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Ron Patton | February 13, 2024

A few days ago, an airline passenger headed to Munich from Bangkok became severely ill and started to convulse and vomit blood. Unfortunately, efforts to resuscitate him failed. Why didn’t they quarantine the other passengers? There is a strong possibility this unidentified hemorrhagic disease could infect more people. This is the real nightmare as the World Health Organization and Bill Gates warned us that a new pandemic called “Disease X” is out there waiting to kill millions of people and is part of the fear porn being pushed by the media. It is a sick and twisted world where scientists are being paid to create a virus and dispense it upon the population so the eugenicists can meet their sustainability goals by committing genocide with plausible deniability. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about NIGHTMARE ZERO.



We are being warned that there needs to be a world where all biological systems are covered, where that all-encompassing biometric passport that lists every move, every moment, every job, every purchase, every fine, penalty, tax, rental, home, significant or insignificant emotional and economic and familial event.

The consensus is in — no choice, no life, no job, no nothing, without a chip or a biometric marker to prove that you are not a flight risk, or a social credit risk — or even a carrier of a pathogen that you can spread like a vampire or a Zombie.

The future can all be explained with that medical, DNA scan, and retinal scan. Or it could all be recorded and captured in a chip.

The unfolding global hysteria is congealing into even more lovely by-products of Big Pharma as a convenient and required Dictatorship. It comes in many forms and offshoots, for sure. The main functions of Western society are broken– and the paranoia is at a fever pitch.

We are waiting for a major event in the spring and we dread that it might be another crippling pandemic that will be far worse than Covid-19.

We are at the point where billionaires and their lackeys in high places set the narrative, tone, and write the legislation, and laws, and force people into participating in greater evils against humanity and the vital foundations of the republic.

We will be seeing collapse, after collapse, and it is apparent in the lack of governance over decades, and the adventures of imperial overreach, too. But now we are being seen as bottom feeders that are ungovernable–and so the police state awaits, and the limited ghettos known as Smart cities are being created.

The process of forcing this transmogrification creates chaos, and then Chaos, moving into more Chaos.

The way the world government gets its way is through intimidation and propaganda of death and fear. There also seems to be a bit of carelessness as well — carelessness that breeds nightmares,

Over the weekend a 63-year-old Lufthansa passenger died on board after losing “liters of blood.” The unidentified man was flying from Bangkok to Munich with his wife on February 8.

Resuscitation efforts were made; however, he unfortunately passed away during the trip. After hearing about the occurrence, many took to the internet to speculate that he likely suffered from the infectious Ebola disease or from another unknown hemorrhagic fever.

As Karin Missfelder, a passenger on the flight, told Swiss media Blick, the elderly man boarded while breathing “much too quickly” and “had cold sweats.” His wife believed that he looked exhausted because they had to rush to catch the flight. Nonetheless, the flight crew was concerned about him but allowed him to travel.

As Missfelder continued to be weary about the man’s health, she prompted a flight attendant to allow a doctor to examine the man, leading to a medical expert on board checking his pulse.

Moments later, the passenger “spit blood,” and it gushed out of his nose and mouth.

According to The Post, flight attendants attempted to perform CPR; however, the man had become still. His body was then carried into the galley of the Lufthansa plane as it headed to Thailand.

As the incident gained traction online, netizens speculated that he likely passed away from either Ebola or an unidentified Hemorrhagic disease like the Nipa virus.

The illness initially presents as 3-14 days of fever and headache, and often includes signs of respiratory illness, such as cough, sore throat, and difficulty breathing. A phase of brain swelling (encephalitis) may follow, where symptoms can include drowsiness, disorientation, and mental confusion.

There are rare symptoms of the vomiting of blood.

Death may occur in 40-75% of cases. Long-term side effects in survivors of Nipah virus infection have been noted, including persistent convulsions and personality changes.

Infections that lead to symptoms and sometimes death much later after exposure (known as dormant or latent infections) have also been reported months and even years after exposure.

Ebola symptoms remain undetected for days or months after exposure.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those who get infected by the virus do not immediately develop symptoms. However, they will likely show the following signs in a matter of days: fever, weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, unexplained hemorrhaging, bleeding, and bruising, among other symptoms.

The exact cause of death was not made public at the time of this show — but the plane was not quarantined and passengers were told to board other planes.

If this was Ebola or something else it has now potentially infected more people.

This is the real nightmare as the World Health Organization and Bill Gates warn that a new Pandemic called X is out there waiting to kill millions of people.

