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Clyde Lewis | February 3, 2022

Through advancements in neuroscience, we are on the brink of technological breakthroughs that could augment our mental powers beyond recognition. It will soon be possible to significantly boost human brainpower with electronic “plug-ins” or even by genetic enhancement. What will this mean for the future of humanity? Will most of us be able to manifest acute telepathic and remote viewing capabilities? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with clairvoyant and parapsychologist, Debra Katz about HUSKER DU – DO YOU REMEMBER BEING A TELEPATH?





I remember someone famous — some author once said that in the future everyone will be telepathic. Some people are already able to use their intuition for the greater good. They have that sixth sense about them where they certainly seem to be in tune with the universe.

We are on the brink of technological breakthroughs that could augment our mental powers beyond recognition. It will soon be possible to boost human brainpower with electronic “plug-ins” or even by genetic enhancement. What will this mean for the future of humanity?

This was the theme of a recent Neuroscience in Context meeting in Berlin, Germany, where anthropologists, technologists, neurologists, archaeologists, and philosophers met to consider the implications of this next stage of human brain development. Would it widen the gulf between the world’s haves and have-nots – and perhaps even lead to a distinct and dominant species with unmatchable powers of intellect?

One view is that this is merely the next phase in a process that has been taking place throughout human history. Humans have always played an active role in improving their own brainpower.

More recent changes have been molded through our interactions with the physical environment, and by the socially created “memes” passed down through culture. Milestones in human brain improvements over the past 2 million years have included the invention of gestures and language to describe our thoughts to others, as well as the written word and our ability to commit everything to permanent records.

These all act as extensions of our own brains, there is a term for that called the metaplastic system which is a feedback loop between our brain’s own neurology and the cultural and material demands on it.

In the past, when we were crawling out of caves the bicameral mind spoke to us. Since we all had to be fully aware of dangers and predators around us we developed a method pf telepathy. It was the ability to see things in or minds that may be lurking just beyond our field of view.

Today that metaplastic engaging can be called ESP or what is now being classified as remote viewing. ESP cannot foretell future — it is just an extra sensory tool that lies dormant in human brain.  It can be enhanced and through mental practice it can be utilized to help in making decisions.

Today, our minds are even more fluid and open to enhancement due to something that is called superplasticity. This is the ability of each mind to plug into the minds and experiences of countless others through culture or technology.

The next stage of brainpower enhancement could be technological – through genetic engineering or brain prostheses. Because the gene variants pivotal to intellectual brilliance have yet to be discovered, boosting brainpower by altering genes may still be some way off, or even impossible. Prostheses are much closer, especially as the technology for wiring brains into computers,

But there is also the possibility that before technology reaches its material singularity — that mankind or even animals may reach something called the organic singularity.

In the past, we’ve seen favored technologies outpaced by newer technologies. However, there needs to be a consideration of the possibility that an organic-based singularity can happen far sooner than any technological one.

It’s long overdue for us to consider how quickly we might achieve an “Organic Singularity,” a biological structure or creature that is more intelligent than a human being. There have been a few occasions in science fiction films where we have seen how this can be accomplished.

In the film, Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansen, a drug that is meant to enhance intelligence is released into the bloodstream of a drug mule named Lucy. Lucy becomes super intelligent. As a result, she begins acquiring increasingly enhanced physical and mental capabilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, mental time travel, and the ability not to feel pain. Her personality also changes into a more ruthless and emotionless one.

It is amazing to watch the evolution of Lucy throughout the film – eventually she becomes pure energy and becomes part of the electronic systems of the world – she shows up in a cell phone saying “I am everywhere” indicating that she has become part of a “singularity” becoming pure energy or a being of light.

We realize in the film that we were all beings of light at one time, at the time of the “big bang.” When we read in the bible about the word — the pronouncement of life and “Let there be light” means that we can tune into the frequency of creation and know the mind of God. we exercise our minds to hear the light or inner voice when we pray.

Prayer is part of the exercise to tap into the brain where telepathy begins and the message of your heart permeates throughout the universe. We hope that there is an ear out there somewhere that hears your desires and grants you wisdom.

It is  a simple form of telepathic communication. In fact silent prayers are never uttered, they are simply thoughts that are not only for God but they are also for self–and with faith we can at least see the result.

