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Clyde Lewis | November 23, 2021


One of the things I liked about Thanksgiving were the stories that were told at the dinner table. Stories about my relatives and what they did when they were younger. There were also moments where we would talk about current events and back in the early 70’s we would read letters from my Uncle Karl who served in Vietnam.

Stories bring us together. We can talk about them and bond over them. They are shared knowledge, shared legend, and shared history; often, they shape our shared future. Stories are so natural that we don’t notice how much they permeate our lives. And stories are on our side: they are meant to delight us, not deceive us.

Now, we are at a time where stories about current events upset us, divide us, and make us less loving towards one another as we see that the media and social media have weaponized the story telling experience.

Narratives are what shape our attitudes about things –and when they are weaponized we feel reticent about sharing how we feel because of retribution.

The new narratives that are being spun are now part of the open conspiracy – the media is lying to us constantly because they know they can – and people feed off of the media’s deception if it satisfies their cognitive bias.

What has happened to us? Where has our humanity gone? How can a family justify not inviting their unvaccinated uncle to dinner and exclude other family members who have viewpoints that some people find disagreeable?Protect Unvaccinated Kids During the Holiday Season | Hartford HealthCare |  CT

Family arguments are a staple at Thanksgiving but in the past the dysfunction was acknowledged but the love as awkward as it can be, is shown and expressed every year.

But not now – it is becoming less of a joy at the holiday gathering, and we are still in that phase of social distancing and all of the other entrapments that we were told would be eliminated with the miraculous vaccine.

It is becoming difficult to become excited about a Thanksgiving weekend because I am watching the world reveal its open conspiracy in a way that most people would fight against kicking and screaming.

It appears that COVID-19 and every crisis that we are dealing with has bred a bit of ennui.

We are also seeing a number of people who would rather hold on to the views of their party affiliations rather than look at what is happening in context and succumbing to the propaganda machine.

Even when the truth stares them in the face they certainly remain in denial about what is happening and it appears that the passing of the political football is an effective way of clouding the information that is vital and important for our future.

There seems to be a network of dominoes that are falling on cue and we can literally see this well planned conspiracy as it is being constructed on a tried and true blue print. I have been frustrated seeing people posting in social networks already choosing sides politically when they should understand that looking at this issue from a right or left angle is truly misleading. Watching it all being carried out from a position that is above all of the political left right paradigm will paint a picture that is clear and chilling.

Soon enough, we will be seeing political opportunists declaring a crisis of confidence directed at the current administration– you can all it a winter siege for lack of a better terminology.

There will be a fight for the throne of some of the key positions in the world, so that centralized control can be optimized for the reset and the world order.

Our government has failed us and it is now under the control of operators that have been global strategists who want to bring on the Eschaton in order to secure resources from the planet.

It is a game of chess and the moves they are making will most definitely see the death of the various kingdoms and governments for the cause of world empire.

The mere form of government cannot safeguard a nation from falling into the depths of corruption. You can elect any Tom, Dick, or Harry into the presidency, and they still would not be able to protect the nation from swinging towards despotism and it is becoming evident that the people of the United States of America are witnessing that partisanship cannot be the determining factor in “values” and the substantive process of running a government.

If you thumb through the pages of history, you will see that Germany under President Hindenburg was a Republic. Yet within the Republic an economic meltdown occurred and a despot named Adolf Hitler was able to flourish in this Democratic Republic.Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Of course, using Hitler as an example sometimes becomes a turn off because no one who is partisan to one party or another in the United States wants to hear that their leader or candidate espouses any philosophies that Hitler had.

It is becoming an exercise in futility because every side has chosen its scapegoat for all of the problems of the world and that scapegoat is their own version of Fascist or Nazi.

History has fooled us into believing that the Germans were all gullible and that we would be smarter and would know and point out a monster immediately when we see him.

But we are not cognizant of the subtlety and banality of evil –we are not aware of how oppression is the modus operandi of tyrants and coercion is used in order to force people to do things against their will.

People believe that the United States is too great of a nation to fail. It is erroneously believed that there are too many safeguards to prevent a Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini to rise up on American soil. We have blind faith that this country will never be steered in the wrong direction because we mistakenly believe that this system, that we are all a part of is based on the principles of God and God is on our side. not on the side of heathen, the Muslim or Communist.

