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Ron Patton | February 7, 2024

We are in the midst of a catastrophe cycle as the Earth is becoming a more violent place to live. This is characterized by intense weather anomalies, an increase in earthquake activity, and huge asteroids coming closer to our planet, Haven’t we become accustomed to the mega disaster movies as a means to warn us of the “Big One?” Furthermore, FEMA has mobilized its resources with unprecedented urgency. The cosmos is changing rapidly – as if there is something out there waiting to clean house in the galaxy. It is like the Universe is preparing for a cataclysmic event so immense that we may not be able to withstand its power. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about CLOUDS IN MY COFFEE – TEMPEST IN MY TEACUP.



I still live in the paranormal world and see things through a paranormal lens even though science has sought to shrink the realm of the inexplicable. We now understand – at least approximately – the laws of nature that govern the weather and catastrophic events like an earthquake.

Telescopes and rocket ships have also allowed us to probe deeper into the heavens to make a little more sense of the universe outside our tiny corner of it.

But the more we investigate the universe and see this violent earth in action the more rigid appear the limits to our knowledge.

And yet scientism tells us that the science is settled – that is a finite system and yet we know that it is infinite and that it can surprise us. Mostly the surprises are unwelcome as they include moments of cataclysmic cycles.

The other day as I was going through my daily routine of reading the news I couldn’t help but notice that we somehow have found ourselves in a catastrophe cycle. Meaning that for some reason the earth is becoming an even more violent place to live. Even without the threat of Nuclear war hanging over us, I have been having some Deja vu lately and so has my wife.

I was looking for a movie to watch and I noticed that in our viewing history, there are a few disaster movies from the 1970s and 80s that were watched.

Now I don’t think Liam would be watching movies like “Earthquake” or “Airport” — but it dawned on me that perhaps she was watching them because it appears that we are living them.

Again, this may be the case of predictive programming being revisited as we constantly hear about these disastrous weather anomalies –and other things that remind us of those 70’s and 80’s disaster films.

First came Airport, a gripping thriller about a crippled Boeing 707 making an emergency landing during a Chicago blizzard. These films were followed by several sequels including Airport 75 a film that was filmed right over my house in Utah — and features a scene where a plane collides with a passenger Jet. It creates a massive hole in the cockpit sucking the crew out into the air.

Eerily enough this event happened much later in 1987 when a SkyWest passenger jet collided with a small Mooney M20 plane.

Again this happened over my childhood home in Kearns Utah. All I remember about the incident is that my father called me to say that two places had collided near Airport Number Two –and bodies had been scattered all over the area.

All ten aboard the two aircraft were killed: two pilots and six passengers aboard the METRO II jet and two aboard the Mooney.

It was horrible, bodies were found in trees, and some of them along with wreckage came down in a playground at the local catholic school.

A very dark coincidence of course.

It also can be said that recently the close call with the Alaskan Airlines Jet –where passengers were nearly sucked out of the plane when a door plug blew off can also trigger memories of Airport 75 — the door coincidentally landed somewhere near Portland.

There were other movies too like The Towering Inferno where a skyscraper catches fire –which of course reminds us of the 9/11 attacks.

There was also Hurricane and Terror Storm — two films that gave us a glimpse into the patterns of hurricanes and storm collisions that wreak havoc on people and leave them homeless. Of course, these films were heavily exaggerated with supercells that no one would even imagine.

However now it appears we have gone beyond the imagination with a report that says that Hurricanes have reached intensity that they are going to now add a category six to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind scale.

Climate scientists have now found a way to frighten people even more by introducing the idea of setting up a higher number than Category 5.

This is a remarkable psy-op up there with naming winter storms. There was also the move to change the colors on heat maps from green to red to the intensity of heat waves.

To be clear — the report published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences does not represent an official move by the National Hurricane Center to add another hurricane category.

Instead, it offers scientific reasons for the new category to be considered.

