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Ron Patton | November 15, 2022

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of crypto exchange company FTX, and the second biggest donor to the Democrat party is in hot water as his company is in financial freefall with between $1-2 billion missing. The mainstream media is going to have to do some hard work covering up how a so-called altruistic CEO with strong ties to the World Economic Forum is now in the spotlight of a money laundering scandal that also involves Ukraine. FTX is a petri dish for the disease of Stakeholder Capitalism. In the end, FTX and Fried are a warning to us all that business should be separate from politics and cultural moderation.  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with investigative journalist, Owen Shroyer about BITCH CON.





When we were talking with Alan Johnson about Gold Cryptocurrency and C-day there was something that happened on Dumping Day that we did not have time to prepare for. I have received many emails about FTX and how the mainstream is going to have to do some hard work covering up how a so-called altruistic CEO of a crypto company is now in the spotlight of a money laundering scandal that also involves the Democratic Party and Ukraine.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of crypto exchange company FTX, and the second biggest donor to the Democrat party is in hot water as his company is in financial freefall with over $1 billion missing.

According to Fortune, “30-year-old Bankman-Fried has been a major force in Democratic politics, ranking as the party’s second-biggest individual donor in the 2021–2022 election cycle.”

He is also attached to the World Economic Forum, and various global elitists and follows the tenets that are nearly identical to the tenets of Klaus Schwab’s Stakeholder Capitalism agenda.

Reuters reported Friday that at least $1 billion of customer funds vanished from Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange FTX. Sam Bankman-Fried secretly transferred $10 billion of customer funds from FTX to Bankman-Fried’s trading company Alameda Research.  A large portion of that total has since disappeared.

One source put the missing amount at about $1.7 billion. The other said the gap was between $1 billion and $2 billion.

The problem with this story is that it is a tale as old as time. However, throw in the crypto fraud and immediately we see trust dwindle.  Maybe this needs a lot of attention not just for its criminality but what it teaches about crypto and digital currencies and that sometimes if there is something criminal afoot we can trace the money to the criminals,

Cryptocurrency has always offered a strange mix of temptations and challenges for anyone trying to steal it. As digital cash, held in multibillion-dollar sums on hackable, internet-connected networks, it presents a lucrative target. But once it’s stolen, the blockchains that almost every cryptocurrency is built on make it possible to follow that money’s every movement and, very often, to identify the thieves. So after a massive heist pulled nearly half a billion dollars worth of funds out of the already collapsing FTX cryptocurrency exchange the world’s crypto tracers are now closely tracking where that loot ends up—and looking for any clues that reveal the thief to be an FTX insider or just an opportunistic hacker.

Or maybe this runs deeper than the media and the government wants us to know. Because it includes a lot of players that should see jail time– but I really don’t think they will.

While many analysts and economists will be talking for months about the epic downfall of the crypto exchange FTX and Bankman-Fried — there are many layers to this onion that I had to actually pull through past stories about this company and about its CEO that smells like a rotten conspiracy has been going on.

The media may focus on the billions lost, the mismanagement of funds, the fraud inherent in yield farming, and the alleged betrayal of investor trust.

But his ties to the Democratic party and the World economic forum will probably be avoided. The World economic forum saw FTX as a partner in their proposed Marxist model of world Government.

The WEF calls it stakeholder Capitalism.

Stakeholder Capitalism becomes a way to trick the public into investing their faith in corporate leadership because these companies are no longer simply “in it for the money,” they are in it for the survival of the world and the species, at least that is what they say. But what they are proposing is a beast system and a cashless society.

The cooperation in the WEF family becomes saviors.

That kind of blind faith allows people to be taken advantage of in a big way.  It’s the same kind of faith once applied to kings and monarchies centuries ago, and it usually leads to various forms of feudalism.

In the WEF’s vision of the future, the average person will “own nothing, have no privacy and be happy about it” while corporate elites in partnership with governments micromanage all production, all distribution and all finance.

Everyone will be given a Environmental, social, and corporate governance or ESG score. Your score will determine what you deserve, what money you get, and what house or Apartment you deserve.

ESG is a credit system in which loans are given to companies and individuals based on their ESG score, derived from how dedicated they are to globalist causes.  In the near future, if you don’t promote social justice ideology and support establishment climate change claims, then you might not be able to get a loan from the bank for your business.  You might not be able to get a mortgage loan for a new home.  In fact, you might not even be allowed to have a bank account.

FTX and Fried heavily relied on investment firms like Blackrock, which is a major component of the spread of ESG.  This may be why FTX regularly announced their devotion to climate and social justice projects, it kept them in the good graces of the ESG overlords.

A key component of Stakeholder Capitalism is the need for a digital currency framework, which might explain the WEF’s interest in FTX as a partner.

Economists have been warning that a move to a national digital currency is underway and that a C-day would happen in December with the unveiling of their new digital currency.

Was this another reason why the WEF and the Democrats partnered with FTX?

The move to a cashless society is the next step necessary for the micro-management of the economy and the ability to dole out rewards or punishments based on ESG scoring.  It is an incremental top-down implementation of a framework similar to China’s “social credit system.”

