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Ron Patton | November 1, 2022

Last Thursday while exorcist, Bob Larson was praying for a listener, the name uttered was “Lancier” which is actually the name of the Dark Knight; virtually, the Angel of Death or Demon Knight who rides the White Horse on the 13th card in the Tarot deck. Then on Friday’s show, Dr. Heldore revealed more than ever, eerie warnings of a nuclear-apocalyptic world that may be on the horizon. Today is the Day of the Dead as we listen to the messages of history and whispers on the winds of the long-departed. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Diabolus Rex, Magus of the Vril Imperium, about DEMON KNIGHT.





Today is The Day of the Dead — it is also recognized as All Saint’s Day where the demons are put to bed and the good spirits pass over the earth and communicate with those who earnestly seek comfort from loved ones who have passed away.

There are some though who like to carry on the Halloween festivities on the Day of the Dead and so it lingers like the sound of a chainsaw on a Texas highway.

As the world seems on the brink of ‘unavoidable‘ war, the battle at home may have already been lost as our fellow man seems to be having a Black Night of the Soul.

When Bob Larson appeared on Ground Zero to talk about Exorcism he invited listers to come on the air and pray with him.  He wanted troubled souls to leap out of people’s consciousness and he wanted these tortured beings to say their names.

We had a call from Courtney in Indiana, who told Bob about family trauma from two suicides. When Bob asked her if there was any name that came to mind — perhaps some demon responsible for the suicides — she said the word “Lancier.”

After doing some searching the Lancier is actually the name of the Dark Knight — virtually the Dark Knight who rides the white horse on the 13th card in the Tarot deck.

Some call him the angel of Death, Demonic Knight or Black Knight,

There is a Jewish Apocryphal book called the Apocalypse of Moses where the lives of Adam and Eve are given in detail and where Moses has a discussion with Metatron about the “watchers” and how their mission is to take the souls of men.

In the passage it says:

Moses saw another angel, whose countenance was totally different from those of the other angels, for he was ugly and his height of 540 years’ journey, and he was girded forty times around his waist. From the sole of the foot unto the head, he was full of fiery eyes, and whosoever looked at him, fell down in dread.

And Moses asked Metatron: “Who is this?” He answered: “This is the angel of death, who takes the souls of men.”

With our egos in check we must understand that while we believe that we are well advanced and educated, the reality is pointing to the idea that the ancients before us had all kinds of relationships with beings that lived outside of the earth and that they often fought for their own safety as the beings from the skies often wanted women, children and blood offerings for sustenance.

It may be hard to believe but much of what has been covered up by religions and governments regarding our affairs with these entities are actually well-known by those who are members of so-called secret societies. We see these scenarios played out today just like they were ancient.

If we look upon the 13th card of the Tarot we see that the rider of the pale horse. He is of course a skeleton clad in armor which represents a drastic change to anyone who draws it.

As he arrives, we see that a queen or a king dies, a Pope or Bishop welcomes him and the sun rises between the two temporal towers that represent the changing of time or the reborn Sun.

The temporal towers also have been interpreted as the sun shining on the New Jerusalem or the new world that changes as the sun transforms the earth for the new creation cycle.

The flower or the “Ros crux” on the flag of the rider is a representation of healing and change. The Ros crux can also be depicted as the celestial light cross. The cross in alchemy is the synonym of light, because any figure of a cross contains the three letters L V X or LUX. The Rosicrucians believed that light was the menses of the Serpent of Heaven.

There are many clues to consider when looking into the Dragon or serpent entity metaphor. The cyclical representation of time is the Ouroboros. It is the dragon eating its tail. An Ouroboros is also associated with the eclipse of the sun or moon.

This is known as the Black or Dark Night of the soul.

When the moon turns to blood — it sends a warning to the earth.

The dragon’s association with time is that it represents a time of change and a new direction. Its power may signify chaos and destruction but the Chinese would say that they are part of “the spirit of the true path to perfection” a sort of journey through the refiner’s fire — or baptism by fire.

If you recall these were some of the first words given by Dr. Heldore on the Ouija board last Friday Night.

The Baptism by fire usually means that an initiate is having to learn a lesson the hard way.

Baptism by fire and baptism of fire are two idioms that mean the same thing. Baptism by fire is more often used in the United States and baptism of fire is more often used in Britain. An idiom is a word, group of words or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal meaning.

