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Clyde Lewis | November 1, 2021


Last Thursday, I wanted to paint a picture of what synchronicity is about and how it plays out in things like precognition and even prophetic prediction. We all have instincts, many of us can tap into our intuitive side while others have a hard time listening to that voice that guides them — a lot of that voice and motor responses are what we see in things like automatic writing, remote viewing and even in seances.

Some believe that dead spirits or demons speak to us with use of technology but other oracles exist like Crystal balls, Tarot cards, and Ouija boards.See the source image

All are used for precognition and it us argued by devout Christians that it is necromancy.

Couldn’t be that what is coming from the cards or even that little planchet is something inside us that attracts informants within our psyche to speak up?

We certainly want to believe that it is demonic but if the presaged information is right and it helps you — is it so demonic?

In the general population, we’re apt to dismiss precognition precisely because it’s so common. Déjà vu is an enduring reality glitch that might have strict mechanistic origins—nobody really knows—but many of us have had the experience of bumping into a friend only to declare, “Hey, I was just thinking about you.”

As observant rational-materialists, we generally chalk this kind of thing up to coincidence, but sometimes the odds are long enough to stir notions of heresy.

I am consistent with my defense of these oracles because I believe that dreams are where signals from the future are sorted and all things dealing with synchronicity and precognition are part of the human condition.

Which reminds me of a so called spirit that showed up during a show when we whipped out a Ouija Board.

I don’t recall a time in the history of my show where a spirit summoned from a Ouija board or an uninvited guest on the same board captured the imagination of my audience. Before Dr. Fauci was a household name — Ground Zero listeners became acquainted with a spirit who goes by the name of Heldore.See the source image

Heldore appeared during a Ground Zero show during an on air seance and claimed to be a doctor of the human condition and gave us his thoughts on health and humanity and the future that included pandemics and the election of President Biden.

He also predicted that President Trump would face health problems , just weeks before he was rushed to Walter Reed hospital and months before was diagnosed with COVID-19.

He also made the prediction that President Biden’s presidency would be cut short because of old age and health issues. He was not specific but he concluded that both Biden and Trump would not age well and that there would be continued debate on whether or not they were mentally fit for their responsibilities.

Heldore also predicted a rebellion that would create a constitutional crisis about the results of the election.

He also spoke of the implosion of the Middle East and the possible clash that would lead to a limited nuclear conflict.See the source image

We have been hearing about these events a lot longer than we can recall. Events that yield the same outcomes and that have been part of our cultural fears for thousands of years. Events are happening around us that point to a kind of Apocalypse where the literal meaning is actually happening and things that have usually carry the veneer of being “normal” have now turned paranormal and in some cases frightening and have caused us to become pensive where we are in the universe.

Heldore made claims that he was a General Practitioner– a doctor that studies the human condition. He said that he arrived at a time where people need to see the writing on the wall –Troubling trends of depression, burnout, and declines in empathy have been demonstrated and it has left people wanting.

He used the term numbered, numbered, weighed, divided-or the biblical Mene mene Tekel Upharzin the miraculous Aramaic writing on the wall interpreted by Daniel as foretelling the destruction of Belshazzar and his kingdom.

His assessment of the human condition was certainly filled with dread as we were preparing to dive into the COVID-19 lockdowns and draconian measures that put the human condition to the test.

As the medical world evolves and doctors rely more heavily on technical instruments and an ever increasing knowledge base, unique challenges are presented to the newest ranks of physicians.

Heldore, of course, seemed to abhor the technocratic moves that he claimed would create the need to treat humans like animals.

We used to learn in Sunday School that perfect love casted out fear. It is equally true that perfect fear casted out love: and since the advent of the evil Virus, it has been doing just that – remorselessly, callously, and self-righteously.

Think twice, says fear, before you offer spontaneous gestures of affection or concern, and remember that you yourself, and everyone you meet, are walking germ depositories, dispensing unseen particles of disease with every breath, and leaving a trail of unwholesome microbes on every surface you touch.

Your aged parent is losing their grip on life, for lack of contact with loved ones? Sad, but it can’t be helped. It’s for their own good that you abandon them to their loneliness. Your wife is dying of cancer in hospital, and you may not visit her to say goodbye? A shame but stopping the possible transmission of Covid must be your priority.

