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Clyde Lewis | December 1, 2021


Last night I perused the fridge for leftovers. I was having a craving for some turkey and since it is a low-fat low carb alternative, I figured that it would make a great snack before bed. I looked over the leftovers and my food paranoia kicked in — I decided that a fridge cleaning should happen at the end of the week, if not sooner.

I guess the reason I was thinking about Thanksgiving leftovers is because as me and the crew were meeting before the show, Wes had brought up that the nabbed a turkey leg from our Thanksgiving get together and that he was curious about whether or not it was still good. We all agreed that the best bet would be that if you are in doubt — just throw it in a pot and boil the bad out of it.

I said that this is what poor radio people do after the holiday — everything in the end becomes turkey soup. I called him today and he said he looked at the turkey leg and that it didn’t appear to be appetizing.

I told him that I did some reading and that the general rule is that after November 29th you are risking food poisoning or a biological catastrophe if you do not get rid of leftovers.Thanksgiving Leftover Roundup! |

I talked to Ron and said – I guess the increased prices for food do not necessarily mean quality. I can remember when we were kids we were having turkey sandwiches for days after Thanksgiving.

Now they say that you should throw it out after 3 days — or at least move it to the freezer.

However, as I was doing my reading and surfing online came upon an academic abstract that I wanted to share with you about the plan to ensure that food will become part of the surveillance state.

The head of the UN World Food Program repeatedly warned us that we would soon be facing “famines of biblical proportions”, and his predictions are now starting to become a reality. We have already seen food riots in some parts of Africa, and it isn’t too much of a surprise that certain portions of Asia are really hurting right now. But I have to admit that I was kind of shocked when I came across an article about the “hunger crisis” that has erupted in Latin America. According to Bloomberg, “a resurgence of poverty is bringing a vicious wave of hunger in a region that was supposed to have mostly eradicated that kind of malnutrition decades ago”.African officials praise Egypt's efforts in World Food Program: Amb. - EgyptToday


We are being told that food shortages are becoming acute from Mexico City all the way down to the southern tip of South America, and those that are the poorest are being hit the hardest.

Think about how some of us fortunate souls had a Thanksgiving meal but we paid a lot for it. Others were not so lucky.

So the question is with all of the poverty and the promise of the reset to divide up resources equally, what would you do if you didn’t have any food to feed your family?

Many of us can’t even imagine being in a situation where food becomes scarce but if you have been shopping lately you have notices that shelves are becoming empty, and products have been held up by food chain shortages.

Sadly, this is going to be happening to even more families soon, because the UN World Food Program is projecting that the number of people facing “severe food insecurity” in Latin American and Caribbean nations will rise by a whopping 270 percent in the months ahead.Hunger Map 2021 - Chronic Hunger - World | ReliefWeb

Thankfully, for the moment the United States is in far better shape. But there have been serious shortages of certain items throughout this pandemic, and many grocery stores have had a very difficult time trying to keep their shelves full.

We have entered a time when global food supplies are going to become increasingly stressed, and it is going to be absolutely critical to keep U.S. food production at the highest levels possible.

The problems that we are facing are becoming a matter or food security. It is not just how we get goods to the people but what they do with the food they buy, how much is wasted and how it is a resource that can be controlled by the power elite.

For now, most Americans still have plenty of food, and we should be very thankful for that.

But everyone should be able to see that global conditions are rapidly changing and again the 40 unelected controllers of the world see it as window of opportunity to use methods of what are called Directed and Experimental Evolutionary soft robotics. A method to track exactly where foods are going, who’s consuming them, who is wasting them, and how to enforce things like rationing and creating foods that have nothing to do with nature.

This famine, in case you haven’t guessed already is by design and secretly the UN is involved with constructing famine policies that include a new and vigorous focus on non nature, foods that can easily be synthesized in a lab.

Three years ago, the United Nations put out a little-known report stating that soon food would be sold for 1/1000th of a calorie and if Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) had their way it would be sold by the molecule.

The report entitled “The State of Food Security Around the World: Safeguarding against economic slowdowns and downturns” says the following in its first paragraphs:

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development puts forward a transformational vision recognizing that our world is changing, bringing with it new challenges that must be overcome if we are to live in a world without hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition in any of its forms. The world population has grown steadily, with most people now living in urban areas. Technology has evolved at a dizzying pace, while the economy has become increasingly interconnected and globalized.

