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Clyde Lewis | October 5, 2021


The battle over the debt ceiling, the infrastructure bill, and the reconciliation bill rages on, even into the new arena of the public toilet, literally, not just metaphorically. Arizona’s senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema was on the campus of Arizona State University and was followed by demonstrators into a bathroom.Protesters following Kyrsten Sinema into the bathroom undermined their  efforts | The Independent

She was followed by several members of the group who encouraged her to support the $3.5 trillion version of the infrastructure bill. One activist, who identified herself as Blanca, also encouraged Sinema to help establish a pathway to citizenship for undocumented migrants.

Meanwhile, in desperation, a trillion-dollar platinum coin could be minted “within hours” of the Treasury Secretary’s decision to do so. Again, indicating that it is a simple matter of creating a token economy that can easily be remedied by printing or minting coins to satisfy debtors.Why Stealing a $1 Trillion Coin Isn't Worth the Price of a Getaway Van |  WIRED

Congressional solutions to the debt-ceiling problem could take weeks to implement, especially if the reconciliation process is used and time is running out. In case of emergency, a trillion-dollar coin could be deployed to bridge any gap between the money running out and the debt ceiling being raised.

Producing a trillion-dollar Eagle coin would require only the denomination to be changed. Meaning that it could call a quarter a trillion-dollar coin if they wanted to.

The gambit, if successful, would prevent the potentially catastrophic debt default that, thanks to Congressional intransigence on both sides of the aisle, is looming fast.

The U.S. Treasury is basically issuing a small platinum token, give it a face value of $1 trillion, and deposit it at the Federal Reserve.

The trillion-dollar coin would allow the government to spend money without borrowing it or raising it via taxation. That could be a dangerous precedent to set.

So where is the worth coming from? Nowhere, of course — again, this is another example of programmable money — something that I mentioned with regard to the cashless society.

As we can see the corrupt are programming money now – it is just the beginning as we plummet to Year Zero.

Truth is stranger than fiction and the trillion-dollar fed coin may be in play soon.

We are right again – this is the beginning of the corrupt worthless money that can be programmed at will by the wealthy that control us.

Most of us when faced with a disturbing truth we would rather live-in denial than act on it, specifically, when it requires stepping outside of our comfort zone.

This is largely attributable to the fact that at an early age, each of us is programmed to go along with the status quo; blindly accept as the truth whatever is put before us by the educators, media, our parents, peers or an “authoritarian establishment.”

This seems to happen because of the way we are pre-conditioned to think and behave in the best way possible. We accept harsh and ugly realities as being authentic because they are explained to us in a palatable manner.

In America today, we are living in an unbelievably contrived fiction. Much of the most outrageous political fiction has been laid out in TV shows like House of Cards and Scandal—yes we know politics is theater for the ugly –we are well aware that there is corruption and yet, we adore those who lead us – we stick up for them when they are criticized and we treat politics as if it were a football game – and for some crazy reason, there are cheerleaders that are on the sidelines encouraging our leaders to continue to disregard the constitution and our freedoms.

We are a nation that is at war – the American experiment appears to be over and whatever happens next is certainly an indication of dark days ahead with a plate of vengeance that will be served cold to those who tapped danced on that frayed nerve of those who see themselves as patriots.

The right or wrong here is not an issue – the fight is against a paramoral threat that is external and there needs to be a consolidated effort to restore our constitutional republic.

Science. Politics. Religion. Interpersonal relationships. There is no sphere of human study, thinking, belief or behavior that isn’t affected in some way shape or form by what we believe to be true or false.

That’s what it all boils down to. And yet, doing the work to understand ourselves and the world in which we live is no small task – as we are constantly being presented with policies, ideas and perspectives that present this challenge to us in increasingly, significant and meaningful ways. And made all the more important for their intensity and wide-spread ramifications.

In this time of widespread tyranny, those who speak the truth are true heroes. Unfortunately, many seem to end badly, dismissed, imprisoned or suicide.

We have reached a point in this nation where the end justifies the means and in order to accomplish the goal of destroying our nation, an action of paramorality is in play.

