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Clyde Lewis | November 2, 2021


Last night when I came home, I clicked on the tube to unwind. For some odd reason the TV was on BBC America. I figured that the cats were somehow responsible or that Janine was watching it because she used to live in the UK.

At the time they were airing the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt film, Edge of Tomorrow. I had seen it before many times. Liam heard me come in and came downstairs. He asked why I was watching this and I said it was just on and I was just vegging out.

There was a commercial break and they were promoting Dr. Who, the Walking Dead and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I started to think that the line up was pretty damn interesting– more so than what we see here in the United States.

After seeing the promotional ad I thought why don’t I look up some old Next Gen episodes, grab a snack and watch some Star Trek.

I just randomly watched an on demand episode.

The Trek episode was called, We’ll Always Have Paris, which is one of those Holodeck episodes. I once had a discussion with Brandon Braga and Lolita Fatjo two of the producers of Star Trek TNG at a mini–Star Trek VIP Breakfast and they told me that whenever they were stumped for an episode the Holodeck came in handy because with virtual reality the crew could go to places past present and future and it was probably the first time Sci Fi geeks were introduced to what is called the Metaverse.Time Trek – Star Trek: The Next Generation – "We'll Always Have Paris" |  The Time Travel Nexus

Captain Picard gets a message involving a former love interest. It was from a woman he abandoned in Paris 22 years earlier. He goes to the Holodeck and gives precise instructions for the time and place. He then walks into an exact simulation of Paris from 22 years previously and even meets his former love.

And there is the ultimate cyber power fantasy: a computer with so much information that it can generate an exact simulacrum of any point in the past even down to the people present.

That episode aired 33 years ago. It wasn’t one of the series best episodes.

However, I thought it was timely especially when Mark Zuckerberg is talking about expanding his company into creating a metaverse for his own.

Technology companies and executives have started to increasingly discuss building a “metaverse” as a successor technology to smartphones and the mobile internet. Generally, technologists consider a metaverse a virtual world where large numbers of people can gather to play, work and socialize.

The metaverse is closely related to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies currently being developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in addition to Facebook.

Roblox, a game targeted at children whose parent company is valued at over $44 billion, is often considered an example of a metaverse.Roblox Studio

Metaverse and virtual worlds are not exactly time travel a simulated virtual form of it. They can simulate superposition in virtual form.

Superposition is the idea that you can be in two places at once.

The military is already using metaverse technology along with Artificial intelligence to create human avatars for battle simulations.

US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) recently conducted a series of tests known as the Global Information Dominance Experiments, or GIDE, which combined global sensor networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, and cloud computing resources in an attempt to “achieve information dominance” and “decision-making superiority.” According to NORTHCOM leadership, the AI and machine learning tools tested in the experiments could someday offer the Pentagon a robust “ability to see days in advance,” meaning it could predict the future with some reliability based on evaluating patterns, anomalies, and trends in massive data sets.

The military has found a way to use the metaverse to predict the future and with the right algorithm they can probably shape it too. Using Avatar programming with both organic and artificial intelligence is just another way to but a ghost or spirit into a machine.

While the concept sounds like something out of Minority Report, the commander of NORTHCOM says this capability is already enabled by tools readily available to the Pentagon.

Avatar programming, is again, another way to put the genie in the bottle and have it do the bidding of its controller.

Although science has made progress in and of the last century, there are numerous ethical issues that need to be addressed by the scientific community. One such issue is that of the creation of artificial life. For some, this is the logical progression of scientific knowledge; for others, this is a realm that should not be interfered with by human beings. Concepts relating to the creation of artificial life such as genetic engineering and human cloning are relatively modern scientific ideas.

However, digging through history especially in the times where magicians were sought after by monarchs and popes artificial life may have had its start in times more primitive than we think.

According to ancient Jewish creationist myth, the Elohim ( plural noun for “gods” or “deities” ) created primordial matter, which comes in four forms: fire, wind, water and earth. Therefore, there are four states of matter below the sky, one above the next, each one encompassing the one below it on all sides, like a sphere. Fire is the outermost, followed by wind, water, and then earth. There is no empty void without matter between these forms.Alchemical Symbols and Symbolism: An Exploration. Timothy O. Deschaines,  Ph.D. - PDF Free Download

These four forms of matter – fire, wind, water and earth – are the basic elements of all terrestrial creations. Everything that exists – including man, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, plants, metal, precious gems, pearls, rocks, mountains, dirt, etc. – all of these are a combination of the four basic elements. Accordingly, everything that can be found under the sky, except for these four things, are a combination of matter and spiritual properties; the matter is a combination of these four basic elements. These basic elements are made up of primordial matter and spiritual properties.

