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Clyde Lewis | November 18, 2021


I don’t know if I have brought up the fact that the studio we use now to produce the show is adjacent to a very successful Spanish speaking radio station and a gospel station. The gospel station is usually piped through the studios, and I get to hear all the preachers telling their audience about God’s judgement.

I would say it tends to rub off on to me because I have said many times I was raised as a dispensationalist Christian. I think many of us have. When I was young, I went to church and bible study was very important. Every 6 months there would be a focus on the Old Testament— or the New Testament and, of course, the teachings of Paul the apostle and John’s vision of the Apocalypse.How Should We Understand the Book of Revelation? - Bible Gateway Blog

I would listen to all of the scary scriptures that were warnings of the signs that were supposed to herald the second coming of Christ.

It was hard to imagine that these events would take place, and I always was skeptical of the artists renderings of what was to come as it was shown to be another medieval interpretation.

This is probably why most people are not thinking that we are heading towards an end — because they have been raised of the speculations of Hal Lindsey or Tim Lahey.

Of course, all people from all different walks for life, from the very rich countries to the poor and primitive peoples react in much the same way our ancestors do – the fear of the judgment of God.

Well, the idea that God’s judgment is at hand is what many preachers have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years, the so-called secular leaders are fully aware that the body politic is about to get a blow to the head by a cosmic baseball bat.

Politicians are talking about the end times as well — but it is being couched into Climate Alarm and how they will miraculously save the planet form the doom of global warming — if we don’t convert to the Climate cause — we die.

It was the same with COVID-19 — if we don’t follow the instructions , heed the mandates and vaccinate, we all die as we drown in our own mucus. and what is most terrible is that many human beings are very clear as to how they wish horrible things on people who don’t follow the piper.

But the times yet again are changing and as we look at the stars we see that there are plans of transition and change in the works.

When heavenly events take place, there is an up-swell of apocalyptic wonder.

In March of 2022, there will be an event in heaven where two stars will converge creating a bright light in the sky — far brighter than Polaris. It is predicted that the start collision could produce a red Nova — and would appear to have red gasses emanating from it.

They are calling it the Messiah star, comparing it to the star of Bethlehem. Others see it as a sign that a false messiah is organizing his priest class and will establish a one world government and a world religion.

A large asteroid approximately 330 meters long is heading for Earth in early December, according to NASA’s asteroid tracker.

Dubbed 4660 Nereus, or 1982 DB, this vaguely egg-shaped asteroid has a size making it taller than the Eiffel Tower and nearly twice as tall as the Washington Monument. It is set to pass by the planet on December 11 at a distance of approximately 3.9 million kilometers and at a speed of 6.578 km/s.

For comparison, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is far less than that – around 385,000 km. As such, despite being classified as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid.

But NASA says it won’t hit the earth — but again, NASA has not been too open about those rocks that somehow hide behind the sun and come into our atmosphere and explode.

Recently, a very large “earthgrazer” was seen over Europe and eventually disintegrated over France.

A large comet, named Bernardinelli-Bernstein, was discovered earlier this year. It will take ten years to reach its closest approach to the sun, affording astronomers plenty of time to study this cosmic giant.Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein: One of the biggest comets EVER seen is coming our way - CBBC Newsround

There was a lot of excitement about this find — because it is the size of Manhattan.

Oh, and there is that Lunar eclipse that is going to happen early Friday morning. This one is going to last 3 hours –which makes it the perfect omen to nations to wake up, there is trouble ahead for the leadership of the world.

Well at least this is what the astronomers say –and the pagan and witch community say that it is a great time for a little of that old time magic and witchery to be had.

The total duration of this partial eclipse will be 3 hours 28 minutes and 24 seconds. Such a long duration will make this the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century as one of its length did not happen in the last 1,000 years. This eclipse will also be the longest partial lunar eclipse in the last 580 years. Such a long partial lunar eclipse happened on February 18, 1440.

The next lunar eclipse this long is likely on February 8, 2669.

So this one is pretty significant — as it’s duration is a bit of an anaomaly.

Lunar eclipses always happen on a full moon day. The full moon on November 19 is described as the frost moon and the full moon day in November is known as Karthik Purnima in India, which is a special event for the Hindus.

In the beginnings of science, astronomers studied the motion of the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars. They discovered patterns in the motion of these objects. But since the heavens were the abode of the gods, when something unusual happened in the sky, it seemed to presage something momentous or even terrible on Earth.