It must be stressed that the paramorality in play is always an inversion of the prevailing morality that is also parasitic upon it — this is what Nietzsche called the slave morality. It is the morality forced upon those that will be reduced to peasants. Then we will see an apocalyptic morality that is ever present in our zombie fiction stories like “The Walking Dead.”

It is a particular type of perversion of morality that can feel more moral than moral but is, in fact, evil. This is because the paramorality acts in service to a pseudo-reality, not reality, and is thus the domain of psychopathy, which, when inflicted on the normal masses, is evil. The goal of the paramorality will always arise from and exist to favor people with particular psychopathologies who cannot otherwise cope with the discomforts of reality. This implies that an ideological pseudo-reality’s most successful means of gaining strength is through appealing to the perceived victimhood of those people and whipping up the grievances of those who have suffered similar injustices with more dignity. When widely empowered, this should be treated as another symptom of impending civilizational calamity and a need to identify and reject the pseudo-reality manipulating these feelings.

Today, we are brought back full circle and we are reminded again that Americans can’t get enough of politics— they can’t get enough of elite experts telling them what to do how to act — how to roll over and play dead like a good little dog.

Why not? There seems to be this idea that if we listen to them, we can be more like them. If we worship them then we can find our secular salvation. God is not enough, love is not enough but money, sex, sex, greed and death are what empires are built upon and now it appears that people would rather become state agents than to stand up and speak the truth about the controllers who are pushing us closer to that global plantation.

Last night, I was burning the midnight oil a bit because I wanted to read more about the Pandora Papers. The more I read, the more I realized is it such a big shock that the papers reveal that corruption and vanity politics are real?Pandora's Leaves | International Consortium of Investigative Journalists |  ICIJ: New investigation reveals 35 world leaders

The leak of 11.9 million financial records known as the Pandora Papers has revealed the offshore financial assets of many world leaders and politicians.

Moving money through offshore accounts, in mostly low-tax jurisdictions, is legal in most countries, and many of the people named in the data release aren’t accused of criminal wrongdoing.

Some of the names in the leaks are Jordan’s King Abdullah II, several members of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s inner circle and former UK prime minister Tony Blair.Bombshell international investigation opens 'Pandora' box of financial  secrets | The Times of Israel

So, we are now being told that the powerful are wealthy, and the wealthy are powerful. They’ll also often go to great lengths to avoid paying taxes — is this a revelation to you?

Is this just another way the elite are mocking us — telling the world that they know how to undermine the system while we the little people struggle to make ends meet?

Vanity politics and campaigns-for-hire mistresses offshore banks, drug cartels and sex trafficking all of the things that have turned me off about politics –all of the reasons that I wish more people would take to heart.

They are the elite, and they don’t care about you — they are the rich and they have made their money in many ways –some are legit and others are criminal.

Is that a shock to you?

The journalists who have leaked these papers feel cock sure that they are giving us all a dose of unknown revelation but the basis for all conspiracy theory is about corruption that needs to be exposed. Now political theater has created a Hollywood illusion of what we now think of those in power.

It is sexy, it is keen to the intellect — that is what they push, and limousine neo-liberals give us advice on what we should do and it is no real revelation that it fills their pockets.

From Plato and Aristotle forward, corruption was meant to describe actions and decisions that put a narrow, special, or personal interest ahead of the interest of the public or commonwealth. Corruption did not have to stoop to money under the table, vote buying, or even bribing people to get vaccinated. In the governing of a republic, corruption was self-interest placed above the interest of all—the public interest.

By that standard, can anyone seriously doubt that our Republic, our government, is corrupt? That there are corrupt money men who basically place their interests above yours?

Is this a surprise?

What brought us to this? A sinister system combining political contributions, political action committees, special interest payments for access, drug and big pharma interests. GMO farms, big oil, special interests, weapons of war purchasing and selling , opium interests. prostitution, pedophilia and, most of all, the rise of the lobbying class.

Frustrated, irate discussions of this legalized corruption are met in the Washington media with a shrug.

