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Clyde Lewis | March 11, 2022

During the initial attacks from Russia, Ukrainian soldiers were reporting unusual “miracle” lightning in the skies above Kyiv. In fact, since this incident, there have been reports of UFO sightings all over Ukraine. Another very important UFO story is now being observed as it was 25 years ago – a huge flying triangle with bright lights was seen hovering over Phoenix, Arizona – a phenomenon known as the Phoenix Lights. The thought of an alien attack has always been said to be something that would create the New World Order, where governments would have to unite towards a common enemy while implementing a scorched earth policy. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with the executive producer of the Phoenix Lights Network, Dr. Lynne Kitei about LIGHT OF THE PHOENIX. 





About a year ago, UFO experts were buzzing about reports of a pilot who claimed he saw “a long, cylindrical object” flying over New Mexico.

American Airlines and the FBI confirmed reports that flight AA 2292, which was traveling between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Phoenix, Arizona had a near-miss with an unidentified flying object shortly before twenty past one, local time.

The pilot contacted Albuquerque air traffic control to request information on the bizarre sighting and was heard asking if they had “targets” up in the air.

In an audio clip of the radio transmission, he added: “We just had something just go over the top of us.

“I hate to say this, but it looked like a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing – moving really fast right over the top of us.”

While American Airlines initially played down the report, a company spokesperson confirmed the incident in a statement that said: “Following a debrief with our Flight Crew and additional information received we can confirm this radio transmission was from American Airlines Flight 2292.

The Federal Aviation Administration added in their statement that air traffic controllers “did not see any object in the area on their radarscopes.”

However, this raised suspicion that something, maybe an errant missile was launched and nearly missed a plane — a UFO that no one wants to encounter.

What was the object and was it intended to destroy the aircraft?

This harrowing report was resurrected because on March 8th, the much-delayed U.S. Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) 2022 was unveiled within a government-wide spending package, and it includes language that suggests gears are shifting regarding the U.S government’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) efforts.

The IAA legislation (in its current form) means the new UAP Office (whose mission has been legislated by Congress) will now be providing quarterly UAP reports, in addition to the bi-yearly reports required by the National Defense Authorization Act 2022 (NDAA) legislation.

But the most prominent sentence came as a surprise to many:

“The Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense shall jointly require that each element of the intelligence community and component of the Department of Defense with data relating to unidentified aerial phenomena makes such data available immediately to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, or successor entity, and to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.”

The involvement of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), opens the door to its potential involvement in exploiting UAP technology, something referenced within the NDAA 2022, which requires the UAP Office to provide….

“An update on any efforts underway on the ability to capture or exploit discovered unidentified aerial phenomena.”

NASIC, which is based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base would likely lead any reverse-engineering efforts involving UAP.

As the new Cold War is fast becoming a hot war and the ice will soon melt, it is time to remind everyone of a cold war phantom that has never gone away and that many people feel will be the next big thing in the agenda of the technocrats.

This of course is an alien invasion. Whether it will highly controlled propaganda, a clever hologram or the real deal — many might think that the idea of aliens swooping down and saving us is relatively new — but actually flying saucers and chariots of fire have always shown up before major disasters or major world wars.

A War Historian and Lawyer, William Bramley was not necessarily a believer in little green men flying around in cosmic SUV’s but he was able to connect some mighty impressive dots about how UFO’s have always shown up just before plagues and war.

In his book, Gods of Eden, Bramley started to see some patterns that dealt with cataclysmic cycles of natural disasters, pestilence and war and how they were coincidentally entangled with massive UFO sightings and speculation about possible alien invasion.

The biological and psychological warfare waged on humanity has now become vulgar and easily seen by those who have quietly thought that perhaps that the conspiracy is more complex than just men in power deliberately sabotaging and grooming the planet for a major event of cosmic proportions.

It appears that aliens have investments and entanglements with humanity and have through many cyclical cataclysms.

From the times of Adam to the times of the Atom, we are learning slowly the reality that cataclysms are incursion drills for invisible enemies.

