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Ron Patton | March 16, 2022

The global biota is changing; meaning, the grouping of animals, plants, fungi, and other organisms that all share the same geographical region on Earth. We are seeing how tinkering with the natural processes can create circumstances that cannot be reversed and so the natural world begins to change in ways that are unimaginable. When animals, birds, and insects that belong to a certain geographic area, then, show up in areas where they don’t belong, they wind up being the topic of cryptozoology. These creatures all creep in without warning, and soon, you will realize what really bugs you. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis speaks about HOLLERS FOR CREEPY CRAWLERS.





Back when I was a kid, I was a big fan of the Outer Limits. One of the most terrifying if not the most memorable episodes was called the Zanti Misfits. The Zanti’s are actually aliens that look like 6-inch hoagie-sized bugs with human-like faces — when I first saw these I thought of the biblical passage with the bugs from the bottomless pit crawling out to torment mankind.

Back in 1975, William Castle, one of the best horror writers and directors created the film Bug. It was the last film Castle was involved with before his death.  In the film, an earthquake releases mutant cockroaches that can create fire by rubbing their legs together. Eventually, most of the bugs die because they cannot survive in the low air pressure on the Earth’s surface, but a scientist keeps one alive in a pressure chamber. He successfully breeds the cockroach with a modern bug creating a breed of intelligent, flying super-bugs. There is something unnerving about genetically modified bugs that can fly into your hair and strike a fire.

The movie was based on the science fiction book The Hephaestus Plague where a scientist genetically engineers a carbon eating bug  each one capable of emitting a tiny flame, each one mysteriously incapable of reproducing. Their swarm is relentless and unstoppable, leaving a wake of death and charred ruin. Scientists struggle to destroy them before they destroy the earth.

In 1997, I remember a movie that only a handful of people probably watched, The movie was called MIMIC. I especially loved this horror film because the story was about genetically modified cockroaches. In the film there is a disease carried by common cockroaches and it is killing Manhattan children.

In an effort to stop the epidemic, an entomologist and her husband creates a mutant breed of insect that secretes a fluid to kill the roaches. This mutant breed called the Judas Breed was engineered to die after one generation, but three years later we find out that the species has survived and evolved into a large, gruesome monster that can mimic human form. The form is a tall walking flying bug. It attacks at will and there is a huge colony living in the New York Subway.

While all of these “Buggy” examples are science fiction, there seems to be a similar story being laid out in our reality and the results may wind up being just as bad if not worse.

You may remember lanternflies, the Brood X cicadas and even murder hornets. Now experts are saying there’s a chance an invasive species of spider may have the ability to start migrating towards the northeast U.S. soon. Some are even saying they’ll arrive by “parachuting down” from the sky on the east coast .

If you’re not a fan of spiders, it’s probably not comforting to know that the size of the Joro spider with the legs extended can reach up to the palm of your hand, but experts say that despite their intimidating size, they’re harmless.

Some see these spiders as scary; others see them as beautiful and beneficial as they’re known to eat pests such as grasshoppers and stink bugs.

They are originally from southeast Asia in Japan, and were first introduced to Georgia and its neighboring states within the southeast U.S. sometime between 2013 and 2014.

There have been a few sightings of the Joro spider in places like Tennessee and Oklahoma, but with no evidence that they have officially found residence there.

It is just one more holler for the creepy crawlers that appear in your apocalyptic Bingo Card.

While I have been indulging as of late with my penchant for apocalyptic X-Files like dot connecting I have been thinking about how the war has distracted us form some our B-horror movie existence.

If you don’t like my dot connecting of the apocalypse and you find it too distressing — I am finding information that is outrageous if not downright terrifying.

I know that I have been sounding a lot like a hell fire preacher spitting out apocalyptic scares from my electronic pulpit but when it comes to speaking about the earth’s expiration date it is science and scientism that does a better job at pushing the envelope.

Their ludicrous preaching about Climate science and how we are all going to die a horrible death is becoming more dated as we are facing far more horrors with the ongoing war in Ukraine and the possibility of nuclear or biological war.

For example, I accidentally stumbled upon a study that was released in 2016 that pointed out that with the ongoing melting of the ice caps we as humans would face extinction in 2026.

In fact, scientists were saying that by 2021 we would be seeing the die off of humans and by 2026 we should all be dead or dying and that the earth would then be taken over by insects.