There is a frightening emotional investment that we put into things here in this country. I say that it is frightening because Nationalism never is a substitute for common sense. We have been victimized to the point of losing our ability to discern morality. We seek the quick fix . We also seek out saviors, messianic superman to create a Monarchy that can deliver us into the hands of God.

But God is not here right now — he has been replaced by the technocracy.

it can be argued that we have crossed the Rubicon.

We are now in the final phase of its transformation of society into a pathologized-totalitarian dystopia, where mandatory genetic-therapy injections and digital compliance papers are commonplace, is now officially underway.

I don’t really know if people really stop and let that bounce around in their brain that we have become what at one time we saw as tyranny.

Governments requiring papers that declare your purity. This is literally what is happening, and people are okay with it.

Other examples of this tyranny are beyond that of purity papers.

We are now seeing the revocation of basic rights and freedoms, centralization of power, rule by decree, oppressive policing of the population, demonization and persecution of a “scapegoat” underclass, censorship, propaganda– and the list goes on.

The media continues to enshrine race fetishism which is another form of racism — placing one race above another and creating race arguments that cloud the real racial injustices.

The subhumans are now the unvaccinated. As I have said before they are what Nazis called Untermensch a term that would be used to point out those who were not pure Aryan or German born.

Some people want to discredit the comparison — but your allegiance to the globalist control is shown when you wear the medical-looking masks. Carry your purity papers in the form of “vaccination passes.” Irrefutably senseless social restrictions and mandatory public-obedience rituals become “lockdowns,” “social distancing,” and so on.

The narrative is what is most powerful — and the propagandists know this — and those who are learned know it too.

This pathologized official narrative is more powerful (and insidious) than any ideology, as it functions, not as a belief system or ethos, but rather, as objective “reality.” You cannot argue with or oppose “reality.” “Reality” has no political opponents.

Those who challenge “reality” are “insane,” “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-vaxxers,” “Covid deniers,” “extremists,” And, thus, the pathologized New Normal narrative also pathologizes its political opponents, simultaneously stripping us of political legitimacy and projecting its own violence onto us.

On November 19, 2021, the government of Austria decreed that, as of February, experimental mRNA injections will be mandatory for the entire population. This decree comes in the midst of Austria’s official persecution of “the unvaccinated,” political dissidents and other persons of conscience who refuse to convert to the new official ideology and submit to a series of mRNA injections.Austria plans to approve lockdown for the unvaccinated on Sunday | Arab News

In the United States that on again off again mandates for vaccines in order to work, or enter into public spaces is now making people angry — militantly angry.

Especially when observers and even the media begin to vilify the millions of regular working-class people, people with principles, who value freedom, who are not prepared to go gently into the globalized, pathologized-totalitarian night.

We understand exactly what this is. It is a nascent form of totalitarianism, and I would hope that we intend to kill it — or at least critically wound it — before it matures into a full-grown leviathan.

I want to make clear that this is not a challenge to be violent — but as you can see violence is already happening — and people are no longer safe because leaders have decided that their mission is to watch their cities burn so that they can build back better.,

We are seeing in the streets the violence that is blessed and sanctified by tyrants who know that terror and violence gives them a reason to impose totalitarian power of the masses. Totalitarianism even this “pathologized” version of it is imposed on society and maintained with violence. Fighting totalitarianism inevitably entails violence..

It is is unavoidable now that we have reached this stage, and it is important that those of fighting this fight recognize that violence is a natural response to the violence and the implicit threat of violence that is being deployed against us by the New Normal authorities, and the masses they have whipped up into a fanatical frenzy.

It is becoming harder to trust people — it is like the movie Invasion of the body snatchers where you do not know who has been possessed by the alien spore– that is until they show that they have lost their humanity and the ability to think outside the confines of the 4 A.M. Talking points.

It was reported that in Dubai, World Economic Forum leader, Klaus Schwab, held a meeting with the sole purpose of creating the new narrative for his Great Reset.

