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Ron Patton | November 1, 2023

Many spirits can dwell among us – it is about getting connected to who you are trying to reach by speaking their names. Once you have opened the portal to the spirit world, you have to push your energy towards the spirit that you are trying to get to come into your presence. In last year’s contact with Dr. Heldore, we were told her name was Isolde — the big reveal that she was a woman. Many who listened believed that her predictions for 2023 were darker and focused on war and scorched earth policies. She was blunt about how things are all going to be some unrecognizable blood, guts, and affluent in the gutters. Disasters where bodies cannot be identified because they are nothing but quivering masses of burnt meat. There is no real band-aid or cure and no one is there to declare that the patient is dead. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Tricia Myers and Psychic Medium Cheri about DR. HELDORE – THIS WON’T HURT A BIT.






The study of experiences deemed paranormal has been an often neglected topic within the social sciences. Early social scientific analysis of belief systems that incorporated spirits and other non-corporeal entities was often linked to theories that worked on the assumption that such beliefs were false or incorrect.

Inevitably, such assumptions meant that those studied for their beliefs were inevitably represented as primitive, delusional, stupid or misguided.

The paranormal while never sufficiently quantified is certainly a topic that has been pervasive in the last 30 or 40 years — there ha not been a time since the end of the American Civil War that people have been chasing ghosts or have been trying to contact the spirit realms.

This believe it or not shapes how a society develops.

Religious beliefs and experiences have often been reduced to symbolism and metaphor — and even in a supernatural world man religions don’t like talking about self-prophecy, prophetic dreams, and miracles in terms of paranormal or projected metaphoric activity.

You can have answers to prayers, but answers cannot be given by dead loved ones who appear in dreams or manifest as ghosts.

This according to some Christian thought is the devil’s work

But it is natural because people think and dream in metaphor. A large proportion of our most commonplace thoughts make use of an extensive, but unconscious, system of metaphorical concepts, that is, concepts from a typically concrete realm of thought that are used to comprehend another.

A lot of people may miss the fact that their unconscious mind registers metaphors all the time. Some are mystified when they see metaphors for what they are.

Sometimes metaphors and tulpas manifest in the real world, they break away from their creator and manifest in a creepy form of superposition.

The strange contact with the other side is controversial; all by itself because it opens a lot of taboos. Most religious individuals see these types of manifestations as an intrusion.

They are considered uninvited and unwanted irritants — and many will hold their hand to the square and rebuke a spirit in the name of Jesus,

Furthermore, spirits are considerably far removed from the human self. It is not just the controversy of their existence, but also the perceived nature of their distance that is so contentious, for example, the fact that they have died and so no longer occupy a human physical form.

It’s hard to say which is more terrifying: the idea that a supernatural force can communicate with people en masse or the idea that a demon of the mind exists in our own subconscious, convincing us that what we are speaking to an entity that used to administer to the living.

Many spirits can dwell among us. It is about getting connected to those you are trying to reach by speaking their names. Once you have opened to portal to the spirit world you have to push your energy towards the spirit that you are trying to get to come into your presence.

Every year for the past three years we have contact with a spirit on the Ouija Board that calls herself Dr. Heldore — a doctor who she says specializes in the human condition.

She has been making many predictions that have come true but some will argue that her accuracy is in the eye of the beholder.

I don’t know what criteria people put on her predictions but she never ceases to amaze at how she does recognize the human condition and human behavior.

In a brief summation of her prognostications — she warned us to watch our P’s and Q’s — we concluded that her predictions cited the health of the Pope, The Queen, and the President. Well The Queen died, President Biden had a Cancer scare, and his mind is deteriorating. She also predicted Biden’s win over Trump in the last election — mentioning that some will add or take from them. We thought that she meant what is said in the Bible because she spoke of forbidden biblical quotes — but it may have been a prediction about adding votes and taking them away.

Another P in her P’s and Q’s prediction could be for Vladimir Putin as it was rumored that he was found unconscious — after going into cardiac arrest.

