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Clyde Lewis | October 6, 2021


Many of us who were raised in Christian families were told about various events that would happen in the future and that we would witness something called the, Last Dispensation.

In Christianity, dispensations were established through Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus Christ.

The Abrahamic faiths maintain a linear cosmology, with end-time scenarios containing themes of transformation and redemption.

In Judaism, the term “end of days” makes reference to the Messianic Age and includes an in-gathering of the exiled Jewish Diaspora, the coming of the Messiah, the resurrection of the righteous, and the world to come.

Some sects of Christianity depict the end time as a period of tribulation that precedes the second coming of Christ, who will face the Antichrist along with his power structure and usher in the Kingdom of God.

In Islam, the Day of Judgment is preceded by the appearance of the al-Masih al-Dajjal, and followed by the descending of Isa (Jesus). Isa will triumph over the false messiah, or the Antichrist, which will lead to a sequence of events that will end with the sun rising from the west and the beginning of the Judgment Day.

Non-Abrahamic faiths tend to have more cyclical world-views, with end-time eschatologies characterized by decay, redemption, and rebirth.

There has always been speculation that in the end times there would be a false prophet who would organize many churches and faiths under an ecumenical umbrella that would create an interfaith one world religion.

The other night, I spoke of the major project carried out by the Pope and Muslim leaders to create an interfaith Abrahamic house of worship in the United Arab Emirates.Friedensprojekt „Abrahamic Family House“ - ubm magazin.


The project is endorsed and closely followed by the Grand Imam and Pope Francis, and is supervised by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity.

The Abrahamic Family House’s design, by architect Sir David Adjaye, captures the values shared between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, through three main buildings, including a mosque, a church, and a synagogue in one place. As such, the complex innovatively recounts the history and builds bridges between human civilizations and heavenly messages.

The names of three iconic houses of worship are officially unveiled as “Imam Al-Tayeb Mosque,” “St. Francis Church,” and “Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue” named after the famed medieval rabbi and physician also known as the Rambam.

In the vicinity of the site, there will be a cultural center that aims to encourage people to exemplify human fraternity and solidarity within a community that cherishes the values of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, while the unique character of each faith is preserved.

The Christian church will not have a cross as it is forbidden to have any displays of crosses in Abu Dhabi and it is also illegal to preach Christianity and Judaism there.

So what is the point of the campus?

Certainly, it is a sign that the Pope wants to blend faiths for the future ecumenical fraternity –something that was a warning from the Apostle Paul about the great deception and apostasy.

According to Hebrews 3:12, apostasy consists in an unbelieving and self-willed movement away from God in contrast to Hebrews 3:14, which must be prevented at all costs.

We have been hearing about these events a lot longer than we can recall. Events that yield the same outcomes and that have been part of our cultural fears for thousands of years. Events are happening around us that point to a kind of Apocalypse where the literal meaning is actually happening and things that have usually carry the veneer of being “normal” have now turned paranormal and in some cases frightening and have caused us to become pensive where we are in the universe.

The paradigm is shifting, the veil is lifting, and events are baffling. We all seem to concede that all of the massive change can be attributed to God, angels, demons or aliens. However, all of these conclusions are the accepted insanity for the moment and as any Fortean will tell you, this is purely business as usual in the apocalypse and business will continue as long as there are people pushing for an eschaton or second coming of Jesus, or the coming of a Mahdi, or some magical deliverer that has the magic touch.

Admittedly, events that are showing up in the news appear to be similar to what we have read about in bible prophecy. The dreams and nightmares are manifesting in unbelievable events. Stories that include earthquakes, eclipses, planet collisions, visits from “angels”, “demons” “space elders” and of course the return of a messianic God.

All of these events are part of a universal core belief that exists in the three major monotheistic religions. This leaves the people of the world in a very vulnerable position.

I know that in times like these, it is easy to make up your mind that we are definitely in the end times. The question is now that the domino has been pushed, how many years will we have to endure the suffering that leads to the inevitable end.?

Will it be as the Christians, Muslims and Jews have been prophesying or will it be more akin to an alien invasion as viral videos on the internet are showing strange UFO’s buzzing our military.

