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Clyde Lewis | November 16, 2021


There is a very critical problem facing America. There is a large wound on our mass consciousness, and everyone wants to blame someone for their pain. Arguments between the Right and Left have polarized the entire country from healing this wound.

What the wounded fail to realize is that in their panic, as they feel the hemorrhaging from their souls, just who is responsible for pouring salt in the wound.

The blame game runs the gamut, from the Jews to the terrorists, from the gays to the immigrants and from the blacks to the staunch conservative to the politically correct white liberal. Everyone is screaming and wanting their victimhood acknowledged. They project their fears and their spiritual debt on everything and look to politics to father them into safety and to deliver them to some promised land.

Politically charged arguments that remain biased and dishonest are destroying the people’s will in favor of the political will. We must not surrender that kind of empowerment to anyone that is willfully destroying that which our forefathers have died and fought for. Freedom of speech is granted, information is given, but responsibility to make rational choices based on evidence and not propaganda is something we need to strive for.

To question the party line is revolutionary. To see criminality in both sides takes courage. To demand trials and accountability takes a conspiracy.

How do I know this?

America was founded by conspirators. Our forefathers were conspiracy theorists. They believed King George was conspiring against the colonies. They found out that they were right and sought a revolution to break away from his tyranny.

Police detectives test unproven ideas. They develop a hypothesis about crimes they investigate. They look at evidence and begin to construct a theory based on pieces of evidence. Then they test their theories in order to make a case and even then that case can be voted down by a jury. Just because the jury says that something is true or false does not prove anything. No one calls them conspiracy theorists or cranks if they go by their hunch.

Many may not agree with them, but questioning and sifting through what is there is natural and right. To come to the conclusion that both answers and sides are incorrect is also possible and should be acknowledged. However in the United States we have been blinded by “might makes right,” “our side is the only side” and “you are either with us or against us.”

These thought mechanisms have kept us from moving forward. It is the case of push- me- pull- you or pull- you- push- me and the solution always seems to be one or the other instead of saying that it is the neither.

What perplexes me is this sick worship of oligarchy that a lot of Americans have espoused. Why people believe that the support of the power elite and donated dollars to their cause actually fortifies this country and that those in power care about you and your families.

Americans somehow believe that a public official is far too trusted to commit any crime, or treason.

Americans are now so trusting and are true believers in their political parties –even when leaders of their party are selling us out to global interests and the restraining of the New World Order.

After every news organization on the planet waited with baited breath on the outcome of a bill becoming law– President Joe Biden signed the more than $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, checking off the first piece of his party’s economic agenda.

Finally one more talking point to check off the list of things that the democrats wanted –so that they can say that Joe Biden is doing something anything but what is it, what exactly does this mean?

Well, we are told that it has many little presents within it that are being brought up in order for everyone to be happy.

Before signing the legislation, Biden said “we’re finally getting this done” after years of failed attempts in Washington. He stressed the direct benefits Americans will feel from the law — part of a broader sales pitch he will carry out in the coming days and months ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.Covid stimulus update: Biden signs $1.9 trillion relief bill

So my message to the American people is this: America is moving again, and your life is going to change for the better,” he said.

The package will put $550 billion in new funds into transportation, broadband and utilities.

The legislation will put $110 billion into roads, bridges and other major projects. It will invest $66 billion in freight and passenger rail, including potential upgrades to Amtrak. It will direct $39 billion into public transit systems.

What is most interesting is that this bill not only has got the attention of most Americans, it was also worthy of comment by the reset squad at the World Economic Forum– which in my opinion is suspicious as most people who see the fine print are busily finding flaws in this bi-partisan endeavor.

This trillion-dollar boondoggle is, among other things, congressional preparation for the UN’s Agenda 2030.

Squeezing, “We the People” from the country, and the suburbs, into huge “smart cities,” with 5G uniting your “devices” and appliances against you, robot-dogs and other faceless AI goons relentlessly “protecting” you having now replaced those alleged “white supremacist” police, and gas guzzling cars phased out in favor of mass transit for which you’ll certainly need “proof of vaccination,” though it will save you lots of “carbon credits,” as you take it to and from your low paying job.

Under the provisions of this bill, new cars many-if-not-most of them electric will be equipped with highly sensitive surveillance systems, which “will track the driver’s eye movement and monitor signs of being distracted, impaired, or tired.