But again vague connections can be made in all of her predictions — it is up to you to decide if they were direct hits or not.

In last year’s contact with Dr. Heldore, we were told her name was Isolde — the big reveal that she was a woman. Many who listened believed that her predictions for 2023 were darker and focused on war and scorched earth predictions.

She mentioned a future baptism by fire. She mentioned the smell and taste of nuclear flesh and a future war that would be full of blood guts and shit.

Looking back at scorched earth scenarios — we can certainly assume that it wasn’t all about a nuclear firestorm — but a firestorm that ravaged Maui. She focused on the children burning and the smell of their flesh.

What is most eerie about the Maui missing children is that lists compiled by the Maui Police Department and the FBI contained the name of only one minor who was unaccounted for following the August fires. The child was later identified as a victim of the disaster.

One child.

Are we to believe this?

It was believed that 112 were unaccounted for.

More than 3,200 people were initially reported missing, according to a County of Maui press release. The Maui Police Department and the FBI first released a list of 388 validated missing individuals on Aug. 24, though this list did not yet denote whether individuals were minors.

This curious — was this what Heldore meant when she spoke of a Baptism by fire — the rotting radioactive flesh, and more blood guts, and shit?

Baptism by fire usually means that an initiate has to learn a lesson the hard way.

Baptism by fire and baptism of fire are two idioms that mean the same thing. Baptism by fire is more often used in the United States and baptism of fire is more often used in Britain. An idiom is a word, group of words, or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal meaning.

Baptism by fire and baptism by fire describe something being experienced for a very difficult first time. Most often, enduring a baptism by fire means being thrown into a situation with little or no preparation and surviving it through one’s wits and gumption.

Previously, baptism by fire referred to experiencing battle for the first time or enduring martyrdom. The terms baptism by fire and baptism of fire are derived from the Bible, from the New Testament book of Matthew referring to the fire of the light of Christ.

Baptism by fire can also come from an unfortunate situation where a scorched earth policy can render us helpless unless we are aware and prepared.

Heldore kept saying Beware the baptism by fire.

She warned of book burnings and thought crime. We have been seeing not only book burnings but also the banning of books — and kids being read to by drag queens.

Heldore sounded the alarm of how thought crimes are happening everywhere, and human rights are being trampled and also burned down by the fires of oppression.

The burning times are upon us and new witch hunts are being carried out against MAGA republicans and the attempts to imprison Donald Trump.

Irreconcilable differences of opinion go nowhere fast down a one-way street. Ears clogged. Waxed over canals of disinformation.

Yes, Heldore stated this three years ago. She warned that it was time to protect the children.

With stories in the news about sexual scandals, pedophilia in churches, and corruption, young people today are now becoming more in tune with alternative views on things like socialism, communism, Nazism, voodoo, witchcraft, and Satanism.

Some say with social media and the lack of the faithful to keep the trust of the youth – the devil looks like an inviting dark father.

All they are told is that climate and other factors are going to end their lives prematurely.

And this doesn’t even include the findings of a higher mortality rate.

Again it was all about the ugliness of blood guts and shit. She is blunt about how things are all going to be some unrecognizable blood guts and affluent in the gutters.

Disasters where bodies cannot be identified because they are nothing but quivering masses of burnt meat.

In our cities, we see people defecating in the gutters stabbing their arms with needles. All we can do is helplessly watch that government vampires suck the rotten gangrene greedy junk from out the veins of an intoxicated junkie.

Shriveled up and steadily fading into the long night Sweet Salvation whispers little lies into the wind.

Oh yes, Heldore was negative Heldore saw it all and sadly there is no statute of limitations on predictions — we still await a nuclear bomb but it can be argued that depleted uranium weapons are being used in both the Ukrainian and Israeli wars.

Those were radioactive the last time I checked.

Brutal baptism in the fire of grace. Blistering boils upon the skin. Needle penetration, Heldore then screams from the board

taste the radioactive flesh.”

