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Ron Patton | December 14, 2023

Numbers stations do not rely on satellites, nor are they transmitted over the internet or they would be susceptible to cyberattack. Their low-tech analog nature makes them immune to many of the high-tech counters potential adversaries are developing to disrupt U.S. military communication. In the event a numbers station transmitter is destroyed, another can readily take its place.  Moreover, radio waves are a strange thing — the way they move and how they can haunt people as they may hear something that is a miss or even an encrypted message meant for an agent, maybe even an alien broadcast where the sounds are unearthly and sound as though they are coming from the abyss. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH FREQUENCY




It was a couple of shows ago, that I received some on-air calls from ham and shortwave radio operators. My Uncle was a ham operator, and I also knew someone in South America that also used shortwave and I marveled at how far a signal could go and the importance of these radio operators in times of emergencies.

My aunt Lillyanne also had a radio that she would bring to my childhood home on the holidays, and it was able to pick up police and fire frequencies as well as some shortwave broadcasts as well.

I sat in the dark with the radio and ever so slowly turned the knobs hoping to find some interesting broadcasts. To me they sounded very ghostly.

Many of them were weird voices reading numbers and speaking in different languages. I asked my uncle what these strange broadcasts were, and he said they were number stations. He said that they were code war broadcasts — that were actually sent out to spies.

If there was a lot of chatter he said, this would mean that somewhere a major attack or event would happen, because the messages were meant for agents to listen to.

They would have a special grid card with numbers and corresponding sentences, and this is how they would get their orders.

He also said that the same type of method was used to indicate to soldiers in the silos to activate nuclear bombs.

He then turned the knob until I heard this buzzing sound. It was a buzzer that would go off second by second.

He indicated that this buzzer was broadcasting out of Ukraine and that it was connected to the nuclear warheads in Russia. he told me that if the signal ever stopped — it would mean that missiles were launching — he said that the buzzer indicates that the missiles are armed and ready.

That made me a little spooked — I became obsessed with the Russian Buzzer.

Some people say that it is also a channel marker set aside for emergency broadcasts or attack warnings.

It doesn’t convey any information itself. The Russian military keeps the frequency occupied so no-one else uses it, and the recipients of the message can verify the signal.

It is called UVB-76 and can be found at 4625 kHz.

On June 5, 2010, UVB-76 stopped entirely, only to resume a day later. It was the first time it had stopped broadcasting for any amount of time since it was first “discovered” decades earlier. For the following several weeks, things went back to “normal.” But in the middle of August, it suddenly stopped and restarted a few times before going entirely off the rails on August 25th, 2010.

After some initial silence, listeners heard something odd. Yes, more odd than the “typical” string of weird beeps and boops. What followed sounded like people shuffling around and moving things inside a small room. The station’s broadcast was intermittent for the next week or two, and bits of music from Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” could be heard.

Then, at 8:48 pm Moscow time on September 7, 2010, a male voice was heard issuing a new call sign — “Mikhail Dmitri Zhenya Boris,” interpreted by listeners as MDZhB. The voice continued with “04 979 D-R-E-N-D-O-U-T,” more random numbers, the letters “T-R-E-N-E-R-S-K-I-Y” followed by more numbers.

Several theories existed about what UVB-76, now using the name MDZhB, was: a conclave of radio pirates simply pranking the world, a way to communicate with submarines, a numbers station conveying orders to sleeper agents, or maybe it was an old Russian military “Dead Hand –” a system designed to observe military frequencies and measure everything from radiation levels to changes in the ionosphere. Should a nuclear war break out and annihilate the Soviet Union, it could automatically launch a nuclear counterstrike without human intervention.

Before the switch from UVB-76 to MDZhB in 2010, efforts to triangulate the radio signal placed it at a Russian military base outside a small town called Povarovo, only 19 miles from Moscow. Thus, the Dead Hand theory seemed reasonable. But after the name changed, so did the location of the signal.

During the Cold War, numbers stations became prolific as high-security, low-risk spy tools to send secret messages to operatives in the field. However, as early as World War I, espionage agencies were using shortwave radio numbers stations to broadcast Morse-coded numbers that only meant something if someone else had the key to decipher the code.

But these numbers stations used more than just numbers to convey directives. Music, beeps, hums, a woman counting off numbers in German, a man listing Russian names, and even a child’s voice repeating English letters began to creep eerily across the airwaves.

The strange broadcasts were being monitored and when there is a massive amount of Chatter on the air — security agencies worry that there may be a terrorist attack being plotted or some form of espionage on the horizon.

There has been a new numbers station broadcast that happened recently and was picked up by shortwave radio in Montanna.

According to one Reddit user, Fickel-Ad5971, they received the following message broadcasting at 1.6877gigahertz in the Monarch, Neihard, Milligan area of Montana. For those of you who aren’t familiar, those towns are fairly close to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls.

The Message was this:

“Call sign Verda. Break. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Do not be afraid as I bring you tidings of good tidings of great joy, which will be to all people. Be not afraid. We are peaceful.”

