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Ron Patton | March 1, 2024

The saber-rattling between Russia and NATO has become hotter if not deadlier. A leading think tank has claimed that Putin is preparing for a “future large-scale war” with NATO. This warning came just days after Joe Biden said that Russia would attack NATO if it won its war with Ukraine, something which Putin has denied. The neocons, intelligence agencies, and military are answering to a global government and these unelected officials wish to pave the New World Order over the bodies from the old regime. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with sci-fi writer and military analyst, Sean Patrick Hazlett about KILL ‘EM ALL – LET NATO SORT THEM OUT.




We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of Nikie Hailey and why — to tell you that while we are all caught up in ourselves and our precious election — the saber-rattling between NATO and Russia has become hotter if not deadlier.

A leading think tank has claimed Putin is preparing for a “future large-scale war” with NATO.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) warned that Putin “threatened Finland and the wider NATO alliance” in remarks he made Sunday on the Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1.

This warning came just days after Joe Biden also claimed that Russia would attack NATO if it won its war in Ukraine – something which Putin denied on state TV.

During his State of the Union address yesterday, Putin claimed NATO and the US are preparing to “strike Russian territory”.

He added: “They must realize that we also have weapons that can hit targets on their territory. All this threatens a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons and the destruction of civilization. Don’t they get that?”

Putin also claimed that his new Satan II intercontinental ballistic missile is ready for the Russian military to use.

The Satan-II, measures 116 feet in length, weighs 220 tons, and reportedly has a range of a range of 6,200 to 11,180 miles.

The criminocracy is in danger of losing its carefully constructed shield of invisibility as it accelerates its deranged bid for total and permanent global control.

It is therefore obliged to ramp up its attacks on those who dare expose its existence, its crimes, and its lies.

We never asked for these wars, we never told NATO or anyone else to bait Russia and we certainly did not want to pay for wars that are benefitting the neocons and Warhawks who do nothing but antagonize and kick the fence.

It doesn’t matter now who is threatening who — it is the threat itself that is now being encouraged and it certainly gives us a reason to be worried as we all can see that the commander-in-chief is no longer in charge of this country.

The neocons, the intelligence agencies and the military are answering to a global think tank — and these unelected officials wish to pave the New World order over the bodies of the old.

One of the basic rules of war is that you always keep two fronts going simultaneously. The first is the obvious battlefield. However, the second is communication. Suppose you DO NOT keep communication open through the back channels. In that case, there is NEVER the possibility of PEACE, and the war then becomes concluded only when one side is obliterated. This is what has taken place, and the demonizing of Putin is HIGHLY dangerous, for it shows there is no intention of peace. You cannot keep calling someone a menace and a murderous dictator publicly and then expect the people to accept a reversal of that policy.

The whole psychological operation has been very successful as we could see when Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin and how that resulted in him being on a Ukrainian Military hit list. how are we in good conscience support the murder of an American journalist– this is unheard of.

The propaganda calls this democracy when it again demonstrates the oppression we have grown to accept and that people have been brainwashed to defend.

Demonizing an opponent is to create hatred that leads your troops to be willing to die for some greater good. The Notorious Nazi Field Marshall Goring explained it well when he was on trial at Nuremberg. You always denounce the peacemakers as conspiracy theorists.

Think back to what has been said by Warhawks like Victoria Nuland who called anti-war Republicans – “Putin’s wing of the Republican Party.” Victoria Nuland is the real Commander & Chief, not Biden, who is directing this war. She has made clear that she has absolutely no intention of stopping the war. The Neocons have spent their entire lives drooling at the thought of conquering Russia and China.

When Communism fell, they never changed their view. When Ronald Reagan wanted to meet with Gorbachev, sensing that Russia wanted to end Communism, the Neocons objected.

The psychological warfare has been so successful that some so-called sophisticated liberals believe that the Soviet Union still exists –and yet they say that they are not into telling horrible lies and spreading nonsensical conspiracy theories.

They are more than happy to conjure up a Hitler du jour and then side with Hamas in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

How is that for total hypocrisy?

Whatever happened to the peace deal with Russia and Ukraine that we were told was underway?