Occupied brainstems. Parasites in the blood. Psychologically based, trauma-induced, hypnotic trance. Categorized demolition of the old world through nuclear blasts leaving behind the living envying the dead. We watch helplessly as the Powerful State. Bows down to the Beast.

Again, Heldore says to taste the radioactive flesh.

She said that the coming conditions would leave nations in starvation — keep that in mind when you see a 40 percent inflation rate and long lines at the gas pumps.

Americans will have to live on Macaroni and cheese budgets.

The apocalypse is right upon us — and if it isn’t, many spin doctors know how to pierce your heart and tug at its strings to get you to do things you used to abhor and make choices that you know are not real choices.

Dr. Heldore seems to be a spin doctor of the end times.

The “end of the world philosophies” are also in the eye of the beholder.

When someone says that we are about to see the end of the world transpire, there are always those who will laugh and pull out a science book and say that we still have five billion years before the sun goes into Red Giant mode, swallowing up the Earth and the other planets in the solar system. It is estimated that the Universe itself has sixteen trillion years before it starts collapsing back in on itself.

But it is not the end of the world that will happen it is the end of us — the end of our way of life — the end of social cohesion and cognitive liberty.

The elite have bet their livelihoods on the idea that we will fail –and if we don’t they will continue to traumatize us till we do.

The main goal of the so-called elite or the Illuminati is to create a network of human resources and labor for the sole purpose of maintaining the opulent lifestyles of the few. The way to do this is to create an imperial cult or empire that many have already associated with what is called a bestial leviathan empire.

In ancient writings, mainly the biblical apocalypse, this empire will signal the beginning of the apostasy and it will have a number and that number will be six hundred threescore and six.

Putting triple digits aside, we must look around us and realize that the world government is beginning to show us other signs and symbols of their power and most of these symbols and signs can be seen all over Europe as we see that there is already an air of capitulation to what can be seen as a Satanic empire being established in plain sight.

Yes, we see that the Nazis and communists are back — or we can point out that they never left.. that the war was meant to be continuous.

As Manley P. Hall stated in “Secret Teachings of All Ages” the dark monarch that encompasses the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, the balance of all forces, is known as the Great Servitor. He is both the Dark Lord and the bearer of all illumination.

This Lord or Messianic figure is as much the product of the people over whom he takes hold as it is of the internal charisma of him who ultimately comes to hold messianic power. There has to be that symbiosis between leader and follower; the “one” cannot exist without the idolatry associated with the adoration of the critical mass.

In history, it is necessary to admit the awful truth that people are far more responsible for bringing Hitler into the world than the leader himself. They permit the actions of leaders that utilize a destructive and toxic dynamic because of the deep relationship that has been cultivated through social engineering.

In the 21st century, the idea of death and suffering is a very effective tool in bringing flocks of “sleepwalking” followers to their knees. The fear of death once again hovers above the imagery and pageantry, smoothing over the Luciferian overtones.

The cycle will spin in the direction of a “World Leader” who will gain his throne through divisive means. Some tools and procedures need to be carried out for this to take place.

Dr. Heldore has seen it before — and of course, the elitist Luciferians believe it won’t hurt a bit.

There is no real band-aid or cure and no one is there to declare that the patient is dead.



Tricia Myers is a radio host for the show, Metal Devastation, and vocalist for the band,  Empyrean Fire. She grew up in Clarksville Tennessee and has lived in Oregon for 20-plus years while graduating from Mount Hood Community College in radio broadcasting in 1997.

Psychic Medium Cheri is gifted in this lifetime as a natural-born empath. She uses her multidimensional abilities to help bring balance and empower those she reads with compassion, honesty, and laughter. Cheri is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Medium. Working in conjunction with allopathic medicine, she can see any imbalances in the human body from the bones, organs, blood, and Qi. Cheri operated and managed a Medical Qigong Clinic helping clients with chronic and acute pain every week for over a year at no charge to those unable to pay. Her website is

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Pat

    November 1, 2023 at 6:55 pm

    Better be careful opening portals? You never know what’s gonna come out of them! Take care enjoy life every day above ground a good day

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