Then what followed was a long series of numbers and the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Someone in Wyoming picked up the same message on the same frequency and captured the audio.

The broadcast happened on December 7th, 2023. The voice began reciting the scripture from Isaiah chapter 41 Verse 10 .

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Then from the gospel of Luke:

“I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.”

The question remains: “Who sent the audio, and why”?

With the tensions between major military powers going on across the globe, this could very well of been a signal to move forward with an attack — or some other event that will shake up the world.

German police today arrested three suspected members of Hamas in Berlin accused of preparing an attack against Jewish targets in Europe.

The three men, along with another suspect arrested in the Netherlands, were said to have begun preparing a weapons cache in Berlin where arms would be ‘kept in a state of readiness in view of potential terrorist attacks against Jewish institutions in Europe.

The Jewish community nonetheless canceled a public Hanukkah celebration planned for the evening.

It has also been reported that another number Station known as G06 has been reactivated.

G06 was the final German language numbers station that was active at one time.  Most of its schedules went inactive near the end of 2019, with the final one ceasing operations in March of 2021. 

This station also transmitted repeated fake messages for training, confusing operatives, etc. These fake messages are reused for long amounts of time, up to a year and later.  G06 was run on a PC using Windows XP, made evident by OS sounds such as the powering down signals.

After two years of silence, G06 is now broadcasting out of Russia Sending a message just this morning around 8:22 UTC!

By coincidence, President Zelensky of Ukraine is now in Germany.

There is also more chatter and a warning from Hamas today.

Hamas sent out a chilling video where they threatened violence against Americans everywhere.

Senior Official for Hamas Sami Abu Zuhri called for acts of violence against the USA and also the UK.

No one knows if the numbers station broadcast is related, but again this is considered radio chatter as it informs various agents as to what is coming and what to be prepared for.

But you cannot understand the message because it is encrypted and you must have what is called a one time pad.

The one-time pad, he only mathematically unbreakable encryption system, is usually a sheet of paper with random numbers in groups of five or more digits. Typically, the letters of the message are converted into numbers and are added to numbers from the notepad using a simple mathematical operation known as “false addition.” The result is then transmitted. The recipient uses the same page from his own one-time pad and extracts the plain text message by applying “false subtraction” to the encrypted message.

This procedure is simple, yet highly effective: The message can only be decoded by a third party if they get access to recipients’ one-time pads. This is sometimes possible for counterintelligence, either using double agents or by arresting the recipient, most likely while he is receiving the signal.

From 1945 to 1956, the CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service dispatched agents to support anti-Soviet guerrillas in the Baltic States, Belarus, and Ukraine. Most were captured with their radio transmitters and code books. The KGB used these codes to force captured agents to send signals back to their masters to lure more agents. In 1988, the KGB showed off these codebooks and transmitters in a TV movie called “The Game”.

When the FBI recruited a source inside the Communist Party of the United States, it observed many coded messages sent by the Soviets to U.S. communists. The bureau decoded these messages, with decoding instructions it had received from the spy that had infiltrated the KGB, as seen in publicly released FBI files about “Operation Solo.”

Decoding these messages is impossible without access to the one-time pads used to encrypt them. Nevertheless, for many decades people have studied them and even made accurate schedules of the times of their transmissions.

The fact that the recent numbers broadcast was recorded is an amazing synchronicity.

I have called it “The Angel” broadcast because it quoted scriptures before the number sequences started and continued for a good 5 minutes.

Also Fickel-Ad5971 the Reddit user that heard the broadcast wants to send a reply on December 23rd.– Here is what he or she wishes to say:

“You know us. We know you. We are like you. We lived among you. Embrace us for we mean no harm. We are like you but with fur. We are like you but with canines also. We love you. Please love us.”

It sounds like the radio operator thinks that it is a message from aliens — but still, it is creepy that this message was broadcast in the first place.

Imagine all of the broadcasts that radio enthusiasts miss.

Numbers stations do not rely on satellites, nor are they transmitted over the internet or they would be susceptible to cyberattack.

Their low-tech analog nature makes them immune to many of the high-tech counters potential adversaries are developing to disrupt U.S. military communication. If a numbers station transmitter is destroyed, another can readily take its place. Stations could be established in the United States, but also in allied countries closer to potential theaters of conflict.

Numbers stations are more appropriate for passing instructions that are to be executed at a routine level of precedence.

With 12-24 hours.

This is why increased radio chatter could mean that flash points for attacks could be imminent.

In June of 2010, the FBI arrested 10 people for allegedly serving for years as secret agents of Russia’s intelligence to penetrate U.S. government policymaking circles. People I am sure were shocked about this. It sounds like something straight out of a cold war blockbuster.

They were asked by Russian intelligence to learn all they could about our nuclear weapons and where they are positioned, policies about Iran, White House rumors, CIA leadership turnover, the last presidential election, and the Congress and political parties.

What was the tool they used to receive their orders? It was a short-wave radio. It wasn’t sophisticated or high tech it was just a simple 1920s-era technology. The spies would sit down in front of their radios with spiral notebooks and write down a series of numbers.

It was simple and easy.