Putin withdrew his troops from the outskirts of Kiev as a sign of good faith that the deal would be that Zelensky would have secured the rights of the people in the Donbas and agreed not to join NATO. Putin agreed to withdraw all his troops from the occupied region in return for that agreement.

The Neocons sent Boris Johnson to kill that peace deal, proving that the West, from the outset, wanted this war they spent time to create. Since then, 500,000 Ukrainians have died, countless millions have fled Ukraine, and now sending more arms will not matter if there is nobody there left standing to fight.

This is why Zelensky fired Ukraine’s top commander, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, over his objection to the offensive and the astronomical health and death toll.

Zelensky told the truth and initiated a draft for 500,000 fresh troops. Zaluzhnyi warned that Ukraine could not defeat Russia. The conflict with Russia had become a stalemate for months. Zaluzhnyi was very popular with the troops, and firing him was a major mistake that Zelensky, lacking any military experience, thought a general could just order people to die with no repercussions. Zelenskyy appointed the commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi, to lead the army, which was a sharp blow to the morale of the troops.

Syrskyi has been instrumental in Ukraine’s biggest successes during the war, including overseeing the defense of the capital in the early days of the invasion.

The geopolitical situation concerning the Ukraine war will catalyze World War III. Historians said Europe, with its alliances, stumbled into World War I. The same is unfolding here in the 21st century. Political leaders make decisions on the immediate event without ever even thinking about what will be the next step.

This Ukrainian War is very much intertwined with the rise of China as an economic and Military superpower. Ukraine has become the stomping ground concerning the rivalry of the three great powers: the United States, Russia, and China.

The Ukraine war has triggered a completely new dynamic in the relationship between these great powers concerning this rivalry. What is being overlooked here is that China, and not Russia, is capable of replacing the United States as the leading world economic and military power, as we warned several years ago, back in 2011 and 2018. Our model projected that China would eventually replace the United States as the leading economic power.

The longer this war goes the greater the risk for a nuclear conflict — and if we believe everything we are told about Russia, they will not hesitate to fire their missiles at will.

Sending in NATO troops to Ukraine will be a Declaration of War– it will certainly escalate the possibility that somewhere at any moment a Nuclear Missile or EMP can be detonated — we are already worried about the deployment of Nuclear warheads in space, and the idea that both China and Russia have the capability of bringing down or communication and GPS capabilities.

Putin has been criticized at home by the hardliners that he has been a fool and that this has been a war really with the USA and NATO.

Timing is everything in government and we still have the possibility of war campaigning that usually takes place in March. These campaigns have certainly been timed to coincide with the Ides of March and the pagan rites of the burning times.

Regardless of what you believe there are still elements within the government that practice Luciferian witchcraft and plan their attacks accordingly.

Remember that throughout history March and April have been the bloodiest months with wars and massacres occurring almost as if they are well-timed– or it could all be a coincidence that the war could heat up just before the 2024 election in November.

The Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenko, has called it like it is. He is warning that the West is on the ” edge of the abyss ” of World War Three. Lukashenko has made it clear that he has “legitimate concerns” about the likelihood of a global conflict and accused the West of fueling war tensions and pushing the world toward disaster.

According to Sky News, Lukashenko said,

We are literally covered with an information wave of the so-called premonition of the third world war, which just a lazy one still hasn’t mentioned. And there are grounds for these fears.”

NATO is pushing for war, altering the terms of handing Ukraine weapons for defense to outright invasion of Russia. The head of NATO approved Ukraine to use the F16s to fly into Russia and start bombing their cities as a deliberate provocation, praying Russia would attack so they could call them the aggressor. All they have to do is honor the Minsk Agreement, and the war will end in 24 hours. These people are filled with such hatred it is beyond description.

Ukraine is on its last legs — there so much blood on the hands of Putin and Zelenski it will never wash off. One also wonders how Joe Biden can sleep at night — or they wonder how we tolerate him sleeping through many important meetings that deal with this deadly possibility of nuclear confrontation.

Putin claims that NATO forces are preparing to strike Russian territory. In a chilling threat, he warned Russia’s nuclear power is currently in a state of “full readiness.