If you are looking for an alternative to what patient zero may have had — you can chalk it up to stomach or esophageal ulcers. Again it is all speculation — But shouldn’t there be precautions just in case?

Despite the worsening circumstances, airport officials opted to proceed with departure. As the plane took off, the man’s condition deteriorated drastically, resulting in significant bleeding from his mouth and nose.

This conjures nightmarish thoughts about past movies and Tv shows about unknown strains of disease that attack out of nowhere leaving people to believe that these viruses and pathogens have been created in a lab somewhere and are being used to depopulate the planet and destroy economies of thriving nations.

In March 2020, Tagide de Carvalho saw something truly strange – something she thinks no other scientist has ever seen before a virus with another, smaller virus latched onto its “neck.” The backstory of this viral attachment is like a master class in how wild and weird biology can be.

But with a special kind of microscope that uses a beam of electrons to capture images, de Carvalho witnessed a truly bizarre moment – kind of like a wildlife photographer who captures an animal behavior that no one had anticipated.

de Carvalho, who manages the Keith R. Porter Imaging Facility at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County stated in a paper that she could see literally hundreds of Bacteriophages. There was another attached at the neck, and it was clearly not random.

In a recent study in the Journal of the International Society for Microbial Ecology, deCarvalho and colleagues explain how the viral odd couple likely came to be. The small virus, called MiniFlayer, lost the ability to make copies of itself inside cells, which is how viruses reproduce. So evolution devised a clever, parasitic workaround. MiniFlayer takes advantage of another virus, dubbed MindFlayer, by grabbing onto its neck, and when they enter cells together, MiniFlayer utilizes its companion’s genetic machinery to proliferate.

If the name MindFlayer sounds familiar, it is the large parasitic-looking monster that terrorized a small town in the television show “Stranger Things.”

The Mindflayer in the fictional TV show was made up of tiny particles that came together to look like a giant spider-like creature.

The entity was gigantic, looming at least fifty stories tall.

But the phages in the experiment of course are mini — but with the others that are attached to the neck — the scientists have termed this anomaly “The Vampire Virus.”

DeCarvalho compares the relationship to viral hitchhiking.

Her collaborator, Ivan Erill, a computational biologist at UMBC, likens it to a vampire sinking its teeth into its prey. It’s not a perfect analogy, but he notes that sometimes when they find MindFlayer alone, they can find “bite marks” where MiniFlayer’s tendrils were attached.

This is the strangest virus I have ever heard of.

Viruses will do anything. They are the most creative force of nature, If anything is possible, they will come up with a way to do it. But no one had anticipated that they would do something like this.

The “virosphere,” as scientists call the strange universe of viruses, includes elements called “satellites” that have lost their ability to replicate inside cells. Usually, satellites overcome this deficiency by integrating into the genome of the cells that they infect. They lurk there until another virus, a “helper” that has the missing ingredients, happens to enter the cell. The satellites then seize the opportunity to make copies of themselves.

MiniFlayer is a satellite, but unlike the typical version, it can’t hide inside cells. That leaves it with a conundrum: How to make sure it ends up in the cell with its helper at the same time.

Researchers are interested in using phages, the natural predators of bacteria, as medicine. Phage therapy can be used to target harmful infections, an approach that could become more important as antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a growing threat.

Meanwhile, as scientists try to contain the MindFlayer Vampire strain, A “Vaccine” for the Non-existent Hypothetical “Disease X” is slated to be developed at a Research Centre located at The “Defense Science and Technology Laboratory” at Porton Down, Wiltshire, which is one of the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense most secretive and controversial military research facilities specializing in the testing of biological and chemical weapons.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as Disease X — it is called a placeholder virus, yet to be determined, and yet to be unleased on the world.

Disease X is a hypothetical construct by a WHO expert committee of virologists and disease analysts. It was then envisaged in the Clade X Simulation and Event 201 Simulation of a Pandemic. Both events were held under the auspices of the John Hopkins Center for Health Security with the support of the Gates Foundation.

It was then announced by Bill Gates at the Munich Security Conference in February 2022,

The risks of severe disease from Covid-19 have “dramatically reduced” but another pandemic is all but certain”. says Bill Gates. “A potential new pandemic would likely stem from a different pathogen to that of the coronavirus family” (CNBC).

We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time,” Gates said.

How could he know this in advance?

Well with experiments of things like the vampire virus, we have an idea of what is happening and perhaps another gain of function exercise took place on that Lufthansa plane.

A man is vomiting blood in front of passengers, there is now quarantine, and many of the passengers were transferred to other planes.

