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Clyde Lewis | February 11, 2022

The White House recently issued a statement regarding homegrown terror insurgencies and possible cyber-attacks from Russian bad actors through February 22nd. This can be seen as a sort of Y2K22 attack where electronic systems could be used against us. As the 3G network is about to be rendered obsolete on February 22, 2022, many electronic devices that have not been updated may be adversely affected and shut down. What better way to cripple an infrastructure than to disable the electronic appliances we use in order to function. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with the podcast host of Into The Microcosm, Jimmy Gene about Y2K223G – A GREAT DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE.






There have been in the news a number of strange stories about satellite failures and even malfunctions with automobiles that may or may not be of concern — I guess it depends on how you think and whether or not you see things as a portent for what is to come.

There was a story that appeared in the Seattle Times about a guy who had a very interesting malfunction happen with his old Mazda.

A guy named Dave Welding got into his 2016 Mazda Hatchback. He realized that the day was going to be an eye opener because the computer chips in his car started to malfunction.

It turns out that about the same time, the same thing was happening to other local Mazda owners who had this in common:

They drove a 2014 to 2017 model Mazda, and they had tuned into KUOW, 94.9 on the FM dial, the NPR station.

That’s all it took.

Somehow the signal the station sent to the modern HD Radio that’s part of the Mazda infotainment center had, as Welding puts it, “fried” a major component.

That frying made the radios only play KUOW. Also gone from the infotainment center were such features as Bluetooth, navigation, the clock and vehicle stats.

It was like HAL from 2001 a Space odyssey had taken over his car saying “I can’t do that Dave.”

That movie was released 54 years ago– and now it can be asked how many HALS are about to malfunction creating electronic Armageddon?

Technology we hear will answer all of your problems. The internet of things is going to bring us convenience, 5G will give us faster service and Star Link satellites will bring internet to the entire world.

That is, if Elon Musk can keep them in space.

SpaceX reported that as many as 40 of its 49 low-orbit satellites that launched Feb. 3 were hit by a geomagnetic storm and fell back to earth.

Some say that this is a good cover story but China is not to pleased that this as happened and is now saying that Musk’s Satellite bombardment is making space a dangerous place.

The U.S. didn’t respond to requests for information when SpaceX’s Starlink satellites last year came dangerously close to the Chinese space station.

China accused the U.S. of not taking responsibility for problems caused by satellites launched by Elon Musk-highlighting the potential risk for conflict between the US and China.

China notified the United Nations in December that there had been “close encounters” last July and October when satellites approached China’s space station. The U.S. responded last month, saying that there had been no need to send notifications to China because the incidents hadn’t met the threshold of established emergency collision criteria.

Officially SpaceX issued a statement:

“The deorbiting satellites pose zero collision risk with other satellites and by design demise upon atmospheric reentry—meaning no orbital debris is created and no satellite parts hit the ground. This unique situation demonstrates the great lengths the Starlink team has gone to ensure the system is on the leading edge of on-orbit debris mitigation.”

There was a sighting of some of that debris reentering earth’s atmosphere in Mexico. Websites were publishing viral video of the debris shooting across the sky.

This gives us a hint as to what would happen if there was a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse surging  to earth crippling every aspect of modern society’s infrastructure, including our vulnerable electrical grid.

CME or EMP the results would be devastating.

Since 1999, there has been a fear of what can be called Electronic Armageddon, It as evolved over time and now we are concerned with things like 5G and cyber-attacks and voter fraud.

Russia has become the great, Orwellian “enemy”. The unseen force behind all our ills. We have been told that Russian trolls are to blame for all of our cyber failures and for all of the lection fraud where Democrats lose and Republicans win.

When elections are questioned by the Right, the media calls it the Big Lie.

This is scary because it demonstrates that the liberal elite of the USA, and its vassal states, have totally lost their minds. They live in a fantasy world, an un-reality. And they will believe anything that is convenient, anything that supports their un-reality, even if it puts them on a path to real war.

That should terrify everybody.

Already in the media I have heard stories about False Flag attacks on Ukraine and the threat of cyberwarfare that will affect millions of Americans.  This will add to the chaos that has already been brought to us by the elite that wish ti pound us into submission.

The White House has already issued a statement regarding home grown terror insurgencies and possible cyber-attacks form Russian bad actors through February 22nd.

This can be seen as a sort of Y2K22 attack — where electronic systems will be used against us.

During the 1990s, the newspapers contained a growing number of stories and warnings about the Century Date Problem or “Millennium Bug” that would cause computers to fail at midnight on 1st of January 2000. There were fears that there would be a power blackout and failure of the water supply, and that computer records of bank accounts would disappear, simultaneously wiping out both savings and debts.

There were terrifying stories of planes and satellites that would fall out the sky, cars that would not work and people losing their money in the banks.

Governments worried about safety and security, auditors questioned whether they could approve company accounts if companies might collapse, airlines and passengers did not know whether planes would fail in flight or whether airports would be able to remain open and radars and air traffic control would continue to function.