The elite-managed mainstream narrative in the year 2016 began their fear mongering  climate time frame, by indicating that there was  a group of courageous and prominent climate scientists who offered compelling climate science evidence that human beings, along with millions of other species, will be extinct by 2026 (and perhaps as early as 2021) in response to a projected 10 degree Celsius increase in global temperatures above the pre-industrial level by that date.

Well here we are in 2022 and so far we have been stuck in a plague narrative that does not want to leave and millions have died. I am sure that there are many scientists that wish to make the argument that this all happened because of Climate Change.

If 2026 is the year for the end of the world, I am not really sure that the end is going to be all but certain just because the temperature has gone up — it will something that we will not see coming.

An asteroid struck the Earth over the weekend, just two hours after it was discovered. Designated 2022 EB5, the small rocky object impacted the planet on March 11 north of Iceland a number of astronomers reported.

At just three meters wide, 2022 EB5 was according to scientists half the size of a giraffe.

Some in Iceland reported hearing a boom or seeing a flash of light around this time.

It seems like for whatever reason — near term extinction is on the minds of scientists, but I say if we are that close to just disappearing from existence then why are there so many politicians rushing to cash in on climate change and why are people like Barack Obama buying villas on the Florida coast if the oceans are rising?

Besides the ongoing war, there are stories everywhere about how the Global Biota is collapsing — or it is somehow out of wack because the magnetic field is unstable.

Stories about birds falling from the sky and other species of animals dying off are not something that makes the Breaking news category on the mainstream news.

All of these reports are limited to National Geographic specials and History Channel shows asking whether or not these anomalies are caused by aliens.

The Global Biota is changing –when I say Biota, I am meaning the biome of the planet meaning the grouping of animals, plants, fungi, and other organisms that all share the same geographical region on Earth.

There are geographic regions where we see certain animals, birds and insects. For example one would expect to see alligators in the swamps of the south or penguins at the south pole, Polar bears to the north and Monkeys in the jungles of Africa.

When animals, birds and insects that belong to a certain geographic area and then show up in areas where they don’t belong — they wind up being the topic of cryptozoology.

For example — seeing a giant ape in the wood of Southeastern Washington would be reported as a bigfoot sighting — or a wild dog or badger being seen in Mexico or Texas may be called a Chupacabra.

Back in February, a Tik Tok video went viral after a driver in Melbourne Australia captured on video what he believes  to be a Tasmanian tiger.

The man uploaded the video of a skinny, greyish creature with a long tail and mottled coat racing down a road in the inner north-west suburb of Strathmore.

The driver questioned whether it could be the long extinct marsupial which is still the subject of regular sightings.

Stories swirl about what resides in the thickness of Green Country, Oklahoma. many people in the Pumpkin Hollow area claim to have seen a pterodactyl flying over their heads.

Then there is the freshwater cryptid known as the Oklahoma Octopus, which people believe inhabits Lake Tenkiller.

Now, a lot of these stories generate laughs — but sometimes there are species of bird animal or insect that somehow manages to show up in areas that they don’t belong in –and people who aren’t used to seeing them wonder if there is either a glitch in the matrix or it is a sign that perhaps we are facing the earths expiration date.

It has long been assumed that the force driving evolution is natural selection, not the creation of genetic variants because the rate of mutation was thought to be constant and unaffected by circumstances although Darwin himself did not believe this. There is a body of thought that concludes that the model of selection must include adaptive mutation.

Adaptive mutation is defined as a process that, during the nonlethal selection process, produces mutations that relieve the selective pressure whether or not other, non-selected mutations are also produced.

Examples of adaptive mutation or related phenomena have been reported in bacteria and yeast but not yet outside of microorganisms. A decade of research on adaptive mutation has revealed mechanisms that may increase mutation rates under adverse conditions.

Directed mutagenesis, also known as directed mutation, was a hypothesis proposing that organisms can respond to environmental stresses by orthogenetically directing mutations to certain genes or areas of the genome.

We have seen over time how the environment is affecting the genome and the Global Biota . We have also seen how tinkering with the natural processes can create circumstances that cannot be reversed and so the natural world begins to change in ways that are unimaginable.

Offering the potential to ‘engineer’ at a sub-molecular level, analyses of the views of members of the public have identified concerns about blurring the distinction between natural creation, and human control of the creation processes through genetic engineering and what is critically called Frankenscience.

Messing with the atmosphere, genetically modifying food, and even creating hybris species of insects has set the earth on a collision course with mother nature, and has thwarted the evolutionary process– and now we are seeing the results of this tinkering.

Last year, The New York Times ran a story about hornets that are being touted as an Apex Predator of humans. They are called the Murder Hornets.