Your mother sits isolated at your father’s sparsely attended funeral (the bulk of the mourners are grieving responsibly in their cars, outside), and you move close to comfort her? No, no, no! This is dangerous, go back to your socially-distanced seat at once!See the source image

No bare-faced smiling at your neighbor in the street, or at that little child staring suspiciously at your masked face. Throw yourself under that (empty) bus, if necessary, to avoid cross-contamination when the pavement is too narrow to permit distancing. As for family visits, just make do with nice, aseptic Zoom. Stop the Spread! Be unselfish! Save Lives!

For yes, all these inhumanities are being promoted under the guise of selflessness.

Only selfish, uncaring people would dream of allowing their children to play freely with their friends, or to hug their grandparents; only selfish, uncaring people would want to share a meal or celebrate special occasions with other households; only selfish, uncaring people would expose each other to death-by-human-contact in order to give warm, physically-present support or solace, or to satisfy an unreasonable craving for companionship.

Dr. Heldore is laughing manically as the human condition is wanting — numbered, divided, and ignored.

You need to remember that being this way is for the common good as you stamp your obedient foot on another human face. Put on your mask, hide your feelings, and above all, for the sake of others, offer up your tainted body for purification, by grace of an experimental vaccine.

Thou shalt not defy the rules of the state– thou shalt obey rules which defy the age-old, instinctive wisdom of loving kindness in the belief that they are not only saving themselves from a death revealed by ghoulish media reports to be more horrible than any other, but acting for the greater good: the means justify the end, and this is the only way back, to freedoms that were taken for granted a short twelve months ago.

Dr. Heldore coincidentally arrived to warn of us of our folly but who is he or what is he? Why should we listen to some alleged spirit from the other worlds warning us of how we are becoming our own worst enemy and that the human condition is critical?

Make no mistake, neither masking nor lockdowns nor vaccination will arrest the ongoing pageant of dehumanization which is being rolled out globally in line with the well-published agendas of those who wear the evil masks at the Illuminati orgies.

They have their quotas to make in the cull — little by little the death toll grows which encourages the fearful to vaccinate and vaccinate often — get your booster, take your pills and damn your fantasies about Ivermectin and damn those horse’s ass’s that are taking horse dewormer.

The masks, the lockdowns, the vaccinations are useful tools, speeding the new abnormal on its way, and now that they have proved so effective, they are set to continue indefinitely – perhaps with an occasional easing of restrictions in between fresh “surges”, to keep a figment of hope alive.See the source image

Already we are told that the miracle vaccines have been “tweaked” and modified for your kids and yet they won’t stop the spread of infection. You want to force your kids to get these? They offered adults donuts, beer, 100-dollar bills and a million-dollar lottery– they won’t even offer the kids a lollipop or a popsicle.

Because they know that brainwashed adults will twist the ear or arm of their kids because they are good servants of the state.

Oh but when it is all but over with only 20 percent left without vaccination –the majority will treat these people like sick dogs — posting signs warning them that they are no longer welcome in society.

The only excused bigotry now is for bullying fat people and the unvaccinated — they are the only groups whose lives don’t matter — well at least not all that much.

More lockdowns will be required, more vaccinations, more state surveillance, whilst the mirage of a return to the old normality drifts hazily away towards an undefined horizon.

What good can ever come from submitting, even in the belief that it is temporary, to a regime in which ostracism masquerades as solicitude, cruelty as kindness?

It is the Orwellian wet dream — and the vocal say that they support it, but how can they– it is not rational, which shows that the human condition is in need of either restraint or deprogramming.

Ultimately, the choice is not between different interpretations of statistics, but between a fixation on one single perceived threat to health, and respect for the moral imperatives which, until now, have guided our behavior during pandemics.

It all boils down to perception does it not? hasn’t that been a running theme for me lately? What is it that we perceive? How do we see the human condition?

If indeed the world “out there” only exists within the mind, that would seem to indicate that each individual has the power to change the world just by changing his/her perception of it. For some, this led to frustration for they understood the ultimate truth on an intellectual level but they couldn’t see how to actualize this truth in order to effect lasting change.

After all, our world is filled with sickness, death, war, violence, crime, hate, segregation and suffering.