Many countries, however, have not witnessed sustained growth as part of this new economy.

The world economy as a whole is not growing as much as expected. Conflict and instability have increased and become more intractable, spurring greater population displacement.

Climate change and increasing climate variability and extremes are affecting agricultural productivity, food production and natural resources, with impacts on food systems and rural livelihoods, including a decline in the number of farmers. All of this has led to major shifts in the way in which food is produced, distributed and consumed worldwide – and to new food security.”The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) 2019. Safeguarding against economic slowdowns and downturns | Developing capacity for strengthening food security and nutrition | 联合国粮食及 农业组织


The question is how to maintain control of foodstuffs and how take care of the problems of food security and nutrition.

The answer is not too surprising but sounds a bit like science fiction.

One goal of the UN Sustainable Goals is to transform the entire food supply so that nothing is taken from nature. All consumables must be created in a laboratory, then recycled using the Cradle-to-Cradle scheme.

In 2020, we all noticed that COVID19 was interrupting the food supply chain. Crops and vegetables are a significant source of food, materials, and medicine. People were being told that biotechnological solutions were necessary for achieving food security.

This year, the World Economic Forum announced that the entire commercial food supply would be genetically edited, bringing it into compliance with UN standards.

Ironically, the world is turning to genetically engineered crops to combat engineered supply chain shortages stemming from a biotech virus unleashed upon the people of the world.

To generate genetically engineered plants, the gene-of-interest edits must be efficiently delivered into the body cavity of cells or target their cellular organs – with minimal biological perturbations.

This is why we are being told to get these vaccines — according to one theory, because our cells need to be programmed s for the onslaught of foods that will be synthesized and monitored by the World Government.

So not only do you need the Jab for COVID-19 — but you will also be needing jabs that will alter your DNA and genotype so that you can tolerate these synthesized foods.

Which adds more fuel to the argument that we are seeing the Mark of the beast being implemented via the vaccine.

Remember what Revelation 13:6 says:

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Not only has the vaccine been used as a weapon of coercion and that some people will not do business with you if you do not get it — but you will also eventually have to get it or you will not be able to eat.

So the idea of these new DNA altering vaccines are more and more looking like the Mark of the Beast.

According to the UN report one of the most commonly used tools for gene delivery in plants is Agrobacterium, a Gram-negative bacterium that can transfect both plant cells without cell walls and tissues such as leaves.Workflow of the pollen magnetofection procedure optimized ...

The integration of DNA cargo requires repeated and tedious plant transformation known as Directed Evolution. This process may randomly integrate with DNA, and thereby disrupt internal gene expressions. Most notably, Agrobacterium has also been reported to cause  plant tissue necrosis — death.

The other popular technique used is biolistic particle delivery or gene gun. This method utilizes high energy to deliver biomolecule-coated gold particles directly into plant cells through physical disruption of the plant cell wall and membrane. As you might expect, this particle-bombardment severely injures the plant or can stifle the payload significantly the process of Directed Evolution.

You probably are aware of viral vectors as a platform system used in various vaccines.

Geneware technology uses a mosaic virus-based delivery system. Viral vectors are unable to deliver proteins directly, which makes them incompatible with popular gene editing techniques like CRISPR. It is claimed that viral vectors are subject to strict regulations due to their pathogenic origins and capabilities to integrate a portion of their genetic elements into the plant host genome.

In the new world of Transhuman technocracy– biotechnology supersedes law or regulation.

One emerging tool in the biotech toolkit is the use of magnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles bonded with DNA. This method is challenging to adapt to plant engineering. Scientists can overcome barriers using Luiciferase which will fluorescently-label and bar-code magnetic nanoparticles as carriers to deliver genes through these cell-wall-free apertures.

Magnetic fields are then applied to provide directional forces to transport the nanoparticle gene carriers into pollens. Using several types of imaging devices, scientists can track the florescence and energy until they make it to their final destination.

This is Darwinian Directed Evolution mutagenesis — creating a sort of Robocrop that will monitor its effects on human cells. Not only are vaccines being used on the lab rats but food sources that are technologically tampered with genetically will interact with our cells and genes.

Scientists are really excited about magnetofection because it allows for them to avoid using time-consuming tissue culture based on regenerable tissues. They wish to do this without any concern about how it will affect the world gene pool.