The concept is being sold by the WEF and their corporate partners as a way to create “equity” within the economy by incentivizing the redistribution of wealth from the very rich to the very poor and to ‘humanitarian causes.”  It uses access to the banking apparatus and the economy itself as a carrot or a cudgel.  Really, it is the ultimate form of centralization and control posing as a charitable movement for the greater good.  But without the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail, there can be no greater good.

Evidence is mounting that the equity measures involved in Stakeholder Capitalism will actually erase wealth rather than create wealth.  To be sure, it would make the majority of people financially even – Instead of being equally rich, we will all suffer in equal poverty.

The downfall of FTX and Sam Blankman-Fried illustrates this problem with clarity.  Fried constantly espoused the pie-in-the-sky ideals of Stakeholder Capitalism, engaging in a kind of corporate charity built on socialist guidelines and climate cultism, while at the same time draining client accounts.

The FTX profit strategy was based initially on taking advantage of imbalances in international crypto exchange rates; a limited window for a quick cash grab rather than an idea for long-term viability. It also relied on the crypto market constantly reinventing the wheel with new branding and marketing to grow demand for technology that the majority of people around the world don’t really need or particularly desire.

Fried suggests that his intent all along was to expand capital as a means to give it away to leftist causes.  He donated over $40 million to Democrat campaigns, for example.  The problem was he failed in business while giving away the money of his clients at the same time.  Some people argue that his clients are partly culpable for the losses, but Fried explicitly stated that his company would not use client funds in such a way.  He lied to them.

Being 30 years old and naive certainly didn’t help him, but Fried is a perfect example of why corporation leaders have no business being involved in social engineering.  They are not qualified enough nor intelligent enough or benevolent enough to mold society at large; no one is that wise or experienced.  Beyond that, the Stakeholder Capitalism ideology is rooted in socialist drivel, making FTX a socialist drivel-based company.

The model is designed to inevitably reduce the standard of living for most people over time rather than improve it.  Fried just showed us how and why.

On Monday the World economic forum quickly deleted FTX’ website and actually took down the link that called them a partner.

Back in March, The Washington Post reported that the Ukrainian government was accepting cryptocurrency to help in the war effort.

It reported:

“The Ukrainian government has gathered more than $42 million in cryptocurrency donations since Saturday, plus digital artwork including a limited edition worth roughly $200,000, according to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic. The challenge is how the country cashes in on these assets to fund its war needs.

Then less than a week after that was published  FTX made the news for involving itself in Ukraine:

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman Fried has come forward to help a crypto donation project. He humbly announced that FTX will be supporting the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance and other communities in collecting crypto donations for the country. The Ukrainian government has received over $60 million in crypto donations from all over the world.

FTX’s CEO, Sam Bankman Fried highlighted that the war in Ukraine has been dragging on. The country is in full need of humanitarian help and access to global financial infrastructure. He also called attention to sanctions and crypto during this kind of situation. He indicated that crypto exchanges should enforce sanctions announced by the government seriously.

FTX has stressed across all of its regulatory and policy efforts, active coordination and communication with regulators and policymakers is crucial to ensuring that laws and rules achieve their intended outcome, reads a letter by FTX

Pointing out the urgency to help the nation Sam Bankman announced that the FTX team is honored to support the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance in simplifying the donation process.

So we are to conclude that The Democrats sent tens of billions to Ukraine and then laundered this money back to Democrat pockets and funds in the US.  Now the company that helped them is bankrupt and the funds are nowhere to be found.

This is a classic money laundering scheme with Ukraine.

Tens of Billions of Military aid to Ukraine which was allegedly used to fight Russia was money that was not used to fight Russia. They allegedly invested it back into FTX.

Now the money is conveniently gone.

So, in order to get this straight Ukraine was getting money from the US — namely given by the US Taxpayer. Ukraine sent it to the cryptocurrency company, FTX.  FTX sent it to Democrats who originally sent it to Ukraine.

Now in some circles, this would be considered criminal Money Laundering and a criminal conspiracy that violates campaign finance laws.

So now the company along with the WEF has resorted to a scorched earth policy — burning down the company and trying to cover up evidence of criminal activity.
Now does anyone see how the Democrats were able to win the majority of midterm elections?  It took a hell of a lot of money which was procured by pulling the rug out from all those that had funds in FTX.

So the collapse of FTX can now be linked to Ukraine. The World economic forum, and to all of the Democratic politicians that were given money from Sam Bankman-Fried.

A lot of that laundered money can buy the media, Ukraine, and those who are capable of looking away when fraud is evident.

FTX crypto company gave at least $40 million to Democrat candidates and causes in the midterms.

FTX funded the campaigns of members of Congress overseeing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), one of the key bodies tasked with regulating the crypto industry and the subject of Bankman-Fried’s aggressive lobbying.

Bankman-Fried floated the idea of spending upwards of $1 billion in the 2024 presidential election if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

On Sunday The Gateway Pundit posted an interview where Bankman-Fried admitted that FTX was laundering money for the Ukrainian government.

