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Clyde Lewis | November 10, 2021


Many times, I have attempted to give people a bigger picture to consider with regard to the various conspiracy theories and parapolitical hi-jinks. The technocratic offerings in this world are destroying our humanity and we are adapting to conditions that have been geoengineered and culturally engineered for decades.

The results have been devastating and we have seen weather and ecosystems being crushed. It can be concluded that it is all by design.

There is a clue as to why this is happening and it comes directly from those who have brought is the Human Genome Project. The ultimate truth is that our future will be converted or transmogrified by synthetic biology.Apple vs Samsung like patent war in the genomics industry

Synthetic biology is a field of science that involves redesigning organisms for useful purposes by engineering them to have new abilities. Synthetic biology researchers and companies around the world are harnessing the power of nature to solve problems in medicine, manufacturing and agriculture.

Harnessing the power of nature includes many areas. These areas include weather and climate, health and genotyping, and the manufacturing of genetically modified organisms for food.

In some ways, synthetic biology is similar to another approach called “genome editing” because both involve changing an organism’s genetic code; however, some people draw a distinction between these two approaches based on how that change is made.

In synthetic biology, scientists typically stitch together long stretches of DNA and insert them into an organism’s genome. These synthesized pieces of DNA could be genes that are found in other organisms, or they could be entirely novel. In genome editing, scientists typically use tools to make smaller changes to the organism’s own DNA. Genome editing tools can also be used to delete or add small stretches of DNA in the genome. The groundwork for the synbio (synthetic biology) neural network inside homo sapiens began by manipulating the macro environment upon which our extraordinary interior microenvironment depends.

The air we breathe, the soil we grow our food in, the water we must replenish—all have been commandeered primarily by the Big Pharma industry that has virtually commandeered the chemicals, nanotechnology, and electromagnetic manipulation for geoengineering and vaccinations, in preparation for the software phase of the brain-computer interface we finally face after decades of careful “quiet war” preparation.

Can researchers synthesize an organism’s entire genome? The answer to this question is yes, and it has already been done. In 2002, scientists in the United States synthesized a viral genome for the first time.

Viral genomes are much smaller compared to the genomes of most bacteria and microorganisms. Scientists showed that it was possible to create the polio virus from scratch and brought attention to the risk that synthetic biology could be used to develop biological weapons.

And to think that people get so irate when you tell them the COVID-19 is the result of synthetic biology gain of function experiments.

In synthetic biology anything goes — and as the planet has been shown to deteriorate and eco systems start to fail we are told by a cabal of wasting oligarchs that it is all our fault and that we must pay our penance with carbon taxes.

The truth is obvious — this is all be design and a few force multiplied storms that are created in a the laboratory called earth are evidently weapons of warfare.

It is obvious that geoengineering or hacking the planet has been accomplished as we are now being told that genetically engineered diseases are the result of geoengineered planet.

There is always the threat of death with this mad science — and the people are unaware that crisis after crisis is being used to scare people into compliance and the offer on the table is a new normal where all worries will be tranquilized because of the promise of transhumanism.Yale team creates new tool for studying elusive elements of human genome |  YaleNews

Einstein warned us that crisis is the pretext for extinction. Every crisis that we try to over analyze, every traumatic event that we develop new theories for is tantalizing mental masturbation, but it does nothing to help us over come and get beyond our collective victimhood.

We can manufacture all sorts of “what ifs,” but we may want to watch the “what now’s” that indicate, the only hope we have now is to grow in knowledge and shatter the well-organized lies that seem to cloud our development.

The new normal includes a new bizarre human experience where we seem to be fighting against toxicity, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The intimidation tactics are becoming evident and the specter of voluntary extinction looms heavy as we begin to realize that we are living in geoengineered pre-transhuman world.

The new evolutionary process is being prepared as we speak and many people are ready to convert.

The question is, “How far will you go?”

Since the 1970s, huge efforts have been made in sequencing the human genome. Today, after many years of research and billions of data points, that sequence is known.

By adopting a similar perspective with user data, we may begin to better understand its role, just as the examination of protein structures paved the way to genetic sequencing – the mass multi-generational examination of actions and results could introduce a model of behavioral sequencing.