There are some people that believe that tapping into this power without addressing God my be seen as a blasphemous act. But it isn’t — it is a natural gift that some have used in order to better their lives.

There has also been a military use as well — it has been applied in the past as special agents were used during the cold war to remote view missile silos and places where Russian spies would set up their domain.

SRI International developed a method of spying called “remote viewing” in the 1970s, which caught the attention of the CIA and was later passed on to the U.S. Army. Remote viewing is a form of telepathy that perceives places, persons and actions through extrasensory perception.

A US military program, known as Stargate, sought to locate and map Soviet Union submarines using remote viewing. The process involved a group of individuals who attempted to visualize the coordinates on a world map, given the magnitude and longitude of the submarines.

The program had apparently worked effectively for more than twenty years.

The original group consisted of six remote viewers. During the course of the program, there was also an interest in remote viewing UFOs and alien civilizations.

In 1979, the Peoples’ Republic of China publicly reported that several thousand of its children aged 8-14 were capable of telepathy, clairvoyance, X-ray vision, or psychokinesis. Having already heard about this phenomenon in Russia, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, and the US Army were simultaneously pouring billions of dollars into their own similar research.

The Army program was headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland, and was part of the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Leaders included Generals Edmund Thompson and Albert Stubblebine, and Colonel John Alexander.

Officers assigned to the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania contributed research to the project, and “The First Earth Battalion” is essentially a textual copy of one group’s unclassified briefing slides.

Although decidedly New Age, the War College project was not entirely theoretical.

Colonel John B. Alexander, a spiritual guru of sorts was a proponent of non-lethal weapons and of military applications of the paranormal. He went on to become a leader in the Los Alamos National Lab’s non-lethal weapons program.

Likewise, during the early 1980s Special Forces hired Richard Strozzi Heckler and other outside contractors to provide two A-teams, a total of 25 men, with training in biofeedback, aikido, and “mind-body psychology.” In the latter program, a typical training day included running, swimming, “industrial-strength” calisthenics, and 1-1/2 hours of aikido practice. After six months, the soldiers were not aikido masters but they were quantifiably 75% more physically fit than when they started.

The First Earth Battalion was the name proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon, a U.S. soldier who had served in Vietnam, for his idea of a new military of super soldiers to be organized along New Age lines.

Channon believed the Army could be the principal moral and ethical basis on which politics could harmonize in the name of the Earth. He declared that the First Earth Battalion’s primary allegiance was to the planet earth.[3] Channon envisioned that the First Earth Battalion would organize itself informally: uniforms without uniformity, structure without status, and unity powered by diversity, and members would be multicultural, with each race contributing to “rainbow power”. He also proposed as a guiding principle that members of the First Earth Battalion seek non-destructive methods of conflict resolution because their first loyalty is to the planet.

Channon adopted the term “warrior monk” for potential members of the First Earth Battalion.

The First Earth Battalion eventually became the Jedi Project.

The military immediately saw the implications of this work. If DMILS could be harnessed by their psychic spies, they would become the perfect assassins.

News of the U.S. military’s involvement with psychic spying and the Jedi Warriors gradually leaked out. The psychic programs had always been controversial within the military. Many opposed them on religious grounds, they were seen as Satanic, while others saw them as deeply irrational and unbefitting for a modern military.

Programs within the Jedi Project like Project Stargate were reduced and eventually internalized by the CIA before being closed down.

In 1995, the Pentagon finally confirmed that they had indeed investigated paranormal phenomena “in the national interest”.

They argued that because the Russians and the Chinese were using psychics, the US must investigate such phenomena too.

So before you dismiss the programs and say that this is just fiction, the newest CIA data suggests that the U.S. Military had genuinely discovered a way of harnessing the paranormal.

According to a Time magazine article entitled, “The U.S. Military Believes People Have a Sixth Sense” – it has been discovered that seven years ago the Office of Naval Research embarked on a four-year, $3.85 million research program to explore the phenomena it calls premonition and intuition.

Today’s Navy scientists place less emphasis on trying to understand the phenomena theoretically and more on using technology to examine the mysterious process, which Navy scientists assure the public is not based on superstition.

Peter Squire, a program officer in ONR’s Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism department says to TIME magazine that if the researchers understand the process, there may be ways to accelerate it and possibly spread the powers of intuition throughout military units,” says Dr. Squire. The Pentagon’s focus is to maximize the power of the sixth sense for operational use.