All over witchcraft lore, it is said that a lunar eclipse will symbolize beginnings, endings, and culminations of the cycles we are navigating. They happen at full moons, so magic for growth is still appropriate. Eclipses are also considered to embody all the phases of the moon at once, so they can both remove obstacles and grow something in their place.

Signs, Portents. Omens. There’s something primal about the Moon. Even in this enlightened age, its glow can evoke a mystical experience. Little wonder so much mythology surrounds it.

But when the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon, its blood-red stained face haunts the entire half of the planet that happens to be in darkness at that time.Judíos creen que la luna de sangre anuncia cambios en Israel | Avanza Por Más

Throughout history, though, those that have experienced either event have often felt it was all about them. It was a rare but personal sign from the gods. Therefore, it had to be observed, interpreted, tracked — and predicted.

And all this can add to the eerie red sense of foreboding, doom — and change.

The ancient Babylonian civilization was fascinated by the heavens. It soon developed a complex school of astrology.

This is distinct from astronomy as it was all about interpreting the will of the gods — not understanding the clockwork of the universe.

But that understanding quickly became a necessary component.

Babylonian mathematicians were able to calculate that, over a period of 223 months, there were 38 possible eclipses. While not exact, their understanding of this cycle enabled them to predict the date and nature of upcoming eclipses.

And in ancient Babylon — almost 4000 years ago — that meant the difference between life and death.

Priests believed the timing of an eclipse could foretell the fate of the ruling class.

The Babylonian holy book Enuma Anu Enlil (The Gods Anua and Enlil), declared that the lunar eclipse or Sanguis Lunae portended the death of a king.,

Each eclipse was judged according to the position of other stars and planets particularly Jupiter, and how much of the Moon was darkened.

If the expected omens were bad, the Babylonian king would ritually step down from office — and anoint a substitute king and queen.

What is most synchronous is that at this time of the blood moon — we are witnessing a moment in our history where leadership in all places is destined to either be replaced — or will face death.

Old age of course plagues most of our leaders from the Pope, to The Queen– even questions about President Biden’s health and capabilities have now fallen into question as his approval rating plummets,

We are told that the health of the Queen of England is so bad she will be in isolation for many months– this as triggered speculation that she is nearing death or is dead already.

Prince Charles is finding himself “more in the spotlight” than ever before in his career as he takes on an increasing number of duties to support the Queen.

With the ongoing speculation about the Queen’s health and the future king, the British public is divided into two different opinions. Because of his mother taking a step back from duties to rest, Prince Charles has been in the public eye much more than before and this week relaunched the Royal Family’s abroad tours with a visit to Egypt and Jordan. Foreign news correspondent Raf Sanchez discussed the royal stepping up to help Her Majesty as she fully recovers from her bout of ill health.

When Prince Charles does one day become king, it will be in the wake of his mother’s 70 years on the throne. She is the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Charles is 73 years old, he has been waiting his whole life to start this job.The reason Prince Charles could be King as soon as next year | Woman & Home

But the new poll came out this week, found the British public evenly divided on the question of whether will or not he will be a good king.

Royal experts are also weighing in stating that Prince Charles tenure as King will probably not last long.

Some of them say Charles is likely to be something of a bridge king, he is obviously not going to be on the throne as long as his mother was and so maybe he is a bridge between her historic reign and this new generation of Royals lead by Prince William.

The British Monarchy is a 1000-year-old institution, and part of the constitutional framework of the UK– and even when people tell you that the Queen or even the new King does not have power — you should not underestimate the power and control of a Monarchy that owns more land on the planet and the wealth that goes with it.

The near future does not bide well for the Queen and Charles will bridge the power between that transitory pageantry that will crown his son William as the once and future king.

Meanwhile a USA Today-Suffolk poll has some disturbing numbers for President Biden-and Vice President Kamala Harris. Consider the answers to the question, “What is the one thing Americans want President Biden to do in the next year?”

The majority of those polled believe that Biden should quit, retire or be replaced. However they don’t want Kamala Harris to be President of this happens as her approval rating is less than 28%.

That is right at the top of the list is Americans wanting the president to resign or quit. Even more revealing: 64 percent of Americans nearly two-thirds don’t want Biden to run again, including a whopping 28 percent of Democrats.

