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Clyde Lewis | December 9, 2021


I have been holding off on talking about the movie, Dune, because it is exquisite and great science fiction. It is literally Star Wars for adults but I also believe that the film’s release at this time in our history sends a message about how people who are desperate after a crisis — fall for the trap of a savior or false messiah.

Anyone who is religious and believes that we are now in the apocalypse can see what author Frank Herbert was trying to express in his book series and the movie pulls no punches.

We are seeing a simple film that is an allegory for the Antichrist.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of Frank Herbert’s, Dune. The book is to science fiction what the Lord of the Rings was to fantasy. Its arrival in novel form ushered in a new age of world-building creations.Frank Herbert's Epic Dune Series | Kirkus Reviews

Its arrival as a film is certain to generate discussions with your geek friends —government lockdown restrictions permitting. Embedded in Dune’s alien cultures and epic landscapes are some surprisingly earthy things to say about religion’s cozy relationship with power, and scientific endeavor as a new form of religion.

This is not the first time that Dune has leapt off the page and into the televisual world. In 1984, David Lynch made a version of the storyline that starred Sting, Max von Sydow, Kyle MacLachlan and Patrick Stewart. In 2000, John Harrison adapted the novel as a television series titled Frank Herbert’s Dune that became one of the three highest-rated programs on the Sci-Fi Channel. But neither of these predecessors has achieved a great deal of critical success.Review of Dune – The Dusty Reel

But now the new film has received a solid acceptance — as I believe the timing was perfect for the retelling of this story– it fits because it is relatable. It deals with a planetary disaster and criis –and the need for a savior to lead the people and find them united in purpose.

Dune is as much political thriller as space saga, set in a galactic empire tens of thousands of years into the future. Amongst the leading imperial families is House Atreides, a potential threat to the current emperor in the storyline. Consequently, Duke Leto Atreides and his partner, the Lady Jessica are “invited” to exchange his ocean planet Caladan for the desert planet Arrakis.Dune: House Atreides Explained - IGN

It appears to be a promotion because Arrakis is the only known source of the spice melange, an extremely expensive substance that dramatically increases lifespan as well as mental acuity.

It’s that last ability that allows the navigators of imperial starships to fold space, thus making interstellar transport possible. But the exchange is actually a trap. Almost as soon as House Atreides sets foot on Arrakis, it is fighting for its life against the machinations of House Harkonnen and it’s conniving leader Baron Harkonnen.

At the center of the drama is Duke Leto’s heir, Paul Atreides, a gifted young man, he must overcome every natural urge to become the savior the Atreides need. And so he recites:

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone . . . Only I will remain.”8 new Dune character posters released; Stellan offers a look at Skarsgård's  Baron and other characters - Market Research Telecast

But his calm under pressure doesn’t stop him from becoming a fugitive in the desert, nor the prey of gigantic sand worms. If he does not manage to unite the tribesman of this deadly wasteland then any hope his family have of surviving the grand struggle of Dune will be short lived.

The world of Dune has a complex relationship with religion. The most powerful factions are a strange melding of science and faith. But rather than this resulting in an ultimate harmony, Frank Herbert’s novel contains a warning for Paul:

“When religion and politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way. Their movements become headlong—faster and faster and faster. They put aside all thoughts of obstacles and forget the precipice does not show itself to the man in a blind rush until it’s too late.”

As fantastical as the futuristic faiths of Dune are, the separation of religious groups and political parties is something modern believers might do well to dwell on.

Since the days of Justinian, the first Christian emperor of Rome, religious organizations like the church have had to be careful of developing an overly comfortable relationship with political power.

They should also see to not putting themselves behind political schemes like Climate science or even the business of germ warfare.

We are also seeing that the churches seem to be abandoning traditional religion for technocratic doctrine — that puts God on the back-burner and destroys faith in one’s self and in God as well.

Dune is a complicated story that encompasses and connects various concepts, touching on environmentalism, imperialism, history, war, and the superhero complex. The fictional universe of Dune is carefully constructed to examine these issues of power, who benefits from having it, and how they use it.

It seems that the issues that were touched on in Herbert’s day seem to happening in an eco today — the only problem is I really don’t think that people see the nuances and the warning that Dune sends out — it warns us that saviors are fallible.

