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Clyde Lewis | December 3, 2021


Oh, it is the third day of December and the Christmas music is playing. Traffic sucks, at a standstill on the off-ramp to the mall. The local strip club near my house has gotten into a festive mood by putting up Christmas lights– I noticed that last night as I got out of my car in the fog, literally sprinting to my warm apartment.

Last night before I went to bed, I watched, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It was the classic cartoon that was created by Chuck Jones and with Boris Karloff as the Grinch. We all know that the Grinch was the bad guy of Whoville — and after he decided to destroy Christmas he had a change of heart — or as it says in the cartoon — his heart grew three sizes that day.Can your heart grow three sizes? A doctor reads 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' | Kingman Daily Miner | Kingman, AZ

I remembered reading an article in Spy magazine that was a cynical scientific view of both Santa Claus and the Grinch and a medical view of how the Grinch would have died of heart failure if his heart enlarged three sizes.

Cardiomegaly, the medical term for a large heart, is in fact a sign of disease – most commonly an indicator of heart failure, a condition that afflicts nearly 6 million U.S. adults. The heart gets bigger because, as its ability to pump blood begins to decline, it allows its muscle fibers to be stretched more, like a spring, in order to recoil with greater force.

The Grinch’s heart figures prominently in the lyrics of the song “You’re a Mean One Mr, Grinch, which include the lines, “Your heart’s an empty hole,” “Your heart’s a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots,” and “Your heart is full of unwashed socks.”

Obviously, the Grinch had a bad heart.

Of course, when Dr. Seuss described the size of the Grinch’s heart, he did not have in mind a medical condition— but that did not stop erstwhile doctors to talk about enlarged hearts or even inflamed tissues around the heart a condition known as myocarditis.Myocarditis

Now, it appears that myocarditis is affecting young boys and otherwise, healthy individuals after they receive the vaccine.

Since the beginning of the mass vaccination campaign, there have been a number of anecdotal stories of heart complications resulting from the shot. These were passed off in the media as isolated incidents, coincidences or just plain misinformation, as the public was continually gas-lit about the incredible safety of the COVID vaccines.

When the FDA announced that they would be adding a warning to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines of a rare heart inflammation side effect (myocarditis), many of us were surprised – not that the vaccines can cause heart inflammation, but that the FDA actually admitted it! Perhaps the most shocking part of these side effects is that they are most pronounced in younger shot recipients, those who have the lowest risk of COVID-19 itself.

But of course, the technocrats don’t want this data form discouraging you from getting a vaccine– it saves lives. Except for those whose heart grows three sizes like the Grinch.

They say “Don’t worry about it, it’s rare, it’s rare, it’s rare. Keep getting your vaccines. Don’t worry.”

But rare is pretty subjective. Yes, it is rare if you look at per 100 million I think it was 12 per 100 million was the number. So technically that is rare, but some people are still going to be affected by this.

As I was saying on an earlier show, i have been noticing on Facebook and in the headlines stories about relatively young individuals dying unexpectedly from heart problems. the are otherwise healthy individuals and at my age, and with my weight situation I am certainly paying attention.

What is most suspicious is that the cause of death is usually said to be “a short illness.” There is no specific cause, just that the person had a short illness and then passed away.

I am thinking that these so called “short illnesses” are related to the vaccines , and that side effects are causing these short illnesses and later their hearts stop.

I mean, I know it is not necessarily connected to the vaccines, but I do know that there I have not got the vaccine, because my doctor says that I have a heart and blood clot risk.

U.S. public health officials claim cases of myocarditis and pericarditis following COVID vaccination are rare but new research published online in the Journal of American Medical Association shows they may happen more often than reported.

A recent report, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), based on data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), suggested an incidence of myocarditis of about 4.8 cases per 1 million following receipt of an mRNA COVID vaccine.

The median age of the CDC report’s cohort was 57 years, and 59% were women. Only 77% received more than one dose. Fifty-three percent received Pfizer, 44% Moderna and 3% received Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) COVID vaccine.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle that can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death. According to researchers at the National Organization for Rare Disorders, myocarditis can result from infections, but “more commonly the myocarditis is a result of the body’s immune reaction to the initial heart damage.”

Pericarditis is often used interchangeably with myocarditis and refers to inflammation of the pericardium, the thin sac surrounding the heart.Pericarditis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

Without going into specifics, I read about one example and probably many others, of individuals who’ve had a loved one die, a child. There was a case of a 13-year-old boy who died of pericarditis, some kind of cardiac event that led to a heart attack.

They found that he had an enlarged heart. So even after knowing a child had died from taking this vaccine, in this particular case, the family member essentially said that she would still recommend that all children are vaccinated, that she would still recommend that her own children were vaccinated, that she would still recommend that her family’s children were vaccinated.