The researchers note that the top hurricane category — Category 5 — has no upper bound, even though the damage potential from such a storm’s maximum sustained winds increases exponentially.

it can be argued that this is all theater to scare people about the ferocity of storms and disasters.

Now the Climate czars are reporting that early data is suggesting that in 2024 early data shows January was likely the 9th-straight-hottest month on record –even though more than the country experienced what can only be seen as a flash freeze that knocked out power and put everything to a standstill.

I don’t know how they come up with their headlines and data — but we all know it is geared to make us fearful of weather anomalies. It is there to call your attention to the climate crisis.

Scientists are already saying that warm January will most definitely fuel what is already causing these storms to change in multiple ways that can make them more destructive,

I guess we will see,

Meantime we are still reliving those 70’s and 80’s disaster movies where the earth has a tendency to swallow up the coastline. California seems to be getting the brunt of what can only be seen as a pattern of bomb cyclone events. Events that are mimicking hurricanes with large ocean waves and flooding. Some of the ocean crests have been enough to swallow two-story buildings on the coast. After the wildfires there, they are seeing mudslides and terrible flooding.

Projections see a trough of low pressure “zipping down the west coast and through Southern California through Thursday. This system will be able to interact with the lingering moisture from the current storm to bring one last band of organized precipitation through the coast. All areas should see about a 3-hour period of steady rain and mountain snow.

They call it the atmospheric river — another name that is meant to press some panic buttons.

Which brings us to one of the biggest disaster movies of the ’70s– Earthquake.

It was a movie with Charlton Heston Ava Gardner, George Kennedy, and Lorne Greene. and was filmed in what was called Sensurround. It was a sound system that when the earthquake happened in the film, the lower frequencies in the sound system rumbled so hard that the entire theater shook.

There were only 5 movies that were filmed using this sound technique, There were two Battlestar Galactica releases starring Lorne Green, Rollercoaster, Midway, and of course Earthquake.

Everywhere you look you hear about earthquakes in diverse places and dormant fault lines that have Miraculously been triggered for some reason.

A recent report paints a bleak picture for the West Coast as FEMA is preparing for the big one — whether it is on the San Andreas fault line in California or the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest.

Yes, Oregon and what is rumbling underneath is like a ticking time bomb in what is called the ring of fire.

It is being reported by the American Media group that FEMA is ramping up preparations for an inevitable cataclysm along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

From the shores of California to the forests of Oregon and the fjords of Washington, communities teeter on the brink of disaster, their fate hanging in the balance.

We never really think about it until it becomes a topic on the local news — telling us of how helpless we are and that authorities are prepared to save the day.

But after the ice storms that pelted us in January and the extended power failures and internet shutdown — I am not so sure that they are prepared for what they say could be a 9.0 earthquake in the region.

As the dust settles and the waters recede, the true toll of this cataclysm will become painfully clear. With projections of over 13,000 lives lost in the wake of the Pacific megaquake, the scale of human suffering defies comprehension. Families torn asunder, communities shattered, and a region left reeling in the aftermath of nature’s wrath.

In the face of such overwhelming odds, FEMA has mobilized its resources with unprecedented urgency. Portable disaster morgues stand ready, poised to bear witness to the unthinkable carnage that lies ahead.

FEMA preparing disaster morgues certainly does not boost any confidence in the outcome of a major quake.

FEMA calculations show these types of earthquakes happen at regular intervals in this specific part of the world, roughly every 240 years.

The last one was more than 300 years ago, in 1700, when a quake there sent a 600-foot wave of water to Japan.

According to local news reports, FEMA is advising residents to educate their children on emergency preparedness and what to do in case of an earthquake.

They are also urging preparedness, and stocking up on food and other necessities in case first responders cannot reach you promptly.

Scientists also detailed plans on how to combat threats at the Seismological Society of America meeting in April. They said new technologies such as camera-bearing drones could send video messages of incoming waves. The threat of a massive earthquake and tsunami has been looming over the Pacific Northwest for decades.