By stating that the world out there, filled with all these horrible things– wouldn’t that put us in the position to declare the human condition beyond repair?

The virus is not just a condition that originated in Wuhan– we have availed ourselves for sickness of spirit and mind.

Radical transformation begins with observation. Because in the seeing is the doing. Once you see your own programming and understand how that has created your limitations, you can begin to overcome them.

Once you learn about what you fear — once you have observed the darkness, you can know what you are dealing with and what we are dealing with now is corporate evil, blessed by the technocrats who wish to reset our lives.

We need to be our own alchemists — or own doctors of our own conditions. there needs to be a moment where we take charge and no that life has risks. That is why we live instead of languishing from day to day accomplishing nothing.

A transformation in consciousness requires humility and surrender. Failing this, the ego is given free rein to make conclusions and judgments and cling on to prevailing tendencies, all of which hold us back from achieving our true potential.

The spiritual mind is the mind that is without fear — it is a mind that uses discernment and does not preoccupy itself with failures and short comings.

To err is human — at least that is what we are told.

Only in the absence of fear that the energy of life is allowed to flow unimpeded. It is in this state that we are truly aware, truly receptive to the gifts of life.

Close-minded skeptics, trapped in their own belief box, either consciously or unconsciously, select and interpret experiences in such a way to ensure that what is believed to be “impossible” never actually happens. Observable phenomena or experiences that seem to defy common understanding are relegated to the realm of delusion or simply ignored.

As long as the skeptic remains in the confines of his limiting beliefs, he is not able to grow, learn or evolve. His intellect may continue to accumulate facts and figures, but his being remains frozen at the doorway leading to the “Path of Knowledge.”

Our new approach to the human condition should be to cast out fear in favor of love, resolving the present conflict between concern for public health and the moral imperatives which should always take precedence over panicked speculation.

It would, however, be exceedingly inconvenient for those currently seizing the chance to impose their anti-human agendas on humanity, under cover of a pandemic.

Those stuck in the cogs of the technocratic medial surveillance state mechanism remain vulnerable to flattery, bribery and fame.

What the world calls success is better described as the ability to take and destroy. The technocratic mind divides the world into “winners” and “losers”, left right republican democrat — many ways of creating the scapegoat and the victim.

But in the process the whittle away character and common sense leaving people to follow like sheep– looking toward a bellwether that is incompetent if not psychotic.

The technocrat new normal can be defined by shallow metrics such as wealth and influence, an outlook that fails to take into account the diverse talents expressed by each individual.

On the other hand, the spiritual and intuitive mind treats success as the natural outcome of an evolved consciousness seeking to better the world and improve life for all humanity.

The technocratic mind believes that the ends justify the means, while the spiritual mind is unattached to the fruits of its actions. The automotive technocratic cult is arrogant, covetous and self serving.See the source image

The mind is more like a machine in the hands of the technocrats which favor conformity and seeks to remove problems by employing standardized protocols.

The mechanical mind fails to take into account the uniqueness of each individual. For example, mechanistic medicine treats symptoms but does not identify the root cause of illness or distress, which requires an understanding of how the mind and the body relate, the so-called “placebo effect” which is downplayed, misunderstood and underutilized.

The spiritual mind accepts responsibility for its actions and understands the consequences of failing to evolve, the mechanical mind, largely out of fear, remains nihilistic.

The mechanical mind constantly sets goals and struggles for achievement. This never-ending cycle brings fleeting satisfaction but it does not fill the lurking void of meaninglessness. In this state, happiness must be forced– safety must be forced, conformity gets you limited rewards — and coercion is a fact of life.

Oppression is the objective of the state and there are plenty of mechanical minds that wish to follow in the footsteps of these jackbooted technocratic demons.

The Oppressive mind seeks to “debunk” contrasting viewpoints and prove itself correct. It hungers after recognition and praise for its intellectual contributions.

It is a new kind of narcissism — where it is never corrected or fact checked by those who wish to hijack the meaning.

They are the true faceless demons of the world.. and are there to thwart the human condition — this is why this Halloween we thing that perhaps it is time to call upon Dr.Heldore.

Who knows…he may tell us a little something that is uncomfortable to hear but it will certainly show that the human condition has been invaded by a cabal of satanic mechanics.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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