Research is demonstrating that aside from the use of magnetic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes are also an increasingly popular nano-tool for plant transfection. Carbon nanotubes rely on passive delivery as a plant transformation tool.

Research teams physically adsorb and electrostatically graft DNA encoding using green fluorescent protein onto single-walled carbon nanotubes and showed that their technique can effectively deliver DNA into the leaves of a variety of plant species including wheat, cotton, and arugula for transient gene expressions.

These techniques have been effective on things like sorghum and corn products.

The impact of using nanoparticles for plant genetic engineering is that delivery of DNA and RNA can be accomplished without pathogens ballistic force that disrupts the plant tissue. siRNA is considered to be a green alternative to the use of chemical pesticides, or the delivery of mRNA for DNA-free genetic manipulation of plants.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly emerging field in agriculture and food science. The usage of nanoscale materials in sensing and detection applications is growing quickly, providing alternative methods to conventional techniques for detecting chemical and biological contaminants in foods, beverages, and other products.

Imagine having your Thanksgiving leftovers signaling you that they need to be consumed before an expiration date and in some cases you could face a fine for food waste.

It adds credence to that old axiom your parents used to say “Eat all the food on your plate because some kid in Africa is going without.”

This is one way to force people into becoming food aware — especially when it is food that has been modified with agrisoftware.

Forget hoarding food for food storage in the future — forget growing your own gardens, these too will be eliminated as the food redistribution will be monitored closely.

There are some problems with these methods of course.

It has been shown that nanoparticles like carbon nanotubes can adversely inhibiting the growth of tomato and lettuce with some cell toxicity after nanoparticle transfection.

Finally, most of the nanotechnology techniques for plant transfection offers transient gene expression. Long-term reproducible “phenotypes” [mutations] are necessary for bringing transfected crops to the commercial market.

Plant genetic engineering will become increasingly important because of growing population and increased demand for food, medicine, and materials. High-tech collaborators aim to energize the plant transformation toolkit using nanotechnology to generate positive societal impact.

According to the consortium of capitalists and their organizations such as the World Economic Forum, World Bank and even the UN we have a technocratic revolution led by AI, robotics and nanotechnology to look forward to.

I am sure many people thought they could escape it by living off the grid – and perhaps some will live under the radar, but full spectrum control is their goal.

You will either starve to death or eventually get their gene altering poisons into your system so that the body will accept the synthesized foods they are creating.

From that majority position it looks like a very gray dystopian future. And maybe that’s what they want the people who are wise to the Covid deception to be thinking as the worst case scenario. Because there’s something far more sinister embedded within the Great Reset. And that is depopulation.

And by depopulation, I mean on a grand scale; perhaps taking the planet’s roster of humans down to around a billion or maybe even 500 million as the Georgia Guidestones tell us.

Are they planning on using their mandatory vaccines they’ve hyped so relentlessly to vaccinate virtually the entire world’s population? And will the vaccine be programmed to make it impossible for you to eat natural foods– and to avoid animal protein?

Of course, they wouldn’t include their own billionaire class. They, along with the Royals, seem to be able to live long lives. And they would need a cohort of people to serve them, both in high level positions and low. Below them (in economic class) are their political operatives, presidents on down, professionals, scientists, and the few specialized workers they still need.

And of course vaccines that could alter our appetites, is not out of the question.

Just imagine how neat that is for their plans. While they have the majority of people terrified, they vaccinate them. Then, as easily as they ramped up their fear of variants , they wind it down. People, the great mass anyway, are kept perpetually on the edge of their seat waiting for bizarre policy shifts always in the interest of food security.

Can you even fathom the weaponization of food that they have created in labs — and a sure fire way for you to eat strange foods because they have altered your DNA to do so?

You will either eat their Robocrops or starve– is that a choice?

It all fits once you can get your mind around the immense evil of it. They have never had much use for us. There are too many of us — and so this is another one of their convenient plans to destroy the non-believers.

However I have a sneaking feeling that the Great Reset gang missed something somewhere that is going to backfire on them. I honestly have no idea except that when they destroy what it means to be human in the way that we are and they aren’t, they will have destroyed their own humanity and the result will be a painful implosion of their own selfhood. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking. And if they get that far there won’t be anything left of us either.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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