The military began studying the power of human thought to inflict damage on their enemies – literally using the force to bring down a target. In technical parlance it was known as Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems or DMILS.

To this day the military is still dabbling with what is called Psionic enhancements.

The U.S. Army is pouring money into neuroscience research, in a bid to try and decode the meaning behind different brain signals.

The ultimate goal is to build a system that would allow soldiers to communicate with nothing more than their thoughts.

The Army Research Office (ARO) has committed to spending $6.25 million on the project over the next five years, their goal is to make soldiers telepathic  or at least teach them to utilize what they call “the force.”

For now, the Academic Research Organization neuroscientists say they’ve learned to decode and parse the neural signals that direct behavior from the rest of the brain’s output. It’s not quite mind reading, but it’s an important first step toward actually understanding what different brain signals mean.

Many people do not know that this program and the remote viewing aspect was what triggered the interest in UAP investigations by the government. This had some senators concerned that the military was dabbling in witchcraft.

Because of the stigma of ESP and Psychokinesis, the nomenclature has changed, allowing the Defense Department to distance itself from its remote-viewing past. Under the Perceptual Training Systems and Tools banner, extrasensory perception has a new name in the modern era: “sensemaking.” In official Defense Department literature sensemaking is defined as “a motivated continuous effort to understand connections, which can be among people, places, and events in order to anticipate their trajectories and act effectively.”

They also call it hyper-vigilance or hyper-awareness.

At Bremerton Naval Hospital in Washington State, defense scientists and military researchers are exploring cognition and perception in soldiers’ virtual dream states. Starting in 2011, as part of a research program called, Power Dreaming, soldiers plagued by PTSD-related nightmares have used biofeedback techniques similar to those studied by Jedi Project members Colonel John Alexander under General Albert Stubblebine.

For today’s Navy, biofeedback has been updated with twenty-first-century virtual reality technology that did not exist 30 years ago. Sponsored by the Naval Medical Research Center, the Power Dreaming program involves a process called Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Warrior Trainees.

Participants are active-duty soldiers suffering from PTSD-related nightmares who are eligible to be sent back to the battlefield. The method, called redreaming, is alleged to be a learned technique that produces changes in the way one’s brain processes information. Its goal is to teach trainees to transform their debilitating nightmares into empowering dreams using bio-feedback techniques and computer technology.

There are also reports the old remote viewing programs have advanced and so have the remote viewing sciences in a crude form of time travel or meta-walking.

Remote viewing is frequently described as a “right brain” activity; the less interference there is from the more analytical portions of the brain, the better the results tend to be. Remote viewers typically sketch what they are “seeing,” since drawing a target frequently produces more accurate results than a verbal description.

It is also well-known that anyone can be trained to remote view because the brain has many doors that can be open and shut upon training. In the beginning, the apprentice starts seeing hazy or blurred targets and later with more concentration and hard work there have been many successful remote viewers who have used their talents to locate missing persons for police departments.

Scientific work on remote viewing has been done by physicists.

Quantum physics has undermined many of the old ideas about time and space, and new concepts like superstring theory and M-theories seem to offer clues into what may be going on during a remote viewing session.

Theories like the idea that time is not linear, or that a little-understood energy vibrates throughout the universe, connecting everything.

But at this point, it’s all still conjecture. There is much about the human mind, consciousness, and the true nature of reality that science has yet to explain.


Debra Lynne Katz is an internationally renowned speaker, and founder and director of the International School of Clairvoyance (ISC) — one of the first online schools in the world to offer interactive small group clairvoyant training in teleseminar and webinar formats. Debra is an author of You Are Psychic, Extraordinary Psychic, and Freeing the Genie Within.

She has been a professional clairvoyant, healer, medium for the past 25 years and is a parapsychologist and research subject. She has performed thousands of clairvoyant readings to help people understand more about themselves, their lives and relationships. She is also an accomplished remote viewer, having assisted with financial forecasting; business consulting; finding lost objects, and occasionally crime solving and even treasure hunting.

She is currently a PhD student in Psychology at the University of West Georgia and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work with a B.A in Psychology.  She is a former Federal U.S. Probation Officer; legal advocate for domestic violence victims, director of day programs for adults with developmental disabilities.


Written by Clyde Lewis

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