It took two billion years for simple, single-celled life to spawn our primordial lineage – two billion years after that mankind developed a curiosity about who created us. During a time of great war there were many occult practitioners that wanted to summon the “primordial” creators . They all were in agreement that there had to be various elements and ritual involved in order to accomplish this. On many occasions there were master magicians conducting channeling, conjuring and contacting what were called the “secret chiefs.”

In the past, however, it was in the field of alchemy that Medieval scientists sought to artificially create life. One of the beings that alchemists were purportedly able to create was the Homunculus, meaning ‘little man’ in Latin.

Between the years 1582 and 1589 the English scholar John Dee conducted a series of ritual communications with a set of disincarnate entities that eventually came to be known as the Enochian angels. It was Dee’s plan to use the complex system of magic communicated by the angels to advance the expansionist policies of his sovereign, Queen Elizabeth I.File:John Dee and Edward Keeley.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

With the aid of fellow occult researcher Edward Kelley he planned to open a portal to the other side by using the lower keys of Enoch, a magical Alphabet that was sung. They were literally calling upon the spirits of the dead to do espionage for the queen according to history they were quite successful.

The invocations and the summoning of Archons were all part of something called “The Apocalypse working.” The concept was to summon various angels and later demons of the underworld to open a Stargate or stairway to the heavens.

It was actually one the first attempts at opening a portal to another dimension and summoning spirits. It was literally a ritual to open up the secrets of the universe and converse with Gods.

The spirits would be brought down form what is known in Hebrew as the Guf. The spirits would then be cast into bodies– these bodies were created through alchemist experimentation.

These were like the Homunculus or Golem — they were called, the Kindred.

Early in the twentieth century, magician Aleister Crowley wrote a novel that deals with the production of a kind of Homunculus he terms a Moonchild, the name under which the novel was eventually published.MOONCHILD: A PROLOGUE | Aleister Crowley, Edward Alexander Crowley | First  edition

The purpose of the Homunculus was to be a servant of man and over time scientists and magicians have wanted to bring into the world a perfect servant whether it be natural, supernatural or unnatural.

To the Kabbalists, the Homunculus was called the Golem, or a man made of clay. They compared the creation to breaking of a huge bottle where the flow of life began and man came into the world as a little version of himself, bald and sylph-like.The Return of the Robots and the Golem of PragueAlchemists compare the Homunculus or Golem to the original man of creation. According to some theorists Adam was a being that was created from the mud of the Earth or red clay.

Some say that humans were created elsewhere – that they were placed on Earth by intelligent design.

The Hebrew name for man is pronounced, “aw-dawm.” The name Adam came from that and is also related to the Hebrew, “o aw-dawm-ah,” which means man of red clay or red earth.

Man was a special form of Golem that was given breath by God — the breath God gave to the Golem was his soul.

However, there is the story of the artificial Golem made of clay that the 16th century Rabbis used for protection.

The artificial man or the Golem was activated by an incantation and the word emet was written on his forehead to activate him.

The most famous Golem narrative involves Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the late 16th century chief rabbi of Prague, also known as the Maharal, who reportedly created a Golem to defend the Prague ghetto from anti-Semitic attacks.

Magical Golems were monsters that were created for protection. Golems are not intelligent, and if commanded to perform a task, they will perform the instructions literally.

In many depictions, Golems are inherently perfectly obedient. In its earliest known modern form, one story has Rabbi Eliyahu of Chełm creating a Golem that became enormous and uncooperative. In one version of this story, the Rabbi had to resort to trickery to deactivate it, whereupon it crumbled upon its creator and crushed him.

In order to deactivate the Golem one letter was removed from the word to create the word, Met.

Met is Hebrew for “death.”

It is a bit of Irony that Mark Zuckerberg has changed the name of his Facebook parent company to Meta.