If you if you actually have had a few too many drinks –even one may be too many, and maybe lose it, and curse out the car for its refusal to perform like one, it will report you, on “the internet of things,” for “hate speech,” and then “the cops” will get involved, to test your breath, and check your pulse, and scan your eyes, and tase you if you disrespect the law.

That is only part of the situation true believers.. we are well on the way to owning nothing and being happy about it.

Now granted this bill — now signed into law, is going to take years before we even can benefit from what our dear leader has bestowed upon us.

In the meantime, an end game strategy is afoot where we will be forced to bleed for our leaders — we will bleed out financially until we own nothing,

This is the plan — it is not that we will willingly give up everything to the government but until these miraculous infrastructure plans arrive we will not have much left – what is left is supposed to suffice.

The pieces of the puzzle may fit together in ways that you do not expect. For years, the global elite have been openly telling us that one day we will all own nothing, we will have no privacy, and we will be extremely happy with our new socialist utopia. But exactly how do they intend to transition to such a society? Are they going to come and take all of your stuff?World Economic Forum on Twitter: "Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better @IdaAuken" / Twitter

Needless to say, there are millions upon millions of very angry people out there that aren’t just going to hand over their stuff to a bunch of socialists. So how are they going to overcome that obstacle?

Well, the truth is that they don’t need to take your stuff to implement their goals.

All they need to do is to destroy the value of your money.

Wasn’t that the goal all along? Wasn’t that part of the Cyber pandemic plan to gut the banks using cyber-attacks and then rolling out a utility to guarantee that their digital currency will be a solution?

Well the plan continues to be pervasive –and we are now finding that our dollars are losing value as the price of food an gas is soaring — as if on que and by design.

If your money becomes worthless, you will start descending into poverty and it won’t be too long before you become totally dependent on the government.

You will own nothing –and the government will be more than willing to lend a hand with continued basic income checks and eventually housing, and a transit system and trains that run on time. All of that Utopian horse pucky — that they are promising those who can survive the pandemic and the vaccine pogroms.

And as the stuff that you have right now wears out, you won’t be able to replace it with the worthless money that you are now holding. Eventually, you will own virtually nothing, but you probably won’t be very happy about it.

So high inflation is actually a tool that the global elite can use to further their goals.

Inflation is going to be one of the hottest political issues as we head into 2022. Vice-President Kamala Harris acknowledged that higher prices are having a huge impact on American families.Kamala Harris acknowledges inflation surge is 'big deal' for Americans: 'Heavy weight to carry' | Fox Business

“Prices have gone up and families and individuals are dealing with the realities of the bread costs more, the gas costs more, and have to understand what that means,” she said. “That’s about the cost of living going up. That’s about having to stress and stretch limited resources.”

Harris said that is a “source of stress for families” that is “not only economic, but is, on a daily level, something that is a heavy weight to carry.”

She states the obvious and the answer is that Infrastructure bill — that build back better promise that is going to turn America into one big construction site –as we tear down old legacy systems with approved greener systems.

But that is a lofty future that is only available to those who will survive this attempt at starving the people to death and leave them in poverty.

Inflation is rising much faster than our paychecks are, and that means that our standard of living is going down.

If you are among those that think that things are bad now, just wait, because they will soon get even worse.

On Sunday, we learned that the average price of a gallon of gasoline in California has almost reached five dollars…

California gas prices hit an average of $4.67.Gas prices hit a record in California

Gasoline prices are going to continue to move higher, and that is really bad news.

Just about everything that we buy has to be transported, and so higher gasoline prices are going to fuel even more inflation.

Sadly, those that are on the bottom of the economic food chain are the ones that are being hurt the most. At this point, many food banks are really struggling to purchase enough food because price hikes have become so severe..

Again you can’t say that we didn’t warn you — or tell you long before the prices shot up that the plan after the pandemic was to force us into scarcity in order to pave the way for a technocratic existence.

I am sure a lot of people wrote off what we were talking about last year as conspiracy theory but the plans were already being laid out by such world government darlings as Henry Kissinger and his padawan, Klaus Schwab.What Must Be Done in Afghanistan - Henry Kissinger - YouTube

So many problems have converged all at once. Some have used the term “a perfect storm” to describe what we are facing, and I think that is definitely quite appropriate.