In the months ahead we will look up into the skies and we will definitely see changes and signs that will provoke thought about what is ahead in the apocalypse.

In March of 2022, there will be an event in heaven where two stars will converge creating a bright light in the sky — far brighter than Polaris. It is predicted that the start collision could produce a red Nova — and would appear to have red gasses emanating from it.

They are calling it the Messiah star, comparing it to the star of Bethlehem. Some say that this is a sign that the red planet Hercolubus is returning — much like Planet X or Nemesis which of course is a sign that the world is coming to an end.

Others see it as a sign that a false messiah is organizing his priest class and will establish a one world government and a world religion.

NASA has said that they are now ready to take aim at an asteroid that will eventually hit us. However, they have also said that no space rock will put the earth in the cross-hairs for at least 200 years or more.

Meanwhile, governments are making plans to alter how we make our money — they call it stakeholder capitalism –centralized world banking, token economies and block chain madness.

A few days ago, I spoke of the transhuman transition and the promise of a new age, a golden age with one world government and one world religion.

It has always been called The New World Order — but now we are learning that it is being called the fourth industrial revolution. It is the establishment of a new empire overseen by technocratic overlords that have plans for the world and you.

There has been a buzz on the internet about a time called Year Zero. An allegedly fictitious story of how the United States and other democracies would fall to a Satanic Order in the year 2022.Hell yeah! How the satanists became the good guys

Year Zero is from the idea that after the Antichrist takes over they would eliminate the calendar so no one could refer to time as they once did. Since the Gregorian calendar is based on Jesus’s birth, the idea is that the Antichrist would want that removed from use.

After I had talked about this scenario– we began to see how quickly governments are moving towards this one world government and the destruction of the legacy systems to make way for new systems provided by technology.

We are living in the great apocalypse or there are those who wish to convince us that we are.

It is all a matter of how you see it –what you believe and how it all appears to be following the blueprint of eschaton.

I would like to point out that while I am far from being any kind of great religious example, I can smell a conspiracy against justice and the exploitation of people with faith a mile away.

The revolution of faith and truth seems to be deteriorating as political paranoia and megalomania persists and the omnipotence of a creator is being replaced with the false omnipotence of science and empire.

The technocrats and climate priestcraft stands between the world and the unsavory methods they will choose to put us close to the edge of extinction.

Power has its limits, and it is time we start saying so. It is time that we stop making excuses for criminal behavior by saying “our enemies do it so why don’t we do it?” The psychopaths seem to always find a way to be forgiven. They always seem to endear themselves to us. They always seem to say that they have made peace with God by making war with others.

Certainly, it is the last refuge of scoundrels.

All things that benefit this country will now take a back seat to the world order that our leaders have chosen to construct. The leaders of this world find it necessary and in some cases under the God mandate to enforce their various agendas from vaccines to climate change.

They tamper with environment, move into take land and resources from those that are less powerful, and they organize campaigns to malign and marginalize those that wish to stand up and demand accountability.

The Climate Crisis is gaining momentum leaving COVID-19 in the dust — but things like plagues and scarcity are becoming quite useful as weapons to wield power over the people and the people have no alternatives or imagination to fight against the take over.

Much of the climate crisis consensus seems aligned with the ruling class — and is fueled by the specter of eugenics, that when implemented will certainly provide a way to weed out undesirables that wish to abuse resources and to remove those pesky carbon footprints from the earth.

And lest you think that it is all hyperbole, just spend some time investigating the activities of the Gates Foundation. It always floors me when I see so many people froth in admiration of Gates.

To speak out about how worship of science is replacing the worship of God creates a groundswell of people who denounce it as conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theory used to be reserved for revealing corruption, cover ups and clandestine activities now its simply analysis of how the culture is succumbing to manipulation and mind control.

Exposing the shills and trolls that infest all truthful attempts to bring a balanced view to Geo-Politics is becoming way too easy . They are now exposing themselves with arguments that expose where their loyalties lie.

Loyalties to God and Country are no longer part of the equation –as we are spiraling towards Year Zero.