When Homeland Security says that they are hearing chatter about possible terrorist threats all they are hearing is the Number station Frequencies sending off random numbers that may or may not be the code numbers for detonating a dirty bomb or blowing up a shopping center.

Signals and broadcasts are constantly being received within our borders. One of the more infamous cases here in the United States involved an unfortunate incident of mistaken identity with former CBS news anchor Dan Rather In 1986, Rather was chased, pummeled and kicked on a Manhattan sidewalk by a well-dressed man who

kept asking, “What’s the frequency Kenneth?”

The man turned out to be William Tager who is now in prison for shooting an NBC Stagehand. Tager told his Psychiatrist that he thought the news media was beaming signals into his head. One of his obsessions was to find out the frequency of the signals.

There was a report later that during this time there actually were signals being sent out by the CIA to track Russian Submarine coordinates. Perhaps Tager was hearing the numbers in his head. The incident happened as The United States was helping Afghanistan fight the Russians.

William Tager allegedly crashed an ultra-light home-built aircraft. He suffered head injuries and doctors put a metal plate in his skull before he started hearing the signals. .

It is reasonable to assume that other people have found ways to do this type of broadcast. I am sure that there are smaller stations broadcasting codes for drug cartels.

There have also been cross-fade or cross-talk signals that sound ghostly as well — like from out of nowhere ghost signals break in through regular broadcasts.

For example, KTWO 1030 AM in Casper, Wyoming experienced what only can be called a signal intrusion when the country station all of a sudden heard a very loud voice of what sounded like a preacher doing a revival. The intrusion happened at approximately 11:30 PM MST On December 6th, 2010. The phantom broadcast was followed by the station ID, which occurred at roughly 11:57, leaving three minutes of dead air.

There have been case histories of power frequency overrides that can be used to shut down signals and even hijack broadcasts. These tactics are at least 30 years old and were first heard about when a signal hijacker known as Captain Midnight sent a four minute signal over the HBO broadcast of “The Falcon and The Snowman” that aired in April of 1986. The message he sent was over color bars. It was a printed message that said “Good Evening HBO from Captain Midnight $12.95 a month? No way! Showtime movie channel beware.”

This was the beginning of a few well-known incidents that have been recorded and labeled as signal intrusions. Many of them have been chilling and created panic as normal TV broadcasts become hijacked in a form of signal terrorism. Many will call this type of activity hacking, however, it is more sophisticated than that. In the case of the Max Headroom signal intrusion of 1987 two Chicago television stations were hijacked for a brief period during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The first occurrence of the signal intrusion took place during WGN-TV channel 9’s live telecast of its prime-time newscast, The Nine O’clock News. During Chicago Bears highlights in the sports report, the station’s signal was interrupted for about half a minute by a video of a person wearing a Max Headroom mask, standing in front of a swaying sheet of corrugated metal, which imitated the background effect in the Max Headroom TV and movie appearances. There was no audio, only a buzzing noise. The hijack was stopped after engineers at WGN switched the frequency of their studio link to the John Hancock Center transmitter.

Later that night, around 11:15 pm, during a broadcast of the Doctor Who serial ‘Horror of Fang Rock’, PBS station WTTW channel 11’s signal was hijacked using the same video that was broadcast during the WGN-TV hijack, this time with distorted audio. The person in the Max Headroom mask appeared, as before, this time with a political message. He ended the broadcast with some exposed body parts and howling “Oh no, they’re coming to get me!” The transmission then blacked out and cut off, and the hijack was over after about 90 seconds.

WTTW, which maintains its transmitter atop the Sears Tower, found that its engineers were unable to stop the hijacker. According to station spokesman Anders Yocom, technicians monitoring the transmission “attempted to take corrective measures“, but couldn’t.

Radio waves are obviously a strange thing– the way they move and how they can haunt people as they may hear something that is a miss or even an encrypted message meant for an agent– maybe even an alien broadcast –where the sounds are unearthly and sound as though they are coming from the abyss.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Karen Foster

    December 14, 2023 at 6:27 pm

    I apologize for being off topic for tonight but today I watched a movie with my granddaughters, 4 and 6, “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie”. Talk about predictive programming! It’s about meteors that come upon the earth and one of the paw patrol pups has received “special powers” to break them up! Oh boy! Might as well get them when they’re young! Listening to tonight’s show, as usual!

  2. Sarge in Mayger

    December 14, 2023 at 9:40 pm

    The Russian Woodpecker was Over-The-Horizon Backscatter missile warning radar on about 7.2 Mhz, in the 40M amateur band. The Eugene noise may have been related to the US Navy GWEN station in Springfield, OR. Very Low Freq signals to subs on the Ground Wave Emergency Network. Jesse Ventura did an episode of Conspiracy about this site.

  3. Jimbo

    December 18, 2023 at 10:07 pm

    A near similar method can be used to anonymously and securely encrypt transactional ID’s in e-currency digital blockchain transactions. If those ID’s are government imprimatured “authentic and true” in a blind state database as proposed for handling patient medical record files, the goal of non-centralized, free market/free enterprise is regainable.

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