It was July 1st, 1952, when Look Magazine carried this story: “Flying Saucers— The Hunt Goes On” with the byline: “Fearful of danger from the skies, the United States Air Force is launching a secret search to discover once-and-for-all what is the mysterious, unbelievable thing Americans keep sighting overhead.”

At the time, the Air Force confirmed more than 800 sightings of flying saucers with reports from outposts all across the country, including “our vital atomic installation sites.” Atomic sites were specific areas of intense interests for the odd fast-moving saucers.

Flash forward 70 years: Interviews with U.S. military personnel validate the presence of strange UFO craft shutting down nuclear missile sites, turning the instruments off, inoperative, and overriding human controls. All of which is shocking to the nth degree!

Visitors from outer space obviously do not like nuclear stuff in the hands of humans. Otherwise, why focus on shutting down nuclear sites? Any force powerful enough to shut down nuclear weapon silos is so far beyond the capabilities of earthlings that they can dictate whatever they want.

Still, why shut down missile sites? If “intention” is exposed by activity, then their message says nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons should be shut down.

But now nuclear war looms, Russians have seized Chernobyl, and they have allegedly shelled one of the biggest nuclear plants in Europe.

Nuclear power has also been embraced by those who see it as a clean energy source for the future green world they wish force upon us.

To many UFO researchers, the stories of military encounters and the saucers shutting down silos are a matter of record.

ICBM launch officers from the 1960s and 1970s have come forward with Encounters of the Third Kind, stating that UFOs hovered over launch facilities as ICBMs suddenly malfunctioned, unable to launch or react to commands by human operators. Additionally, ground level security guards made panicky calls to underground mission control officers, informing them of the presence of unidentified circular craft maneuvering in the sky above ICBM launch silos.

The Freedom of Information Act revealed documents confirming, as early as December 1948, UFOs were sighted at Los Alamos, the birthplace of nuclear weapons. That same lab tested the first atomic bomb only three weeks before dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. The documents claim that UFOs consistently appeared in the area. The Oak Ridge Nuclear Lab in Tennessee also experienced UFOs, as did the Hanford Processing Plant in Washington State, and so did the Savannah River Complex, a plutonium-manufacturing site in South Carolina.

In September 2010, several high-ranking retired military officers came forth in Washington, D.C. to discuss these encounters, Cold War UFO’s are intriguing and certainly make for great stories — however with the war in Ukraine UFO or UAP stories are certainly a matter of national security.

During the initial attacks from Russia — Ukrainian soldiers were reporting miracle lightning in the skies above Kyiv.

Stories of divine intervention are being told that sound a lot like accounts from the Bible, including a pillar of fire at night and confused Russian troops.

Ukraine Director Kostyantine Lytvynenko explains that although his fellow countrymen are showing incredible strength and resiliency in the war with Russia, they’re also experiencing some divine intervention.

Lytvynenko said one man shared with him a story of his son who’s serving in the Ukrainian army. He said the man told him on one dark night, the soldiers were holding their positions and discovered there were a lot of Russian Federation tanks and other mobile units coming directly at them. It appeared the soldiers would have trouble defending themselves.

The son picked up his phone and called his father.

“He said, ‘Dad, you have to pray right now. We’re in a situation,” Lytvynenko said.

So the father called other members of their church and asked them to start praying. Later, the son called his father back.

“He said, ‘There’s some miracle that happened. It looked like an attack (on the Russians) from a spaceship. There was some kind of lightning shooting from the sky,'” In the morning, they (the Ukrainian troops) discovered the Russian tanks and other mobile units had been destroyed.

If this story is just propaganda — it has been avoided by the mainstream media,

In fact, since this incident there have been reports of UFO sightings all over Ukraine.

However, there could have been drones in the area or some other weaponry that as they say is indistinguishable form magic.

If they turn out to be miracle saucers, you have to wonder what’s going on and are UFOs sending a message?