Pope Francis and other religious leaders made a joint appeal on Monday for next month’s U.N. Climate Change Conference to offer concrete solutions to save the planet from “an unprecedented ecological crisis.”Pope Francis takes part in the "Faith and Science: Towards COP26" meeting with other religious leaders ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November in Britain, at the Vatican, October 4, 2021. Vatican Media/­Handout via REUTERS

They are calling it “Faith in Science” and are preparing various ideas to present before the United Nations.

The Pope has gathered together Christian leaders including Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, as well as representatives of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and Jainism.

Nearly 40 religious figures are behind the Pope and these actions that they wish to implement for the Climate change agenda.

Justin Welby thee spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans, called for a “global financial architecture which repents of its past sins”, including changes in tax rules to promote green activity.

“We have in the past 100 years declared war on creation… Our war against the climate affects the poorest among us,” Welby said.

The appeal urges all governments to adopt plans to help limit the rise in the average global temperature to 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to achieve net-zero carbon emissions as soon as possible.

Wealthier countries must take the lead in reducing their own emissions and in financing poorer nations’ emission reductions, it said.

Each religious leader present spoke briefly about the need to protect the environment. Those unable to attend because of the coronavirus pandemic sent video messages. At the conclusion, each poured soil into a potted olive tree to be planted in the Vatican gardens. They met again in the afternoon to discuss how faith and science can work together to raise awareness and cooperate further.

In prepared remarks for the event, Francis said that the world’s religious and spiritual traditions and science both stress the interconnectedness of our world. Recognizing the interrelations among species, he said, reveals not only the harmful effects of human activity on ecosystems, but also possible solutions.

The faith leaders, who conferred throughout the year in multiple meetings with leading scientists, including Hoesung Lee, chair of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said that “time is running out” and that this decade may be the last chance left “to restore the planet.”

The religious leaders urged governments to “achieve net zero carbon emissions as soon as possible.” Wealthier nations, which are the major emitters, must lead that effort, they said, as well as follow through on long-promised financing— $100 billion annually through the Green Climate Fund — to help less-industrialized nations curb emissions and adapt to Climate Change.

They also urged developed nations to commit to “loss and damage” payments to less-industrialized countries for climate-related destruction that has already occurred.

They advocated a new economic model that prioritizes human dignity, inclusivity, ecologically friendly practices over exploitation and excess, and “one based not on endless growth and proliferating desires, but on supporting life.”

The statement also called for special attention to the rights of Indigenous peoples, an end to biodiversity loss, responsible financing by banks and investors, and a just transition to a clean energy economy, with particular attention to employment for people working in the fossil fuel industry.

Calling Climate Change a moral issue, they stressed the importance of education and the “crucial” role of religious traditions in bringing about an “ecological conversion” among all people.

Many Christian and Jewish leaders, and even atheists, have suggested a “Green Sabbath” or “Climate Sunday”. The object is to shut down industry one day a week to reduce emission and to let the planet rest.

The faith leaders also pledged to more active political participation on environmental issues, and to take actions within their own communities to reduce emissions, pursue sustainability in their buildings and properties, encourage simpler lifestyles, seek out ethically produced goods and services, and apply environmentally and socially responsible standards to investments, including shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

An interfaith program called “Faith Plans for People and the Planet,” aimed at leveraging religious groups’ assets and investments, was also launched October 4.FaithsTakeAction - Twitter Search

The Vatican is creating the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, a seven-year roadmap to sustainability for all types of Catholic institutions, from families and dioceses to hospitals and schools.

A seven year plan has raised red flags for apocalyptic watchdogs.

More and more, the Vatican has emphasized the importance of a united religious voice on climate change.

It is more like a Climate Catechism that is meant to unite all religions in common cause –which is to blend religion and science and ignore faith in God.

Back in 2019 a proposal made at the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon, Pope Francis said there are plans to include a definition of ecological sins in the church’s official teaching.

“We should be introducing — we were thinking — in the Catechism of the Catholic Church the sin against ecology, ecological sin against the common home.

The Pope says that those that speak against the Climate crisis are heretics and have declared war on creation.

Many people though are seriously being vigilant and are preparing for what is to come.