Paul Atreides is not a savior. What he achieves isn’t great or even good—which is vital to the story that Frank Herbert meant to tell.

At the center of Dune is a warning to be mistrustful of messiahs, supermen, and leaders who have the ability to sway masses. This is part of the reason why David Lynch’s Dune film missed the mark; the instant that Paul Atreides becomes a veritable god, the whole message of the story is lost. The ending of Frank Herbert’s Dune is not a heroic triumph—it is a giant question mark pointed at the reader or viewer. It is an uncomfortable conclusion that only invites more questions, which is a key part of its lasting appeal.Will the Dune Remake Have a Kyle MacLachlan Cameo?

I have read many interpretations of what Paul is and what his role was but as I was watching was a Revelation of the Method– a warning that a knight in shining armor is going to rise up and tranquilize all of our problems using technology and betraying the human acts of faith.

The technocracy’s admitted ultimate goal is the total merging of humans and robots.

However, there are some who see transhumanism as technocratic Luciferianism where the satanic ideology of supplanting God has led to a grotesque effort to override nature and achieve immortality and in some cases, become walking gods on Earth.

It has been suggested that this idea is rooted in an occult belief first developed in the sixteenth century by Isaac Luria, father of the New Kabbalah, and the godfather of Rosicrucianism. Luria’s idea was that man was evolving through time to become God.Lurianic Kabbalah

Through transhumanism, it has been proposed that man can not only become like a god, but he can also create a god by merging man with machine. Mankind wants to build a better man or as some would say, build a better Antichrist.

If we are to presume what we have been conditioned to believe in our various churches, the Antichrist will have to rule soon or a generation that has been promised the rapture will die off never knowing the fulfillment of revelation given to a dying apostle on the island of Patmos.

So who do we point the finger at? We have been told that the Antichrist is a person, yet we have exhausted all of our theories and evil men have come gone and the second coming is still a non-event.

Now we know the very thing that we have been warned to fear has been accumulating at a steady pace for a good long time.

Perhaps there was some indefinable year in the last century where a Luciferian technocratic apotheosis was created and the blue print was forged, the names and faces were changed to gradually reinvent the image of the Antichrist as an empathetic cyberchrist that is external and similar to a human but with the mind of a god.

I would like to actually use a term that both Ryan Gable and myself use to describe the Antichrist and that is HIM– His infernal majesty.

With ridiculous ease, his infernal majesty, the Antichrist , also subverts most of us by proxy. He rarely needs to appear on the scene, for he knows that he can trust the established pattern of our society — he won’t be all that forthcoming — in fact many people will have to guess his identity through image and action parameters– but it is obvious that there are at least 40 unelected men that could be that one deceiver— but we know that there is a global government that he will preside over.

The world and the flesh have served the cause of iniquity so successfully that Satan must be close to boredom with inactivity. Through centuries of nearly effortless conquest, our enemy has grown fat on the swill of little souls and easy subversions. The moral death that comes to most people is not murder by the devil but merely another case of voluntary spiritual suicide.

In our time, institutions, and cultic movements that call for outright worship of science have formed in great numbers.

It is through this counterfeit enlightenment — Luciferianism that teaches that man will eventually kill God by ignoring him and placing their faith in a technocratic imperial cult.

Where by their actions they declare Lucifer, the true king of the universe.

So it is that various forms of the occult have trapped many naive and irresponsible souls into a form of anti-God, anti-Christ religious activity. The evidence continues to mount that multiplied thousands are involving themselves in this aberrant, religious behavior. The prophetic Scriptures warn us of the time when the world will worship the Antichrist, the representative of the devil on earth.

So, scientism and priestcraft commits itself to anti-God religious worship with all its frightening implications.

This scientism, coupled with Malthusian doctrine can also be expressed in another form, helping us to see its frightening application to larger multitudes of people. In this variant version, Satan has said, “There is a way to human achievement other than the worship of and fidelity to the true God.”

In this lesser form, this doctrine of the devil has corrupted more millions of people than many of us could possibly imagine.

They have been coerced into becoming part of the global family and are participating in their own undoing. Never trust anyone who claims to be a messiah in times of crisis. That messiah is easily corrupted and can certainly drag the naive into hell.

With the multiverse and a new matrix it can be a hell of our own making, A journey into a fun house where you begin to lose your humanity.