Disease X, a hypothetical unknown threat, is the name used among scientists to encourage the development of countermeasures, including vaccines and tests, to deploy in the case of a future outbreak—the WHO convened a group of over 300 scientists in November 2022 to study the “unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic,” positing a mortality rate 20 times that of Covid-19″

300 scientists to study something unknown and hypothetical? The media propaganda buzz, quoting “scientific opinion” is “Disease X 20 times more dangerous than Covid”

A renewed fear campaign 24/7 has been launched, consisting of reports of an alleged new wave of Covid deaths while ignoring the tide of excess mortality and morbidity resulting from the Covid-19 “vaccine”.

In early February 2018, a WHO expert committee convened behind closed doors in Geneva “to consider the unthinkable”.

The goal was to identify pathogens with the potential to spread and kill millions but for which there are currently no, or insufficient, countermeasures available.”

The Expert Committee had met on two previous occasions, most probably in 2017:

It was the third time the committee, consisting of leading virologists, bacteriologists, and infectious disease experts, had met to consider diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential.

But when the 2018 list was released two weeks ago [mid-February 2018] it included an entry not seen in previous years.

In addition to eight frightening but familiar diseases including Ebola, Zika, and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the list included a ninth global threat: Disease X.

Disease X was described as a Parainfluenza not seen before and capable of killing millions of people.

In the study, it was planned that deaths from a handful of viruses that spill over from animals to humans are set to increase 12-fold by 2050.

Three of the four—filoviruses like Ebola and Marburg, SARS, and Nipah virus—are on the World Health Organization’s list of priority pathogens, noted for their potential to cause the next pandemic.

But the Ebola-like Machupo virus is also a contender, the authors of the new study argue. And regardless of which pathogen ends up fueling the next global health crisis, they’re all worthy of attention, the authors maintain.

Viruses in this family cause hemorrhagic, or bloody, fevers, which are typically accompanied by bleeding from bodily orifices and/or internal organs. The family consists of five strains of Ebola in addition to Marburg—an extremely similar virus that made headlines during an outbreak in Equatorial Guinea earlier this year.

On average, Ebola kills about 50% of those it sickens, though case fatality rates have ranged from 25%-90%, according to the WHO. Marburg also kills around 50% of those it infects, though case fatality rates range from around 24% to 88%, experts say. While there are two licensed vaccines for the deadliest strain of Ebola, Zaire, there aren’t any for the four other strains. Nor is there an approved vaccine for Marburg, though some are in development.

Nipah is a henipavirus, the most lethal of paramyxoviruses. It was first identified in pigs in Malaysia and Singapore in the late 1980s, though its natural reservoir is fruit bats. The other henipavirus known to infect people, Hendra, was first noted in racehorses and humans in Australia in 1994. Both feature respiratory illness and severe flu-like symptoms and may progress to encephalitis—inflammation of the brain—along with other neurologic symptoms and death.

Nipah kills between 45% and 75% of the people it infects. No licensed vaccines exist, though a vaccine by Moderna, in coordination with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Research Center, is being evaluated.

Machupo also known as Black Typhus kills between a quarter and a third of those it infects. Though there are no licensed vaccines for it, a vaccine for Argentinean hemorrhagic fever—caused by the similar Junin virus—may also offer protection against Machupo, according to Stanford University.

The WHO has reported that we can avoid all of these terrifying diseases by adopting a passport that can trace and find those patient zeros that are carrying the virus.

But what do we do with them?

is it going to be like the horror found in Stephen King’s book and movie “The Stand?” — or are we going to be hearing about commercial jets that land where all of the passengers and crew are dead or are near death with a MindFlayer Vampire virus like in the TV show “The Strain.”

We are living in a horror movie — and it appears that the powers that be see it as a way to gain control over the world.

The Pandemic Treaty that is being proposed consists of creating a global health entity under WHO auspices. It’s the avenue towards “Global Governance” whereby the entire World population of 8 billion would be digitized, and integrated into a global digital data bank.

All your personal information would be contained in this data bank, leading to the derogation of fundamental human rights as well as the subordination of national governments to dominant financial establishments.

The Pandemic Treaty would be tied to the creation of a Worldwide digital ID system.

Bill Gates meanwhile has come up with a new design for vaccines that involves “a little patch” being slapped on a person’s skin.

In a recent appearance on CNBC TV18 in India, Gates was asked about the future of vaccine manufacturing through his eyes, based on the current state of technological and healthcare advancements.

Gates continued by rambling about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” that were unleashed through Operation Warp Speed, explaining that for the next pandemic, “we need to make them have longer duration, more coverage.”