They are ignored by most journalists because of bottomless pockets willing to buy a news story and spread it like effluent on Facebook.

Every time there is a story about how Amazon is going to know ends to make its workers safe or that the phallic space craft owned by Jeff Bezos goes into orbit — it is bought and paid for commercial time — it is not news.

The Brave New World is now built on a mountain of lies — lies are the devil’s best friend –and we have discussed that he uses death as a threat in order to get his due.

So do the elite –and they would no sooner have you killed then to have to deal with the fodder they see every day — those that they see as useful idiots. People are nothing but stock and trade and those that are damaged are never fixed or helped.

They are left to fear over when they are going to eat, whether or not they have to sell their narcotics to some one so they can eat — choose a vaccine over a job.

The elites fill people with so much fear and hatred they don’t suspect the obvious: That the gods behind the curtain; the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, are gaining absolute power over our minds and bodies and we are giving it up to them without blinking an eye.Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates Really 'Self-Made'? This Viral  Twitter Thread Debunks the Myths

But they are minions for a greater evil and in my line of work, synchronicities exist in the dark clouds of apocalyptic paranoia and if we seek we will find and the conclusions we come to will be shocking if not enlightening.

Because so much of what’s being discussed has become part of everyday, normal life for many people, they fail to notice what it all means and where it is leading. But it’s important to step outside of the box and to become aware, if only not to aid unknowingly in the propagation of what is to come and what is currently happening and to protect the next generation in any way we can.

The Pandora Papers appear to be a serial reveal as we have heard about other such exposés like the Panama Papers in 2016, and the Paradise Papers of 2017, now the Pandora Papers are leaked — this is so interesting it sounds like it could be a movie trilogy on HBO Max.

Why not? Everything seems to be a movie of the week these days from Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski to The Assassination of Gianni Versace– and yes, I watch them — all of them.

I remember when gun activist David Hogg had an off-camera moment where he said that he knew how government operated because he watched “House of Cards.” Yes this is how our young people learn about government and I am sure that many young girls would love to grow up to be Kerry Washington as she could get out of any problem in the Washington D.C. tabloid type show “Scandal.”

Again, I watch them all.

If there’s a scandal here, it’s that countries like the UK and the US have set up their financial systems in such a way as to allow the wealthy to avoid stumping up the money that ordinary folks have to pay. Oddly, though, that’s not the way that the press has decided to play the story. Instead, the words “Russia,” “Putin,” and “Kremlin” have led the way, as if clever tax dodges were somehow part and parcel of a web of corruption leading back to Moscow.

Oh, but yet we hear that China has their dirty little fingers in everybody’s pie – they have fingered every cookie in the cookie jar.

The problem, one suspects, is that having got their hands on millions of pages of financial documents showing the wheelings and dealings of the rich and powerful, the massed ranks of Western journalism were left with the awkward reality that none of it shows any obvious wrongdoing. In fact, it’s all completely above board. There’s no scandal there – save for that of the fact it’s legal in the first place. So one has to be invented.

There is little wonder that Americans of the right and many in the middle are apoplectic at their government and absolutely, and rightly, convinced that the game of government is rigged in favor of the elite and the powerful.

The Pandora Papers reveal how wealthy individuals can shield their income and their assets from taxation and scrutiny by hiding them in offshore jurisdictions, more commonly known as “tax havens.”Tax Haven - Understanding How Tax Havens Benefit Companies

I don’t see this as groundbreaking stuff — and I am curious if it changes our attitude about those who wish to rule over us.

Bets may be taken as to the length of time that will expire before this tsunami of political money ends up in the pockets of break-in burglars, wiretap experts, surveillance magicians, and cyberpunks.

We know that a lot of this money buys propaganda, gives lobbyists a reason to push the climate change fiasco, pushes the agenda of GMO foods, and creates a scarcity economy that will be rescued by the Build Back Better budgets set aside for the great reset.

Millions of leaked documents and the biggest journalism partnership in history that calls itself the the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists have uncovered financial secrets of 35 current and former world leaders, more than 330 politicians and public officials in 91 countries and territories, and a global lineup of fugitives, con artists and murderers.