If you are waiting for life to “get back to normal”, you are going to be waiting for a very long time– you think that once people will get used to paying higher prices the controllers will bring down the prices?

Not on your life —it is like the newfound power they inherited after COVID-19. Once the sheep are used to being abused an lied to — there will be plenty of bellwethers that will tell the flock to quit complaining — the government has promised us that this will all be temporary — like 15 days to flatten the curve.

But that’s America — too passive to stop this stuff from happening. We once told our leaders what to do — but now we just allow them to walk all over us and take the spoils that were once ours –and then offer us substandard goods that we don’t have to work for –and people are so willing to make deals with the devil.

Pre 2020 prices will never ever come back –and you can quote me on this.

I wish I had better news — but this is what socialism looks like — and it is killing our unique place in the world. America is slowly becoming something else– mediocrity and getting by is now the goal of the average American.

The American dream is shattered for a lot of people who have believed — those whi have been true believers.

They tell us to study hard, get a good job and work as hard as we can, and then they give our money to people that haven’t done any of those things.

Eventually they run out of other people’s money, and so then they just start wildly creating more. Unfortunately, every time that this has been tried throughout history it has always ended in disaster, and now it is our turn.

The war for survival will become a part of life –more so now than ever before and it will remain for as long as they can squeeze out every last drop of blood from human labor–and then the end game will be to ignore the hard work and share it throughout the world.

They can and will regulate how you spend your money. How you spend your time.

They can make it harder for you to go places in order to get away from it all. They will control the internet, the flow of information, the flow of food and fresh water. You will be left with nothing else. They will exhaust every regulation devoted to their opiate policies. Then they will try and break you.

Sometimes the wars we are fighting are not about oil, not always about greed. It is about how far we can be pushed through the pain threshold. Sometimes people just want to watch others suffer and die. It has always been the objective of the fascist state to control your body control your ability to progress and find increase.

In the book, 1984, George Orwell wrote, “Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is

When you have all the money in the world, and all of the power you can have, what is left to get?

Obviously it is the blood and souls of the people. Those in control don’t need more money; they obviously can steal it and print it. They don’t care about your health, they want to keep you sick and malleable.

The conspiracy is all about power through inflicting and controlling pain– the more you suffer the more nourishing the measly reward they offer.

Current green agenda ‘solutions’ are based on a notion of ‘stakeholder’ capitalism or private-public partnerships whereby vested interests are accorded greater weight, with governments and public money merely facilitating the priorities of private capital.

A key component of this strategy involves the ‘financialization of nature’ and the production of new ‘green’ markets to deal with capitalism’s crisis of over accumulation and weak consumer demand caused by decades of neo-liberal policies and the declining purchasing power of working people. The banking sector is especially set to make a killing by creating a tokenized monetary system.

In the form of COVID ‘relief’, there is now the trillion dollar bailout for capitalism as well as the driving of smaller enterprises to bankruptcy. Or they have being swallowed up by global interests. Either way, the likes of Amazon and other predatory global corporations have been the winners.

The wealth has grown –while other people have suffered.

New ‘Green’ Ponzi trading schemes to offset carbon emissions and commodify ‘ecoservices’ along with electric vehicles and an ‘energy transition’ represent a further restructuring of the capitalist economy, resulting in a shift away from a consumer-oriented demand-led system.European cleantech programme selects 11 Estonian startups for a mentorship

Current green-washed policies are being sold by tugging at the emotional heartstrings of the public. This Green Agenda, with its lexicon of ‘sustainability’, ‘carbon neutrality’, ‘net-zero’ and doom-laden forecasts, is part of a program that seeks to restructure capitalism, and has the communist Chinese say — put it on a long leash.

Circumstantial proceedings and plans are being forged and will be presented soon. The timeline for these activities has been postponed so many times that there is a mounting eagerness to proceed with the global plan.

This is why it seems that the global powers are moving swiftly and surgically.

There seems to be a clearer picture coming into view and there is going to be the finalizing of the globalist plans after we are faced with unbearable scarcity movements that have been part of the agenda for many decades.

They are now speeding the process to require the creation of an “institutional framework” — otherwise known as the global enforcement bureaucracy to mandate compliance by the world’s national governments and populations.

It looks like that the light has turned green and world powers are now moving forward with the reset – and they are counting on the government of the United States to be a a proud member of this new technocracy.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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