As gene sequencing yields a comprehensive map of human biology, researchers are increasingly able to target parts of the sequence and modify them in order to achieve a desired result.

As patterns begin to emerge in the behavioral sequences, they too may be targeted. The ledger could be given a focus, shifting it from a system which not only tracks our behavior, but offers direction towards a desired result.

The objective is that with technological advancements we can escape our mortal fragility and become an H+ or a transhuman avatar.

The media has been overloaded with talk of the metaverse after Facebook announced it was changing its name to Meta to represent a strategic shift and significant investment into creating a virtual universe.What comes after the internet? Welcome to 'the Metaverse' | The Spinoff

For the unfamiliar, the metaverse promises a digital reality, where participants can don a set of virtual reality goggles, and navigate a stylized version of themselves, called an avatar, through virtual workplaces, entertainment venues and other interactions.

Participants might also play immersive games and perhaps purchase some virtual goods along the way, with everything from digital accessories for their avatars, to as-yet-undefined collectible digital merchandise available.

Some of the more expansive visions for the metaverse include a digital currency and an economy of makers designing and plying these virtual goods from virtual stores, ultimately generating real-world cash.

The owner of the metaverse (In this case, Mark Zuckerberg) will, of course, collect slices of the various transactions and presumably use its understanding of each being in the metaverse to sell them real and virtual goods.

The metaverse can be seen as the kindergarten for initiates into the transhuman transformation — an extension of our eventual extinction.

It is all in their name – Met meaning death and the number eight symbol laid on its side which indicates that the step into the portal is eternal.

We have discussed the alchemical implications to the truth and death of the Golem and the avatar as we become more of a slave to the machine, and we become sucked into what Philosopher, Rudolf Steiner called, the Eighth Sphere.

It is believed that behind the scenes of external events there are organizations who work tirelessly to achieve certain objectives, kept hidden from the mass of humanity. One of their most guarded secrets is known in occult circles as the Eighth Sphere. It is one of the the most challenging and difficult subject to comprehend but without at least some idea of its relationship to the aims of certain forces of evolution.

Nathan, a caller form Ohio, spoke of this idea when we were discussing the metaverse and after his call I wanted to tale the effort to read Steiner’s views as I have dabbled in a lot of his thoughts on the summoning of the demonic personification of the Antichrist named Ahriman.

However, digging deeper into secret societies and demonic orders we read of the eighth sphere — a metaphor for the counterfeit life experience. I would say that Steiner saw a future where we would choose to be sucked into the Eighth Sphere — the A.I. Metaverse.Why is heaven so strict with its rules? | Fandom

Rudolf Steiner explains that the ultimate goal of the adversarial powers is to draw as much of humanity into the Eighth Sphere as is possible. If you imagine a future where people’s minds are permanently connected to the internet, which by then will likely be a quantum internet controlling all aspects of life both real and virtual; the virtual made up from countless worlds indistinguishable from physical reality, then you will have some idea of how consciousness will be controlled, harvested and bottled up like Data — just like DNA is being cataloged for the new final solution whatever it will be.Rudolf Steiner: The 20th Century Renaissance Man | Gaia

Steiner gave 10 lectures in 1917 and in one of them he described the future and how the eighth sphere would influence mankind.

“In truth, therefore, our Earth —the Fourth Sphere — is simply not what it appears outwardly to be. Were it really to consist of atoms, all these atoms would still be impregnated by formations belonging to the Eighth Sphere — which are perceptible only to visionary clairvoyance. These formations are present everywhere; so too is the specter-like content of the Eighth Sphere which can therefore be perceived just as actual specters are perceived.

All earthly being and existence are involved here. Lucifer and Ahriman strive unceasingly to draw from the Earth’s substances whatever they can snatch, in order to form their Eighth Sphere which then, when it is sufficiently advanced, will be detached from the Earth and go its own way in the Cosmos together with Lucifer and Ahriman.”.

If the Eight Sphere is the metaverse, then I contend that Steiner saw it as the domain of Lucifer and the Antichrist.

Within spiritual science, Rudolf Steiner used the names Lucifer and Ahriman to designate two opposing forces towards mankind.

Rudolf Steiner and his adherents explain how the workings of Lucifer and Ahriman are connected with the forces of man-made electricity and magnetism, the polarities that information processing technologies are based upon.