Now, Biden’s physical and mental health has been called into question. He has been seen in public having coughing fits and falling asleep during many summit meetings — like at COP 26.

Many of the speeches that he makes have devolved into mumbling and rambling jibberish that has been noticed by independent observers and world media.

It is rumored that the only way this can be turned around is to make some important decisions that could force the nation into a constitutional crisis.

Shake-ups will be needed. Some accountability. A pivot to something resembling the middle. But we’ve seen no inclination to make such a pivot, to make staff changes. Republicans now lead Democrats by 8 points on the congressional ballot, per USA Today’s survey. Just four seats need to be flipped for Republicans.

Hardly anyone indulges in conversations dealing with the patterns can be seen in everyday life, nor do they take the time to pick up on cues that might planet memes and from those memes come triggers and from those triggers some people will ritualize or initiate an action that will shock or otherwise leave us mentally and physically transfixed.

The Sangra Luna has been designated as a time for ritualism — and in medieval times the ritual of the killing of king was actualized when a leader is unable to deliver on promises that he has made. If plagues famine and war plague the kingdom the people either would ask him to step down — or there were master magicians that would do rituals where the leader would be cursed —and would fall ill.

He would either become mad, sickly or would die.

There were old pagan customs that a King would be put to death after a year’s reign if he did not serve his kingdom well. This ritual was known as the King kill, a practice of putting the king to death ritualistically if he failed his kingdom or betrayed his people. These rituals were not limited to kings. There were also times where governors and magistrates also shared the fate and there have been times where it has been proposed that various Popes also were victims of the ritual.

There have been about 15 popes assassinated over the years. This number does not include quite a large number of very early popes who were martyred before Constantine the Great legalized Christianity. Nor does it include Pope John Paul I who died under mysterious circumstances that many think was an assassination.

There are even some people who believe that since 1960 the entire Pope’s have been assassinated with the exception of John Paul II.

Michael Hoffman who recently appeared on Ground Zero describes in his historic texts how ritualism carried out when there were omens in the heavens would endure the ritualized death or removal of a leader so that he could be replaced.

In the manuscript ‘King Kill 33′ by James Shelby Downard and Michael A. Hoffman. a King Kill ritual took place in Dallas Texas when Kennedy was shot and his death televised for all of the world to see. It was similar to the crucifixion of Christ as an entire nation watched, he was labeled a Martyr, the prince of Camelot, a Christ like figure whose assailant died later similar to Judas.King-Kill/33 by James Shelby DownardDownard says in his essay that:

“The entire left wing-right wing scenario is a chess game where various pawns are motivated by emotions to follow the orders of “Kings and Queens” whose allegiance is to psychological control objectives and propaganda is one of the ways that psychological control is established.”

They control us through imagery and information and they are not above conducting ritual in order to send a message to the masses. It is also not beyond the possibility that government’s uses astrology and other chaos magic techniques in order to ensure that whatever it is that they do can affect critical mass deep into their core belief system.

It is also indicative of what we might be seeing on a grand scale and that is more deaths in the news and those deaths being religious figures, political figures, and those that are found dead sitting in their thrones.

These deaths will make way for will make way for other rulers that will commit to the charge set forth from the ruler before. According to Downard:

“The United States, which has long been called a melting pot, should more descriptively be called a witches’ cauldron wherein the ‘Hierarchy of the Grand Architect of the Universe’ arranges for ritualistic crimes and psychopolitical psychodramas to be performed in accordance with a Master plan.”

Downard believed that all things that happen are permitted and that they do have a propensity of following a mystical law. It may be that we are about to take another mystical step towards alchemical change and the memes and archetypes are unfolding before us. We really dint have anyone who can point out the esoteric and so we go about our daily lives not knowing about what is to come. Downard indicated that the future will be a time where all that is hidden will be manifest. That a historical event would take place that would usher in an era of darkness.

There have been many apocalyptic predictions in or generation and there have been many upheavals in the way we live that brought about definite change. They have all been carried out by the numbers, by the mystic indicators, the sigils and the synchronicities that are uncanny.

What will this mean for the people of earth and who will they look to for leadership in the times of certain darkness?

These times are paranormal times and there are things in heaven and in earth that cannot be dreamt in any philosophy. There are many revelations to come and stories of sacrificial kings – past, present, and future.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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