So the programming by the media and big pharma runs so fundamentally deep. Even these people after having a loved one die of an event because of a vaccine, they still recommend that everyone else should get it. It’s just bizarre really. It’s totally bizarre.

It’s very difficult to understand this kind of mindset I think but it seems as though they have so much faith that the authorities are doing their best to provide honest information and essentially look out for their health. They are exporting all of the responsibility that they should be taking for their own health and putting it in the hands of big pharma essentially. As long as that happens, we’re going to see parents and guardians’ hand over their children and run the risk of having them die.

But lets say that they don’t die– and that seems to be the majority as opposed to the rare cases, but what is to say that the vaccine doesn’t contribute to an enlarged heart at 30 — i am sure it never crosses the mind of a child who gets a vaccine that when they reach the age of 30 they could die of a heart attack brought in by a vaccine.

Of course, that is wild speculation — but you never really know, especially when those who are behind the vaccines are Malthusian billionaires.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are that many people who have the utmost faith in the authorities and the information that’s provided to them that I don’t see this slowing down.

The World Health Organization felt that it isn’t wise to vaccinate the children, but Doctor Fauci who now believes that he is infallible, snickers and encourages the vaccination of infants.Dr. Fauci Warns This Might Happen to You After the Vaccine — Eat This Not That

It’s one of those things where it’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out and exactly what comes of this. I know the way I would hope to see it play out, I would hope that there would be people on the streets putting their foot down and saying, “I’m sick of this!” Will that happen?

Probably not — it isn’t happening now even in the face of incredulity— the Omicron variant has people so scared that in the face of logic– people are becoming irrational and the vaccine itself is showing signs of losing its effectiveness — and the leaders are so out of touch, they just throw out many unfounded solutions to the problem just so they can appear to be doing something.

They are doing nothing really — but of course to say so makes you sound ignorant — but let me give you some truth:

I had said months ago that the vaccines are not a cure for COVID-19 and that we would be told that we would see waning effects in order for the big pharma companies to push boosters and antivirals.

The alleged emergence of the Omicron variant makes the situation even worse, from the establishment point of view. Indeed, it could be argued the first real casualty of the Omicron outbreak was that the narrative they have been pushing has literally fallen apart.

Experts are already warning that the Omicron variant may be resistant to the vaccines, and the CEO of Moderna added his voice to this chorus yesterday, saying:

I think it’s going to be a material drop [in vaccine effectiveness]. I just don’t know how much because we need to wait for the data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to…are like ‘this is not going to be good’.”Moderna CEO: Could take weeks for more clarity on omicron Covid variant - YouTube

Even if these warnings prove incorrect, and the mainstream suddenly backtracks and starts reporting that the vaccines work “better than expected” to combat Omicron, that’s irrelevant.

They have just admitted that the “vaccines” could stop working the moment there is a new mutation. And viruses mutate a lot. So, they know the vaccines don’t work very well, they know they will wear off, and they know any new mutations could stop them working  completely.

The only thing they don’t know is what the long-term side effects of the vaccines are, a fact admitted by Pfizer themselves in their supply contracts:

The long-term effects and efficacy of the vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known– and yet people are dying from their heart growing three sizes.

The Omicron variant has now thrown the credibility of the vaccine out the window,

This is important to pay attention to– because it indicated that that even on their own terms the establishment’s plan for compulsory vaccination does not make any sense at all.

The current narrative is that:

The vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission.

What beneficial effect they do have wears off, they don’t know when.

They probably don’t protect against new variants or mutations.

The vaccines have unknown long term side effects.

These are not fringe ideas or baseless theories, they are the self-contradictory supposed “facts” of the schizophrenic COVID story.

Going entirely by the mainstream’s own words, and completely on their own terms, any possible case for mandatory vaccinations is dead.

Omicron may not have killed anything yet — but it has killed the vaccine narrative –and like the Grinch wanting to steal Christmas, it has stolen the thunder from those who claim to be the purveyors of settled science.

But unfortunately, logic escapes the fearful.

Decision makers in the technocracy have a clear goal. They are implementing it gradually, step by step, like the Nazis. Every new step is accepted by the majority, even if the opposing minority is growing and demonstrating. The truth does not seem to stick — If you got the jab, wouldn’t you feel betrayed to know that you were coaxed into it thinking that you were safe –and now the truth is you aren’t?

And yet they have to beg you to get a booster or you are not considered fully vaccinated?

Does anyone see the evil in this?

Nobody has the right to be naive about this anymore. We should demand answers — the vaccine was trotted out as a cure — now it is a punishment, it is a mandated fallacy and people continue to follow the leaders that don’t even know what they are doing.

Over 5 million deaths world wide, make it quite apparent — not to mention those who are having heart attacks and blood clots from the vaccines.