This has prompted more people demanding that he along with Dr. Fauci should be tried for crimes against humanity.

The World Economic Forum and the media that serves it should be investigated for the running of “Black Propaganda” which urges people to panic and vaccinate with untested poisons.

This is just another exercise in globalized messaging to support the WHO (World Economic Forum) and WEF-pushed narrative that governments must pour billions into the largest transnational corporations in the world to “cure” a non-existent disease.

This is fear porn that is being pushed by the WEF and the WHO. It is also a sick and twisted world where scientists are being paid to create a virus and use it on the world so the Eugenicists can meet their sustainability goals by committing genocide with plausible deniability.

The big push from the WHO and the WEF is that “Disease X” will be zoonotic. That money to surveil every speck of land in the world is the path forward to stopping “Disease X.”

What a coincidence that the brand new CIA/intelligence agency designated to run the National Counterproliferation and Biosecurity Center to surveil pathogens intends to do just that.

And that this happens to be intended to run in parallel with the CIA’s mission to surveil the world for other nefarious purposes.

According to the WHO, Disease X is all about One Health solutions. The World Health Organization describes One Health as the following:

“Government officials, researchers and workers across sectors at the local, national, regional, and global levels should implement joint responses to health threats. This includes developing shared databases and surveillance across different sectors, and identifying new solutions that address the root causes and links between risks and impacts.”

Basically, One Health gives public health officials total control and surveillance across AI, the internet, agriculture, climate change, public health, medical systems, ecological sites, and urban, and rural areas. It can encompass just about anything. It also values animal and plant life as equal to human life. The WHO goes on:

“investigating the impact of human activity on the environment and wildlife habitats, and how this drives disease threats. Critical areas include food production and distribution, urbanization and infrastructure development, international travel and trade, activities that lead to biodiversity loss and climate change, and those that put increased pressure on the natural resource base – all of which can lead to the emergence of zoonotic diseases.

We have seen this playbook before…

The International Journal of Arts of Social Science published the paper titled: “The World Economic Forum, “The Lancet,” and COVID-19 Knowledge Gatekeeping.” That paper is seminal in understanding just how corrupting the WEF as well as the WHO have become to scientific journals, scientists, universities, and media fact-checkers.

Independent media has to warn you now — because there will be harsh and severe controls on what is reported in the future.

They attempted and failed to create the “Disinformation Governance Board” a half-assed-beta-test of a version of the 1984 Ministry of Truth,

There are currently massive efforts in the background and below the surface, all across the playing field, towards implementing big data and AI technology for not only the purposes of classical, increasingly obsolete propaganda or simple surveillance. No, this time, we’re exploring entirely novel methods of behavioral modification and narrative control intended to GET OUT AHEAD of the crystallization of discourses and even the formation of identities and worldviews.

They want to control the formation and reproduction of “social imaginaries”.

According to the Lancet:

“The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumors and misinformation around its origins. We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories that suggested that COVID-19 did not have a natural origin.”

So the idea is to use massive data collection and AI pattern recognition to preemptively disrupt the formation of behaviorally significant narratives, discourses or patterns of information.

With these tools of “early diagnosis” of information that potentially could disrupt the power structure and its objectives, it then becomes possible to nip it in the bud incredibly early on, way before such information has even coalesced into something like coherent narratives or meaningful models for explanation or further precarious conclusions.

The whole process would work something like this.

AI scours the massive amounts of data collected in real-time from social media and digital communications networks, including everything from cell phone transcripts to instant messaging applications (why do you think WhatsApp (now owned by Meta, formerly known as Facebook) allows you to call everyone in the world for free?).

You’ve then trained the algorithms to pick out “disruptive” patterns in the communications that precede the various sorts of developments you want to avoid, such as for some piece of information to go viral, but you would also want to identify potentially robust clusters of information that won’t necessarily go viral rapidly, but that can generate strong and enduring narrative frameworks that over time could threaten the status quo. This would include such complex phenomena as religious and political reform movements, innovative counter-cultural approaches, or even artistic endeavors that could impact people’s meaning-making.

You then pick out key “influencers”, i.e. nodes or potential nodes in the patterns of communication, and the crucial and devious addition to run-of-the-mill approaches like shadow banning or other types of soft censorship that’s new to this stage of digital propaganda is the proactive seeding of counter-narratives that can be done at this point.

So you gently and carefully “nudge” the potentially disruptive individuals in the preferred direction, to mold and shape the flows of information over which they have influence, with the end goal of actively shaping or blocking the crystallization of any viral formations or potentially robust narratives or new “social imaginaries”.

Full spectrum narrative dominance.

