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Clyde Lewis | December 20, 2021


Three days after Christmas there us a day set aside to remember the Children that were killed when King Herod had been told by the Magi of the birth of a king of the Jews.

Childermas, or the Feast of the Innocents is observed on December 28th in remembrance of the innocent children that die at the hands of tyranny.The Feast of the Holy Innocents - REGINA Magazine LLC


In antiquity the consensus anxieties were released by sacrificing children to a horned god called Moloch. It was a sacrament to the gods for a guarantee of prosperity, health and safety.

These sacrifices of children have not stopped nor have the rituals to Moloch. They continue in the present and they are done with the absence of compassion and care. There is no guilt form the leaders and they continue to break bones, and draw blood as they pave the New World Order over the bodies that were unfortunate enough to be in the way.

Who will speak for the children of the Brave New World?

Innocent bystanders aren’t as innocent as the pretend to be.

Many parents wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they acknowledged what they’ve done and allowed to be done to their kids. That accounts to a large extent for their ongoing stubbornness and their increasingly venomous reaction to “covid-deniers.”

I’m not just talking about the “jabs” and their actual or possible physical consequences. I mean an almost two years of forced-masking, forced screen-addiction, forced antisocial-distancing. I mean a long period of disastrous social and psychological conditioning during the most impressionable years of their lives.

Children have now spent 19 months learning to be terrified, not just of other human beings, but of the very air they breathe.How the coronavirus is straining kids' mental health | Coronavirus  Newsletter

I can only determine that this is a grooming process, where children will become very aware of the trauma their parents put them through which could alienate the family.

There are so many things now that get between a child and his parents. there is miscommunication, separation, divorce, and one of the biggest distractions is video games and virtual reality — this will make way for the metaverse where we will lose our kids and their innocence forever.

I am a big fan of Ray Bradbury. When I was in the 8th grade, we had a teacher named Mrs., Miller who would have us read the Illustrated Man and the Martian Chronicles.

Each book are short stories written by Bradbury — One of these stories in the Illustrated Man is called The Veldt.The Veldt Hyperdoc | The veldt, Online teaching resources, Ray bradbury

It is set in the future where children play in an automated house that has a virtual reality nursery. The children’s imagination creates the rooms environment. The virtual reality nursery in this story is new. It was a prophetic description of virtual reality and the metaverse.

The parents of the children worry about their children. Especially when they notice that the nursery always depicts an African veldt.

This veldt has lions that are feeding on their captured prey. The parents enlist the help of a child psychologist. The psychologist suggests that they turn off the automated house and take a holiday.

The children however at first are against this decision. But after a while they agree. The twist is that the children then lock their parents in the nursery where they are eaten by the lions.

The next scene is the children, and the psychologist are having lunch on the veldt. The children seem oblivious to the fact that the lions are feeding on their parents.

The parents, George and Lydia are to blame for their own death because they allowed their kids to get too addicted to the technology.

The kids, Wendy and Peter are diagnosed with a psychopathic disorder in a household consumed in technology. A Household that surrenders their thinking to the technocracy at the expense of their children’s lives.

In Fahrenheit 451 — Bradbury writes about a future where kids die needlessly, as they kill each other in the future: During a conversation with the character Montag (in Part One), Clarisse admits to being afraid of her peers:

“I’m afraid of children my own age. They kill each other. Did it always use to be that way? My uncle says no. Six of my friends have been shot in the last year alone. Ten of them

died in car wrecks. I’m afraid of them and they don’t like me because I’m afraid. My uncle says his grandfather remembered when children didn’t kill each other. But that was a long time ago when they had things different.”

In a John Wyndham novel called the, Chrysalids, the descendants of the old ones — the post tribulation children have to practice eugenics in order to breed out a mutation that was handed to them from their forebearers.

There are plenty of science fiction stories where the Children are made to suffer because of the trauma their parents put them through.

The Covid-19 Trauma that has been now pushed on young children ages 5-11 will be seen as the worst medical disaster in human history — and here is why.

Five to eleven-year-olds make up roughly 8.7% of the US population, or 28.7 million people. If the seroprevalence data is correct, that means about 11.8 million children aged 5-11 have been exposed to Covid to the point they’ve developed antibodies.

8300 hospitalizations out of 13.4 million people is only 0.07%. So, a child infected with Covid has a 99.93% chance of never needing to go into hospital.

94 deaths out of 13.4 million people gives an overall survival rate of 99.992%. Right in line with CDC predictions from months ago.

As if these numbers aren’t small enough, they all come with important riders that make them even smaller.

Millions more children have likely been exposed to the virus since June, so logically speaking the survival rate is potentially a significant underestimate.

Secondly, we have no idea what (or how many) pre-existing conditions were present in the children that died. We DO know the vast majority of “Covid deaths” have at least one serious co-morbidity, therefore the survival rate for healthy children is probably even higher than 99.992%.

Finally, there’s the most important rider for this entire situation: We don’t know any of these “covid cases” or “covid deaths” ever had “covid” at all.