We know that UAP have been buzzing our Navy ships — the Tic Tac stories were all over the news in 2017 and they have faded away thanks to the epidemic and the war.

Another very important UFO story has also faded away, but it is being observed as it was 25 years ago that a huge flying triangle with bright light was seen hovering over Phoenix Arizona, a phenomenon known as the Phoenix Lights.

During the March 13th, 1997, Phoenix Lights incident the Air force was on alert for some mysterious reason and many claim that it was because there was more than one huge triangular UFO that was sighted over Phoenix and that there were many anomalous objects being tracked by the military.

On Thursday, April 17, 1997, there was an incredible report that a U.S. satellite, GOES-9, had photographed “a very large anomalous object” over central Alaska 8 a.m. Pacific time. Immediately, the GOES-9 image was posted on several websites, and the news went viral on the internet.

A second GOES-9 image, recorded at 8:30 a.m., showed that the “anomalous object” had flown south and was now just west of the northern coast of Vancouver Island. The image also showed “an anomalous object of the same size” over the Pacific Ocean approximately 50 miles west of San Francisco.

A third GOES-9 image, taken at 9 a.m., showed the San Francisco object gone and the first object back in Alaska, near Glenallen.

A fourth GOES-9 image, taken 11 a.m. registered a new object “half the size of the first two” hovering over Colorado. The first two objects were described as “square or rectangular” and an estimated 25 miles long.

At 2 p.m., the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a “heads up” alert, citing “a potential threat” to the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, 65 miles south of Denver.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Grime, CO of Cheyenne Mountain said there was no threat to the nearby city of Colorado Springs or to any other military facility in the area, adding, “It’s totally focused at us here.”

Rumors circulated that NORAD had “gone to DEFCON-4 in response to the presence of the “anomalous objects” found by GOES-9. Maj. Gen. Grime told the media that extra precautionary security was needed to protect the 1,100 personnel at the base.

Just hours after these events, around 2 am on March 14, 1997, President Clinton was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a knee injury.

Did the secret service – fearing that the country was under attack, rush President Clinton too quickly and severely injured his knee just hours after thousands of people began reporting seeing UFO’s?

Security measures included cancellation of public tours at the center, erection of barricades on the access roads, and a 24-hour-guard on the maintenance portal on the south side of the mountain. The “lockdown” was carried out by 80 troops of the 721st Security Police Squadron.

In the year 2000, the Department of Defense maintained that it could not find any details that could be made public about the objects in question, in response to a court-ordered search requested by a U.S. District Court in Phoenix, as part of a class-action suit filed by witnesses.

There are still many loose ends that have not been tied together but there were alerts and notices that the military was fully aware of what appeared to be an armada of triangular UFO’s that were not only observing Phoenix but were also observing the west coast of the United States, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Alaska.

The Phoenix Lights have been arguably the most intriguing UFO sighting to capture the imaginations of not only the citizens of Arizona but also the entire nation as full page stories appeared in USA Today and eyewitness testimony of a large triangular craft was being splashed in bold type.

However, many people have forgotten this encounter or they have put it in the memory hole — it is as if they have blocked it somehow — but I remember how traumatic it was and how at the time it triggered a lot of anxiety and also led to the 39 Heavens gate cult members to commit suicide.

Just after the Phoenix Lights incident, on March 26th, 1997 Marshall Applewhite and 39 followers of the Heaven’s Gate cult committed suicide at a home in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

They were called a UFO cult because they believed that they would eventually have to shed their earthly bodies and become one with what Applewhite called the Evolutionary Level Above Human.

The bodies were neatly placed on bed with purple shrouds placed over their faces. It was believed that Applewhite had convinced his followers that the Phoenix lights incident was an indication that there was also a ship that was in Comet Hale Bopp and that in order to joining the evolutionary level above human they had to shed their human containers in a ritual suicide.

Some of the members of the cult worked for Advanced Development Group (ADG), Inc., a company that developed computer-based instruction for the US Army. ADG later became ManTech Advanced Development Group; these organizations have connections to the First Earth Battalion.