It will become virtually impossible to break their hold on information that they approve about vaccines, passport requirements biometric scans, and the One Health Database.

We can then see how the close partnership between state and corporate actors supply the intentions and goals for the use of these tools, as well as access to the enormous digital data banks and online platforms for discourse, their reach, precision, and foreign impact is amplified by the association with intelligence services, and the legacy media provides strategic force multipliers for the behaviourally significant narratives that you want to foster and reproduce.

This is a nightmare that is already being used to groom us to pivot and accept whatever the world government wants. There is not one government agency in the United States that sees this as a threat.

Do you see how this works?

All of the new tech and the discovery and use of strange pathogens like Mindflayer — give us pause to wonder what kind of future are we going to see.

We don’t have to live in this future– we need people to start speaking up and gathering information against the tyrants to stop or at least slow down the process of medical authoritarianism.

The WEF and the WHO envision solutions to the imaginary “Disease X” that involve more loss of freedoms. They want control over food systems, more money, more censorship, more surveillance, and control over the climate change agenda – all in the name of public health. But even worse, they want all this codified in a document that turns over national sovereignty to the WHO.

The WEF and the WHO know that One Health and the pandemic agreement are their best pathways to more world control.

Without ever consulting sovereign nations, the WHO has placed the global “rights in nature” movement on par or above humans. This is why the One Health model must be rejected.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 10 comments.

  1. Jimbo

    February 13, 2024 at 6:24 pm

    Those who shed man’s blood, by man’s hand shall their blood be shed (q.v. Gen. 9:6 ; Matt. 26:52b)

    18 U.S. Code § 2381

  2. Robin Hamilton

    February 13, 2024 at 6:57 pm

    I’m getting tired of hearing night after night about Evil Scientists that want to kill us all off slowly and in such a messy way. If this is even remotely try they would have poisoned oatmeal and Metamucil by now! There are faster more efficient says to “cull the herd”…

  3. Mike

    February 13, 2024 at 7:06 pm

    Well Clyde, Ron and everyone else involved. I apologize that I can’t remember all your names because you are all an integral part in the “Saving of America”. I digress.
    Moving on, there is a reason why I sent both these journals. The first is a video of Prince Charles and the second is an article. Clyde, years ago you told me on the air by getting assertive toward me, do your research. However I did not take that to heart negatively. I followed your stern request positively.
    Where am I going with this? Well, I believe what you are about to talk about tonight is actually “Multifaceted”. Well, if you tie in the 2 journalistic examples with this disease X, it explains some of what I call a “Race against time”.
    If the “NWO” ideology wins the race over versus “America First” ideology, then America will soon no longer exist as we know it today. Just look in the Bible. As far as I know, there is no direct or indirect reference to America either by name or metaphor.
    I don’t want to lose you on this! In the first video, King Charles is stating the world needs to fight climate change. In the second article, Donald Trump is stating that the US will not defend Europe if they don’t pay their fair share. Do you think Donald Trump is sending a cryptic message in response to what King Charles said in his speech on December 1 2023 in Dubai. King Charles wants to bankrupt all of us using the WEF and the NWO and the WHO to beat Donald Trump’s “America First”.
    Donald Trump doesn’t want control of the world, the filthy, satanic, elitist scum like the WEF, WHO and NWO loving POS’s want to!!!

  4. Mike

    February 13, 2024 at 8:27 pm

    I mentioned to my coworkers early on in the plandemic something similar to what Clyde just said about a virus attaching itself to another like a ball and chain. You know the so-called ball (COVID-19) and the flu virus (the chain). In other words they weaponized the flu. That’s why you didn’t see any flu, so they say because it was replaced by the weaponized one or Covid-19. These people are sick, evil scum of the earth!

  5. Mike

    February 13, 2024 at 8:39 pm

    We have to be very vigilant and be attentive to as much news as possible. Like I said before, these people are sick. They hate the common folk. They ( elites) desire,yearn, hunger for the 3 P’s: POWER, PRESTIGE,POSSESIONS

  6. Pat

    February 15, 2024 at 5:28 am

    Good show Clyde! The people on the plane should’ve been quarantine I agree. They want to spread the disease to kill more people. It’s a lot more effective than bullets.. I think that’s the greatest that we have is germ warfare. Nuclear and regular invasion causes too much collateral damage And damage to the Intro structure. If you nuclear weapons, the land is destroyed, nobody can use it, and all the steelmills and all the farmlands.. people better prepare for the worst have some extra food and have a way to filter water. Take care enjoy your freedom while we still have it every day above ground is a good day.

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