Murder hornets discovered in the pacific northwest are about the size of a human thumb and they can be deadly but a lot of the fear is getting in the way of why these predator insects should raise concern.

The truth is Asian giant hornets known as V. Mandarinia or murder hornets are seen all over Asia — but have somehow managed to make it here in the United states.

As far back as 2010 an article from National Geographic described these hornets as “small but highly efficient killing machines” that were approximately 2 inches long with a 3-inch wingspan. Although people have died from this hornet’s painful sting, the insects are only “highly efficient killing machines” when it comes to bees.

Mandarinia are native to forests and low-altitude mountains in eastern and southeastern Asia — now, they have found their way to the United States.

The hornets, which were detected in Washington state, are more murderous to the bees than humans but their huge orange heads and massive stingers are what humans fear about these creatures. Enormous, curved stingers and powerful venom make the hornets uniquely dangerous to humans.

Someone who is stung by the hornet and doesn’t receive proper treatment soon thereafter can die from the venom, which is powerful enough to disintegrate human flesh. About 40 people die each year after being stung by giant hornets, mainly as a result of an allergic reaction to the venom.

These so-called killer hornets made headlines worldwide in 2013, when a series of attacks in China injured hundreds of people and killed 28, mostly in Shaanxi province.

As scientists are racing to curb the population of these Hornets — they  are also working to curb the Mosquito population by creating genetically modified species.

Mosquitoes are feared to be the vector of the spread of various diseases that have been known to kill more people than COVID -19.

The deadliest creature on earth, is the mosquito, which is responsible for more than 300 million cases of malaria each year and causes between one and three million deaths. Malaria affects 10% of the world’s population, making it the leading mosquito-borne disease. The 3,000 species of mosquito, including some 200 in North America, do not all carry the same diseases. Mosquitos can also carry dengue and yellow fevers, encephalitis, elephantiasis, and canine heartworm.

A biotech firm is seeking permission to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the open air of California for the first time later this year, aiming to reduce the expanding populations of invasive mosquitoes and prevent deadly disease.

If approved, the controversial research project – planned for the Tulare County community of Visalia, with potential expansion into Fresno, San Bernardino and Stanislaus counties – will over time introduce 2 million male mosquitoes with a “kill switch” built into their DNA. When they mate with wild insects, their offspring die, causing an eventual collapse of the population.

The lab-bred insects – trademarked under the name “Friendly” by British company Oxitec – are male, so they don’t bite or spread disease. Modified Aedes aegypti, they only mate with others of their species, not California’s native mosquitoes. Only the female offspring die; the males live and become carriers of the deadly gene, passing it on to shrinking future generations.

Russia for years has been seeding the ground to claim that the United States set up biowarfare labs in Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. In the early 1980’s Russia claimed that the United States funded a research project in Pakistan where scientists were sending genetically modified “killer mosquitoes” into Afghanistan.

This, of course, has been dismissed by the United States as misinformation.

Meanwhile, Oxitec is ready to release genetically modified mosquitoes in California.

Oxitec had admitted their system of introducing mutant pests to the environment wasn’t fool-proof. Oxitec could not guarantee that some of the GM mosquitoes would be female.

It is the female mosquito that sucks the blood from animals and humans.

It was found that one female would be accidentally released for every 1,500 male mosquitoes. The risk here is simple — a female genetically modified mosquito would come in contact with a child. It lands and penetrates the skin as is normal.

In the process, a genetically modified protein is then introduced into the child’s system. These proteins are also mixed with other genetically modified organisms in the bugs salivary glands.

This makes the rogue females’ carriers of a genetically modified population reducer. The substance of modified proteins could very well deliver a force multiplied pathogen or contagion capable of spreading rapidly.

How do we know this?

Because history confirms the testing of biological weapons on citizens of the United States.

If you remember a few years ago, The House of Representatives added an unusual amendment to the  U.S. defense budget: a requirement that the Department of Defense reveal details of any biological warfare research it did involving ticks during the Cold War. The requirement stems from allegations that Lyme disease was actually a biowarfare experiment accidentally released into the public.

The amendment was added to the defense budget by New Jersey Congressman Christopher Smith. It calls on the U.S. government to “conduct a review of whether the Department of Defense experimented with ticks and other insects regarding use as a biological weapon between the years of 1950 and 1975.”

The amendment is an attempt to confirm or deny reports that Pentagon researchers, at places such as Fort Detrick in Maryland and Plum Island in New York, implanted diseases into insects to learn about the effects of biological weapons and also looked into using such insects to disseminate biological agents.