Baptism by fire and baptism of fire describe something being experienced for the first time that is very difficult. Most often, enduring a baptism by fire means being thrown into a situation with little or no preparation and surviving it through one’s wits and gumption.

Previously, baptism by fire referred to experiencing battle for the first time or enduring martyrdom. The terms baptism by fire and baptism of fire are derived from the Bible, from the New Testament book of Matthew referring to the fire of the light of Christ.

Baptism by fire can also come from an unfortunate situation where a scorched earth policy can render us helpless unless we are aware and prepared.

Heldore also used the term Beware before she spoke of the Baptism by fire.

As the Death card appears with the Lancier, declaring a new world — the symbols of leadership falling in response can be seen in another Reference Heldore made about the birds pecking out the eyes of the tyrants in the gathering known as the supper of God.

Revelation 19 says:

“And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, ‘Come, gather together for the great supper of God”

In Proverbs we read:

“An eye that disdains a father and despises a mother— that eye will be plucked out by wild vultures and consumed by young eagles.”

This reminds me of the story of Prometheus who gave mankind fire.

Prometheus is a Titan god of fire. Prometheus is best known for defying the gods by stealing fire from them and giving it to humanity in the form of technology, knowledge, and more generally, civilization.

Zeus avenged himself on Prometheus by having him nailed to a mountain in the Caucasus and then sent an eagle to eat his immortal liver, which constantly replenished itself.

The Prometheus story is a great metaphor of the struggle between science and religion, the clarity of our conceptual innovation versus the well-established self-righteous power of faiths, and this battle’s relevance for the endangered humans.

We are struggling with that now and we are being introduced to Transhuman concepts of machines over that which is natural — that which is from God.

The concept of knowledge is becoming weaponized. We are seeing the oppression of thought and the censoring of ideas similar to what was seen when the Nazi’s head book burnings.

Heldore sounded the alarm of how thought crimes are happening everywhere and human rights are being trampled and also burned down by the fires of oppression.

The burning times are upon us and the witch hunts are soon to begin anew.

Irreconcilable differences of opinion go nowhere fast down a one-way street.  Ears clogged.  Waxed over canals of disinformation.

No one listens.

Heldore says it is all blood guts and shit. She is blunt about how things are all going to be some unrecognizable blood guts and affluent in the gutters.

In our cities we see people defecating in the gutters stabbing their arms with needles.  All we can do is helplessly watch that government vampires suck the rotten gangrene greedy junk from out the veins of an intoxicated junkie.

Shriveled up and steadily fading into the long dark night Sweet salvation whispers little lies into the wind.  Held in the arms of the Demon Knight who has turned the cards and crashed the scene.

Brutal baptism in the fire of grace.  Blistering boils upon the skin.  Needle penetration, Heldore then screams from the board
“taste the radioactive flesh.”

Occupied brainstems.  Parasites in the blood.  Psychologically based, trauma-induced, hypnotic trance.  Categorized demolition of the old world through nuclear blasts leaving behind the living envying the dead.

We watch helplessly as the Powerful State.  Bows down to the Beast.

Again, Heldore says Taste the radioactive flesh.

She predicts a nation in starvation.

Now we are hearing that a seriously low U.S. and global diesel supply is likely to drive up fuel costs and worsen inflation, raising concerns as the cold weather months approach.

Analysts say that a confluence of factors, long bubbling beneath the surface, are now coming to a head as colder temperatures bring more seasonal demand for diesel, a fuel that powers trucks and buses and is also used in heating.

Gasoline and diesel are products made from oil, and oil prices soared after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.   Yet we here in the United States are not feeling the pinch yet — if we did we would probably see more protests.

It will eventually become one more kick to the backside.  One more punch in the temple.  One more drag-it-out brawl in the alleyway.  One more frantic father or mother fighting for the formula for their babies.

Heldore speaks of Chernobyl — the nuclear plant in Ukraine. Speaking of bitter waters and radioactive flesh.

What are the ramifications of huffing depleted uranium, how will the milk taste as the cows graze in the fallout? Will people be forced to eat each other? Tasting the radioactive flesh?

Heldore speaks of GMOs and lab meat.

We are currently seeing rising food prices due to a combination of an engineered food crisis for geopolitical reasons, financial speculation by hedge funds, pension funds and investment banks and profiteering by global grain trade conglomerates.