Hebrew speakers may have been laughing at Zuckerberg’s pronouncement, that Meta was chosen to better reflect “who they are and what Zuckerberg hopes to build.” The metaverse he’s building, may be a subtle opposite dig at Donald Trump’s new Socila media Platform called Truth.

The Hebrew words “Emet” (Truth) and “Met” (Death) both playing a big role in the golem story.

It is ironic if not eerily synchronistic– Truth and Death — the Emet and Met, words on the forehead of the Golem.

One can find parallels between mythology and modern science everywhere, and I was thinking about the Golem and its relevance to what is happening now with the arrival of artificial intelligence, 5G, quantum computing and the ability to use all of these innovations for not only animating a synthetic anthropogenic form but using it for ways of controlling the oldest form of Golem and that is you and me.

The word Meta just adds more fuel to the fire as Transhumanism and technocratic controls are clearly culling our humanity. It would be funny if it wasn’t all so morbid, seeming to portend the flailing end of a tech empire hoping to distract from intense public scrutiny prompted by a litany of attacks and various scandals reported by whistleblowers and enemies of Facebook.Christianity, the first opponent of transhumanism

Is Meta’s naming announcement a trigger word for what is to come — does this word choice indicate that the original Golem — mankind has to face death in order to jump into the proposed metaverse?

Not a physical death per se but a spiritual one –as we get lost in a crude transhuman simulacrum.

The dream of a world of total connection has resulted in unprecedented alienation.

The dream of a world of instantly accessible knowledge has drifted into adversarial attacks, censorship, cancel culture — a while list of demons that are now being exposed.

It is both enlightening and suspicious.

Facebook is already being touted as a society killer — what is next for the future is it Truth or Death? It certainly is a new attempt at control — a mechanism that will purge everything in order build a better Golem.

To purge those who have differing viewpoints and to connect the Golem into becoming good servants of the state and the new universe that artificially simulated the new normal — the new America.

A new official “reality” is being manufactured, right before our eyes. Anything and anyone that doesn’t conform to it is being purged, unpersoned, memory-holed, erased.

None of which should come as a surprise.

Every nascent totalitarian system, at some stage of its takeover of society, launches a purge of political opponents, ideological dissidents, and other “anti-social deviants.” Such purges can be brief or open-ended, and they can take any number of outward forms, depending on the type of totalitarian system, but you cannot have totalitarianism without them.

The essence of totalitarianism — regardless of which ideology it chooses is a desire to completely control society, every aspect of society, every individual behavior and thought.

Every totalitarian system, whether an entire nation, a tiny cult, or any other form of social body, evolves toward this unachievable goal … the total ideological transformation and control of every single element of society . This fanatical pursuit of total control, absolute ideological uniformity, and the elimination of all dissent, is what makes totalitarianism work.

Thus, each new totalitarian system, at some point in its evolution, needs to launch a purge of those who refuse to conform to its official ideology. It needs to do this for two basic reasons: to segregate or otherwise eliminate actual political opponents and dissidents who pose a threat to the new regime; and and more importantly, to establish the ideological territory within which the masses must now confine themselves in order to avoid being segregated or eliminated.

The purge must be conducted openly, brutally, so that the masses understand that the rules of society have changed, forever, that their former rights and freedoms are gone, and that from now on any type of resistance or deviation from official ideology will not be tolerated and will be ruthlessly punished.

The masses are now choosing a scapegoat– Facebook played the game but they did not play it well enough and now they are Meta– if you want to say they are dead, then the Golem is also about to die if it is not dead already.

In the future, there will be no need to read or write because there will be a virtual metaverse that will do everything for you.

From simple math problems to self-help and relationships a virtual world will be the place where our children can live without consequences.

It will be the only freedom they will be allowed to have, and it will all be a state of mind and never a physical construct — but a mental one as all consciousness will all be whittled down to ones and zeroes. You will own nothing, and you will love it – the promise of the great reset.

At its most dire, the metaverse is where the thinly veiled dark side of every person is left free to roam and wreak havoc. I mean how much responsibility does a avatar or a Golem have?

Your skin, will be whatever you want – you soul in the new Homunculus of your creation or darker still the creation of the state.

There are no limits to the hyper-real world of augmented reality. There is no limit to what the state can do to a Golem –even cull it, if they choose.

We will all lose our humanity in the virtual simulation they are proposing.

Game over.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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