But this is an oversimplification — it was simply an entanglement we see with mankind and technologies that create an anti-life and  anti-spiritual experience.

Anti-spiritual forces are precursors to anti-life actions and many see Transhumanism as the bridge to extinction like a thousand paper cuts as we are beguiled to trade our bodies for avatars and our souls for bytes in a technological Eden.

Imagine a future time when the internet is a quantum internet and much of our technology uses quantum-based processors. As strange as it may sound, the processing will not be taking place within the physical hardware but, rather, the physical hardware will create a condition where the processors can access and utilize the parallel, non-physical dimension of our reality system known as the Eighth Sphere.

What we are projecting a future with interchangeable hyper reality but arguably, the Mark of the Beast in the initiation into the pit of the metaverse and eventually the full surrender to the portal to the other side.

This was a theme presented at the Astroworld Travis Scott Festival of Death. An event that many have said was a satanic ritual — but it has a deeper meaning of transition into a new world — an artificial space that was first forecast by Steiner in 1915.

The Eight Sphere is to be sucked into a technological hell that will eventually mean death.

Steiner spoke about the coming takeover of scientific materialism and the need for people to awaken to the “spiritual realms”. Steiner left us with the following warning – that the “forces of darkness” would attempt to prevent humanity from developing spiritual inclinations. Here is what Steiner said more than 100 years ago:

“I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinate against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life — ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists.”

This quote is fairly harrowing considering what we’re currently witnessing, which can only be described as a global psychosis – a mockery of informed consent and a vicious attack on humanity itself. But what Steiner says warrants further analysis, because what he’s talking about in 1917 isn’t just some kind of poison acting on the human nervous system, but a substance capable of preventing people from developing “foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life”.

What Steiner may be implying here, then, is that there is a genetic/physiologic component involved in spiritual experience. That there is something that can interfere with that synergy and taint the spiritual and genetic connection to God.

Now, there are people who denounce the central dogma of biology. the notion that DNA is transcribed into RNA which is then translated into proteins, but it’s still worth pointing out that the theory of a “God gene”, or a gene that codes for spiritual inclination (or perhaps even connection with a higher reality?), was seriously proposed in 2004 by geneticist, Dean Hamer.Dean Hamer - Wikipedia

Is it a coincidence then that these “vaccines” work by influencing the genetic content of our cells and the expression of certain proteins? Maybe, maybe not. We would also do well to keep in mind that no study yet exists that shows the “spike protein” is actually produced by the cells. Furthermore, Hamer is a staunch materialist, with the sad belief that humans are nothing more than “a bunch of chemical reactions running around in a bag”.

Nonetheless, the basic idea that the human body itself enables the evolution of spirit and, further, the full expression of God consciousness, has been passed down to us by sages and mystics throughout the ages.

In 1961, decades after Steiner’s lectures, Aldous Huxley alluded to a similar agenda, stating that “there will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude.”

Transhumanism thus represents more than a technological ambition to merge with AI – it’s a means of suppressing or severing the latent spiritual connection present in each individual and replacing it with a materialist will; it’s an alchemical transformation of consciousness itself.

All is programming and grooming for the initiation into the new normal.

Take social distancing as an example.

Social distancing is a further progression that we have been practicing for many years through our technology.

We are moving and being pushed into a world where human-to-human contact is being replaced with interaction through technology. Has the widespread use of the internet and binary technology over the past years had a detrimental effect on the finer non-physical bodies of the human being? If so, how would that damage and future damage manifest?

Steiner’s words at the time must have sounded like lurid science fiction but when seen in the light of current and future technological developments, they stand as a prescient warning of a terrible future that awaits humanity if we continue blindly along our current course of technological development and continue to deny any reality beyond the senses.

We face a pivotal moment in human history when binary technology starts to enter the body of human beings, changing the evolutionary path of those who accept it. Bio integrated quantum technology would, ‘if developed’, entangle human beings with the Eighth Sphere.

The ‘system’ seeks to create a world of forced illusionary oneness. A world where there will be no room for individuality or freedom – we will have to give these things up for what we are being told is a ‘greater good.’

Written by Clyde Lewis

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