her reactions to what Biden was saying leaned more towards being inappropriate and giddy– it was creepy.

Biden was speaking about the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and how they faced many dangers including inhaling toxic smoke from ‘Burn pits.”

Pelosi stood up and gleefully rubbed her fists together looking like a kid that had her first taste of ice cream.

Many social media users spotted the odd response to the serious remarks, with some even questioning if the speaker was intoxicated. Others simply labeled it “weird.”

Pelosi’s actions reminded some of her reaction to former President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in 2019, when she ripped up her copy of his speech on camera.  She exemplifies the old axion that the lights are on but no one is home

I was just thinking that this is the woman that was hell bent in pushing the impeachment proceedings of our former President — and recently mistakenly thought that Russia invaded Hungary.

It was downright creepy — and the speech was hard to sit through. Maybe that is why Pelosi did what she did — she was not really listening to the President because he has become irrelevant and out of touch.

This crazy set pf circumstances in Europe has nit helped him gain any respect as a leader and his popularity continues to wane– America is never satisfied with the leaders they have and yet they continue to settle with the best of two evils.

I think I am beginning to understand why people are not responding to Biden in the way the left hoped — because he represents what most Americans have gotten used to and that is mediocrity — we have become so unresponsive and Jaded by the pandemic that we need a war –and a huge advertising and marketing campaign to make World War III seem like a fun adventure.

It is a sick and twisted propaganda campaign that seems so out of place — it is like promoting a fad — like pogs of fidget spinners — and soon it isn’t enough so soon we are cheerleading for Armageddon and huge nuclear explosions that are marketed like fireworks displays at a county fair.

it is displaced patriotic zeal for a county that nobody really 0knows about or cared about until they were told to,

I noticed that almost overnight there are t-shirts you can buy that say “I stand with Ukraine” — there are icon frames that you can use on Facebook 0that shows that you now bleed Blue and yellow instead of red white and blue — on My way to work I saw an electronic billboard that showed a flying Ukrainian flag and what was odd is that I don’t recall ever seeing an electronic billboard that flashed the American flag with such zeal.

I don’t think people who are caught up in the hysteria have no idea why — they just know that the bad guy has been created for them — like Emanuel Goldstein from the book 1984.

During the Biden speech, I was really taken aback by how China was not mentioned as a threat and that Biden is omitting the mention of  the silent enemy just biding their time. This convinces me that Ukraine is just a distraction and that something is afoot.

It is understandable that most of the world’s attention is on Ukraine. However, on a daily basis, China keeps violating and probing Taiwan’s air defense to test their response time in preparation for an invasion.

China has waited patiently for the Olympics to end and if the Ukraine conflict expands to rest of the Eastern Block of NATO, China will take advantage and attack Taiwan.

We have 60% of our naval assets committed to the China’s side of the world and yet, Biden did not see fit to mention China in his State of the Union address.

I am not a geopolitical scholar — unlike everyone else on Facebook but this is peculiar and since it is not being addressed — I can only surmise that a Kill Shot aimed at Taiwan or the United states will break up this nice littler Ukraine marketing ploy.

If Putin loses his mind ad decides to use nukes or attack cyber targets then we will certainly won’t be so eager to continue this cheering of teams like it is the Super Bowl.

The intent of the Chinese war plan has been to weaken us with a biological weapons and then plunging us  into a conflict over Taiwan . The reason why there is so much indifference is because there is no marketing campaign that makes the Communist leader, Xi Jinping.

Is there a marketing campaign that pushes you into standing up for the Uighurs?  There is no t-shirt or Facebook icon that is used to draw attention to them.

It seems convenient for the world to turn a blind eye to China’s mass internment of Uighurs in its northwestern Xinjiang Province. But the repercussions from inaction may prove a threat to stability both in the Asia Pacific and around the world.

Up to one million Uighur Muslims have been detained in a series of concentration-like camps. Outside the camps, basic human rights like freedom of movement and freedom of religion are routinely violated, all on the pretext of fighting “terrorism.” In reality, Chinese activities look like more of an attempt to “Sinicize” or in other words, eradicate, Uighur culture.

Throughout the Middle East and to a lesser extent even in the EU, Chinese cash has been very effective at buying the silence of governments and propaganda campaigns have distracted the threat of China and the human rights violations that should wake up the entire world.

You can pour out Latvian Vodka in the streets and pull vodka from the liquor stores — but would their be a war campaign that would urge people to stop eating General Tau’s chicken?

This is how silly this has all become.

Standing up to China on any issue – particularly on an issue which it sees as exclusively within the purview of domestic politics – is something that doesn’t seem to be on Biden’s radar . However, the reality is that China’s actions in Xinjiang have effects which transcend its borders.

There is every indication that China is using Xinjiang as a laboratory as it seeks to become a world leader in the technologies of 21st-century authoritarianism. Beijing has taken advantage of the Uighurs’ non-Han features to perfect their mass surveillance technology, which is being further enhanced by insights provided by big data. China fully intends to export this technology, and sales are in the pipeline or have already been made to countries ranging from Malaysia to Venezuela.

Twenty-five years ago, the Chinese military was backward and obsolete. But extraordinary increases in Beijing’s defense budget over more than two decades, and top political leaders’ razor-sharp focus, have transformed the People’s Liberation Army into one of the strongest militaries the world has ever seen.