The billions of dollars that the US sent to Ukraine over the past two decades need to be audited and investigated.

Yesterday Volodymyr Zelensky had make a statement that he wants to seek Peace for Ukraine,

Is this a coincidence?

Western media reported that the West might push Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow.

According to the Wall Street Journal, senior U.S. and EU officials are divided on the need to push Ukraine into peace talks. However, they believe an opportunity for negotiations may appear in the coming weeks or months.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden congratulated Ukraine on the liberation of the southern city of Kherson, saying it was “a significant, significant victory,” and stressed that negotiations toward a ceasefire are impossible without Ukraine’s participation.

On the same day, Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that talks between Russia and the U.S. took place on Nov. 14 in Ankara, the Russian state-controlled TASS news agency reported.

According to Peskov, the meeting was attended by CIA Chief William Burns and Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Chief Sergey Naryshkin.

Reuters reported citing an unnamed White House official, that Burns planned to caution Naryshkin about the consequences of nuclear weapon use and discuss U.S. prisoners remaining in Russia.

This is a story that should get more attention as it certainly shows us how Stake Holder capitalism is a scheme to rob people of their money for wars and for fraudulent elections.

Sam Bankman-Fried, has now resigned. He lost virtually his entire $16 billion fortune in the collapse. According to an unconfirmed report from CoinTelegraph, he and two other FTX executives are “under supervision” in the Bahamas, preventing them from leaving the country. Reuters also reported late last week that Bankman-Fried possessed a “back door” that was built into FTX’s compliance system, allowing him to withdraw funds without alerting others at the company.

FTX is a petri dish for the disease of Stakeholder Capitalism.  In the end, FTX and Fried are a warning to us all that business should be separate from politics and cultural moderation.



Owen Shroyer is host of the Info Wars War Room, 3-6 pm, central time weekdays and Sunday Night Live at He’s been banned across social media since 2018. Owen has been politically persecuted and still involved in legal defense against the Democrat party machine and weaponized government since 2019. Shroyer is well known for political protest videos exposing liberal insanity and violence. He supports Donald Trump, free speech and other pro-American issues.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 7 comments.

  1. Dwayne Fitzgerald

    November 15, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    Jesus said, “Like a snare it will come upon all those who dwell on the face of the whole Earth.”
    The snare works by the power of the tightens trying to escape…Food for thought !

  2. Rusty

    November 15, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    Right on Spot. Tell it like it is, Clyde. The media only want s to talk about the technical violations &$ signs, not getting to the root of what’s going on. I tuned in late , but what do I hear? Right On Spot Truth, first time all day on this subject. Thank you.

  3. Rusty

    November 15, 2022 at 7:56 pm

    Fox Business chanel covered it (some).
    Nothing going to happen to this guy, and as you say the Deep state Has to have known about or contributed to this.
    It’s being ignored

  4. John Weiner

    November 16, 2022 at 9:05 am

    Money Laundering-alleged Money Laundering, and in our ,”justice system,” these are allegations, until proven guilty beyond, ” a reasonable doubt,” then again there will likely be endless appeals, unless there are plea deals, involving these very serious charges, unless they are tried before the D. C., circuit, if at all, where John Durham is zero for two, although I think I heard he did try for a change of venue snd was turned dow he should have then tried for an outside jury, sorry to pour any cold water on this, but these are, atheist some of the odds we are up against ; this is hardly the only method the Democrats employed to do better that expected during the election season: ” ballot harvesting, curing,” to name a few, but at least- they didn’t March people to the polls at gun point, like the Russians did in those ,”phoney referenda,” ordering them to vote to secede from Ukraine, which is why I understand that not alot, if any countries recognize Russia’s annexation of those four, now three regions, with the liberation of Kershon, although your guest last night, on his show the previous day still insisted it meant nothing to the Russians, and that they are just regrouping, begging the question, then why would/did Russia waste so much blood and treasure to take it in the first place, and how much did they waste of each? Otherwise I hope they are able to recover all missing and, or stolen funds and return them to the Ukrainian war effort, (so they can follow your advice to take advantage of the momentum they, the Ukrainianians have from liberating Kershon from the Russians) including war relief for the civilians, to include heating for the winter. Hopefully everyone involved with said MONEY LAUNDERING operation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including President Putin for WAR CRIMES, from the abductions of over two million Ukrainians, including over 300,000 children to Russia, to the killing of civilians, which he admitted to back in the middle of October, 2022, bragging about,” being proud of it,” to his own corruption, such as being worth 50 or 60 billion dollars by shaking down his oligarchs for half of their fortunes. The Excorcist you had on your show , Thursday, October 27, 2022, was the second person I heard state this, Mark Levin being the other.

  5. joe

    November 16, 2022 at 9:43 pm

    HAHAHA a criminal Biden Ukraine FTX operation right in your face…LIKE KANYE/KYRIE. you want too know who your MASTERS are Critique & criticize them and watch what happens. QUESTION any thing J—–. who own top 3 music companies .top 6 media companies . top sports lawyers. etc

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