In addition, agri firms like Bayer, Syngenta (ChemChina) and Corteva cynically regard current circumstances as an opportunity to promote their agenda and seek commercialization of unregulated and improperly tested genetically engineered (GE) technologies.

These companies have long promoted the false narrative that their hybrid seeds and their GE seeds, along with their agrichemicals, are essential for feeding a growing global population. This agenda is orchestrated by vested interests and career scientists – many of whom long ago sold their objectivity for biotech money – lobby groups and disgraced politicians and journalists.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to deflect and sway opinion, these industry shills also try to depict their critics as being Luddites and ideologically driven and for depriving the poor of Genetically Engineered food and farmers of technology.

The agri-biotech sector is engaged in a corporate hijack of agriculture while attempting to portray itself as being involved in some kind of service to humanity.

Meanwhile, the world starves.

Russia is suspending its participation in the pact that has allowed the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to world markets.

Russia halted its role in the Black Sea deal on Saturday for an “indefinite term” because it could not “guarantee safety of civilian ships” traveling under the pact after an attack on its Black Sea fleet.

Again, this is where the people of Europe will starve. Some people in the United States will Starve.

Dr. Heldore says Europe will freeze this winter.

The U.K. Meteorological Office is poised to update its seasonal winter outlook next week. Amid Europe’s energy crisis, the release is attracting a much wider audience.

Because Britons have been told that they may see rolling blackouts in the winter and it is recommended that they stock up on blankets and warm coats.

A cold, dry, and windless winter could drain their natural-gas storage, which European governments scrambled to build up in recent months in an attempt to wean themselves from Russian energy.

Dr. Heldore has summed up what she feels are bleakest of dystopian outcomes — but I don’t think it has to be this way–and if it is then you best be prepared for anything.

Spirits do not like telling the future. Some will, but many say NO when you ask them about future events. It is much like when, in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the spirits tell Scrooge of what may happen, not what is definite. The future is unsure in any realm; some things are clear and some things are cloudy. Don’t ask questions unless you really want to know the answers.

The demon-haunted world is most certainly a world that is poisoned in some way. Something very powerful has caused a glitch in the matrix and as the veil thins in times of chaos people are beginning to see the demons appear out of nowhere. The chaos that surrounds us today is generating an environment where demons that we once thought were imaginary are very real and appear openly from time to time to remind us that they are here to thwart the progression of mankind.

It is no longer rare to see millions of people today that are nothing more than a shell of what they once were. The metaphor of the walking dead is not lost on those who are aware of how the demonic world is very real and that there needs to be a concerted effort to try and foster a sense of peace and well-being in our lives. Something out there is straining on its leash. It is howling at the gates of hell. It seems that the metaphor of the angels and the demons coming together for the battle is being brought forth.

This happened before and it’s happening again, and every monster you can imagine is about to appear in various places.

Every spirit that speaks from the grave will also impart valuable information for the living.

This is what the day of the dead is about — listening to the messages of history and whispers on the winds of the long departed.

The voices of history tell you the truth and today telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  The world is supposed to be chaotic, filled with diversity, different species, and different ways of taking the essential elements of physical reality and making something of it in a dissimilar and special way.

Humans, in particular, have an even greater variety of expressions.

This is one of the unique things about us as a species. We create outside of the limitations of our instincts. Our potential is unlimited.  Critical thinking provides us with many ways of interpreting religion, science, and even the words from a Tulpa called Dr. Heldore.

We are supremely capable of making decisions about what is good for us, individually and collectively, by putting our minds into action with very few limitations.

We should not stand for the infantilization of the populace nor should we stand for the neglect that the so-called leaders of the world have given us –as they claim to care.

We can create a nearly perfect life if left to do this on our own resources without some elite criteria to meet set by an individual or a small group of individuals that benefits only them.

This is tyranny.

If we allow it to continue — we can only fear the sound of the white horse galloping in the distance and the Demon Knight riding in the make his harvest.



Diabolus Rex is the Magus of the Vril Imperium. An Occultural Designer, Engineer and Artist, his current work is centered around the creation and development of the “Ragnarok Engine,” an 80,000 LB generating Forge and Chaos generator. Fractal causality theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Tesla theoretics are integral to his work.