Now, experts are taking it seriously. This summer the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) is conducting a large-scale drill to see if it’s ready for the worst.

The test will simulate a 9.0 magnitude quake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, followed by a tsunami that could create waves more than 50 feet high.

Worst-case scenarios show that more than 1,000 bridges in Oregon and Washington state could either collapse or be so damaged that they are unusable.

The main coastal highway, US Route 101, will suffer heavy damage from the shaking and the tsunami.

Researchers say such an event of this kind occurs roughly every 400-600 years, and the area is overdue for a similar quake that could leave thousands dead or displaced.

The last time the region faced a ‘Big One’ was in 1906 when San Andres unleashed an earthquake that killed roughly 3,000 people.

This summer’s drill, dubbed Cascadia Rising, will test to see how local and state emergency responders, FEMA, and several military groups work together.

I am sure they will declare it a success, but our leadership in Oregon is very incompetent — and so I can say that I have no faith in any of these drills or simulations being anywhere near the reality of how the local government puts on their clown shoes every time we have a snow storm.

It appears that we are reliving the disaster movies of the 1970s and 80s.

Every day our lives are becoming more and more like a scripted horror or science fiction epic.

There were many disaster movies of the era that also dealt with disasters having to do with space debris and meteors coming out of the sky.

A film aptly named Meteor was in theaters which starred Lorne Green –yes the casts for these disaster films were interchangeable.

This film was released long before Armageddon and gave us a glimpse of what would happen if the Earth was about to be hit by a big flaming rock from space.

Last December it was reported that Asteroid 2007 FT3 will have about an 11 million to 1 chance of hitting us on Oct. 5, 2024.

Those are tremendous chances that we’ll emerge unscathed. But remember, the odds of winning a billion-dollar lottery are 1 in 300 million, and that does happen from time to time.

Asteroid 2007 FT3 is big enough to unleash the force of 2.6 billion tons of TNT — not enough to send us the way of the dinosaurs but bad enough to really mess up a continent

If it is of any comfort for those Chicken Littles out there NASA said that this particular asteroid could hit the Earth sometime between 2024 and 2116.

But that does not mean that there could be a few direct hosts from smaller rocks. They too have been known to cause property damage and threaten human life.

Recently Germany had 90 minutes to prepare for a beach ball-sized meteorite impact.

On January 21 outside of Berlin, Germany, a meteorite on a wayward journey from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter exploded in the sky and shattered into dozens of pieces.

NASA located the meteor and gave notification about 90 minutes before impact.

According to NASA’s planetary defense system Scout, nearly 50 tons of meteoritic matter hit the planet daily. Most small pieces are never found, but occasionally a celestial fireball pushes through the atmosphere and lands on the ground.

NASA is never straight with the answers as to whether or not big rocks are heading our way — but they have been experimenting with ways to change the trajectory of bog rocks that will one day threaten us.

On Friday, April 13, 2029, an asteroid called Apophis stretches about 1,100 feet across and will pass within 19,000 of Earth’s surface. That is below satellite Orbit,

That might sound scary, but scientists are positive that it will not hit Earth. Instead, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for scientists to understand asteroids near Earth truly.

For years though scientists have said that this huge killer asteroid would hit us — or debris from its passing could hurl huge rocks at us in its wake.

Now NASA scientists see it as an opportunity to study it.

Again, if we live that long.

The cosmos is changing rapidly as if there is something out there waiting to clean house in the galaxy. It is like the Universe is preparing for the coming of something so immense that we may not be able to withstand its power.

Again living in the here and now sometimes can be hell –and it can be argued that we are hurling towards a latter-day wake-up call where the human spirit goes through one of those tests — like what happened to Job in the bible.

For much of human history, our chief concern was the fight for survival – against animals and other humans, against the elements, and against natural disasters.

Technological developments proved invaluable in making our lives safer and easier, whether it was flint axes and domesticated animals, wheels and combustion engines, medicines and mass communications. Our brains now seem hardwired to look to technological innovation to address even the smallest inconvenience, to tranquilize even our wildest fears.