It is estimated that we could be seeing could see “300,000 or more new patients with heart issues” during the winter months.

But of course there will be some new disease that the technocrat doctors will make up like “Post Pandemic Stress Disorder” conveniently ready to be used as the scapegoat.

You see, they can all tell us that the “pandemic” related anxiety and stress has taken such a toll on the public that doctors are predicting a 5% increase in heart disease, nationwide, and not just in the elderly or infirm.

Your kids could develop heart problems,

It turns out all the censored doctors warning people weren’t just conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation after all. They were totally right.

But people would rather listen to a pedophile billionaire or a mad doctor who thinks he is God.

In the interests of fairness, it’s true that both the Pfizer and Moderna shots can cause heart issues too. Both, according to the CDC, can cause pericarditis and myocarditis, the complications of which include heart attacks, heart failure and strokes which are now happening in young and otherwise healthy people.Vaccine side-effects: 'Enlarged heart' warning for Pfizer, Moderna jabs in USA | Hindustan Times

The point is, that all the major COVID vaccines are known to have cardiac-related side effects, and yes, some doctors are now predicting a major spike in heart-related health problems, but the media reports that they are unrelated to the vaccine.

Frankly, the very idea this could be a media psy-op designed to do pre-emptive damage control is certainly all crazy conspiracy theory…right?

Credible reporters like CNN’s Chris Cuomo wouldn’t do anything to compromise his credibility as a solid journalist, right?

So we are to believe that any connection between heart problems and vaccines is just bad luck or a coincidence.

It’s really just the stress.

When did we get so incredibly gullible?

Don’t ask questions about the vaccine. Don’t decide to not get the vaccine. And certainly don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine. Worrying causes stress which, unlike vaccines, causes heart problems.

Hell, don’t listen to me — I am just one of those ignorant conspiracy theorists on a late night show — I mean who am I to tell you that logic dictates that this all coercion in order to continue control over the populace and lead them to their own self-annihilation both physically and spiritually.

I mean I could play along and say Just get the shot. And the second dose. And the booster, every three months. And the updated doses, for the variants.

Just to be safe, get four shots a year, every year, for the rest of your natural life, and or until you drop dead of a heart attack due to stress.

That’s the ticket.

It is a monstrous joke — one that will amuse us to death.

This is the last month of 2021 and the two years we have been flattening the curve is now moving into year number three  and every day the plot to this psy-op of COVID-19 is unraveling.

The leaders we so worship and follow are obviously lying to us and we need to as ourselves at the end of the year. Can we handle the truth about what is being done to our friends and families? Our personal and professional relationships? Our communities? Our schools? Our hospitals? Our social and support networks? Our businesses? Our workplaces? Our lives and lifestyles? Our economy? Our country? And last but not least, can we truly handle the truth about what’s happening to our freedoms under our very noses?

You all know what I’m talking about here: The very things that our parents’, our grandparents’, and our great grandparents’ generations were told (or presumed) they were fighting for when they either volunteered or were conscripted to go and fight, kill and/or die for the real America— not this simulated open air prison.

This whole fiasco should be reaching its end point… in a normal world it already would have been at its end point.

But unfortunately it looks as if we are facing another end point which is no less than a barren, lonely, soulless, heartless, disconnected, enervating, mindless, submissive void.

And the awe-inspiring tragedy of it all? It is all very much of our own making!

If that is we continue to acquiesce to the pretension of these tyrannical liars in power.

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time any of you heard a politician say?: “We have too much power in our hands. It’s time to give some of that power back to those who voted us into office!”

Ask yourself who in fact do these politicians, bureaucrats, policy makers, advisers, diplomats, experts, and technocrats work for?

In whose interests and on whose behalf are they acting in formulating and implementing their ill-conceived, self-serving, destructive public proclamations and policies?

I mean, if they’d gone out of their way to mismanage this COVID crisis, they could not have done a better job.

Those amongst us who can’t seem to handle the truth about what’s happening to our country are of great concern. There are those who don’t want to know about what is the real driver of events!

We all know people like that. They are all around us.

And dammit — it is frustrating because I know what is behind it — POLITICS!

Have an opinion. Ask why, demand transparency, choose to not participate and you start to see that people talk about creative ways to destroy you. Some aren’t returning our phone calls, or answering our emails. Others are perhaps at best tolerating our concerns, our doubts, our fears about what’s unfolding. Some won’t even send us a Christmas card.

Yes, the Grinch’s heart was small at first – as are the minds of those who wish to be sociopathic and cruel.

Maybe our minds should grow 3 sizes and wake up to the truth.

Letting our freedoms slip through our fingers and having them tampered with will not just be at our own peril, but that of the next generation of those who will suffer the adverse effects of something that we were forced into taking into our bodies not knowing the long-term effects of what it will do to everyone.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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