According to the CDC 2017/2018 flu season resulted in the deaths of at least 188 children of all ages, and they report this is “likely an undercount” and the real number was “closer to 600”. The 2019/20 season was similar, with 199 official flu deaths in children, this is also described as an undercount.

The 2009/10 flu season was much worse, when the Swine flu “pandemic” killed at least 358 children.

And that’s just in flu season, the six months from October to May. Covid has been around for almost two years and is allegedly responsible for 645 deaths in children under 18. That’s a comparable rate to flu, without even taking into account the absurd way “covid deaths” are collated to deliberately inflate the numbers.

Interestingly, in the 20/21 flu season, only 9 pediatric flu hospitalizations were reported, down from the expected “several thousand”. While Covid was out there killing people at about the same rate as the flu, only 1 single child is reported to have died of flu.

All of which is pretty remarkable when you think about it.

Remember, “Covid deaths” are defined only as “death from any cause within 30 days of a positive test”,  ALL Covid-related statistics are entirely meaningless.

Having established that Covid has at least a 99.994% survival rate in 5-11 year old children, and that it’s no more dangerous than the flu, is there any argument left for vaccinating children?

Why yes — it is the “we have to protect” Grandma and Grandpa argument— where it should be known that at rick elderly that haven’t died yet have gotten the two doses of the vaccine and a booster.

But as we can report they don’t count.

It was announced over the weekend that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker tested positive for Covid — both were double-dosed and boostered.

They are calling it a breakthrough case because it appears that Omicron is going to get people no matter what their vaccination status is.

The urgency and fear about the Omicron variant scare was so bad that Saturday Night Live cancelled their Christmas show. They managed, however, to get Kennan Thompson, Tina Fey, Michael Che and Tom Hanks to show up. What was sad was that there was no audience –and the guest host Paul Rudd had to introduce lame videos and past SNL Christmas skits –many of them were featured in their Christmas special.Saturday Night Live: Paul Rudd December 18, 2021 | Exclaim!

From the beginning of the pandemic, when it became apparent the allegedly deadly “Covid” plague posed almost no risk whatsoever to children, the argument for vaccinating children wasn’t to protect them, but to prevent them from spreading it to “vulnerable” relatives.

There were PSAs that were eventually pulled that scared children by telling them “don’t kill your grandma and grandma by catching coronavirus and passing it on.”

So the alleged benefit of vaccinating children turns out to be non-existent. Even if the vaccines were proven safe, injecting them into children has already been shown to be completely pointless…and they are not proven safe.

This is not at all a controversial position, it logically follows those vaccines less than a year old have unknown long-term impacts. Further, Pfizer themselves admit it.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday it had received reports of eight cases of myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation, in children aged 5-11 years who received Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine.Exploring the Mystery of COVID-19 Vaccine-Linked Heart Inflammation |  BioSpace

The CDC had previously said that reporting rates of myocarditis for boys aged 16 to 17 could be more than 69 cases per million second doses administered and around 40 cases per million second doses in boys aged 12-15 years old.

The CDC did not say whether it believes there is a link between the myocarditis cases and the vaccine or disclose the rate of myocarditis in the age group without vaccination.

The agency said there had been over 7 million vaccine doses in the 5-11 age group at the time it examined the data, with 5.1 million first doses and 2 million second doses. The cases had a mild clinical course, the CDC said.

The cases were reported in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and presented by the CDC to a panel of its expert advisers.

The New York Times reports that Myocarditis remains very uncommon, and it is almost always mild and temporary. The heart risk from Covid-19 itself is far greater.

The incidence of myocarditis after vaccination varies with age, sex and dose — and across studies. But the trend so far suggests that the chances are highest after the second dose of an mRNA vaccine in male patients age 16 to 29.

There are roughly 11 cases of myocarditis for every 100,000 vaccinated male patients in this age group, one study estimated. The odds of myocarditis decrease with age.

Data on adolescents age 12 to 15 years is limited, because the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine only recently became available to them.

But knowing what we know — it is worth the risk for your kids –that have a better chance at beating Covid than having the beating of their heart stopping?

Again, the attempt at child culling is not lost as we approach the time of Childermas.

In 2009, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded NGO carried out unauthorized clinical trials of a vaccine on some of the poorest, most vulnerable children in the world. It did so without providing information about the risks involved, without the informed consent of the children or their parents and without even declaring that it was conducting a clinical trial.Bill and Melinda Gates Pledge $10-Billion for Vaccine Efforts

After vaccination, many of the participating children became ill and seven of them died. Such were the findings of a parliamentary committee charged with investigating this wretched affair. The committee accused the NGO of “child abuse” and produced a raft of evidence to back up its claim. This entire incident barely registered on the radar of Western media.

Children are victimized because they trust adults to take care of them — one day the trust will just about run out.

Lip service has always been paid to children because they do not vote. While kissing babies has always been the proven technique of a political scoundrel the ignoring of infanticide should be an issue

However, child sacrifice has never really died. It just takes on different forms, from sending young people off to fight needless wars, to neglect and starvation that seems to be a plague on the world. There is also the awful topic of abortion and now we are forcing our children to vaccinated for a disease they rarely die of let alone get.