The secret documents expose offshore dealings of the King of Jordan, the presidents of Ukraine, Kenya and Ecuador, the prime minister of the Czech Republic and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The files also detail financial activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “unofficial minister of propaganda” and more than 130 billionaires from Russia, the United States, Turkey and other nations.

The leaked records reveal that many of the power players who could help bring an end to the offshore system instead benefit from it – stashing assets in covert companies and trusts while their governments do little to slow a global stream of illicit money that enriches criminals and impoverishes nations.

The papers don’t even allege any actual crimes took place, and they don’t name-and-shame any noteworthy politicians at all , but still…they are apparently a huge deal.

Now a real investigative journalist might, at this point, ask “well who leaked these papers?” and “what did they stand to gain?”, but that was not the intention of the Consortium of Investigative Journalists they’re just here unquestioningly publish documents sent to them by intelligence agencies and billionaires, and call them “leaks”.

You see, despite the name, the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” are not really journalists. In fact, they’re a “special project” of the Orwellian “ministry of truth called the Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit funded by various foundations and billionaires, including George Soros.Here's why George Soros, liberal groups are spending big to help decide  who's your next D.A. - Los Angeles Times

“Rich people avoid taxes and lie about it” is not breaking news, and when the newspapers like the Times and Washington Post report it as if it is…well, it’s because it must serve some other purpose.

It gave President Biden a reason to talk about his new tax regulations and his debt ceiling agendas. It’s like Biden acts like an ice-cream-truck vendor passing through the neighborhood and everybody stands out on the street waving their dollars to be taken.

But that’s America a country that used to expose this type of corruption and would flee from it — now it is as if they want it like Ice cream.

What would our founders make of this nightmare of corruption? We only know, in Thomas Jefferson’s case, for example, that his distrust of central government had to do with the well-founded and prescient suspicion that its largesse would go to powerful and influential interests, especially financiers, who knew how to manipulate both the government and the financial markets. In particular, Jefferson envisioned sophisticated bankers speculating in public-debt issues with some if not all the interest incurred going into their pockets.

He was way ahead of his time. The limits of his imagination would not have encompassed the early twenty-first-century financial world where vast sums of money are manipulated like the world’s greatest three-card-monte game and nothing tangible is being produced—except fees and more money and Corporate interests changing the course of government and laws.

Something that Franco and Mussolini would applaud not the mention Mao and Stalin.

The scope and scale of this “We already knew it” scandal as distinguished from vastly more mundane behavior that passes for scandal in the media is the single greatest threat to our form of government.

It is absolutely incompatible with the principles and ideals upon which America was founded. At the very least, we Americans cannot hold ourselves up to the world as the beacon of democracy so long as we permit, as long as we acquiesce in, corruption so far beyond the standards of the true republic that our government cannot be proclaimed an ideal for other aspiring nations.

Yes the goal of the fourth industrial revolution is to redistribute the wealth — but do you really think it will be their wealth?

No it will be the common wealth.

I see a lot of the excitement over the Pandora Papers as just a distraction, sound and fury signifying nothing. Possibly some as-yet-unrevealed plans for “financial reform” or “stricter regulations — I am sure Joe Biden has plans and he says that White House is now reading what has been revealed and how he will guarantee that this corruption will not stand.Biden's signature reforms jeopardised by Democratic infighting | Financial  Times

What a hollow gesture on his part when we know that a lot of the corruption and scandal surrounding his son, Hunter, has been so easily sanitized and avoided by the mainstream media.

Maybe it is just an just an exercise in pretending mainstream news does any kind of journalism at all. A little bit of lipstick up on a very ugly pig.

So what do the Pandora Papers actually tell us? Merely that there are rich people out there; that power and money go together; and that the wealthy have the means and opportunity to exploit tax loopholes that ordinary mortals do not. In short, the rules favor the rich. Not quite the bombshell some had hoped for.

The world is corrupt, no kidding. But it’s far more corrupt than the Pandora Papers show, or that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists would ever actually admit.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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