Software errors were a familiar experience, of course. What made this one different is that it could potentially cause very many systems to fail at the same time. Committees were formed and issued reports and advice. Auditors insisted that companies obtained assurances about their essential systems or replaced them.

New consultancy companies were created (and many existing firms created new service lines) to investigate systems and equipment, to advise on Y2K risks, and to manage Y2K projects. Old programmers were brought out of retirement to look again at the systems they and their colleagues had written years or decades before.

As the new millennium approached there was growing anxiety in boardrooms, among technical staff and across many parts of society in the UK and other advanced economies. Despite the huge expenditure and efforts, it was difficult to be sure that nothing vital had been overlooked. Then nothing happened, or so it seemed, and the feeling grew that the whole thing had been a myth or a scam invented by greedy consultants and supported by manufacturers who wanted to compel their customers to throw away perfectly good equipment and buy the latest version.

The problem was number rollover compatibility with computer systems. The rollover to 2000 or year 000 was said to be a problem for computer systems because they would not differentiate between 2000 and 1900.

It was proposed that there would be two problems associated with the rollover.

First, the practice of representing the year with two digits became problematic with logical errors arising upon “rollover” from xx99 to xx00. This had caused some date-related processing to operate incorrectly for dates and times on and after 1 January 2000, and on other critical dates which were billed “event horizons”. Without corrective action, long-working systems would break down when the “… 97, 98, 99, 00 …” ascending numbering assumption suddenly became invalid.

Secondly, some programmers had misunderstood the Gregorian calendar rule that determines whether years that are exactly divisible by 100 are not leap years, and assumed that the year 2000 would not be a leap year. In reality, there is a rule in the Gregorian calendar system that states years divisible by 400 are leap years – thus, making 2000 a leap year.

Companies and organizations worldwide checked, fixed, and upgraded their computer systems to address the anticipated problem. As a result, very few computer failures were reported when the clocks rolled over into 2000.

In fact, the only business that reaped the benefits  of Y2K was the tomb stone and memorial business industry that had to be summoned to correct prepaid memorials in cemeteries that were once paid for by couples who wished to be buried side by side. Usually there was one spouse that has died and the other has yet to die –and so there is a date with 19xx etched on the grave –some outlived the 19XX and needed updated engravings.

Now 22 years into the new millennium we are seeing some interesting things transpiring that if you are not informed you may think that the country is experiencing a random Y2k like Armageddon.

We reported that the World Economic Forum announced that there would be a Cyber pandemic that would follow the COVID 19 pandemic.  We are seeing that the mandates and other draconian rules are being lifted as Covid cases and deaths are coming down.

The World Economic Forum met in Davos to discuss that the new cyber threats will be aimed at the banks and that if the banks are attacked there would be new safety measures to prepare the world for the cashless fed coin or some other cashless token.

Just three days ago, The European Central Bank prepared banks for a possible Russian-sponsored cyber attack as tensions with Ukraine mount.

Now the European Central Bank, led by former French minister Christine Lagarde and which has oversight of Europe’s biggest lenders, is on alert for the threat of cyber attacks on banks launched from Russia, the people said.

Many Ground Zero listeners know that Lagarde is the head of the IMF. She and the European Central bank were participating in the world economic forums Cyber Polygon  where  Banks were conducting cyber war games to test their ability to fend off an attack.

The New York Department of Financial Services issued an alert to financial institutions warning of retaliatory cyber attacks should Russia invade Ukraine and trigger U.S. sanctions.

On Tuesday, Mark Branson, the head of German supervisor BaFin, told an online conference that cyberwarfare was interconnected with geopolitics and security.

The White House has also blamed Russia for the devastating ‘NotPetya’ cyber attack in 2017, when a virus crippled parts of Ukraine’s infrastructure, taking down thousands of computers in dozens of countries.

The vulnerability was underscored again last year, when one of the globe’s largest-yet hacking campaigns used a U.S. tech company as a springboard to compromise a raft of U.S. government agencies, an attack the White House blamed on Russia’s foreign intelligence services.

The attack breached software made by SolarWinds Corp, giving hackers access to thousands of companies using its products, rippling through Europe, where Denmark’s central bank said that the country’s “financial infrastructure” had been hit.

We all agree that systems are vulnerable in times of war, however, an electronic Armageddon may be of our own doing as we have launched 5G.

The launch affected major airports and planes were grounded because some of them had not upgraded their technology which posed a danger to passengers -It was said that he new 5G systems would cause planes to veer off the Runways. Some experts were claiming that some of the planes would fall out of t he sky echoing the same fears that were presented during the Y2K scare.

The upgrades apparently have been made and now the airports are functioning without incident.

So far, so good.

But now about 10 million people are about to be affected by 5G in a way that will probably seem random — but it truly isn’t.  The upgrade in 5G will now force people with old technology to get new tech — or they will not be able to use their phones and in some cases they won’t be able to drive their cars.

Millions of people, including many older adults, still rely on phones and other devices that tap into 3G, the third-generation networks that debuted in 2002. The 4G networks that came after have been around more than a decade.