Speaking at the Great Narrative Meeting in the United Arab Emirates, Schwab announced his intent to develop a great narrative that public and private entities will use to shape the future of humanity.WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Calls for a 'Great Narrative' for Humankind

“We are here to develop the great narrative, a story for the future,” said Schwab. “In order to shape the future, you have first to imagine the future, you have to design the future, and then you have to execute it,” he added.

According to Schwab, there are three obstacles in the globalists’ way of shaping humanity’s future:

People have become much more self-centered, and to a certain extent, egoistic. In such a situation it is much more difficult to create a compromise because shaping the future, designing the future usually needs a common will of the people.

We all have become so much crisis-focused with the pandemic.

The world has become so complex. Simple solutions to complex problems do not suffice anymore.

On the complexity of the world, Schwab added, “You have today, not anymore separation between social, political, technological, ecological — it’s all interwoven.

“It’s very difficult in such a situation to really bring everybody together and to imagine and to design the future.”

With respect to the first obstacle Schwab mentions, the WEF’s great reset itself is a polarizing agenda that, if anything, has brought the common will of the people against it — not for it — people don’t like being told they’ll own nothing and they’ll be happy.

Brazil’s minister of foreign affairs says “no” to the World Economic Forum’s proposed “great reset” agenda, telling the United Nations special session on COVID-19 that “totalitarian social control is not the remedy for any crisis.” “Those who dislike freedom always try to benefit from moments of crisis to preach the curtailing of freedom.

The Great Narrative is a continuation of the Great Reset — a story that attempts to legitimize a technocratic makeover of society and the global economy while claiming to work for “the benefit of mankind” with the help of technologies emerging from the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The idea of a great narrative is something that the French philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard called a “grand narrative,” or the meta-narrative“ which “functions to legitimize power, authority, and social customs” — everything that the great reset is trying to achieve.

Authoritarians use great narratives to legitimize their own power, and they do this by claiming to have knowledge and understanding that speaks to a universal truth.

At the same time, authoritarians use these grand narratives in an “attempt to translate alternative accounts into their own language and to suppress all objections to what they themselves are saying.”

According to the WEF, “The Great Narrative Meeting is a linchpin of the Great Narrative initiative, a collaborative effort of the world’s leading thinkers to fashion longer-term perspectives and co-create a narrative that can help guide the creation of a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable vision for our collective future.”

Once the great reset has its great narrative, anything that goes against the narrative can be tossed aside as conspiracy, misinformation, or extremism that must be censored and suppressed for the greater, collective good.

So in order to be clear, an unelected body of global bureaucrats based in Davos, Switzerland has asked the world to trust its vision of a technocratic “Great Reset.”

40 unelected globalists wish to shape mankind into a global superstate and they are using the charisma of leaders like Prince Charles to lead the charge and it looks like he will be taking the throne soon and will be King of England.Prince Charles in Davos: We need a new economic model or the planet will  burn - CNN

The panel of these globalists came to some interesting conclusions:

Leaders who put their own countries’ interests first are self-centered and don’t help the elites’ plans

People generally don’t trust the elites, so building trust is a major challenge for the globalist elites

Leaders should focus on long-term problems, not short-term solutions

Governments should partner more with other governments

Governments should partner more with businesses

A great reset is needed for the entire global economic system

More investment is needed in human capital, social capital, and ecological capital.

The thing that is most interesting is the hubris that is being shown at these gatherings.

People will hardly know that they are being groomed for these changes because the narrative change requires the simulation of “democracy,” or at least a simulation of market-based “freedom.” A society can be intensely authoritarian, but, to function in the global-capitalist system, it must allow its people the basic “freedom” that capitalism offers to all consumers, the right/obligation to participate in the market, to own and exchange commodities.

That is until they decide to tale it away from those who defy their mandates and their requirements.

Those who comply will be identified by their purity papers, their vaccination status and genotype.

Which means “freedom” can be conditional or extremely restricted, but it must exist to some degree.

They are serious about remaking society into a smiley-happy pathologized-totalitarian dystopia where they can mandate experimental genetic “therapies,” and any other type of “therapies” they want, and force us to show our “compliance papers” to go about the most basic aspects of life.

This remaking of society will end up in violence. It will be carried out by force, with violence and the ever-present threat of violence.

We need to face that, and act accordingly.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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