Scientism breeds nihilism and material worship, leading to disillusionment, depression and apathy. These negative emotions leave the door open for satanic energies that embody the classic temptations of seduction, glamour, addiction and excitement, as well as bloodshed, crime, war, sacrifice and perverted thrills in all forms. These energies, if allowed to proliferate, can take over entire populations.What is Scientism and Why Does it Hurt Science?

The Luciferian overlords seek to invert truth by using philosophical sleight of hand. This is done through a subtle warping or twisting of content into another context, thereby capitalizing on a general state of confusion in order to instill their own distortions within society.

This “transhumanist tiptoe” eventually leads to the proposition of brain implants and AI symbiosis. In this way, the devil, no more a feature of the “outside” world, weaves his way directly into the mind. And guess what? He’s not so bad after all!

These technologies are sold to the public as being the next evolution of humanity or the “cure” for mental illness – much of which can be attributed to a sickly culture addicted to toxic garbage, whether in the form of food, media, alcohol, drugs or WiFi signals.

Having been brainwashed to accept surveillance and invasive online tracking, the people begin to encourage the suppression of free speech. They call for more censorship as they hail the elite technocrats for their generous philanthropy and humanitarian visions. The hypnotized public then cheers as their abusers prepare to take their place as the new Gods of humanity, issuing their commands directly into the heads of the Neuralinked masses.

In the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare Michael A. Hoffman II writes:

“The cryptocracy has successfully harnessed to its own ends the huge potential for promoting secret political-occult agendas to the public, by presenting them as unassailable, ‘objective scientific truth’.”

Frank Herbert wrote Dune over fifty years ago and it covers all of the things we are experiencing now– even race, gender, queerness, and other aspects of identity.

There’s an old-world throwback sheen to the story, as it’s built on feudal systems and warring family houses and political marriages and ruling men with concubines. The Bene Gesserit essentially sell their (all-female) trainees to powerful figures to further their own goals, and their sexuality is a huge component of their power.

The odious Baron Harkonnen is obese and the only visibly queer character in the book. Paul Atreides is the product of a Bene Gesserit breeding program that was created to bring about the Kwisatz Haderach—he’s literally a eugenics experiment that works.What Is DUNE's Kwisatz Haderach? - Nerdist

And in this eugenics experiment, the “perfect” human turns out to be a white man—and he was always going to be a man, according to their program—who proceeds to wield his awesome power by creating a personal army made up of people of color. People, that is, who believe that he is their messiah due to legends planted on their world ages ago by the very same group who sought to create this superbeing.

This again is part of a pattern of subconscious meaning and the outcome of mythologies that give us prophecies of messiahs and false messiahs and their promise of a Utopia that is artificial and counterfeit.

Everything in nature is code, which according to its ordering rules arranges all information — mass-energy, space-time, including mind-like code-theoretic substratum itself. As long as there are physically realizable syntactical rules directing how an abstract code self-organizes, it’s equally as logical for information to behave physically as perceived by conscious agents. Also, the term ‘simulation’, as in the Simulation Hypothesis, as well as the term ‘virtual reality’ are both confusing because we use them to distinguish between something real as opposed to something not real. Since all realities are observer-dependent, information-theoretic data streams, virtual is equisensory to real. In this case, perhaps, ‘digital reality’ could be the more accurate and much less confusing term. In fact, quantum indeterminacy constantly resolves into a digital reality via the act of conscious observation.

What in the real world are we observing and does it feel like it is unreal? Are we sensing that what we are experiencing is an illusion and that eventually we will have to somehow acquiesce to a savior who will have all of the answers and appears to be like God?

We need to be string and courageous and use discernment because the wiles of the Antichrist can be attained using technology or digital reality that can even fool the elect.

This “procedurally generated” digital reality can be solved by saying that we are part of some sort of simulation by aliens or our own descendants in a universe up, who in turn inhabit a simulation by simulators in another world, ad infinitum. A simulated reality can nest a civilization that reaches the posthuman stage and proceeds to build its own whole-world virtual universes.

This is what is going to be the New Golden age — it is not what most people expected, they would hope for something less virtual and more real.

But we are being groomed to reject faith and what is real. We are told that God is no longer capable of saving you — that it science that holds the keys to your well-being.

Science has served us well — but now it is being abused and mixed with political and religious support.



Written by Clyde Lewis

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