We have all been here before — how any times will there be threats until they are no longer threats — and why do we tolerate leadership in this country that has placed in harm’s way and has divided us even more because of political turmoil not only with Ukraine and Russia but with Palestine and Israel.

It appears that the business of war is doing someone a whole lot of good. It does not bode well for our future, and our ability to succeed as our taxes go up and the inflation is soaring because of the war effort that is benefitting no one.

But it gets worse.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said last week that Ukraine joining NATO is inevitable.

Ukraine has long desired a place in the military alliance, but this is another red line for Putin and Russia.

As far back as 1997 Then Senator Joe Biden made a statement that this would trigger World War III.

Joe Biden warned back them that the Baltic states, namely Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, joining NATO could result in hostility from Russia. He did insist that he did not mean military retaliation, however.

So he has known for some time what this would mean –and yet he has allowed the very thing he warned about to continue.

It is in our faces and now our so-called leaders are trolling us.

It goes to show you that they are patient and they are gradualists making plans in back rooms to change the landscape to make way for the New World Order.

In the era of globalization, war is used to create a distraction from something of more lasting significance which the protagonists want to introduce under cover of the smoke and fire dominating imagery and rhetoric of the battleground.

Something that will further enslave a large body of humanity to conform to the desired end game – and at a much faster rate than would otherwise prove possible.

War is also motivated by the desirability of an economic upturn to the fortunes of the military-industrial complex, and, of course, as a harbinger of chaos.

Chaos is a vital factor in inducing traumatized populations to call for a big brother savior to end the conflict.

The conflict that these same ‘savior’ promoting elite control agents has had a major part in starting in the first place.

We know that the stage is being set for the arrival of his infernal majesty — the so called antichrist. The window is short and the war will have to get nastier so that the brokering of peace will be exceptional.

Paul Henri Spaak, the first president of the UN General Assembly, first president of the European Parliament, and onetime secretary general of NATO said this:

We do not need another committee. We have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people, and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man and be he god or devil, we will receive him.”

Oh yes it may be the Devil or it may be the lord but as Bob Dylan once sang “You are going to have to serve somebody.” So far we now see what the new progressive left serves, we all know what the fanatic and militant neocons serve.

They are knowingly paving the way for the empire of the antichrist –and his appearance on the political stage is soon to be unveiled.

Given that world events are politically and economically manipulated to give ever greater power to ever fewer institutions and those who run them, ‘enemies of the people’ are easily identified.

However, the difference between a 21st-century enemy and an enemy of previous eras, is that the 21st-century version uses advanced psychological manipulation as the main weapon of an increasingly virtual armory.

They have plenty of psychological arrows they take from their quivers.

Grasping this means recognizing that we have a new dimension to get to grips with to develop a strategy able to lay bare this deception and to explode its psychological hold over the better part of humanity.

This can only be done by those who possess the foresight and awareness which enables them to identify the behavior patterns and motivations common to the chief operatives behind the process of human enslavement.

It includes recognizing the main causal elements behind the mass hypnosis of humanity. The inducing of a state of mind (and being) that leads good people ‘not to act’ when everything around them instinctively demands taking immediate action.

On further scrutinizing this dire state of affairs, it becomes apparent that something is jamming the broader survival instinct of a great swathe of the human population.

By ‘survival state,’ I mean more than somehow managing to stay alive in a crisis where one’s physical being is at risk. The state that is jammed is not this, it is at the psychic and spiritual level.

That state instinctively gives one a sense of what is right and what is wrong – and a connectedness with others as well as with the natural environment that nurtures us.

When this connected state is healthy, we instantly feel outraged that any part of this collective living entity of which we are a part is under threat from the egregious acts of other human beings.

But when it is not healthy – when it is sick – this instinctual outrage fails to cut in. Instead, the predominant emotion is one of withdrawal and passive self-preservation.

A selfish preoccupation with personal preference is accompanied by an indulgence in essentially cosmetic concerns.

And this comes at the very time when the world is being torn apart by pre-planned and harshly enforced divisions that are vampiring human values and setting the stage for the central control system to become fully despotic.