So, of course, we have invested our hopes, and sacrificed our economies, in finding a technological fix to everything – all we have to do is look back 4 years and see just how badly we wanted to be delivered from what media projected to be certain death.

Global warming? We can lay down thick Chemtrails to reflect the sun’s heat. Plastics in every corner of our oceans? We can build giant vacuum cleaners that will suck it all out. Vanishing bee populations? We can invent pollinator drones to take their place. A dying planet? Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk will fly millions of us to space colonies. 

Science has all the answers to everything – technology and weather control can have you believing in miracles if you pay for your carbon sins.

Science and technology can be wonderful things. They can advance our knowledge of ourselves and the world we inhabit. But they need to be conducted with a sense of humility we increasingly seem incapable of. We are not conquerors of our bodies, or the planet, or the universe – and if we imagine we are, we will soon find out that the battle we are waging is one we can never hope to win.

*It does not matter what technological marvels we have, they have only thrived because the planet has not had some abrupt and crippling disaster that forces us to work together instead of being politically and spiritually divided.

Not many people seem to be concerned about our loss of soul, our loss of humanity, our loss of being human, and our loss of a connection to God.

Yes, I said God.. the cessation of our connection to God is an even bigger threat than all of the tempests in my teacup, Can we make these important adjustments without having to start over from scratch? It is something to think about. With all of the obstacles we face, the result has to be survival.

Even in times where people envy the dead.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 5 comments.

  1. Rusty

    February 7, 2024 at 8:17 pm

    Our Man Flint, J Coburn as agent Flint fights a group of WEF precursor type scientists /elites who are trying to control weather as a weapon to improve mankind, damn the consequences. 1965

  2. Jimbo

    February 7, 2024 at 8:28 pm

    ” Rev. 8:8 ” ( 1Enoch 18:13 ) in late Dr. Tom Horn’s books “The Messenger” and “The Wormwood Prophecy,” incredibly show the Essenes predicted over 2000 years ago mankind will enter its Final Jubilee (50 year period), in 2025.

    The ancient Jewish sect who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls so record mankind will enter that final period of our age, starting in 2025 AD. The Feast of Trumpets in the fall of 2025, is 3.5 (one half 7yr. Tribulation period) years away from spring 2029, when the asteroid Apophis is potentially set to fulfill the Wormwood prophecy in Revelation and Book of Enoch.

    Why should anyone care what the Essenes predict? From their writings that date back at least a century before Christ and containing information about others such as Josephus, they “correctly” predicted, among other things :

    • Herod would be King and be evil.
    • The Messiah would arrive exactly when He did.
    • The Messiah would raise the dead, something not found in Old Testament writings.
    • The Messiah would die in 32AD.
    • The Messiah would be sacrificed for Gentiles redemption as well.
    • The Messiah would begin an age of Grace (Church Age).
    • A Benjamite would explain everything to the Gentiles and his knowledge would be found in the synagogue of the Gentiles, obviously referring to Paul and the New Testament (Testament of Benjamin)

    Were they also referring to Apophis’ imminent, close encounter with Earth? NASA states that it will pass us by at 1/10’th of the Moon’s distance, about one Earth circumference away(!) A very close encounter by a massive asteroid mountain.

    If it misses earth the first time, there are two more passes coming within the predicted final Essene Jubilee.

  3. Pat

    February 9, 2024 at 6:56 am

    Good show Clyde! Has technology help man to survive? Has it made it better or worse? The most important part of surviving any disaster is no how and mental fortitude…… Just saying no, is an easy road of succumbing to death if the odds are against you. I was taught the rules of three.! a man or woman can go three minutes without air….. three hours without shelter…. Three days without water….. three weeks without food. It’s been like that since the dawn of time.. so don’t give up no matter what…. If you give up the Grim Reaper has you. Take care of enjoy life every day above grounds a good day.

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