Declassified documents in 1956 and 1958 revealed the US Army let loose swarms of specially bred mosquitoes in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida to check whether these insects could be used as a biological weapon.

Ironically, the US in 1972 signed the Biological Weapons Convention and President Nixon had ordered Pentagon to stop producing biological weapons in 1969 – obviously, the Presidential Directive was not followed. Despite signing the Convention, the United States or rather its intelligence has been toying with different types of bio-chemical “weaponry” – Ebola, Sarin VX nerve gas, Mandrax, deadly lethal injection drugs – scoline and tubarine, paratyphoid, salmonella, cholera, anthrax, smallpox, highly potent CR tear gas and dengue fever.

In 2009, the first set of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes were released on Grand Cayman, an island in the Caribbean. In 2010, 3 million genetically modified mosquitoes were released. The release was done in secret and back then, there were people that worried about what they might have been exposed to.

The GM-mosquitoes were already released in Malaysia, Brazil, Panama, Singapore, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Since that time, there was an under-reported a forced multiplied strain of dengue fever that was seen in those areas leading some people to believe these genetically modified mosquitoes were being created for population control.

Since the introduction of these GM mosquitoes, the problems they were supposed eradicate got worse. India, Pakistan suddenly began experiencing dengue fever outbreaks, along with Iran. Cambodia and China were hit by a super-strain of dengue fever, which kills nearly 90% of its victims. Doctors were speculating these strains were created in a lab.

Even the best plans with good intentions can go south really quick.

Now if, the genetic mosquitoes aren’t enough to convince you that this will abruptly upset the Global biome — the biome itself is beginning to yield a spieces of spider that is about to fall out of the sky on the east coast this spring.

Americans living on the East Coast may soon find themselves faced with an invasion of hand-sized, venomous spiders that can fly using their webs.

An invasive spider species called the Joro has made inroads in Georgia. Big, bright, and capable of weaving webs ten feet deep, the spiders have already managed to freak out some Georgians who have had firsthand encounters with the insects.

Joro spiders are big, at least by US standards. The creatures can grow to 3 inches and have colorful blue and yellow markings on their bulbous bodies, with red markings on their undersides. Their size makes them comparable to the Carolina Wolf Spider, which is the largest wolf spider in the country.

Huntsman spiders, another invasive spider species from Asia which now lives in subtropical regions of Florida, Texas, and California, have larger leg spans but smaller bodies than the Joro.

The spiders are native to Japan and are believed to have traveled to the US as stowaways on cargo ships. Entomologists believe the spiders will be able to survive the cold temperatures of East Coast winters thanks to their fast metabolisms. Because they can survive the cold, they will likely become a permanent fixture in North America.

While the spiders do hunt using venom, their bites are not harmful to humans. but their size and the fact that they will appear to be flying is alarming enough. If a Joro were to bite a human or a pet, it may not even register, as the spiders’ fangs are believed to be too small in most instances to break skin. Bites that do register pain have been compared to bee stings.

The most alarming aspect of the spiders is almost certainly their size, as most Americans are not accustomed to seeing large spiders out in the wild. Their webs are proportional to the spiders’ size and may be intimidating to those who encounter them without knowing about the Joro. Compounding the fear some may experience when encountering a large spider is the fact that they tend to live in groups, meaning it would not be unreasonable for someone to find not just one Joro, but several.

Unfortunately for arachnophobes, the spiders also tend to set up their webs near the edges of forest and alongside people’s houses, so the chances of encountering one if you live on the East Coast is fairly high.

Scientists say that they pose no threat to the ecosystem.

Throughout history, insects have frequently played a direct role in human events. Plagues and pestilence have been read about in the Bible and have been recorded in history as part of some curse.

From fleas spreading the plague to Murder hornets we have been terrified of anything that moves, flies or crawls.

While insect infestations have always been connected to weather changes, I have had my concerns about news stories that are showing some bizarre changes in insect behaviors.

It sounds like the makings of a creepy movie.

Swarms of insects band together and march across the land. They crawl over everything in their path, and they make an eerie rustling sound as they move. Along the way, they eat each other when they get the chance. They also eat crops and wind up in your room and can swarm over you too.

Essentially, nobody accepts, or wants to believe, worst case scenarios such as an extinction event, even though early warning signs of impending extinction are wide open for all to see, assuming they look in the right places, but nobody lives where the red warning lights and bells and whistles and loud sirens blare.

So, it all creeps in without warning and soon you will realize what really bugs you.




Written by Ron Patton

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