Those able to afford the false luxury of selfish self-interest at a time like this, brutally stand out as prime examples of a complete breakdown of humanitarian and spiritual sensitivities that provide life with its true resonance and real meaning.

What we have to do in order to get somewhere in dealing with this all-pervading crisis, is to pinpoint the source and nature of this great deception being perpetrated on a largely non-resistant mankind.

This is a cult persuasion. It is the predominant position held by the rump of world ‘leaders today.

Their predominant state of being, no less. The younger ones have been trained by Klaus Schwab and his henchmen to be impenetrable and immune to human feelings. This is considered an imperative in the cause of the full techno-digital takeover of daily life.

We, the people, are at least 90% of the problem. At each historical point, when conditions offered the chance to break the dark spell, we opted out.

We failed to take action and take control of our destinies as fellow human beings who value truth, wisdom, and justice above all else.


Sean Patrick Hazlett is a US Army veteran, speculative fiction writer and editor, and finance executive in the San Francisco Bay area. He holds an AB in history and a BS in electrical engineering from Stanford University and a master’s degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. As a cavalry officer serving in the elite 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, he trained various Army and Marine Corps units for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and Codex Writers’ Group. Hazlett’s award-winning short story “Adramelech” appeared in the Wall Street Journal best-selling anthology L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 33. Sean is the host of the YouTube channel, Through A Glass Darkly, where the paranormal meets military science fiction and fact. His latest book is Weird World War: China


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 6 comments.

  1. Mark

    March 1, 2024 at 7:22 pm

    Bad audio. Clyde, I love your show, been listening for 6 years. I live in Canada and now the audio is very fuzzy and distorted. Did you change something or should I consider communist little Justin?

  2. Rusty

    March 1, 2024 at 8:34 pm

    I remember GHW’s speech with his brief reference to NMO. Regan would not be pleased with this outcome, but the GHW and Cheney mindsets as well as the leftest psychopaths are loving it. It’s very disappointing. I remember Bidens speech from his earlier days. They picked a stupid time to pick a war now, when the balance of power is, unlike previous times. not in our favor

  3. Mike

    March 1, 2024 at 11:14 pm

    Hello Clyde, I just want to thank you for educating us/me on current affairs. I have continued to learn. I will never stop learning. I also know that you do have input from your very intelligent staff. All of you are A#1! I have been listening to you almost as long as Art Bell in the early 90’s. Boy what a class act he was! Anyway, I call in off and on depending on a lot of different factors….it’s called LIFE! I digress.
    Tonight’s show was very informative. I believe the story continues. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures! All I can say is if you don’t believe in God yet than you are lost, not you Clyde, but anyone who doesn’t believe! We all need to really pray for our country and for all humanity! Jesus is the answer!!!

  4. Jimbo

    March 2, 2024 at 11:45 am

    Neo-Libcon globalists from US Uniparty (demo+republi-Crats), are hell bent on Hell. The very worst of devils being Euro-HQ’d / Schwab centric. A literal Antichrist is waiting to be unveiled on world stage, who “will subdue three kings” within the USE (United States of Europe) confederacy, on his (brief) ascendancy to total world hegemony. Keep watching Israel, God’s prophetic time clock..

  5. Pat

    March 10, 2024 at 3:09 pm

    Good show Clyde. I don’t know why people are so worried about Russia. Russia, this Russia that. China is buying our farmland up. Just go to Walmart see where most of the tools and most everything comes from China made Home Depot and Lowe’s All the tools, nuts bolts, almost everything in all store comes from China. Nothing seems to be made in the US anymore.? Retired a few years ago and they shut my steelmill down that I used to work at a few weeks ago. They shut the mines down in West Virginia and PA. They don’t want people To use core as a natural resource we have lots of it. we have lots of natural gas, not being used and tapped shut down. Or cell phones, electronics parts of our airplanes parts of our cars all come from China. They really don’t have to invade us.. the president of United States. Biden… bow down China. The dictator of China, the x . He’s gotta be pulling the strings.. take care enjoy your freedom while we still have it. China even controls all of our drugs. We take there is try to kill us COVID-19. Every day above ground is a good day

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