Written by Ron Patton


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  1. joe

    November 1, 2022 at 6:09 pm

    I AM GLAD Kanye West,,Trump,,Alex Jones,Elon MUSK. Dave Chapelle. Zuckerberg all WOKE UP An told truth

  2. Eddie

    November 1, 2022 at 8:55 pm

    Within the invisible spirit realm, there are both good and bad spirits. But they are NOT persons, who once lived and died on earth before

    When a person dies, he or she does NOT PASS ON to the spirit world, as many people THINK or want to BELIEVE. The reason for this fact, is because God’s Word the Bible says so. God’s Word the Bible, is a book of TRUTH, that comes from the only true God, whose name is ‘JEHOVAH’. Jehovah God, created humans; so he well knows what happens to them when they die.

    God’s Word Bible says that God formed , the first man, Adam, “out of dust from the ground.” (Genesis 2:7) God put him in Paradise, the garden of Eden. If Adam had obeyed God’s law, he would not have died; he would still be alive on earth today. But when Adam deliberately broke God’s law, God said to him: “You [will] RETURN TO THE GROUND, for OUT OF IT you were taken. For DUST YOU ARE and TO DUST YOU WILL RETURN.”—Genesis 3:19.

    This simply means, WHERE was Adam before Jehovah created him, was from the dust, or just was NOWHERE. He was NOT some UNBORN SPIRIT ALREADY IN HEAVEN BEFORE. Adam just simply did NOT EXIST BEFORE HIS CREATION AS A MAN ON EARTH. So when Jehovah God said that Adam would “RETURN to the GROUND,” he meant that Adam would simply DIE, and ONCE AGAIN, BECOME LIFELESS or NONEXISTENT. Death, is the ABSENCE OF LIFE. So Adam did NOT CROSS OVER to the spirit realm.

    It’s the SAME THING WITH OTHERS who HAVE DIED too. They also become nonexistent. God’s Word the Bible answers below:

    “All [both humans and animals] are going to one place. They have all COME TO BE FROM THE DUST, and they are ALL RETURNING TO THE DUST.”—Ecclesiastes 3:20.

    “The DEAD . . . are conscious of NOTHING AT ALL”—Ecclesiastes 9:5.

    “Their love and their hate and their jealousy HAVE ALREADY PERISHED.”—Ecclesiastes 9:6.

    “There is NO WORK NOR DEVISING NOR KNOWLEDGE NOR WISDOM in Sheol [the grave], the place to which you are going.”—Ecclesiastes 9:10.

    “[Man] GOES BACK TO HIS GROUND; in that day HIS THOUGHTS DO PERISH”—Psalm 146:4.

    • SARGE

      November 3, 2022 at 11:32 am


    • Jimbo

      November 7, 2022 at 11:15 am

      Animals were not created in God’s image, man was. Man is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. The physically deceased are most assuredly alive in their spirit and soul, as shown by the appearance of (deceased) Moses and Elijah with Jesus, on the Mount of Transfiguration (Mt. Hermon, Israel): Matthew 17:1-9

  3. Greg

    November 2, 2022 at 5:37 am

    The all inclusive multicultural world is becoming Pandemonium. They have welcomed in everything and everyone including the demons. The Grand Pindar has given the demons authority to shape the world. Another movie that could be considered predictive programming is Spawn from the 90’s. In that movie the Violator helps a rich man spread a killer diseases to bring about the apocalypse.

  4. Jimbo

    November 7, 2022 at 11:02 am

    Clyde, none of what you monologued points anyone to Christ. Baptism by fire in scripture (Mt.3:11) refers to and is associated with the Holy Spirit, third person of the Trinity.
    Do you think the apostles consulted tarot cards or ouija boards after Christ’s ascension for a prophetic revelation? No, they did not. Prophecy is one of the “gifts” of the (Holy) Spirit as delineated by Paul scripture { 1Cor.12 ; 1Cor.14 }. They are all dispensed as He wills.

    This scripture (quoted by Lincoln): “A house divided cannot stand,” also applies to having one foot in God’s word and the other in the occult. During the first Civil War some tried to avoid consequences by wearing half Union Blue and half Confederate Gray uniforms.

    They got shot at by both sides.

    Do a scriptural “acid test” on your unseen ethereal/astral counselors: a spirit that confesses/agrees Christ is the son of God come in the flesh, is from God. Any spirit that doesn’t, isn’t. {1John 4:2 }

    Avoid like hell any spirit of anti-Christ.

    Another gift of the spirit to Christ’s followers is ‘discernment’ of spirits. Titular Christians cannot receive/exercise this gift within their person.

    A double minded man is covered in James 1:8. Revelation 21:8 has application.

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