We are seeing a system that makes the children suffer — we have been caught up in our own feelings about Covid-19 and Climate change that we wish to pass the trauma, scapegoating, and segregation to the children

We are telling them to hate their world and not to trust each other because of politics or race– we are also seeing a system that is judgment of genotype and phenotype.

What the system teaches is unfortunately similar to what Huxley warned us about.

The strict class structure that was in Brave New World had the Alphas at the highest and the Epsilon on the lowest end. Children are conditioned by the system or “world state” to think and act only as a member of their class, rather than as an individual. The family values are dissolved, and the idea of parenting becomes improper.Chapter Four Impression of Brave New World | Brave New world

The Alpha Double plus babies eventually grow to rule the world and will continue to carry the charge of being the wealthy class while the Epsilon Minus will continue to be the workers. It sounds so impotent and cold, however the classes are dividing today little by little and with genetic engineering we will be able to divide ourselves more so than we already have.

We begin to see each class having its own sub clique of conformist behavior that lacks spirituality and responsibility. Families could be eliminated entirely since the system will take the baby from birth and care for it as the parents continue their quest for material and carnal pleasures.

Our choices will be determined through suggestions given to us through media and consensus myths and whims that may or may not hold true. This could very well determine the new value system.

We already are beginning to associate intelligence with power and the “Social Darwinist” belief that intellect and genetics have a lot to do with those who are “gifted.” We are falling into the destructive course of believing that there is a “natural” leader that comes from good “breeding stock.”

This already sends the message to some people that it is easier to give up because there will always be the Alphas and they are predetermined to rule over us.

We are already thinking that the poorer kids or the Epsilon group are already going to commit crimes and so why bother helping them? They seem to be doomed from the start. We see ourselves grasping at straws when we develop the theory that there has to be a genetic code for kids who become violent, or that kill their classmates.

Others try to see past genetics and lean on the crutch of unseen forces such as Satanic influences when genetics and psychology fail to demonstrate in their minds a sound reason for this behavior. The solutions include corporal punishment, imprisonment, and execution.

Much of what you know and understand is based on your framed narrative of reality, every myth you believe and every narrative that you cling to makes up who you are. As a man thinks so he is. What he does with those thoughts is what gives him consequence.

There is also the faith factor where much of what we do and think is also based in a very carefully programmed core belief system that dictates silently and proficiently some of our actions. Things like the golden rule and other such creeds apply in this realm.

So, we have a basic narrative that we keep as part of what makes us who we are intellectually and socially. Our morals are actually part of core belief mechanism that is guided by religious and philosophical thoughts and what is left can be attributed to knowledge that has been provided by the education system.

I would speculate that most of the common core beliefs that most people have are based on knowledge gained while growing up and learning in the public and private schools system.

A lot of people do not know that the school system’s real job is not just to educate children and young adults it is a place where teachers and counselors are given the task of molding and shaping what is called “human capital.”

A quick definition of “human capital” is the “stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, cognitive abilities, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.”

In other words, your children are to become programmed and indoctrinated by the system in order for them to have the basic knowledge in order for them to have value in the economic machine.

This has always been the game. The child must be brought into the system, educated by the system in order for them to function in the system as to increase the system’s ability to guarantee the force of human labor.

In despotic systems, corrupt community leaders are well aware of how the education systems must be changed in order to shape both teachers and students into fixing a perceived “broken” education system.

There needs to be an effort to change the idea of just grooming kids for state socialism –and prepare them with the intellectual ammunition necessary to fight against the oppression that they are being told is righteous.

I was reading that in Germany teachers will humiliate “Unvaccinated” children in schools, forcing them to justify their status in front of the class, while “Vaccinated” students receive applause for following orders.

I assume is obvious to everyone by now, the “Return to Normal” was a “Return to the New Normal,” which the global ruling establishment was already imposing on the entire world. The message couldn’t possibly be clearer.

They informed us in unmistakable terms that our lives were about to change, forever. They branded and advertised this change as “the New Normal,” in case we were … you know, cognitively challenged. They did not hide it. They wanted us to understand exactly what was coming,

Recently, the White House sent out a statement that sounded like a threat to all those who have not been vaccinated.

The White House’s chief coordinator for the U.S. coronavirus response sent out a strong warning for unvaccinated Americans ahead of a projected surge in cases over the next few weeks.Covid vaccines: Nearly all deaths, hospitalizations among unvaccinated

If you’re vaccinated, “we’ve done the right thing, and we will get through this.

“For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.”

Now it appears that the gloves are off — and the witch doctors have now declared a hex death scenario on ourselves and our children.

This is war.

Many are still defiant but if they can’t turn those who wish to rebel, they will come after your children.

It is time that we as a people need to stop being in denial and realize that we are being commanded to harm ourselves and our children.

How does it feel to know that those who command you to get vaccinated — and dole out mandates are sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, pedophiles, liars and thieves?

As we approach Childermas, we should ask ourselves why we should allow our children suffer at the hands of these miscreants.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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