China’s new military is capable not only of territorial defense but of projecting power. Besides boasting the largest navy in the world by ship count, China enjoys some capabilities, like certain types of hypersonic weapons, that even the U.S. hasn’t developed.

Xi Jinping has made clear that his platform of “national rejuvenation” can’t be successful until Taiwan unifies with the mainland—whether it wants to or not. The PLA is growing more confident in its ability to conquer Taiwan even if the U.S. intervenes. Given China’s military and economic strength, China’s leaders reasonably doubt that the U.S. or anyone else would mount a meaningful response to an invasion of Taiwan. To give a sense of his resolve, Mr. Xi warned that any “foreign forces” standing in China’s way would have “their heads . . . bashed bloody against a Great Wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.”

A threat that sounds just as maniacal as Vladimir Putin’s.. and yet we care more about this because a marketing campaign has kept a balance of opinion at bay.

The fact is there is no balance in this ongoing war — only one side is being heard, while the other side is plotting its next move.

The only way to avoid World War III is to listen to both sides. The refusal to listen ensures that we will move into World War III.  It is inevitable because of this over the top marketing campaign. I always become skeptical of things that I am told I should really care about and when I am told to take a side and if I don’t I become the enemy, I guess we learned nothing from 9-11 and that when tragedies happen people are easily manipulated in their various emotional tsunamis.

The West has constantly moved eastward to the very borders of Russia. When Russia attempted to do the same to the USA by putting missiles in Cuba, we reached the brink of war, and only then did the world hold its breath and finally blinked. That crisis was avoided only because of a Russian who disagreed with his country’s propaganda and risked his life and that of his family to save the world, for which he was punished.

However, it certainly appears that world leaders are deliberately pushing us into World War III —  they are focusing their attention on the European theater — because of confirmation bias.

The U.S. must defend Taiwan to retain its credibility as the leader of a coalition for a free and open Indo-Pacific. From a military perspective, Taiwan is a vital link in the first island chain of the Western Pacific. If Taiwan falls into Chinese hands, the U.S. will find it harder to defend critical allies like Japan and the Philippines, while China will be able to project its naval, air and other forces close to the U.S. and its territories.

The U.S. has no hope of competing with China and ensuring Taiwan’s defense if it is distracted elsewhere — it appears that President Biden has a problem with walking and chewing gum at the same time with respect to Russia and China.

The Europeans can step up and do more for themselves, especially with regard to conventional arms. This is well within Europe’s capacity, as the combined economic power of the NATO states dwarfs that of Russia. NATO allies spend far more on their militaries than Russia.

The Chinese government has made clear that it will remain a strategic ally of Russia despite President Vladimir Putin being viewed globally as the aggressor in the war.

President Xi Jinping reinforced China’s tacit acceptance of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a call with Putin on Friday. Xi implicitly nodded at Putin’s justifications for the invasion by referencing the “reasonable security concerns of all countries” and took a veiled shot at U.S. opposition to the invasion with a call for unspecified nations to “abandon the cold war mentality.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry fired a warning shot toward what it called possible “illegal unilateral sanctions” imposed by the international community in response to the Ukraine invasion that could harm China-Russia trade.

In a 21st century nuclear era, military realism is not only a precursor to “mutually assured destruction” but an exercise of simple insanity.

Marketing it like it is an extension of the Olympics makes it harder to take any of it with the serious repercussions for the world.

The mainstream media, of course, loves to signal courage, virtue and click-bait at the expense of reality and that is someone is ready to push the button for the kill shot.

Assuming those in power today are at least wise enough to see the insanity of nuclear war, a military conflict in Ukraine and Europe is going to make us poor and this will make us weak and needy, China of course will be waiting in the wings and it won’t look good for our economy — wars are meant to strengthen economies but now these wars are meant to make the rich richer and to push the United States into third world status.

Then the excitement over the war will certainly diminish– it already has for those who won’t be fooled.

The mainstream media is all excited because now they can prop up their President as being tough and decisive and make heroes out of previously unknown leaders.

But with all of the zeal and marketing campaigns the state of the union address was a liability.

It contributes to more of the stupid things the media is saying to back up their four years of vilifying Vladimir Putin. They are also reinforcing their stance on Trump claiming that this has all but vindicated their conspiracy theories on whether or not he was a Russian asset.

Has anyone stopped and asked the question of how the marketing campaign of this war is going to handle the reality of thousands of kilotons of nuclear weapons unleashed on every major city in the Northern hemisphere if  this escalates beyond the cartoon feeling of support?

How are the propagandists going to spin and promote a a mushroom cloud in your backyard?

That would end this party damn quick.

So maybe we should stop with all of the hash-tagging and buttressing of a war that has the potential for global suicide.

If you really gave a damn about all this — you would get educated about what’s actually going on in Ukraine and how we are being detracted from other enemies that are plotting against us.

We are falling for all of the propaganda that is approved to push you towards oblivion.

Please stop pushing the click-baiting hash-tagging, marketing, vodka pouring campaigns and quit being a manipulated war puppet getting behind something you do not understand.

















Written by Clyde Lewis

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