The carriers are finally running out the clock on 3G, forcing consumers with older devices to act before they lose cellphone service entirely, including the ability to call 911.

It’s why the Federal Communications Commission put out an advisory alerting people that the end of 3G is drawing near. Network providers are shutting off 3G to repurpose the finite amount of spectrum, or the airwaves they’re allotted to send wireless signals to networks.

AT&T announced that its 3G network will go dark on Feb. 22, 2022.

T-Mobile says the 3G network that had been part of Sprint before the two companies merged will go bye-bye on March 31, and its own 3G UMTS network will be shut down July 1. T-Mobile also indicated that the former Sprint’s LTE network — which stands for Long-Term Evolution and is a flavor of 4G —  will be shut down July 1.

Verizon plans to retire its 3G network Dec. 31 after extending an original 2020 deadline. The company says it will not extend the deadline again.

This means that on February 22, 2022, some people that have older devices that use 3 G technology including some of the chips in your car will be without the use of your phone or maybe even your automobile.

You’re not out of the woods if you get phone service from the likes of Boost, Cricket, Straight Talk and other discount providers. They piggyback off the major carrier networks.

Also keep in mind that  certain medical devices, tablets, smartwatches, in-car SOS services, GPS, Kindle readers, home security products and other devices also are dependent on 3G.

In August, citing COVID-19, AARP filed “comments” before the FCC in support of an Alarm Industry Communications Committee petition to have AT&T delay its 3G shutdown until the end of 2022, since members have alarm monitoring and emergency response systems that use 3G.

If you have a device from 2012 or before, using your phone to make calls is on borrowed time though some other features may continue to work. Not just the flip phones and feature phones are affected. Some early smartphones may also be included, and you can’t always tell by the name marketers use.

For example, AT&T points out that a Samsung Galaxy S20 G981U or G981U1 will work on its network after 3G is shut off. But Galaxy S20 models G981F, G981N and G9810 will not work.

AT&T published a lengthy list of models it says will continue to work after 3G is phased out. You can check the device settings to determine which version of a handset you have.

Because you own a smartphone with the 4G label, don’t assume that it will work. Early on, the 4G designation referred to data-only network services, such as sharing photos, social media, browsing the internet and so on. But those 4G phones fell back on older network technology standards for voice calls

If you still have an iPhone 5, introduced in 2012, 2013’s Samsung Galaxy S4 or prior models, they won’t be able to make or receive regular calls once 3G is history. Certain other devices may be able to handle calls only after a software update to VoLTE or HD Voice.

Reach out to your carrier if you haven’t already received information. But be prepared to shop for a new phone. Carriers may offer discounts and special promotions on replacement devices, including more modern versions of a flip phone. A trade-in may not be required, and if you decide to bail altogether you may not have to pay any early termination fees.

Make sure to check in with your alarm monitoring company, too, as well as any other businesses with products that have been reliant on 3G.

The carriers say they’ve been alerting customers who are on older phones that services are ending, sending a combination of texts, letters, phone calls and emails.

For many others, this is the first time they have heard of the shut down.

You want to see the indicators of World War III –just watch people panic and freak out when they lose control of their electronics are not able to get their money because a government decides to freeze funds or that a cyber attack pushes everyone to the edge?

The Great Reset will be literally that – a devastated worldwide economy, countless bankruptcies and unemployment, abject misery, famine, death by starvation, disease and suicide. Hundreds of millions of people have already been affected by inflation –and now they have to update their electronics because of the 5G rollout.

We are only in the first two months of the new year which and Reset’s plan is to last the entire decade 2020-2030.

The agenda is supposed to be completed by 2030.

As we can see, the WEF is involved at every level of disrupting the legacy services that we have depended on — in order to live.

Though, as more people are waking up and people of conscience are taking off their straight jackets and resistance is growing exponentially.

What better way to cripple people than to remove the electronic appliances that they use in order to function.


Jimmy Gene had a 25-year career in the telecommunication industry both wired and wireless telecommunications his company serviced telecommunications giants AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and was responsible for 350 cell sites in the Sprint /Nextel network from in California. His company serviced Fortune 100 clients for Sprint Nextel, and has worked with some of the leaders in the industry to develop systems the bleeding edge of wireless transmission. Jimmy is the podcast host of INTO THE MICROCOSM.

Written by Clyde Lewis


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  1. Jimbo

    February 11, 2022 at 10:11 pm

    Three things that will be enabled should the US go cashless (ie: digital currency, “USDC”)
    1. The Fed will assuredly maintain back door manipulation of same, with an ultimate “kill switch” control on
    2. The world will no longer be on US based reserve currency.
    3. Inflation like Venezuela’s will overtake the US
    4. The US middle class, a “loose cannon” to global cabalists, will finally be subjugated

    Continued expansion of totally vulnerable to CME/EMP green solar-voltaic arrays, ensures no reliable distributed partial backup to a downed regional or entire grid system.

    We are already at war with that governance

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