There have been many vigilant Christians who have sent me e-mails warning me about the great deception. The deception they speak of usually has something to do with fallen angels and aliens and how there will be a time where the elect will be deceived into worshipping them as false gods.

Well, this great deception of faith is science and renouncing God appears to be the great apostasy that is created by Luciferian elements within the body of the invisible church.

We have been warned that the apostasy will be forged with intentions of peace and a united front with all religions. This new religious order has an agenda that many Christians, Jews, and Muslims will certainly be in agreement with.

Climate science is also becoming Climate religion — a great uniter as it is being used as a tool of fear, claiming that the earth’s expiration date is drawing near.

Well-known science fiction author H.G. Wells, a Fabian socialist, was forthcoming in his book “The New World Order” where all aspects of his fictions were seriously brought into reality in nonfiction where nothing was out of the question in bringing forth the totalitarian state including the changing of religious belief in order to sustain beliefs in a new form of collectivism or statism that will be used as way to create a new order for a new generation that will be ready to accept all things that we see as outrageous and unbelievable.H.G. Wells: His Life and Work

Wells, in his book, “The New World Order,” was quoted as saying “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.” Wells said that the eventuality would be that the Earth would be ruled by an oligarchy of enlightened elites that would be under the control of a shadow brotherhood that carries out their affairs with an intercession between beings of an unknown origin.

We would be reduced to nothing more perpetual children under the governorship of the daddy state or a religious collectivism under a new faith towards a different god – or perhaps no god at all.

The process would be undertaken for generations in order to ensure the collective thought to embrace that which was once seen as abhorrent:

“A sturdy and assertive variety of the new young will be needed for the police work of the world. They will be more disposed for authority and less teaching or creative activities than their fellows. The old proverb will still hold for the new order that it takes all sorts to make a world, and the alternative to driving this type of temperament into conspiracy and fighting it and, if you can, suppressing it, is to employ it, win it over, trust it, and give it law behind it to respect and enforce. They want a loyalty and this loyalty will find its best use and satisfaction in the service of world order.” — H.G. Wells

It has been the objective of many secret societies to create an event where the people of the planet earth will be forced to unite under one philosophy, one religious-political order and one government body in order to establish a new theocracy known as ZION or SION. Zion is a word that in Greek means “Sun” or where the Sun warms the land. Zion is literally the establishment of the new “Solar awareness” to be lead by the new “Sun God.”

A God that is the embodiment of the new man — the transformed man– a man who speaks of God yet denies his divinity.

Throughout history, there have been many attempts to establish this “New Zion,” “New Age” or new “Solar Awareness.” These attempts resulted in death and war and every self-appointed leader promises that the ideal Zion would bring about ideal change.

Government officials and now church leaders are attempting to fuse emotive and abstract elements together, such as: “economic stability” and “new world order”, “global co-operation” and “new world order”, “new religious movements”– “new world order” New Green Deal New world order and underpinning everything – “security” and “Sustainability” under one umbrella.

The same shall be for the invisible church of the world as it will no longer need buildings for worship – it will be a religion based in symbology and will include all religions in an ecumenical blend for the purpose of one world religion. A religion that implements a technocratic mix of there is no God — but man is God and all shall be whole in the hermetic arcanum of as above so below.

There is a Latin term for the newly united church – it is called the Pactum De Singularis Caelum or the “covenant under one heaven”. It is the attempt to solidify a nationalist dictum providing a solid ecumenical backdrop for a religion that is all-encompassing and strong. Their agenda is to bring about a “global spirituality,” one that appears to be all-encompassing with Judaism, Islam, and Christianity but mingles Luciferian concepts.Declaring Your Power | The Divine Covenant

The new spiritual model of unity and diversity holds that Jesus is only one of many religious ways. The themes of the new global spirituality include “All Things Are One” and “As Above, So Below“– terms that are associated with Hermeticism or ritual Magik. Basically, meaning there is no external god. God is man, God is earth, god is nature. All is God and that we are not alone in the universe. It is proposed that we are guided and influenced by powers and principalities of unknown origin.As above, so below | Tree of life art, Tree of life, Tree art

The stage is being set for the greatest politico-religious revolution that has ever been seen in history.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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