A Psy-op group that was formed in the U.S. Military to allegedly handle Military extra terrestrial affairs such as abductions, contact through telepathy Remote Viewing and ESP , and possible simulated extra-terrestrial “drills” using holographic technology. First Earth Battalion eventually became the Jedi Project. All of these secretive Psy-op groups are, or were, well skilled in spreading information and disinformation about the occult, the Heaven’s Gate cult, the attacks of 9/11, remote viewing and UFO’s.

If the Heaven’s Gate cult were working on battle game scenarios for an alien invasion could this be the smoking gun that could indicate that this whole affair was a Psy-op that was even fooling the President and some of the military?

Was the event in Phoenix a false flag drill for an alien attack or the real deal?

The modern age of the UFO runs along parallel to the history of the Cold War. Both began shortly after World War II during the late 1940s and continued for 7 decades. Those years produced the majority of “classic” UFO cases that fill books, websites and TV documentaries with most of their content to this day. By the early 1990s the Cold War was over. Shortly afterwards the last flashes of that ‘classic’ UFO age also seemed to blink out with the Phoenix lights in 1997.

It was either the beginning of a real alien invasion, or a psychological operation devised as a secret computer program by the Heaven’s Gate Cult. It could have been a secret that may have been silenced by a mass murder that was made to look like a mass suicide.

There are many things in government that are known as “Core Secrets.” Allegedly, Core Secrets are only given to the President on a “Need to Know Basis.” That means, some Intelligence the President knows nothing about. From what is indicated in several intelligence reports The President does not know the “core secret” of the alien presence. He only knows what you and I probably know.

There is no automatic clearance for access to any doomsday scenario provided to the President. If the President makes a speech or if he does disclose the alien presence, it will be disclosed directly from Intelligence and even then, that information is highly suspect. All core intelligence information is protected, even if it is bogus. The reason smacks of dark creepiness.

Core intelligence is always somehow linked to all “doomsday blueprint” Intelligence cores. Core intelligence that would reveal an Alien presence, possible alien intervention and alien attack and or invasion eventually arrives at the possibility of planetary annihilation. It unfortunately seems like some pseudo-religious scorched earth scenario where civilization must perish to protect itself from an alien threat. This is one possibility as to why full objective disclosure cannot happen.

The thought of an alien attack or a perceived alien attack has always been said to be something that would create the New World Order where governments would have to united towards a common enemy but one scenario is never discussed is the idea that if we are invaded, we all could agree in taking part in what is called a scorched earth policy.

It is also pointed out in other intelligence resources that if there was an alien presence and if that presence was hostile, there would be no plausible way to protect planet earth other than to destroy it.

The revealing of an alien presence, even a friendly one would alter our lives in such a way that we may find ourselves evolving and or disappearing as the alien presence takes over.


Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., is an internationally acclaimed physician and health educator for over 40 years, who pushed aside her accomplished medical career to pursue answers for the silent, mile wide and larger V, Delta and Boomerang shaped “objects” that were witnessed by over 10,000 people on March 13, 1997, throughout Arizona, as well as over Nevada, New Mexico, and California for more than a dozen hours. She also photographed these True Unknowns, called the Phoenix Lights, up close and personal prior to, then during, and after what is now hailed as the most witnessed, most documented, and most important mass anomalous sightings in Modern History.

Dr. Lynne has recently released updated (4th) editions of her bestselling Phoenix Lights: A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone Book, the international award-winning Phoenix Lights: Beyond Top Secret Documentary, plus the groundbreaking Phoenix Lights, UFOs & Crop Circle Graphic Novel/Activities Coloring Book, which are available at For more information, please visit the PHOENIX LIGHTS NETWORK at


Written by Clyde Lewis


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  1. Jimbo

    March 13, 2022 at 9:14 pm

    An “ostensible” reason for the sudden disappearance of millions (of Christians) at one time from the earth, rather than realize and accept the truth of a prophetically imminent biblical rapture: part A of the two part return of Christ

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